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Quote# 89958

Q. Isn't science a religion?
Think about it. Have you ever seen air, atoms, molecules, or evolution? No. FACT.

Science requires just as much faith (if not more) than religion. FACT.

Christian Conservative Patriet, Yahoo|Answers 69 Comments [10/8/2012 3:46:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 69
Submitted By: CH3CH2OCH2CH3net

Quote# 89953

This month is Bullying Prevention Month, they say. Hmmmmm... Fascinating.

Maybe what they really mean is stop bullying the anti-god side? The contra-god types are entitled to bully theists? Is that it? By the look of how this is going down in the media and Hollywood, it appears that they turn a blind eye to their own side when their own bully theists and religion. As their prophet Bertrand Russell taught: for atheists to finally arrive at their golden age they need to destroy religion-dragon.

Let's see how many godless swarm to CARM to intimidate, harass, and otherwise bully Christians. Let's see how many come to our website to see if we'll cower and cave. Let's see how many will come into our home, invited here for discussions, and then try to turn everything upside down. Let's see how many come here to _ on our most sacred texts, our Holy Bible. Let's total up all the mockery and scorn and insults of our most sacred faith. Let's see how they twist prayer. Let's see how often they play the victim.

Fascinating phenomenon, that atheism-thingy.

noemail001, CARM 38 Comments [10/8/2012 3:33:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 38
Submitted By: dylanstrategie

Quote# 89952

I have seen many make wild claims like "there is no creator", or "i dont lie" or "I disproved Christianity" or "The Bible is historically unreliable" :- but I never see ansy evidence presented.

So if you are credible where is the evidence for these claims?

If you are credible why dont you present evidence?

I never see you present evidence atheism is true - so if you have any credibility where is your evidence?

ferengi, CARM 25 Comments [10/8/2012 3:31:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 29
Submitted By: dylanstrategie

Quote# 89944

And, of course, women’s “equality” cannot meaningfully exist in an egalitarian society, because the real differences between men and women are too stark. In fact, it takes a great deal of authoritarian coercion to bring women up to the level we find them occupying in the US. From federal agencies to local police forces and courts, hundreds of thousands of people are employed in the business of “equalizing” men and women. One could fairly call it a domestic army.

W. F. Price, The Spearhead 32 Comments [10/7/2012 6:53:14 AM]
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Quote# 89943

Biblically, the death penalty could not be applied unless there were at least two eyewitnesses to the incident. Circumstantial evidence, even when strong, is not the equivalent of multiple eyewitnesses and therefore does not meet the Biblical standard. Interestingly, however, the Bible long ago acknowledged a specific eyewitness that only in recent decades has become recognized in Americans courts.

Recall the account of Cain's murder of his brother Abel from Genesis 4:8-10. When God asked Cain where his brother was and Cain lied, God specifically confronted him with the declaration: "The voice of your brother's blood is crying to Me from the ground" (v. 10). Blood cries out? Blood has a voice? How can that be? We now know that DNA has a voice - that it serves as an eyewitness to specific crimes, just as when it cried out to God about Abel's death. This voice therefore Biblically qualifies as one of the "two or three eyewitnesses" needed to secure the death penalty in a capital crime.

David Barton, Right Wing Watch 46 Comments [10/7/2012 6:52:57 AM]
Fundie Index: 35
Submitted By: Zagen30

Quote# 89941

California Forbids Therapy to Cure Sexual Depravity

It’s not enough to promote sickness at every opportunity. Our liberal rulers are also using their power to forbid striving for health:

California will become the first state to ban a controversial form of psychotherapy aimed at making gay teenagers straight.

Gov. Jerry Brown announced Sunday that he had signed SB1172 by Democratic Senator Ted Lieu of Torrance. …

Effective Jan. 1, the state will prohibit what is known as reparative or conversion therapy for minors.

Conversion therapy is a means of helping troubled teens overcome psychiatric maladies that have been deleted from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders for political reasons.

Needless to say, the Founding Fathers would not recognize an America in which bureaucrats rather than parents determine what counseling is appropriate for their children, much less an America ruled by freaks who attempt to impose sexual depravity by force of law.

Dave Blount, Moonbattery 44 Comments [10/7/2012 6:52:23 AM]
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Quote# 89937

Universalism is a movement to recognize all religions as equally true and viable options to recognize the one true God. Universalists usually believe all spiritual movements lead to God and usually acknowledge Jesus Christ as a great moral teacher. Many believe man is inherently good and that all are destined to eternal life with God.

The Universalist movement will eventually be the one world religion worshipping anti-christ in the final days. It will meld all or most religions into a humanistic, self-serving religion with no absolute truth or standard of morality. In essence, members will be “self worshippers” believing man is god

????, Stand up for the truth 77 Comments [10/7/2012 6:50:41 AM]
Fundie Index: 28
Submitted By: Tony

Quote# 89925

[Two HIV+ men rape a 17-year old boy.]

Well, all you homo-lovers out there, here's a little more blood on your hands. You saw the study data the same as we did that showed homosexuals to be thirty times (30!) more likely to molest children than straights are, that they are substantially more likely to have STDs, but you were so very worried about appearing intolerant.

Well, you have helped rape this boy as surely as they have.

Fading Light, Stormfront 55 Comments [10/5/2012 7:04:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 93
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 89915

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck says that GOP hopeful Mitt Romney’s poll numbers have fallen as a part of a plan from God to make it obvious to the American people that divine intervention was responsible when Republicans take the White House in November.

“I know Mitt Romney wasn’t your first choice, nor was he mine,” Beck recently told controversial “historian” David Barton in a video clip highlighted by Right Wing Watch on Monday. “I am to the point that — A — God is trying to make this so clear to us that if it happens, it’s his finger. Because nothing looks good.”

Glenn Beck, The Raw Story 49 Comments [10/5/2012 6:32:07 AM]
Fundie Index: 55
Submitted By: Frostythesnowman

Quote# 89914

Women who dress provocatively are showing worst inconsideration of men. They are selfishly feeding their ego at men's expense. Not only do they cause discomfort to men, but they cause men to lower their own morals because men will naturally pursue women when provoked and will go into an immoral mode to do this. Men's behavior is entirely different in a men-only environment versus when women are present, and the best moral behavior of men comes out only when women are not present.

Women, by nature, do not understand this and do not want to understand this. So giving women the power to vote over men is a recipe for disaster. I am for equality, but by this I mean separate equality. Women should rule/preach to women, never to men. And ideally men should only rule other men. The sexes should be kept separate outside the family as much as possible in order to promote general morality. And by this, I don't just mean sexual morality, I mean don't steal and don't kill. There is no doubt in my mind that the theft of the public treasury by the bankers of the western world is a direct result of feminism.

fschmidt, Religious Forums 61 Comments [10/5/2012 6:30:22 AM]
Fundie Index: 91
Submitted By: tweetybird

Quote# 89911

I get polled all the time, and I do get frustrated sometimes because the polls are many times worded to achieve a desired result.

Here is a typical example:

during bush’s term in office I would often get polled about the Iraq war.

The question usually went something like “do you approve or disapprove of President Bush’s handling of the Iraq war”


That is a freaking BOGUS poll! because it’s rigged! If I answer truefully that I don’t approve of Bush’s handling of the war, my answer will get lumped together with all the lib answers and be trumpted from the rooftops as proof we should end the war in Iraq!

When NOTHING could be further from the truth. I didn’t approve because I wanted him to nuke the SOB’s back into the stone age !!!! and thought we had no business putting soldiers in harms way, when we could kill them by the millions from 1,000 miles away or 30,000 feet with no risk.

So I was forced to lie and said I approved when I didn’t

TexasFreeper2009, Free Republic 45 Comments [10/5/2012 3:49:48 AM]
Fundie Index: 61
Submitted By: Elliott

Quote# 89904

Most “independent women” are welfare parasites. They “don’t need men”, to be sure, but do they ever need all the welfare handouts the state collects from men and sends them to provide for their “independence”. And they’re the most vocal and shrill in their demands – demands! – that the money they feel entitled to should keep flowing and coming their way.

To be honest, even women who don’t do welfare, child support, alimony or any other such little female independence booster are an iffy proposition as respectable: if she supports herself with a job she got as a result of affirmative action policies then she, too, is a parasite, only slightly less obviously so.

JHJ, The Spearhead 37 Comments [10/5/2012 3:42:15 AM]
Fundie Index: 49
Submitted By: afacelessatheist

Quote# 89903

Nobody wants to hear this, but the author is right. Simple minded atheists are going to flock to every article in the 'belief' section and try to peddle their monkey minded nothingness. Guess what. Atheists are nothing new. You've been around since before Jesus. No joke. Just 500 years ago Atheists were setting fire to churches, and killing priests, claiming allegiance to various hethan lords pagans or witches. Whatever . Setting fire they still wish they could do. And many 'Atheists' believe in 'vibes' and all kinds of pagan monkey business. Anyway, hate and violence is a disease. And the biggest atheists of the Modern era were some of the sickets. Pol Pot, banned religion. Killed 2 million in concentration camps. Mao tried to ban religion, Stalin tried to ban religion, Hitler etc. All started off as Religious people, who grew to hate religion, tried to ban it, and ultimately became mass murderers on the scale of millions – in Pol Pot and Hitlers case, killing especially those who opposed their brand of Atheist and in Hitler's case slightly mystic pagan 'beliefs'. So I don't want to hear about the crusades, where like 489 people were killed. Give it a rest pagans. Yours is the true evil, by count.

Men of science are men of science. God and science are not mutually exclusive. Unless there is one among you that can cure cancer, or outlive the sun? Let's go ahead and keep science, science. And leave religion to the unknown.

Of course, unless you are a monkey. Then by all means, believe in nothing but the dirt you eat.

Nick Ricci, CNN "Belief" Blog 43 Comments [10/5/2012 3:42:06 AM]
Fundie Index: 46
Submitted By: sharksandwich

Quote# 89898

Besides functioning as glorified birth machines women have done nothing to uphold society. Didn’t build the housing, hunt the food, develop the technology or fight the wars. I guess they helped with some of the farm work but no more so then the animals that men domesticated. So aside from children women have historically had done about as much for society as mules have. Probably less, actually.

I always laugh when I hear guys say things like, “If women ran the world, we’d still be churning butter”. Women would never have developed the technology to churn butter.

Otis the Sweaty, ManBoobz 64 Comments [10/4/2012 3:13:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 101

Quote# 89879

[Concerning the "Innocence of Muslims" film.]

It [the film] won't be the last insulting act as long as Imam Khomeini's historic order on executing the blasphemous Salman Rushdie is not carried out. If the imam's order was carried out, the further insults in the form of caricatures, articles and films would not have taken place. The impertinence of the grudge-filled enemies of Islam, which is occurring under the flag of the Great Satan, America and the racist Zionists, can only be blocked by the absolute administration of this Islamic order.

Ayatollah Hassan Sanei, Gawker 68 Comments [10/3/2012 3:29:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 64

Quote# 89878

[A message left by Islamic hackers who targeted Bank of America and the New York Stock Exchange in retaliation for the anti-Islamic film "Innocence of Muslims."]

In the name of Allah the companionate the merciful
My soul is devoted to you Dear Prophet of Allah

Dear Muslim youths, Muslims Nations and are noblemen

When Arab nations rose against their corrupt regimes (those who support Zionist regime) at the other hand when, Crucify infidels are terrified and they are no more supporting human rights. United States of America with the help of Zionist Regime made a Sacrilegious movie insulting all the religions not only Islam.

All the Muslims worldwide must unify and Stand against the action, Muslims must do whatever is necessary to stop spreading this movie. We will attack them for this insult with all we have.

All the Muslim youths who are active in the Cyber world will attack to American and Zionist Web bases as much as needed such that they say that they are sorry about that insult.

We, Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam will attack the Bank of America and New York Stock Exchange for the first step. These Targets are properties of American-Zionist Capitalists. This attack will be started today at 2 pm. GMT. This attack will continue till the Erasing of that nasty movie. Beware this attack can vary in type.

Down with modern infidels.

Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest.

Izz ad-din Al qassam, Gawker 63 Comments [10/3/2012 3:28:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 59

Quote# 89874

AUDIENCE MEMBER: You voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Why do you think it is okay for a woman to be paid less for doing the same work as a man?

AKIN: Well, first of all, the premise of your question is that I’m making that particular distinction. I believe in free enterprise. I don’t think the government should be telling people what you pay and what you don’t pay. I think it’s about freedom. If someone what’s to hire somebody and they agree on a salary, that’s fine, however it wants to work. So, the government sticking its nose into all kinds of things has gotten us into huge trouble.

Todd Akin, Think Progress 71 Comments [10/3/2012 3:18:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 34
Submitted By: Zagen30

Quote# 89872

I was 23 years old. (I know that was back in the Bronze Age, but divination hasn’t changed.) I was addicted to a Ouija board. I had people driving 100 miles to put their hands on the glass object, ask the board questions, and have it spell out answers. I was so good at it that the glass object could move with no hands on it.

It made predictions and many of them came true. It instilled power in me that was stunning. The glass object that spelled out words would often spin around the board in a frenzy, and it was always talking about dark, evil things. All predictions were negative. It scared many participants. It has supernatural power, but since it is of the devil, not all predictions came true because the devil does not know the future.

When I asked the board where it got its power, it spelled S-A-T-A-N.

One evening I put the board away and felt a presence in my apartment. I did not want to open my eyes because I knew I would see a demon.

If you think I am doing this for sensationalism, I can tell you that it has not been easy reliving my experience. I do it only to spare some of you from my mistakes.

Jan Markell, defending contending 84 Comments [10/2/2012 3:39:22 AM]
Fundie Index: 83
Submitted By: Tony

Quote# 89869

Suppose that you and I make a contract that, in exchange for you giving me a badly-needed $20 today, I will mow your lawn tomorrow. Then suppose that after I spend the money, I change my mind about the wisdom of this deal. Can I repudiate the contract on the grounds that my labor for you is no longer voluntary? If so, then people will have no incentive to provide payment for services in advance, and it will hinder the economy in many cases.

Why do we need a rule against people selling themselves into slavery? When has that ever been a common practice? If someone is dumb enough to do so, don't they deserve the consequences? Those people will, like many other losers, weed themselves (and their foolish tendencies) out of society in a Darwinian manner, and it will cease to be a problem. But in order for that to happen, you have to let the market be free.

LibertyNow, LibertyNow Wiki 46 Comments [10/2/2012 3:38:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 47
Submitted By: TheReasonator

Quote# 89865

I brought up the topic of homosexuality as a disease in a chat room the other day, and i was almost kicked out of the room...it was like more taboo that abortion. I found this quite interesting. I think that is the reason there has not been a cure for homosexuality. Can you imagine what the media would do to a story like that? The public would go nuts if they found out that a cure for homosexuality was being worked on. Is it really that bad? Damn MTV and gay rights activists are so hellbent and proctecting the rights of gays and brainwashing them to think that it is completely natural and that it is OK. It is not OK. Homosexuality is the complete opposite of the natural human reproductive process. Humans are not supposed to be attracted to the same sex. Our bodies were designed perfectly for one male and one female. Homosexuality is a chemical imbalance in the brain (just like bi-polarity, depression, etc) and a cure should be researched. Of course it wont actually be worked on for a while, if ever, because of these brainless activists.

Aborted_Fetus, SciForums 47 Comments [10/2/2012 3:38:03 AM]
Fundie Index: 55
Submitted By: Flowerpen

Quote# 89864

Regarding the Chik-Fil-A boycotts - and yes, they're still harping on the issue in late September

It is economic warfare against their political enemies, that’s the only way to describe it, it is literally economic warfare against their political enemies; it is nothing more than that, nothing less than that. The left is almost universally unscrupulous, they are amoral—that’s part of their philosophy—so they feel free to attack anybody and anything that they don’t like and they have legions of lawyers willing to go into court and sue and sue and sue again. They’re organized base is willing to uniformly engage in economic boycotts of companies so it’s a highly organized, almost a military type of organization, very monolithic that gets behind the leaders on any issue and they attack people, and they attack people and terrify people. We don’t have anything like that we are not inclined to do that because we are not that immoral, we just don’t do those kinds of things unless we are attacked first.

James Simpson, Right Wing Watch 34 Comments [10/2/2012 3:37:35 AM]
Fundie Index: 37
Submitted By: Zagen30

Quote# 89715

There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…

These are people who pay no income tax.
My job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

Mitt Romney, Mother Jones 140 Comments [10/1/2012 7:24:32 AM]
Fundie Index: 81

Quote# 89702

1-2-3-4. I don't owe Caesar a damn thing, and it is now to the point where the continued subsidizing of this utterly lawless and illegitimate government puts me in violaton of the

First Commandment (I AM the LORD thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before me.)
by forcing me to break God's Law - the Natural Law - in order to follow the laws of the state; the

Second Commandment (Thou shalt not take the Name of the LORD thy God in vain.)
by punishing and imprisoning my fellow citizens (See Lakin, LTC Terry) who attempt to uphold their sworn oaths, and by forcing me to subsidize a government that is, to the man, populated by oathbreakers; the

Fourth Commandment (Honor thy father and thy mother.)
by actively and consciously destroying the family, discouraging right-ordered marriage through the welfare state, legislating perverted “false marriage” paradigms, facilitating the murder of children by their parents, and pitting society against their parents by encouraging or even mandating euthanasia via ObamaCare; the

Fifth Commandment (Thou shalt not murder.)
through the “legally sanctioned” and MANDATED taxpayer subsidizing of the holocaust of preborn children via abortion as well as the premeditated murder of thousands of Mexican civilians via Operation Fast & Furious; the

Sixth Commandment (Thou shalt not commit adultery.)
through the forced “legalization” of sodomite faux-marriage and the discouragement of chastity and marriage itself via the HHS contraceptive and sterilization mandate as well as welfare state; the

Seventh Commandment (Thou shalt not steal.)
via the government sanctioned, legalized and protected con?scation of private property, the illegal nullification of contracts by the federal government, and the stirring-up by the government of envy and the sense of entitlement to the property of others; the

Eighth Commandment (Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.)
by forcing me to subsidize and give my tacit approval to the lie of Barack Obama's presidency and the fundamental dishonesty of the Eric Holder Department of Justice, in addition to the mathematical lies regarding the state of the banking sectors and the mathematical impossibilities of the government run entitlement ponzi schemes; and the

Tenth Commandment (Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods.)
by forcing me to subsidize a government that is built on a premise of and is attempting to fully convert to a system based wholly upon coveting the property of one's neighbor and the forced redistribution of private property.

We're batting .800. Enough is enough. You CANNOT subsidize this government and still claim that God is “first” in your life. It is mathematically, metaphysically and morally impossible. You must choose your allegiances NOW. You must NOW choose who or what it is that you truly worship. Do you worship God or do you worship your wealth? Here's a simple litmus test for you: are you or are you not willing to give up all of your wealth in bearing witness to God in His Truth? If the answer is no, then stop calling yourself a Christian, because you very simply are not.

Ann Barnhardt, Barnhardt.biz 52 Comments [10/1/2012 7:23:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 72

Quote# 89660

In case no one has noticed, the left are coming out like seagulls flocking around a garbage barge in the east river. "Communist" is no longer a dirty word - no, it's becomming a badge of honor for the twisted heathens chanting "Obama" like a satanic cult.

While they showed enough restraint to avoid smearing abortion blood on their cheeks like war paint at the DNC Convention, they nonetheless let it be known that the blood of the unborn was their sacred sacrament.

We have a choice in November... just sayen.

Tea Party Patriot, Where Liberty Dwells 41 Comments [10/1/2012 7:20:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 48
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 89421

HIV will never be cured, because the Gov't does'nt want one. They want you gays to die off, and I agree. Schools ARE forced to teach that homosexuality is normal, instead of the mental disease that it really is, thus encouraging them that it's alright.Oh, and by the way, it's not just HIV, but all STDs are almost doubled in the gay community that the normal one."Few percent afraid" should actually read millions that KNOW being gay is'nt normal, right, or natural, and is a death sentence to those who practice the "lifestyle" and and society that allows it.

Robert Bishop, World Net Daily 44 Comments [10/1/2012 6:51:50 AM]
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