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Quote# 65921

I'm truly upset. My 21 year old DD is reading these books [twilight series] after watching the Twighlight movie 3 times. She's becoming obsessed with this stuff and she sees nothing wrong with it. We just had a (loud) discussion about it and even though she agrees that it isn't something that Jesus would approve of, she said she's still going to read it. Blatently snubbing God!

I'm very upset. She has no idea what she's setting herself up for. The thing that really upsets me is that she is NOT a reader. I've only known her to read books for school projects and then one other novel. She never read the bible on a regular basis, but she stayed up lastnight (on a work night) until 5:30 this morning reading that book!!

Rebecki, Rapture Ready 80 Comments [9/23/2009 8:27:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 44
Submitted By: sillynipples

Quote# 65784

We believe, according to logic and common sense that, the reason for us being in the grave, that, there is something to come. Because if there is nothing to come, why would we die?

IslamCollection, Youtube 50 Comments [9/23/2009 1:32:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 67
Submitted By: Mithcoriel

Quote# 65863

I really hate this world. Sin is so destructive and my step son is deep in it and it is getting real bad. Tonight he came to my house and brought a man with him that berated my wife and I because we are trying to help my step son out of the homosexual life. It got so bad I felt our lives were in danger and had to produce my revolver (which I hated to do). This man put 3 men in the hospital the other night and he is former 82nd airborne and I am a heart patient and so I felt letting him know I would use my gun might keep him at bay. I think it must have worked, but he was not very afraid.

Rapture-me, Rapture Ready 77 Comments [9/22/2009 10:12:50 PM]
Fundie Index: 82

Quote# 65857

[Quoting another poster's argument as to why opposition to gay marriage is illogical]


I'm sorry, but as born again Christians, we are to be led by The Holy Spirit, not our mind or our reasoning capablities. GOD The Holy Spirit has specifically spoken that sodomites will not inherit the kingdom of GOD in our bibles, I don't see any place for reason in that, it is fact with GOD.

Arbiter, Christian Fellowship Forums 49 Comments [9/22/2009 10:12:21 PM]
Fundie Index: 41
Submitted By: Isambard

Quote# 65994

Girls should not be allowed to play alone with boys. The parents should see to it that she plays with other girls. This is important for many reasons. She should play only with toys that are uniquely for girls. This, by all means, should include dolls, doll clothes, housecleaning equipment, dishes, pots and pans, etc. She should participate in sports enough to become coordinated but she should not excel in sports. If later she marries a man who is very athletic, she could become more proficient in some particular sport that he enjoys, but if she becomes an expert in a sport that is usually associated with men and boys, it could prove embarrassing to her future husband, and for that matter, it could entice her to become more masculine than she ought to be.

Pastor Jack Hyles, jesus-is-savior 98 Comments [9/22/2009 9:46:30 PM]
Fundie Index: 145

Quote# 65851

As His post on the frontline in Berlin—despite the most heroic and superhuman effort—was being overrun by Bolshevik hordes, the Führer chose to perform one last, symbolic act of defiance against the powers of darkness: He elected to stand in faithful solidarity with those thousands of Heroes who had already fallen in the struggle for a new and better world.

His physical body was then consigned to the flames, since which time—all rumors and false reports to the contrary—no man has again seen Him in the flesh, nor has any trace of Him been found. In so doing, He fulfilled the will Higher Destiny, which had decreed that no human hand should ever touch Him in the accomplishment of His mission.

Before His departure, Adolf Hitler uttered these prophetic words: “It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.”

Yes, Adolf Hitler did die. But the good news is that He is not dead. He has been reborn—resurrected and transfigured.

His spirit has risen from the grave, even as He said it would; and He is alive in the world today!

New Order, New Order 82 Comments [9/22/2009 8:23:00 PM]
Fundie Index: 127

Quote# 65990

How many of you would like to be assigned to be raised by homosexuals? No choice whatsoever, just thrown in that "family" without a feminine or masculine personage? How many of you would get rid of your mother today, or father? Never have their influence. This is not about psuedo rights for the sexually confused. This is about the children. Nature discriminated against you first.

Anonymous , EDGE Boston 68 Comments [9/22/2009 8:20:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 53

Quote# 65884

Yea Obambat I blame Clinton for 9-11 because he had the opportunity to stop Osama but didn't. His chicken shit ass blew up empty tents. There were many times Clinton had and fucked them up. You should thank Bush you ungrateful ass wipe, because since that horrible day we have yet to be attacked. Lets see what happens with the man child in office as he tries to make nice to the back stabbing murderous MOOOOOOOSLIM.

Dave, Moonbattery 39 Comments [9/22/2009 7:56:01 PM]
Fundie Index: 53
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 65883

IMHO, it's better to have a conservative retard than a liberal/socialistic tyrant in the Oval Office.

unskilled78, Why, God, Why? 52 Comments [9/22/2009 7:55:40 PM]
Fundie Index: 35

Quote# 65971

Obama's idea of fair,

A grown married woman's decision to have her baby aborted in the 9th month because she want to go to Hawaii next month and forcing me to pay for it.

Obama's idea of freedom,

I work outside in the Mississippi sun 60-70 hrs per week. I have the "freedom" to keep less than half of what I earned. If I am fortunate enough to put aside some wealth Obama does not want me to do decide to give it to my children he wants to decide who gets my savings.

Example of the two combined,

A doctor is a christian and is forced to both preform an abortion and pay for it.

Yep Obama's fair and free country

Joker2, Grace Centered Christian Forums 44 Comments [9/22/2009 7:00:53 PM]
Fundie Index: 50
Submitted By: Jodie

Quote# 65970

Chopping up babies? Obama will chop up infants, up to a year old, if you let him.

God, forgive this nation for electing this man. (praying smilie)

UnhandledException, Grace Centered Christian Forums 49 Comments [9/22/2009 6:58:34 PM]
Fundie Index: 60
Submitted By: Jodie

Quote# 65965

[on a global flood]

If you were to create a map of the world the size of a football field, with everything drawn to scale, the tallest mountain (Mt. Everest) would be only about 1/2 inch tall. If you were to flood that football field with enough water to cover your miniature "Mount Everest", it would absorb into the earth in half an hour and be gone.

It is only necessary to cover the SURFACE of the earth to cause a universal flood. The earth is a sphere that is nearly 4,000 miles deep at its core. Besides, the Bible story seems to indicate that the mountains pushed up to their great height, and the seas were carved out to their great depth in conjunction with, or just after the great flood. It may have been much smoother on its surface before all that happened, so water would spread more easily.

It is worth thinking about maybe 2 to 3 seconds, right?

Bill A, Y! answers 53 Comments [9/22/2009 6:36:43 PM]
Fundie Index: 47

Quote# 65917

Vampire legends go back far beyond Ancient Babylon or Sumer. They have always been with us. Maybe they are some kind of genetic memory of things that existed before the Flood, or just part of the collective unconscious telling us truths about the blood that got confused over the ages.

STemplar, RR 52 Comments [9/22/2009 1:41:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 38
Submitted By: sillynipples

Quote# 65915

And of course, my 24y/o dd, who loves vampires, came home the other night to proudly tell me she just saw that movie [twilight] What can I do? She loves the base and vile things of this life. I wish I knew what to do. Perhaps I will fast and pray today...

sandylion, RAPTUREREADY 69 Comments [9/22/2009 1:40:58 PM]
Fundie Index: 23

Quote# 65871

Hi all,

I'll begin this little tale by saying that my daughter is interested in learning sign language. So....I went online and found out that a University on the other side of our state has a "chimposium", where the chimps actually communicate through signing. Brilliant! I scheduled an appointment time and in the weeee hours a couple of days later we jumped in the car and headed off on our 5 hour journey to chimpville.

This is where it all begins. Our group consisted of about 25 people and we were led into a classroom for about 25 minutes of "education" about the chimps. We were told how we, as humans, branched off from the chimps approx. 7 million years ago. Oh boy, I thought....what have I done? Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, we were then told that before we could go into the viewing room, we would need to hunch over and stick out our lower jaw to make the chimps feel more at ease. Oh golly, this was not looking good. But in the name of amusement, we laughed to ourselves and went forward into the land of Uncle Bob. And let me tell ya, they were not happy to see us (senile I think).

The chimps only knew certain words to sign. One of them kept signing the word "black" which we were told was his way of saying "cool". What? Again I'll say it, what? These poor little guys were angry and expressed it quite well. Apparently, they weren't happy to see their long lost relatives and the progress we've made. "But Uncle Bob, it's me!" I kept muttering under my breath. Nothing. Not a single ounce of recognition. No signing "I love you" or "I've missed you, where have you been?". Wow! That's all I can say, too much time had passed.

On a more serious note, my heart ached for the young college kids involved in this program who are being brainwashed into thinking this garbage. Help me to lift them up in prayer, that their eyes, hearts, minds and spirits will be open to the truth!

giddy-up, RR 55 Comments [9/22/2009 1:29:55 PM]
Fundie Index: 72

Quote# 65860

[British government apologizes for chemically castrating Alan Turing.]

Well once the Muslims take over, castration will not be the only thing a Brit. will have to worry about.
"Off with ye' head"!

truthwarrior, Rapture Ready 32 Comments [9/22/2009 1:27:00 PM]
Fundie Index: 28
Submitted By: Tiger

Quote# 65816

See, where youre coming from? Hating God, im sure anything that isnt leftist, or socialist slanted. No wonder you think it odd that someone might have a problem with homosexuality being AIMED at little children, to naive to know any better.

Why is there an out of control rise of AIDS and other STD's in the gay community? if you dug around on google, you could find the truth at the CDC website, but they dont advertise it for fear of being (you guessed it) offensive? to homos.

You and the left are the real problem this country faces. Its not the dirty sand monkey in bedsheets that proudly states his goal, its your kind that walk among us, hiding behind our laws, and perverting our justice system to meet your target.

The left should be hung from our shores as a warning to others.
A Civil war is what I wish for.

goatbut29, Youtube 30 Comments [9/22/2009 1:19:59 PM]
Fundie Index: 57
Submitted By: Dark Bowser

Quote# 65856

On the British Government's apology for the treatment of people like Alan Turing:

"Rightly or wrongly,the man was guilty of transgressing the law of the land at that time.Whether or not he was a giant in his field is totally immaterial.

Had he been a paedophile,I wonder how many people would be looking for an apology?"

Ynot, new scientist website 64 Comments [9/21/2009 11:24:05 PM]
Fundie Index: 37

Quote# 65892

What? A pastor with long hair? *

1 Cor. 11:14 says that it is a disgrace for a man to have long hair. For the most part I agree. So then why? Because the church is operating today in a state of disgrace and does not even see it.

Let me explain. The church has been here in New England from its conception, and New England is considered an unreached people group by many mission organizations.
The church for the most part has become impotent (the church, not Christ). This is the greater disgrace. So in keeping with Numbers 6:5, I have made a vow before God that no razor shall touch my hair until the church is revived and is moving with the presence of God to do His will on earth as it is in Heaven. The world does not need a new definition of Christianity; it needs a new demonstration of it. So when the church looses its disgrace, I can loose my disgrace, and with joy shave my head clean.

Please pray and obey for revival, I WANT A HAIRCUT!

a long haired pastor, RAPTURE READY 76 Comments [9/21/2009 6:47:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 39

Quote# 65891

I'm actually glad that I am mentally ill because I have noticed that a lot of mentally ill people are Christians.

Jsmythe, rapture ready 131 Comments [9/21/2009 9:50:47 AM]
Fundie Index: 140

Quote# 65880

[on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent")

Some years ago I watched a few episodes of this show and then they aired an episode that was nothing more than sickening pro-abortion propaganda. After that disgusting piece of crap, I stopped watching this show.

The other day I was flicking through the channels and I thought I happened upon a made-for-TV mafia movie or something. I like mafia movies so I figured: "Ok, let's see what this is." Then I found out it was this show.

I was shocked though when after the credits instead of seeing Vincent D'Onofrio with dashing young moviestar-like good looks, I saw what looked to be a totally different person entirely. Vincent D'Onofrio has become an ugly, fat old slob!

Likewise, Kathryn Erbe now looks like a haggard witch.

My theory as to why these actors' looks both got totally shot to Hell is that it is the sin of them making pro-abortion propaganda catching up with them and manifesting itself physically in their now-hideous looks.

Navaros, IMDB 60 Comments [9/21/2009 9:40:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 74

Quote# 65852

[Pro-abstinence blog]

When you play with fire, there is a 50/50 chance something will go wrong, and nine times out of ten it does.

June Swenson, Abstinence 216 Comments [9/21/2009 8:26:16 AM]
Fundie Index: 235
Submitted By: Tiger

Quote# 65832

how does one explain a sperm.It's something secreted by the testicles. They say evolution happens to a population.So how does a sperm then have a tail?What gave it the intelligence for the need of a tail so that it can get to an ovum?
Why do atheists/evolution believers dodge this question?

cead, Y! answers 48 Comments [9/21/2009 8:19:47 AM]
Fundie Index: 61

Quote# 65813

I have a Catholic neighbor that is stubborn like a mule. He is a good man as far as sinners go, but he is religious without truth. I have witnessed to him on numerous occasions, but he prides himself in sticking to the teachings that his grandparents and parents taught him. He is idolatrous and smiles with arrogance when he tells me that he follows the Catholic Church over the Bible. He's about 50-years old. One day he will split Hell wide open and find out that God's Word is true and the Catholic Church lied to him. He is going to die in his sins without Christ. He adamantly believes that he is going to Heaven because of his faith AND GOOD WORKS. Adding anything to faith alone in Jesus is a false gospel and a guaranteed road to hellfire (Ephesians 2:8-9). I am saddened that he is going to Hell. He rejoices and drinks beer like water. He is living it up, like he's never going to die. I am praying for his salvation and won't give up on him, but he has given up on himself. He's a key figure in his parish, St. Jude. I love Catholics as people; but I hate the cult of Catholicism!

David J. Stewart, Jesus-is-Savior 116 Comments [9/21/2009 8:15:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 67

Quote# 65900

Mr. Obama you are wrong in saying that this is not a Christian country but a Islam country. This country was based on the one and only book that has kept this country together through some hard times and that would be the Bible and what it says. This country needs change all right, it needs for you to either find another job or actually listen to the American people for once!

anonymous, IMPEACH OBAMA 53 Comments [9/21/2009 6:59:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 49
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