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If I, or someone else, was given blood that a gay person donated I would be very, very, angry. Then I would sue, because that's all they would understand.

There is a reason God decreed gay sex to be a SIN.

Walker, if you are OK getting gay blood, fine. I'm just saying the general population needs to be given the choice, before someone puts gay blood in their body. Kosher/nonkosher is a dietary thing. It will not kill a Jew, to get blood from me after I ate a bacon cheeseburger. I am monogomous with my husband; my blood is safe.

I'm a blood donor. So is my husband. So are most of my family. Most of my family has gotten blood; SAFE blood that came from people who did not engage in high-risk behavior.

I'm curious, if someone reading this is fine with the idea of getting gay blood, what about blood from an IV drug user? One you know shared needles with other injectable drug users.

Would you take gay blood?
Blood from a heroin addict?
Blood from someone who sold their body for "money or drugs"?

Right now, none of them can donate. IMO, it needs to STAY that way.

Acts5:41, Rapture Ready 114 Comments [9/17/2011 5:34:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar

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If Jesus said it, He meant it and He meant what He said. He said "there are many rooms in My Father's House" and He is going to prepare a place for us. Jesus said He's building us mansions - He allowed that translation - He's building mansions!

Jesus's Girl, Rapture Ready 75 Comments [9/17/2011 5:30:48 AM]
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It is time New Atheists like Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Harris and Co. are called upon to “put up or shut up.” Will the New Atheists take the challenge from a simple Christian? I challenge atheists to leave their ivory towers, lecture halls, etc., to put up or shut up.

Tell us that you do or do not believe the unsupportable, even outrageous teaching that nothing created everything. I promise not to laugh out loud–maybe only a snicker or two. And don’t try to flimflam us common people with scientific jargon, but make your points in clear English.

Tell us how all the scientific laws evolved such as gravity, inertia, the First and Second Laws, laws of planetary motion, etc. How does a scientific law evolve? If they did not evolve, where did they come from?

Did the evolution of those laws precede or follow the Big Bang?

Can you provide any example of an explosion resulting in order?

Tell us how life first formed on this planet made up entirely of rock? All atheists want to sit down beside

Darwin’s warm little pond and watch the first forms of life, but I demand to know much more than that if I’m expected to consider the idea has any possibility.

Do you, or do you not, believe in spontaneous generation? No honest scientist will agree to that fable.

Where are the ancestors of insects?

Why are meteorites not found in ancient rocks? Could it be that the rocks are not ancient?

Tell us how men and women evolved at the same time in history at the same location? What if “early man” had been all male!

Which evolved first, the mouth, the stomach, the digestive system or the elimination system? What good is a mouth if there is no stomach or a digestive system and what good are the three without an elimination system?

Tell us why we are here and where we go when death finally comes for us? Why have people all over the Earth since the beginning of time been concerned with that concept?

Don Boys, http://americandaily.com 79 Comments [9/17/2011 5:27:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Mister Spak

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The French Revolution (1789-99) was an overt war by liberal intellectuals in France against Christianity, the church, the clergy, and came at the end of the Age of Enlightenment (1650-1800) and before the later romantic movements of Darwinian evolution, Marxist socialism and Nietzsche's relativism and atheism which all led directly to the decline of Western civilization. The previous intellectual trinity of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, was replaced with the imposter trinity: Marx, Darwin and Nietzsche (with Sigmund Freud thrown in for good measure).

Long before the Pilgrims, the Puritans and the founding of America in 1607, liberalism in all of its myriad of permutations, shadows and disguises infected the history of humanity – from Nimrod's Tower of Babel (precursor to the United Nations), Baal worship, idolatry, materialism, paganism, witchcraft, doctrine of Jezebel (pagan worship of god through sex), doctrine of Molech (child sacrifice [i.e., abortion]), to slavery, secular humanism, democracy, Darwinism, communism, socialism, unionism, progressivism and living constitutionalism – it's all liberal fascism, it's all anti-God, anti-intellectual and Obama is using these pernicious ideas to purposely destroy America and deconstruct the U.S. Constitution so that he, the Democratic Party and its globalist allies can rule into perpetuity.

Ellis Washington, World Net Daily, Liberal fascism through the ages  66 Comments [9/17/2011 5:18:19 AM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar

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A Little More on Bullying

I mentioned in a recent post that, like Bonald at Throne and Altar, I actually support bullying under certain circumstances. Let me flesh that out a little more.

Actually, let me just state my rule for bullying: if it's used as a means of enforcing normative behaviors, I'm all for it. And yeah, that means giving shit to fairies and tomboys and so on.

Normative behaviors exist for a reason. Like tradition, social norms tell us provide us a measure of what is good and just, especially for those who are too stupid to figure it out on their own. Social disapproval of immoral behaviors (like homosexuality, adultery, etc.) is often a more powerful disincentive to commit them than legal consequences; there are limits to others' ability to probe into your legal indiscretions, but the stench of a social brand in some degenerate's ass can linger in a community's collective hindbrain for generations. And so it was that, for a long time, it was wholly unnecessary for governments to police morality: communities did it their own damn selves.

Of course, one can say, "Well, who are you to force the norm of traditional family on, say, some good-hearted, hard-working single mother?" But one would be an idiot for saying that, given the abundance of studies (at least one by no less-respected a medical journal than The Lancet, a casual Googling revealed) demonstrating that childen raised in single-family are worse off in pretty much every way: they exhibit higher rates of mental illness, suicide attempts, injury, alcoholism, drug addiction, and all-cause mortality, even after adjusting for socioeconomic status and parents' health. Traditional societies knew and understood that children did best who were raised in a norm-conforming household; it is only in our (supposedly) enlightened modern society that we make virtuous angels out of the sluts and cads who ruin their kids' lives so that they can find themselves (or whatever). That's why traditional societies ostracized such people while modern societies make movies about them while ignoring all the evil they bring into the world. Likewise with the destruction of traditional gender roles (in the form of flamboyant homosexuals, cross-dressers, and transgender freakazoids).

So to the extent that people bullied today are serial violators of perfectly rational social norms, they ought to be subject to social disapproval -- even quite severely so. Those who imagine there is a "right" to attend a school without being bullied are deluded: one never has a right to behave however one wishes without consequences. Accepting this fact is a key step toward maturity. I'm torn on the extent to which this ought to entail physical bullying (certainly, I think it's justified when one is being an asshole about defying social norms, as in the case of the transgender abomination that got his/her ass unceremoniously pummeled into a seizure at a Baltimore-area McDonald's recently for belligerently insisting on using an occupied women's restroom), but I see nothing wrong with quite persistent verbal ribbing.

But to the extent bullying represents mindless, irrational cruelty (for instance, assaulting those whose only crime is being skinny, awkward, smart, or whatever), it ought to be brought under control. Unlike defiance of social norms, being skinny or fat or awkward or smart really doesn't hurt anyone -- and there's no sense in punishing them for it. It's intrinsic to the nature of demographics, after all, that not everyone can be ripped, engaging, and of modest intellect). Of course, that's no reason to have to associate with them (and awkward people really shouldn't have any friends until they learn to go out and make some on their own), but again, it's no reason to subject them to punishment, either. An Unmarried Man has a good post on the topic related to fat (and pregnant) women; it's worth a read.

One may object to my characterization of bullying in defense of social norms as not only valid and reasonable but right and good as fighting fire with fire. It is, of course -- but sometimes that's perfectly advisable, as when one stops the spread of a firestorm by burning away the flammable brush in a certain circumfrence around it. It's worth bearing in mind that the same liberals who decry bullying are perfectly content to bully in defense of their own social norms, at the expense of Christians and non-sexual deviants and so on; FIRE is dedicated to fighting these types of bullying in universities, where it has the potential to devastate a person's future to an extent routine beating-up-fags stuff doesn't . If there is, in fact, something like a war going on to determine whose social values ought to be ascendant, I see no reason why one side should be expected to unilaterally disarm.

Even for the sake of the children.

Proph, Collapse: The Blog 190 Comments [9/15/2011 3:56:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Zosimus the Heathen

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The pro-family movement is relentlessly demonized by those who want to normalize sexual aberrations. We are accused without ceasing of being hateful, homophobic bigots. Our organizations are tagged as hate groups. If anybody has been demonized, marginalized, and turned into social pariahs, it is the pro-family movement.

Meanwhile, Chas Bono is hardly a pariah by anyone's definition. She is the talk of Hollywood, and when the dancing starts will literally be the belle of the ball.

If the left's template is correct — that turning folks into social pariahs makes them kill themselves — then we should be awash in suicides here at the American Family Association. Our staff should be suffering from an epidemic of self-murder. But here we are, enjoying our lives, our families, our friends and our churches while nary a thought of suicide crosses our minds.

Bryan Fischer, Towleroad 81 Comments [9/15/2011 3:55:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Aspergus

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One of the reasons many Christians cannot answer the question about Cain’s wife is that they tend to look at today’s world and the problems that would be associated with close relations marrying, and they do not look at the clear historical record God has given to us.
They try to interpret Genesis from our present situation rather than understand the true biblical history of the world and the changes that have occurred because of sin. Because they are not building their worldview on Scripture but taking a secular way of thinking to the Bible, they are blinded to the simple answers.
Genesis is the record of the God who was there as history happened. It is the Word of One who knows everything and who is a reliable Witness from the past. Thus, when we use Genesis as a basis for understanding history, we can make sense of evidence which would otherwise be a real mystery. You see, if evolution is true, science has an even bigger problem than Cain’s wife to explain—namely, how could man ever evolve by mutations (mistakes) in the first place, since that process would have made everyone’s children deformed? The mere fact that people can produce offspring that are not largely deformed is a testimony to creation, not evolution.

Ken Ham , Answers In Genesis 88 Comments [9/15/2011 3:50:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Dr. Flibble

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However, if a few dinosaurs survived the Flood, how could these huge monsters have gotten on the ark? Bear in mind that the ark itself was huge, and young healthy dinosaurs would have had no problem fitting in it.[5]

Several scientific digs over many years have uncovered numerous intermingled dinosaur and human tracks in the riverbed of the Paluxy River in Texas.[22] In addition, 3,000 dinosaur footprints with human footprints right alongside them were recently discovered in Turkmenistan.[5]

Additional evidence that some dinosaurs may have existed until recent times came in 1990 when a very well preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton was found. On examining a cross section of the cells in one of the long bones researchers discovered T-Rex red blood cells. At Montana State University they have been unsuccessfully trying for nine years to prove that they are NOT T-Rex blood cells. If they are, this throws out the whole idea that dinosaurs died out millions [ET*] of years ago.[5]

During the winter of 1856 workmen in France digging a railway tunnel through a layer of Jurassic limestone were startled to find a large creature stumbling out of a recently split boulder, flapping what looked like wings and croaking. It died immediately. A local paleontology student identified the animal as a pterodactyl. The stone in which it was found was consistent with the time period in which pterodactyls are believed to have lived and formed an exact mold of the creature’s body.[47] Is it reasonable to assume that a pterodactyl could have survived entombed in rock for "millions" of years?

Evolution or Creation?, straight-talk.net 60 Comments [9/15/2011 3:50:26 AM]
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Quote# 83806

“A decade ago, it seemed the side of darkness had conquered,” said New York Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, noting that time has proven that “the side of angels, not demons” has prevailed.

“There were no atheists here on 9/11 in New York,” he said. “My message today is that God has the last word.

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, Camels with Hammers 77 Comments [9/14/2011 3:45:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Tolpuddle Martyr

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The Master's School, a K-12 Christian school in West Simsbury, Connecticut, issued " a not thinly veiled threat" to soon-to-be senior Rachel Aviles to withdraw rather than be expelled after learning she was a lesbian, FOX CT reports:

Masters This was to be her senior year and a former coach says she would have been up for all kinds of awards. But last spring she went on a class trip where several students, Aviles among them, pretended to be married. They made "wifey" phone calls to one another. They held hands — not unusual among same-sex friends at Master's, Aviles said.

"Looking back, it was kind of stupid," said Aviles, of Hartford. "But it was harmless."

Word got back to the administration, and the students were called in and questioned about their sexual orientation. When it was her turn, Aviles told administrators that she is a lesbian. Her friends knew. Teachers didn't.

Aviles said the school then urged her to withdraw rather than be expelled.

Aviles' former coach Heather Lodovico discussed the incident:

"She texted me and said something like 'They kicked me out,' and I made a joke, 'What, are you pregnant?' and she said, 'No, worse. I'm gay,'" said Lodovico.

The coach said she immediately got on the phone to see if the decision could be reversed, but no.

The school's headmaster refuses to discuss Aviles' dismissal, citing privacy concerns.

The Master's School, Towleroad 63 Comments [9/14/2011 3:39:44 AM]
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(Headline: "Did gay activism play a role in the murder of Lawrence King?"}

After all, it is gay activists who constantly remind us that LGBT kids are bullied and even beaten up at school. They tell us how dangerous the school environment is for kids who identify as LGBT, and yet at the same time, they praise kids like Larry for coming out at 10. They even want more Gay Straight Alliances in our middle schools, where pre-teens can declare their gay identity to their peers and faculty advisors without their parents' knowledge. Why? So they can become targets of hatred and potential violence? If our schools really are so "homophobic" and dangerous, why not encourage these kids to keep their sexual orientation to themselves until they're in a safer environment?

Some of the teachers in Larry's school, along with his adoptive father, specifically accused former assistant principal Joy Epstein, an open lesbian, of encouraging Larry's flamboyant behavior in order to promote her "agenda." If there is any truth to this, it is not just irresponsible, it is reprehensible. (At the least, there is no indication that she discouraged his pushy, sexual behavior.) How could an experienced educator act in such a way, especially with a boy who had such a troubled history? And is it possible that Larry could have benefited from ongoing counseling about his sexuality? Yet gay activists adamantly oppose any form of counseling that does not affirm homosexuality.

What about the other administrators? Why didn't they prevent Larry from dressing up like a girl when teachers reported to them that it was causing disruption among the students? The official school answer is that California law, passed at the urging of gay activists, prevents discrimination based on gender identity or expression, and so Larry was able to come to school wearing women's accessories and makeup. Was it fair to push this on Larry's classmates, themselves young teenagers sorting through their own issues of sexual identity? Was it fair to Larry?

And what is to be said of this memo sent out to the entire eighth grade? "We have a student on campus who has chosen to express his sexuality by wearing make-up. It is his right to do so." In eighth grade? His "right?" What a travesty! Yet this is a "right" gay activists aggressively fight for, as if this somehow makes our schools "safer" and provides a better learning environment for all the kids. Nonsense.

It is true that Brandon McInerney murdered Larry King in cold blood, but gay activism is complicit in his death.

Dr. Michael L. Brown , OneNewsNow 73 Comments [9/13/2011 3:10:27 AM]
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When I was new, I asked Satan during a ritual "Who are you?" I had no clue. I believed him to be some sort of spirit, but the voices in my head and my interaction with him indicated he is a real being. Very soon after in less than 24 hours following the ritual, I came across the Luciferian Liberation Front.I knew this was an answer to my question.

I have spent years studying a variety of occult subjects. In addition, I have had many experiences and have learned from the experiences of others, both clergy and laity. The evidence of alien extra-terrestrials is overwhelming. In the Egyptian images and monoliths, the pyramids are spaced and directed towards the constellation of Orion and the spaces between the pyramids correlate with the distance of the stars in the belt of Orion.


It is a given, that everyone familiar with UFO's and aliens, knows greys and reptilians are devoid of emotion. Also, it is recorded in the xian bible, when Moses asked to see "god's" face- the alien replied that no one could see him face to face- (Exodus 33: 20-23). Obviously, this being does not resemble a human being.

Many of us have seen Satan. He has nothing to hide. Satan and his Demons, (as well as some of the "angels" of the xian bible and their cohorts) are of the aliens they call "Nordics." [...] Nordics are frequently seen accompanied by greys. These Nordics are those who are normally hostile to humanity. Azazel told me "they are abominable" (referring to the greys, when I asked about them communicating with him on a Ouija Board).

"High Priestess Maxine", The Truth About Extra-Terrestrials 84 Comments [9/13/2011 3:03:07 AM]
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Submitted By: shykid

Quote# 83771

[On a Massachusetts group apparently wanting to ban the Pledge of Allegiance]

If they were as smart as they think, they would simply legislate progressive changes:

"I pledge allegiance to the United States, and to the Republic for which it stands..."

"I pledge allegiance to the free peoples of Earth, and to this country, a fellow nation..."

"I pledge allegiance to the Global Directive, and to the economic and cultural control which it provides..."

"Hail Satan"

Raphael, Rapture Ready 68 Comments [9/13/2011 3:02:38 AM]
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Quote# 83753

With that said I admit I would feel weird getting blood if I knew it came from a gay man. I would probably feel pretty weird about receiving blood from a Muslim, atheist or Hindu, etc.

Raises the question...should we know certain information about the blood we are about to receive? Their religion, sexuality, other views? Or would this just create a giant mess that would delay blood getting to people and costing lives.

lovelife, Rapture Ready 124 Comments [9/12/2011 2:41:42 AM]
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Quote# 83732

[Who feels in ten years things will be the same?]

I think that's very possible. I also think that it is very possible that the church will be in heaven as the 70th week will be under way. If we are still here in 10 years because the rapture has not occurred yet, I think life will be very different for us than it is now. I think home schooling will be illegal in all 50 states and homsexual marriages will be the law of the land. I believe that the only churches operating "above ground" will be those that have been licensed by the state and will not be allowed to criticize other religious groups, alternative lifestyles or preach Jesus as the only Way. I believe sharing Christ will result in losing our children, confiscation of property and prison terms for the undeterred. I think it's also likely that Christians will have to wear or carry an identifier, so people will know to avoid us and employers will not hire us. I believe forced euthanasia will be the law of the land for the elderly, the mentally ill, the physically handicapped and anyone the state considers to be a "useless eater". Wild weather will become the norm and a day without a huge disaster will be a rarity.

jadeeyes, RR 88 Comments [9/11/2011 5:23:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Frank

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Modern conservatives are liberals in the classical sense of the word. They believe in Masonic rubbish such as "freedom of expression", which means of course that blasphemers & subversives are to be allowed to run amok & do whatever they flipping well please, because after all enacting a sane law forbidding such activities & administering proper punishment to such worthless scum would infringe their "rights". This so-called "freedom of expression" was condemned with many other pernicious doctrines by Blessed Pius IX in his Syllabus of Errors. One of the very few times in modern history that the forces of light triumphed over darkness was the Spanish Civil War. General Franco wasn't a liberal. He knew how to deal with the red beasts. If the Tsar had dealt with the filth in the same way that General Franco did during & after the war there might never have been a red revolution in Russia. The Tsar was far too soft with them. Lenin & the rest of the rot should never have been let out of Siberia. The Tsar's softness was rather like treating a raging infection with an insufficient amount of antibiotics. Far from killing it out, it only makes the bacteria stronger. That's what socialists, anarchists &c. are : human bacteria that infect a nation & slowly destroy it from within. This abominable softness of modern conservatives is also responsible for the high crime rate in so many places. If those guilty of such things as breaking into houses & robbing, raping & murdering the occupants were publically beaten to death with an iron bar as was done in the Middle Ages, you can rest assured we would see far fewer such atrocities committed. Modern conservatives fail to realize what they are dealing with. It seems that they regard their opponents as being reasonable, as being much like themselves in most ways, only differing in the ideas they hold. That is their fatal weakness. They must realize that in reality they are dealing with brutal ravenous beasts who understand only one thing, brutal armed force. That is the only way that the reds were kept out of Spain ( until General Franco's death, may he rest in peace) that is the only way that crime was kept down througout history, & it is doubly true in a worthless degenerate society such as we have today. Modern man will not leave off doing something simply because it is wrong. He must be constrained by armed force to leave off doing it. The tyrants that rule now are criminals themselves & so of course they sympathize with their lesser brethren. That's one of the reasons that criminals are treated softly & decent people are punished for defending themselves & so forth. Softness, effiminacy, extravagance & luxuriousness are their own punishments. Those who give in to them are doomed to be subjugated by others who have kept themselves free of such corruption. The Russians will dominate in the future along with the Chinese, not because they are good, but because however much they may be guilty of other things they are not simpering cowards. The effiminacy one sees throughout the west simply isn't present in their countries. When sodomites try to parade themselves in Russia they are arrested en masse. That would never happen in the effeminate countries of the west. Here they are protected & glorified. That is why the West is dying, because the greater part of the people preferred to live lives of baseness & filthiness. They'd much rather wallow in filth & gratify themselves without restraint than to serve the God of their ancestors. How those who died defending Christendom would mourn, if it were possible for the blessed to feel pain, to see how their unworthy descendants dishonour them.

Anonymous, The Social Pathologist 73 Comments [9/11/2011 5:22:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Zosimus the Heathen

Quote# 83730

First of all this morning, I have to apologize for our failure to bring the rain we promised to Texas. We thought sure that we were going to be able to bring the storm over Texas for several hours and cause a great deal of rain. But Obama drew an horrendous surge of dark power up from South America, we believe using his union supporters, and pushed the storm east, causing it to take the track that we have been predicting for several months. Not that we didn't take advantage of it, but still we would've liked to get the rain to Texas. It is obvious this foul creature still has power, though it is weakening.


To give The Republicans more power I am putting forth a proposal. I have asked Conan O'Brien to move his show to Las Vegas, and to have his wife become my servant's campaign manager in Nevada. When my servant is president have Conan be his press secretary. In exchange in a thousand years I will give Conan power and glory equal to my own and a world to rule over in the stars as I rule over the Earth, especially for the people of Nevada. This is one male that is offered great power. I have also asked the senior President Bush to be my earthly host in Maine for two years, to have his wife Barbara be my servant's campaign manager in Maine.

Gerald Polley, Voices From Spirit 91 Comments [9/11/2011 5:22:24 AM]
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Quote# 83711

I have read through the comments posted on crossroad.to, concerning anime/manga. I have to say this about most of the readers comments DEFENDING anime/manga: Do you (anime/manga fans) not realize that you are replacing life with this anime/manga hogwash? Going into excruciating detail about some FICTIONAL cartoon characters as if they were real? Don't forget, that anime/manga is directly associated with the anime/manga that portrays girls AND women as throwaway toys, only good for sex and abuse? I have seen some of the most brutal of the anime in years past, and, technically speaking, ALL anime/manga is of the same roots. You can't have one genre of anime, without realizing the extent and brutality of the others.

Anime is MAINLY for adults, evidenced by the storylines. Some anime is just plain BORING. Some is DISGUSTING. ALL of it is like watching soap operas: The gullible and reality-denying individual treating fictional characters as REAL, hence the troubling trend of little kids acting like they are gods, superheroes, wizards, and animals. Even if there WERE such a thing as CHRISTIAN anime, the roots would STILL be there. One could not perceivably "christianise" something that is inherently evil.

No matter how many of you DEFEND anime/manga, you NEED to realize that this genre of entertainment is nothing short of witchcraft, REGARDLESS of the messages/storylines presented. Anime, like other ungodly trappings in life, has been designed to rip you from the real world (God's creation), and stuff you into a state of mind that neither pleases God, nor will ever draw you closer to Him. Take it from someone who KNOWS about this topic. When you begin to blur the lines between good and evil (whether it's a little or a lot), you push yourself farther and farther into the chasm of depravity and insanity. Anime/manga is a product that is best flushed back into the cesspool from which it came.

Todd H., Crossroads.to 151 Comments [9/10/2011 3:27:34 PM]
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Quote# 83708

One of my biggest frustrations with Liberals who call themselves Christians is that when you ask them to justify their position in scripture they cannot do it effectively and have to twist the words of scripture (And add stuff in or take away) to fit their view.

Case in point, I was debating an Anglican minister who thinks abortion is ok. So I said what's your scriptural justification? He quoted a verse that he said it said if a man hits a woman and she has a miscarriage then its a civil matter (And he claims that this means the Bible is ok with abortion) . It turns out that that verse just says if two men are fighting and one accidentally hurts the woman causing her to go into labor early then there is a fine, and one verse later it says if further mischief then life for life, eye for eye. So if the baby died, that man would be killed.

So then he said, well abortion is not forbidden in the Bible, to which I replied, oh great let's go back to enslaving african americans because that isn't directly forbidden in the Bible either.

Even after being shown all the scripture under the sun as opposition to his view he still clung to it like his view is more precious than God's word.

This is extremely frustrating because having been an atheist I understood my world view had no problem with abortion, divorce, sex outside of marriage et-al, and I also understood when I became a Christian that these and much else had to change to fit the Christian path and the Scriptures.

Is there anyone else out there who experiences these frustrations? Have you got some good examples if ridiculous interpretations by liberals so they can do what they want....

tyronem , Christian Fourms 52 Comments [9/10/2011 5:40:15 AM]
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Quote# 83704

If you are a feminist, God will punish you. If you disobey your husband, then you are a feminist. If you are a Christian couple and you drag your husband through a heathen court system, then you have done great evil against your man. God will punish you in eternity. Communism wants to destroy your marriage and your family; but it cannot unless you play their game. They may steal your kids, and there's literally nothing you can do except hire an expensive lawyers (and you'll pay tens-of-thousands of dollars). But the only way they can ruin your marriage is if you let Satan do so. The worst thing you can do is involve other people in your marriage, because nearly every time they will advice divorce. People are like rats. Church people are no better. In fact, they're more dangerous because you tend to let down your guard around them. The divorce rate is just as high amongst so-called Christians as it is amongst the wicked unsaved heathen world. You can make all the excuses you want in your evil little heart (Jeremiah 17:9), but it won't make any difference in eternity, where you will be judged by God's unchanging Law.

Cody, baptist1611 67 Comments [9/10/2011 5:34:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Trike

Quote# 83703

I was browsing in the library the other day and found a number of books that were morally problematic for one reason or another. Some were anti-Catholic, others were anti-religion, others glorified immorality. You get the idea.

While I could not afford to do so for every bad book I came across, I was wondering if I could check out a particularly bad book and "lose" it. I would pay for the loss, the library would be compensated, and the book would no longer be available. Is this stealing? Or, if it is, can I just keep re-checking the book out on a regular basis so it is not available to others?

Dinah_Rose, Catholic Answers Forum 97 Comments [9/10/2011 4:51:39 AM]
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Arguing with Christian Feminist about real issues or how to approach anything without the biases one possesses (psychotherapy is not a theology lesson) is like training a dog how to go a toliet like a human being, near impossible without the ridiculious coming into play. I could go on about the realities of the sexes and that religion is a pointless old idea created solely as a result of cave man in attempt to understand the university (though it was of course far from the fact of the matter). Nevertheless, entiled to her opinion but most honestly couldn't get rat ass about religion. Religion spoke it's last insipiring words a very long time ago. Science proved to be the victor, as I can't remember, ever that a divine creator being responible for all that we have now. Feminism also seem to lack any real grounds for to say sexes are even equal (Science says quite the opposite actually) and that any argument a women comes up about a man usually refers the size of the penis, the sexuality of the man and something about not getting laid. In other words, arguments that only result in personal attacks because of insecurities of the those who argue so poorly. Honestly, I think women apart from the promise of sex (as long as you can proved the money) and whatever the companionship thing means is all they're good for.

Women have poor depth preception when compared with men and tend to act more irrationally. Largely why women can't drive, at all. They can't preform as well, what statements of better at literature tend to little more than myth of a passing wind. Even here now, this women has chosen one of the three specialites that most women do when becoming a doctor. Psychrictry, pediatrics and obstetrics. All of which have to do something with nutring. It is simple, women are hardwired to be wives, to look after the kids and Father is ment to show the way, and provide for the family. Women doing anything else, seems to result in the increase in divorce.

BrilliantlyMinded, Dr. Robert Forum 95 Comments [9/9/2011 3:16:49 AM]
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The air we breathe cannot be seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or touched, yet it most certainly exists. The force of gravity cannot be seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or touched, yet we know that it exists. Emotions, values, beliefs, and thoughts cannot be found by using any of our senses, yet they are as real as rocks or trees. Emotions can be "felt", but this feeling is not physical. Thus, simply because something cannot be found through the use of the five senses does not mean that it does not exist.

Some atheists say that no God has been found through the use of the senses, therefore no God exists. But simply because God cannot be found by way of the senses does not mean that He does not exist. Christians believe in a supernatural or non-material God. They believe that God has manifested Himself in material form and in material ways on certain occasions (such as the Incarnation, and when He spoke audibly to Moses at Mount Sinai). However, God is spirit (John 4:24), and in His "normal" state He cannot be found by the use of the senses. Therefore, any attempt to reach God by way of the senses would be virtually pointless.

angelslight79 , Glitter Graphics.com 85 Comments [9/8/2011 3:41:35 AM]
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First, masturbation can be a form of homosexuality because it is a sexual act
that does not involve a woman. If a man were to masturbate while engaged in other
forms of sexual intimacy with his wife then he would not be doing so in a homosexual
way. However, any man who does so without his wife in the room is bordering on
homosexuality activity, particularly if he’s watching himself in a mirror and being turned
on by his own male body.

(PG: 24)

Mark Driscoll, Porn again Christians 98 Comments [9/8/2011 3:40:43 AM]
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There was an article in The Joplin Globe this past month regarding a female artist who enjoyed tennis so much that she inserted tennis balls in a fanciful manner into her own paintings of classical art.

I would strongly urge her, and anyone else, not to insert anything to destroy or distort the integrity of any Christian religious painting.

To me, this is sacrilegious, irreverent and makes a mockery of God our creator, sustainer and redeemer.

Rita Crowell, Joplin Globe 71 Comments [9/8/2011 3:40:18 AM]
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