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Quote# 78671

I will have both the Rosary AND the the steel blade of a broad sword. The time is upon us to deal with our corrupt leaders in the most definite of terms.

I would have no remorse at cleaving such scoundrels straight through to the marrow. Such end is fitting to their kind, and one which they fully deserve.

The unflinching stroke of the Knight’s broad sword is the only true justice for these reprobate creatures.

Pray for their souls if you choose... I rather them dead, and the sooner the better.

TCH, Free Republic 121 Comments [1/10/2011 4:58:41 AM]
Fundie Index: 123

Quote# 78666

[The Justice Department has taken a stand against the bullying of LGBT students.]

How many transexual teens are there at school????

Also, what is this crap with “bi”??? If homosexuality is genetic and no one can help it, how do you explain people having sex with BOTH sexes? If not genetic, aren’t they just sluts?

Maybe it’s nobody’s business at school if a girl or guy is a bisexual slut, but why does the government want to force others to make pledges on behalf of slutty people?

It’s absolutely preposterous. How did transvestites, transexuals and bisexuals get into this favored status?

Williams, Free Republic 89 Comments [1/10/2011 4:56:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 95
Submitted By: Honky McCracker

Quote# 78651

[Re. the Mount Soledad memorial cross being ruled a violation of the Establishment Clause.]

In 2001, when militants set out to bomb two colossal Buddhist statues that had stood untouched in Afghanistan for more than a thousand years, the global community rightly condemned the actions as religious barbarism. Like the statues, the Mt. Soledad Cross is a monument to America 's cultural history, a symbol of our Christian heritage and a tribute to brave Americans who laid down their lives in our nation's cause. Their memories should not be besmirched.

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council 72 Comments [1/9/2011 10:56:16 AM]
Fundie Index: 27
Submitted By: Honky McCracker

The Disproportionate Retribution Award

Quote# 78641

[Re. persecution of Christians in Iraq.]

Sometimes, you gotta fight fire with fire.

The Christians they are killing are peace loving.

I'd like to send a message to those Mussie fanatics, that in the future, for every Christian that is killed, then we will kill five of their so called 'moderate' muzzies here.

For every Christian Church that is invaded and Christians killed, five of their Mosque will be burnt to the ground, with all the liberal's moderate muzzies inside.

No, I'm not stooping to their level, I'm educating them. They don't know how barbaric it is, because it has never happened to them before.

buckeyepete, Free Conservatives 101 Comments [1/9/2011 10:49:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 166
Submitted By: Honky McCracker

Quote# 78640

(in response to a circuit court's decision to bar him from printing the names of homosexuals on the front page of his magazine)

I am confused, I do not understand why people are outraged by us putting those pictures on our magazine page. We did the right thing to show those pictures. The tabloid will win the appeal. We must expose criminals. The homos argued that their right of privacy- had been breached when we published their pictures – but we must reveal these criminals to protect our children, homosexuality is spreading like wildfire and we must stop it. The parliament is trying to strengthen the weak law. … I will have no problem to follow the law. The law is the law. I will give my child to the authorities and will let it be what must be – if he must go to Jail or hang that will be fine if he is homo. If the law is there the homo should be hanged -he will pay the price. They will have to go to prison. … [P]eople call us the Nazis of Africa and the gays are the Jews of Africa. They call themselves that to get sympathy.

Giles Muhame, http://queerty.com 40 Comments [1/9/2011 10:48:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 106
Submitted By: Aspergus

Quote# 78635

[Part of a letter sent to Pope Benedict]

I also request that you send a directive to all Catholic Churches in The United States requiring that the priests in all Churches announce God's request that children ask their parents to buy them no Christmas presents this year, but to take them to church on Christmas Day so they can pray that their parents not betray them to Obama, and that they not be sold into inhuman bondage to the homosexuals.

Gerald Polley, Voices From Spirit 74 Comments [1/9/2011 10:47:54 AM]
Fundie Index: 118

Quote# 78632

You do not prove that Christian Identity is a legit religion, like Islam. Because, it isn't. And neither should be Islam.

They break the law, by their basic tenet of denying others' free exercise of religion. Constitutional law, no less.

S. Kessler: "Islam is as much a Constitutionally protected religion as is Christianity and Judaism."

Islam is illegal here. Christianity and Judaism are not. Islam has been granted protection under the Constitution --- ILLEGALLY.

Alethea, Amazon forums 55 Comments [1/8/2011 7:39:03 AM]
Fundie Index: 151

Quote# 78627

My name is John Benneth. I’m a homeopath.And this is story about biologists, three in particular, who have studied . . it.

It is fashionable with atheists and pseudo scientists like Myers to trash it and its research. It is a compulsion. They can’t help themselves. They have to do it, for it puts everything they hold dear at risk.

Trashing it is like a cheap magic trick, hawked as self working and E-Z-2-DO. It gives the trasher the feeling he’s accomplished something for himself under the guise of protecting society from what they characterize as ineffective medicine. But like the cheap magic trick, when it finally arrives in the mail, you realize it was misrepresented.

Pretty good trick . . on you.

Really what it is, it’s hate speech, using the same kind of tactics used against minorities by hate groups. It really shouldn’t have any place in academia, but pseudoscience has become the infrastructure of higher education.

John Benneth, The John Benneth Journal 105 Comments [1/8/2011 7:36:12 AM]
Fundie Index: 118
Submitted By: Sherlockian

Quote# 78621

[Re. gays and lesbians in the military.]

Its only a matter of time before they'll be fucking one another on ships and if anyone says anything about it, it will be "discrimination."

Those in the military that are opposed to this shit should beat the fuck out of the nancy-boys and bull-dikes that come out.

If you dont stomp them out now they'll walk all over you... Fuck them - they're the ones with the odd fucking problem, if they want to be stupid and come out the closet and make a big deal about who they fuck then they should get fucked up.

nick, Moonbattery 68 Comments [1/8/2011 5:16:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 127
Submitted By: Honky McCracker

Quote# 78601

Fear not my friend. Marriage is the foundation of the nuclear family, which in turn is the foundation of the country. The demonic-rats will sacrifice the country for short term political gain (they know broken families overwhelmingly vote demonic-rat); but a broken family nation is no match for a paternalistic Islam. By the time the demonic-rats successfully destroy our society, the Muslims will take power and beat - torture - then stone to death all the immoral. The demonic-rats lust so much for power that they do not even see danger. They will be dragged to the gates of the city in shocked disbelief!

thethirddegree, Free Republic 62 Comments [1/7/2011 7:15:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 88

The Mussolini Approves Award

"The truth is that men are tired of liberty."

Quote# 78600

I would prefer military government to the corrupt and pretentious "free" government we now suffer under. At least the military would jail—or otherwise eliminate—the reprobates that are causing our decline. Bring it on. I will support it emphatically!

I would actively assist the imposition of military discipline on this country, since far too many Americans are lazy jackasses, who want a free ride at the expense of others. WORK OR DIE! That should be the national motto!

America is in serious short supply of discipline. Military rule would fix our problems in a heartbeat: WORK OR DIE! Real simple. The military would declare open season on the liberal thieves, as a practical matter. "Imagine no more liberals ... it's easy, if you try... No Reid or Pelosi... We'll send them off to die"

Second target on the agenda—after the military jails the 545 corrupt A-holes now occupying office...

The elimination of the thousands of useless bureaucrats... and after them, the lawyers, judges and university professors will all be shown the meaning of "manual labor"

Then we could eliminate the media, which really needs to go the way of the dinosaur. They are as useless as tits on a bull. We have internet, we do not need the sh*thead primadonnas of the press

Military government? Bring it on. I can hardly wait!

TCH, Free Republic 125 Comments [1/7/2011 7:14:11 AM]
Fundie Index: 202

The "High Octane Nightmare Fuel" Award

Quote# 78590

In an interview, Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia says the Constitution doesn't promise protections for women and gays.

California Lawyer asked Scalia the following question: "In 1868, when the 39th Congress was debating and ultimately proposing the 14th Amendment, I don't think anybody would have thought that equal protection applied to sex discrimination, or certainly not to sexual orientation. So does that mean that we've gone off in error by applying the 14th Amendment to both?"

The ultraconservative judge replied that the Constitution doesn't require discrimination against minorities, but that it certainly doesn't prohibit it.

"Nobody ever thought that that's what it meant," Scalia said of the 14th Amendment protecting women. "Nobody ever voted for that. If the current society wants to outlaw discrimination by sex, hey we have things called legislatures, and they enact things called laws."

Antonin Scalia, http://advocate.com 65 Comments [1/7/2011 6:53:03 AM]
Fundie Index: 116
Submitted By: Aspergus

Quote# 78588

But to be fair, I think that in Atheism, you always have to rule out intelligent design and Creator. So, if you are an atheist looking at Mt. Rushmore, you must presume that the Presidents faces appeared as a result of purely natural causes.

While I think there are indeed very tough questions that we as Christians cannot answer, I think Atheism too has it's questions.

VladK, exchristian.net 76 Comments [1/7/2011 6:47:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 158
Submitted By: Jezebel's Evil Sister

Quote# 78584

The average American woman does not hate men, she does not hate marriage, she does not think that all sex is rape, she does not walk around feeling like a consummate victim, she does not glorify abortion and she isn’t inherently liberal. But this is what modern feminism has become. It’s a movement that is filled with women who are extreme leftists, who have a deep-seated hatred for men, and who wallow in victimhood as if it’s some kind of prize to relish. The hijacking of feminism has caused it to be shallow and superficial. Women have been told that in order to be a proper feminist, they have to adhere to a certain set of radical beliefs, they must support abortion, and they must abandon traditional values that Americans have held for centuries.

And yet, they can’t understand why women want nothing to do with feminism anymore.

Sarah Palin represents American women much better than these modern feminists do. She has a certain set of conservative values and she is a feminist. She does not, however, say that you must agree with her in order to be a feminist. She does not demand you agree with her on every last issue in order to like her, either. She could be a huge asset to feminism if they’d get over their stubborn snobbery.

Women like Sarah Palin because they see themselves in her, even if they disagree politically. She’s a working mom with a loving husband and a great family. She got into politics by getting involved with the PTA, for crying out loud. She didn’t set out to make history or change the world. She’s got a common-sense, take-charge, no-nonsense attitude that women can relate to. She sees herself as a self-made woman, rather than constantly catarwauling about how she’s a victim. Women like her for all of these reasons. She’s an everywoman, and she is easier to relate to than extremist role models like Amanda Marcotte or Jessica Valenti.

Cassy Fiano, NewsRealBlog 106 Comments [1/6/2011 4:54:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 33
Submitted By: Honky McCracker

Quote# 78582

I am sorry so many of you are locked in worldview prisons that keep you from seeing the awesome beauty of creation and the many signatures of the Designer. Fractals. Fibonacci numbers. DNA. The harmonics of specific atoms that allow for combinations friendly to life that would otherwise be rare. The wonderful behavior of water, whose properties are most unusual and therefore allow for life, most specifically that ice floats rather than sinks to the bottom of a body of water because when water freezes it takes more oxygen with it, thereby becoming a covering and insulator for bodies of water rather than falling to the bottom and leading to a deadly total freeze of water in cold climates.

Radar (a.k.a. Kimbal Binder), radaractive.blogspot.com 70 Comments [1/6/2011 4:49:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 53

Quote# 78568

"they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and... presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh." - Matthew 2:11

Uncertain times bring us back to fundamental, enduring values of family and faith.

In Switzerland, many give gold coins to their children and grandchildren - a reminder of the Wise Men's gift on that first Christmas. This gift teaches thrift, lifelong investing, and lasting values, while creating a golden nest egg for your children's future that inflation cannot destroy.

Swiss America honors this tradition by offering certain pre-1933 $20 gold coins at a remarkable price that makes them the best gold value of 2010.

This Christmas and New Year, start bringing your family back to the fundamental safety and reliability of biblical money.

Pat Boone and Swiss America Trading Corp, World Net Daily 85 Comments [1/5/2011 9:09:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 44

Quote# 78539

"I’m looking at this crowd of people here in the UK, and I can see Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and yes, even Jews too. We wanted to say to all those liberals who preach multiculturalism why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia and start there...

"I will not stand by and watch the destruction of both of our countries from within...

History will be recorded that on this day, read by our children for eternity, one group lit the spark to liberate us from the oppressors of our two governments and the leftist, fifth column, quisling press, and that it was the EDL which started the liberation of England from evil...

"Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. We shall prevail, we will not let them take over our countries. We will never surrender to the sword of Islam..."

Rabbi Nachum Shifren, The Jewish Chronicle 58 Comments [1/4/2011 2:59:54 PM]
Fundie Index: 59

Quote# 78524

Jesus absolutely irate by Mayor Jason West's, New Paltz, NY comments, which went "The people who would forbid gays from marrying in this country are those who would have made Rosa Parks sit in the back of the bus." Jesus considers these words a personal attack on Himself, as He is one of those that opposes homosexual marriage. Jesus says "I whispered in Rosa Parks' ear personally and told her it was time to say no, it was time to oppose the evil of segregation. Homosexuality is a sickness, it is an abomination, it is an epidemic, it is not a civil right, and this attack by this sick, depraved animal upon me, because I oppose it, is unconcionable, completely unacceptable.

As soon as Super Tuesday is over I will order my Angelic Messengers, The Hosts Of Heaven, to go after this sick pervert and everyone connected with him, to expose all the foulness and all the sickness that he is involved in. I ask the people of that region that are remaining silent because they are friends and family of those involved to speak up and tell the world what is going on in this little circle of sin. The evil that these people are doing is unspeakable! They are trying to destroy the bond between God and Man. They and their profound perversion are trying to destroy all life on Earth if people will not accept their sickness, and it is time for the people to stand.

This foul creature has called me evil, has called me despicable, has called me a racist because I oppose his sickness! If any support him they are removed from The Book Of Life and face eternal damnation. There is no longer any possibility of any kindness, of any mercy, of any pity. This foul creature has gone too far! He says I hate, he says I am prejudice, he says I am evil. He has attacked me, and that attack must be answered!"

Gerald Polley, Voices From Spirit 94 Comments [1/4/2011 2:58:00 PM]
Fundie Index: 145

Quote# 78518

A very high likelihood that Soros IS the anti-Christ, inhuman without charity or compassion and insanely driven to power, regardless of human costs.
Look at his followers, kool-aid drinkers and lock-steppers like last century.

Windstar3x3, Hannity Forums 54 Comments [1/4/2011 2:57:34 PM]
Fundie Index: 50
Submitted By: LightHorseman

Quote# 78462

Should I be with my father for long periods of time each week if he is an atheist?

I see my father usually once a week but for about an hour or more at a time. I have had negative effects to my physical health from being with him. His advice was erroneous on health, and I became underweight. There is a holy scripture, which says: "He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed" (Proverbs 13:20). I almost literally was destroyed. At least, I was severely declining in health.

lifeisopportunity, Answer Bag 57 Comments [1/4/2011 10:36:22 AM]
Fundie Index: 101
Submitted By: Lola Flores

Quote# 78452

We have to tolerant and inclusive. In the future all heterosexuals will have to submit to a night of gay sex to prove their loyalties to the ideals of tolerance and inclusiveness. The Democratic party will demand it. Joe Biden will demand it. Obama’s safe sex czar will demand it. If you don’t submit you will be fined and forced to buy an ornament of gay Jesus for the Christmas tree.

Blind Eye Jones, Free Republic 149 Comments [1/4/2011 10:35:42 AM]
Fundie Index: 221
Submitted By: Mothman

Quote# 78441

Cultural Marxism is finally finishing off the Christian paradigm that existed in the United States for hundreds of years. The German philosophers destroyed the Christian paradigm in Europe and brought this nihilism to America to destroy the two things that made us independent and free: Family and Christianity.

This is intentional to kill America. We will cease being good and exceptional and evolve into the pagan, atheists hell on earth. The Weimar Republic was an example of this orgastic homosexualism that led to the SS troops and the brutality that can only emanate from godless, immorality—homosexuality.

It was the pagan paradigm in Greek and Rome that led to rampant pederasty and second class citizenship for women and slavery.

It is evil, plain and simple, and I thank God my son got out before that Marxist-in Chief took office. Godless atheists all out to destroy this country and create a one-world-government utopia (for only those ruling elite few, of course). The stupid useful idiots will all be serfs.

How I loved our military and Patton. My father was in WWII, my brothers in Vietnam and son in Afghanistan. My 2nd cousin fought with Patton. I spit on that Marxist in Chief. They are ruining a moral military—one which has surpassed all other militaries because of the Christianity that dominated. Patton was made ill by the atheist Russian military and the Odin-worshipping homosexual SS troops who used boys in the Hitler Youth. I won’t even get into the Greek pederasty and initiating young boys into their homosexual military. Absolutely sick, evil cultures.

savagesusie, Free Republic 77 Comments [1/3/2011 4:55:35 PM]
Fundie Index: 95
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 78513

The cultural Marxist have been trying to “smash monogamy” as [Bill] Ayer’s wife yelled to her followers....

You have to destroy the two pillars of Western Civilization that made it great so that you can destroy the culture and take it over.

Christian ethics and the natural family are the two pillars. Destroy that paradigm and you create an immoral, atheist military no different than the Nazis and the Russian one—both so immoral they made Patton physically ill.

Zero wants an immoral military so he can turn them against the citizenry.

Homosexuality destroys the Christian paradigm faster than anything. It will be the same result as putting women into the same barracks as the men. Makes the Bible “hate speech” and makes immorality rampant. Nothing is more destructive to societies then sins of the flesh. Military will impose “reeducation” centers on our Christian men and either force them to change their thinking or force them out as bigots.

Marxists deny the nature of man. They believe in social engineering and in doing so—have to have a totalitarian society. You can not have freedom of thought under their ideology because it goes against nature.

savagesusie, Free Republic 65 Comments [1/3/2011 6:14:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 67
Submitted By: Honky McCracker

Quote# 78509

[re: polygamy/plural marriage]

Sure. Same-sex marriage being allowed IS the open door onto the well-lubricated beginning of the slippery slope down to plural marriage... of multiple men to multiple men.

janine, Grace Centered Christian Forums 78 Comments [1/3/2011 5:57:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 57

Quote# 78492

Before I left Gerard Bouw’s home, he mentioned to me that his fiercest critics are his fellow Christians. “Non-Christians certainly don’t have a problem with the idea that the Bible is geocentric,” he said. “I am kind of amazed at atheists not taking the creationists to task about geocentricity.”

I studied Bouw’s face, but the comment seemed to be a general one, not directed at me personally. I continued as if the idea of using geocentrism to expose the foolishness of creationism had never occurred to me. “Why do you think they don’t?” I asked.

“I think they’re afraid to do it,” said Bouw. “Because they might lose even worse.”

Gerardus Dingeman Bouw, The Nervous Breakdown 64 Comments [1/3/2011 5:48:53 AM]
Fundie Index: 56
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