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Quote# 75506

Let us put things into perspective, shall we? The American idea of freedom of religion came from our Founding Fathers. At that time people weren't flying planes into our buildings, and domestic terrorism from Muslim extremists wasn't something our country was dealing with. It is my belief that our Founding Fathers would have been more specific in their freedom-of-religion campaign had they known the price would be our Twin Towers and the thousands of Americans inside. This country has given shelter to many who are under attack for their beliefs, but when their beliefs start attacking our people, that's when we have problems.

Chrissy Satterfield, World Net Daily 59 Comments [8/24/2010 1:58:27 AM]
Fundie Index: 35

Quote# 75473

Until a gaggle of obnoxious heathen scumbags wiped their asses with the Constitution and rammed their contemptible perversion of the First Amendment down America's collective throat, a cross was legal on PUBLIC land. It still IS legal on public land, although you sniveling God-haters still have the upper hand for now.

DoctorDoom, Free Conservatives 50 Comments [8/24/2010 1:09:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 67
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 75469

I hate pornography because it has taken away my freedom. It serves to remind me that western culture is no longer my home because I no longer move freely in it. Last century, as I tried to live a life worthy of the Lord, a lot of things were going my way (at least, I understand they were; I wasn't there to enjoy it, but someone like me was). I could walk into a newsagency, buy the paper, and walk out again without my ungodly thoughts being fuelled. Someone—the government!—was helping me, by not allowing material I didn't want to see to be displayed.

But today, the relaxation of the censorship laws has meant steady erosion of my freedoms. I love film, but the proliferation of pornography has meant that I need to check every film I see carefully. I love the inner city, but the proliferation of sex shops have meant that I now have to keep accountable to friends at home about where I have spent my time. I love literature, but pornography has limited my freedom to avoid reading what I don't want to read.

And newsagencies. Newsagencies! Those most normal of places—the place we go to buy our paper, our cool drinks and our bus tickets—have become places that cause me to pray before I enter. And, once I have prayed and rallied my heart to heaven, I must buy my paper in the manner of an Israeli Commando Mission—get in and get out as quickly as possible. Perhaps one day, I shall have to forgo my beloved copy of the Weekend Australian altogether.

The relaxation of censorship has not meant freedom for me, and a furthering of my rights; it has meant my freedom has been exchanged for another's. Those of us who wish to avoid pornography (not only Christians, but also Muslims, some feminists, and a host of other groups one would think a pluralistic society would be quick to listen to) have had our freedom exchanged for the freedom of the pornographer and his/her clients. Our freedom to walk the streets without being confronted by offensive material has been lost to the freedom of the pornographer to publish. So much for the notion that society has brought freedom for all! In this game, some people have won; others have lost.

Rory Shiner , The Briefing 111 Comments [8/23/2010 11:06:56 AM]
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Quote# 75459

The smart patriot will go ahead and let them build their mosque, and then fly an airplane into it and level it to the ground. Oops.

And then build a big-ass church-slash-synagogue on the former 911 WTC-slash-former Victory Mosque site.

A. Nonny Mouse, Moonbattery 80 Comments [8/23/2010 8:02:36 AM]
Fundie Index: 103
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 75449

Building Mosques in the U.S. should not be protected by the Constitution. The purpose of jihad is to eliminate religious freedom; islam is intolerant of other religions and beliefs-- precisely what the Constitution is designed to protect. The Koran teaches militant jihad, which leads to a security risk in the U.S.

Moreover, the funding for these mosques is highly questionable and a lot of money flow is probably illegal; we don't know the extent or origin of money used to fund mosques in the U.S. and the Dept of Homeland Security isn't up to the task of tracking it and certainly wouldn't prosecute such wrong-doings in any event.

In other words, building mosques in the U.S. is based on an intolerant, fascist, militant movement funded by crime and designed to undermine the U.S. Constitution.

Wouldn't you know liberals would support it.

Fiberal, Moonbattery 59 Comments [8/23/2010 8:02:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 74
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 75437

I worked at Warner Bros. for 2 years, and we all know that industry is a magnet for homos.

I can tell you the following..

1) Homosexuals spend an inordinate amount of their time attempting to “recruit” others to their lifestyle, and I am certain that includes underage kids.

2) Homosexuals do not think about everyday things like the rest of us do, and they usually are colored in some way through the prism of homosexuality.

3) Most of them are leftists, and have no use for religion, morals or ehics. Their idea of a fun society is more conducive to Sodom & Gommorah than Judeo-Christian America.

4) Most of them tend to be very aggressive if they set their eyes on a target. I ran into one at WB who I had to punch in the face, after repeated warnings from me to knock off the talk.

If homos are allowed an equal footing with the other 98% of us, I can guarantee you our society will crumble. My 2 cents.

stephenjohnbanker, Free Republic 98 Comments [8/22/2010 3:40:06 AM]
Fundie Index: 114
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 75434

[Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are expecting twins via surrogate.]

The poor kids (male?) are tragically going to care when they grow older and have to contend with the comments of other kids. It is truly despicable to force innocent babies to be brought up by two ‘men’ who eroticize the hairy fecal orofice of other males. Why are people afraid to tell it like it is and call this child abuse? Do homosexual males worship the fecal elimination canal of other males or what? Is that the proper environment in which to raise kids? Hello?

DesertRenegade, Free Republic 94 Comments [8/22/2010 3:39:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 97
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 75422

A while ago, I watched a documentary called Women of the holy Kingdom and to be honest, it really got me confused.

First of all, I do not think that women should drive. How come, whenever people are asked about everyday life in Saudi Arabia and women's status in Saudi Arabia, they always tell you that women aren't allowed to drive? I do understand that under certain circumstances it might be easier for the woman if she was allowed to drive, but sometimes you just have to list the pros and cons... The way I see it, women don't have to drive.

Secondly, I also believe that asking the husband's permission to leave the house can be a blessing, rather than a restriction. And if women are given the opportunity to stay at home and take care of their children and husbands, isn't that better than going out to work outside of their homes?

Even if women had all the rights Islam gave them and the right to practice their religion, the right to be treated like women, as mothers and wives, when nobody expects them to do a man's job, some women would still not appreciate it.

Hijab Chic, Hijab Chic blog 53 Comments [8/22/2010 3:39:11 AM]
Fundie Index: 85

Quote# 75453

(Review of V for Vendetta)

The rest of "V for Vendetta" not only depicts Christians as evil people who oppress and torture "innocent" people, it also depicts homosexuals as a persecuted, harmless minority of "nice" people. Both of these portrayals are hate-filled, false stereotypes, but the second one is actually contradicted by the secret stash of homoerotic pornography that one of the homosexual characters in the movie hides in a secret room in his house. If all homosexuals, and all homosexual activists, are such goody two shoes, how come so many of them resort to unsafe sexual practices that spread deadly diseases, and how come so many of them promote pornography, support the murder of unborn children through abortion and molest underage children?

Ted Baehr, World Net Daily 70 Comments [8/21/2010 6:17:33 PM]
Fundie Index: 90
Submitted By: physalis17

Quote# 75414

If you think that there is a good chance that nothing happens when you leave this world, that is, when you die, then I would have to say that the burden of proof is on you, because I have a book here that tells me what happens, where your conclusion is based on an assumption.

Don McAllister, http://de-conversion.com 77 Comments [8/21/2010 3:47:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 78

Quote# 75451

Do you have any idea how glorious it is when a victim is able to forgive a rapist? It's not that God creates evil because He gets glory out of punishment. He allows the wickedness of man to continue that He might gain glory from the miracle of forgiveness.

David MacMillan, twitter 96 Comments [8/20/2010 5:10:46 PM]
Fundie Index: 133

Quote# 75428

From the Designer
Show your love and belief for the Bible, and disdain for false "monkey science" with this colorful creationism t-shirt. Only from Sword-In-Hand Tees.

Sword-In-Hand Tees, CafePress 100 Comments [8/20/2010 3:45:13 PM]
Fundie Index: 108

Quote# 75423

Gays molest and infest the human biology all of the time. Who knows how many families were stricken by the sick governor of New Jersey as he went out to public restrooms to find anyone at all that he could infest.

You are totally ignorant if you think that homosexuality is not a threat to our children and to all people in the sense that its promotion accepts bi-sexuality as well whereas this corruption will have many innocent victims who are infected by a spouse who falls for the sick promotion of it by the left-wing.

The gay agenda is simply a furhter promotion of all perversity. It started with the sixties counter-culture Marxist movement for free sex and love and is know about to attack us again with further calls for a right to perversion.

TheBigIf, Free Republic 51 Comments [8/20/2010 3:44:42 PM]
Fundie Index: 72
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 75413

[Dr. Tiller's patient stories are rather heartbreaking and paint a picture of a compassionate man who trusted women and who wanted to help women making an impossible choice.]


Tiller was a butcher who performed abortions into the ninth month. He circumvented the laws against late term abortions by claiming medical necessity where women would be simply "depressed" or financially burdened by a pregnancy.

He then SOLD "baby pictures" and "footprints" of the very children he murdered to their own mothers. He alone was responsible for the murder of 50,000 human beings. Enough people to fill Coors Field in Denver. Over 400 lbs of bleeding, torn flesh from the dismembered bodies of children.

He deserved to die but it should have been the state executing him as a murderer not a citizen taking the law into his own hands.

deciusmaximus, FARK 45 Comments [8/20/2010 3:43:17 PM]
Fundie Index: 81
Submitted By: Jodie

Quote# 75364

The gay marriage push, that is based on “love, commitment etc” is completely hollow and will devalue marriage that is between a man and a women. Why? The answer is that if marriage is just about “love, commitment etc” then these are the people I want to marry: 1. My wife 2. My son 3. My mother 4. My father 5. My sister 6. My brother…. See how marriage has been devalued? It has been devalued because low it is equal to what I have with numbers 2 to 6; and if I had the same as what I have with my wife with the people listed 2 to 6, then I should be in jail and if that was global across society, then society would be very perverted.

steve, The Punch Comments 67 Comments [8/20/2010 3:06:51 AM]
Fundie Index: 65
Submitted By: pmrcalaby

Quote# 75383

The greatest achievement a woman is capable of, and the one which all women strive for, is the ability to provide every male she encounters with a firm erection.

Al Shades, Bodybuilding Forums 92 Comments [8/19/2010 5:05:25 PM]
Fundie Index: 82

Quote# 75349

There the many creationists web sites with supporting evidence, but you will not believe them. However have a look at all the tests that are carried out by evolutionists and you will see ( if you are honest) that all their tests showsl that flies do not change into anything else but flies such like. You would have thought they would have been able to prove the theory by now, but they have not

drf333, BBC Religion & Ethics 58 Comments [8/19/2010 5:03:39 PM]
Fundie Index: 53
Submitted By: Gareth1984

Quote# 75378

(Quote Originally Posted by sherrimae:

Even my special needs child turns the channel when Obama comes on TV or radio. She can't stand him, mainly because she knows he is responsible for trying to cut off her health care.)

Sherrimae, I have a friend that has child with autism, and she cannot even mention 0 by name because he starts freaking out. He starts rocking or pacing and talking about 0 sending him away. It sorta freaks her out a little because she has never said anything of the sort. Most likely he picked it up at school, but still it is unnerving to her.

Carrie Grace, RaptureReady 64 Comments [8/19/2010 4:12:52 PM]
Fundie Index: 81

Quote# 75347

was looking at autism the other night. I have some clients who have autistic children and wanted some background information before giving further advice.

Someone commented on the fact that autism might be ''evolution'' and this was so obviously a possibility for those that have believed the lie.

If you honestly believe in evolution then preventative medicine should not be an option. You should let the weak die so as to insure the survival, by evolution, of the fittest.

If evolution is working in these children to change the pattern of thought then evolution should be allowed to take it's course and the evolutionist should not interfere with the process.

Does evolution always mean improvement?

We creationist know that sin was not an improvement, but that in Eden Elohim Yah Veh promised to put things right so that we should be better off after the application of the promise than Adam was before the fall.

a_Truster, BBC Religion & Ethics 43 Comments [8/19/2010 4:09:14 PM]
Fundie Index: 61
Submitted By: Gareth1984

Quote# 75359

You gays are allways crying about equal ya everybody is equal but the mentally ill like you are equal but not equal in what they can do. You are mentally ill just by the fact you think you should have the right to marry proves this. Take your imoral sick deranged lifestyle behind closed doors and nobody will care what you do. No matter what any court says you will never be accepted as normal.

Roz, Yahoo! News 58 Comments [8/19/2010 2:34:55 PM]
Fundie Index: 77
Submitted By: Iosa

Quote# 75340

THE MUSLIMS ENTIRE GOAL IN THE US IS TO OVERTHROW OUR GOVERNMENT AND TAKE OVER WITH SHARIA LAW! Don't believe me, why did Keith Ellison take his oath of office on the koran? Why does our US Capital Building turn into a mosque every Friday? These lib apologists need to wake up! Does their daughters have to be kidnapped as a sex slave like in the UK for them to wise up?

Muslimsareterroristpigs Period, Facebook: NO TO THE MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO 91 Comments [8/19/2010 1:00:17 PM]
Fundie Index: 80
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 75377

Dancing is a popular form of celebration and partying by all ethnicities. But why is Barack Obama rarely seen dancing, or even allowing and attending dancing. Perhaps I've missed it (please let me know if I have). I know, there was one highly staged politically correct dance with Ellen DeGeneris as Obama was catering to her audience. But where's the rest?

One explanation is that the Islamic sharia disfavors dancing.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 167 Comments [8/18/2010 3:40:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 159
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 75251

[Could you be friends with an atheist?]

Can light have fellowship with darkness?.... I say no, I would find it hard to be friends with an atheist, I actually have one atheist in my family (not close kin though), when I found out they were an atheist, I feel bad about saying this but I lost alot of respect for that person... The person has never been outspoken about that, but she actually got mad at someone who lost a family member in an accident after they were saying things like they would see them again, she got mad and actually physically attacked her, telling her that there is no God, now I can't respect anyone like that family or not... Atheist and those given over to absolute mockery and rebellion toward God, there is no reason to put yourself in the position to be around that kind of garbage.... Also since your born again, I would suspect its hard to be around that stuff, I can't even stand to be around people who drink, cuss, and blaspheme with every breath (which describes almost all my former friends), notice I call them former friends... I still hope and pray for them but I will not hang around them anymore, because it grieves me too much.

Glory in print, RR 83 Comments [8/17/2010 10:52:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 66

Quote# 75242

[On a children´s book regarding homosexuality]

First of all, I wouldn’t buy the book nor do I think it is OKAY to teach our children that homosexuality is a good thing or that it is even okay. It you’re an athiest then I am positive you’re not going to see anything wrong with men being with men, or women with women and that certainly is your choice. Free will. But I do pray this is never allowed into our schools, EVER! I for one will remove my children from school and have something to say about it if it is allowed. They removed prayer from school as it offended non believers and have even tried to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance and I know this book will more then likely be allowed into the public schools. This country does not NEED garbage like this. It isn’t cute it isn’t okay for two men to marry or have a relationship like a woman and man. God didn’t make Adam and Steve and then EVE and tell him to decide which one he wanted/lusted after. It’s an abomination, a perversion and this country certainly doesn’t need more garbage allowed like this here.

Allie, Sad and Useless 59 Comments [8/17/2010 10:52:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 68
Submitted By: SZD

Quote# 75256

[Christopher Hitchens diagnosed with esophageal cancer]

Mr Mannn prediction (and you know what that is worth...)

I think that if he does not repent, he will become even more bitter towards God: revealing the truth about atheists. Atheism is less unbelief and more rebellion against God.

With nothing to look forward to other than oblivion or hell, he will find a way to blame God. Thus Hitchens will become the very hypocrite that he accuses us of being. He'll believe enough in God to blame Him, but not enough to set things right. Rebellious to the end.

Sad. All his anger, his brilliance, his genius will avail him naught when he stands before God. You would think an atheist would focus on other matters when facing the ultimate journey, but I predict otherwise with this one.

Professing to be wise they became as fools.

MrMannn, RR 69 Comments [8/16/2010 3:19:03 PM]
Fundie Index: 83
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