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Regarding a mosque burning down in Missouri

Good Job, Missouri!!!! Way to take the lead in the fight against developing terror cells in the U.S!

DJSuess, CNN 42 Comments [8/15/2012 3:22:51 AM]
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Quote# 88988

The author writes with such authority

'The world is such a wonderful place because we have had over 3 billion years of the most primitive life forms taking energy from the sun and changing the atmosphere into a stable, oxygen rich one with very effective feedback mechanisms that keep the system stable.'

And the next chapter of the fairy tale is? To think that people are so dumbed down to accept such ardent statements as fact without questions shows how much we have devolved in our thinking. Only those totally blinded by evolution dogma fail to see the Great Designer of this planet.

The reason so many are miserable and addidcted to anti depressants is simply because the god deniers have had their dogmas implemented into society. It has led to depression, family breakdown, child abuse and drug addiction.

Someone who describes the past so inaccurately as the author has little chance of offering answers for the future.

runner, The Forum 32 Comments [8/15/2012 3:19:18 AM]
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Quote# 88982

What I've said is that we need to respect humans more than we do animals. Whenever we start elevating animals up to, to above that of humans, we've crossed a moral line. For example, if there's a sexual predator out there who has impregnated a young girl, say a 13 year old girl, and it happens in America more times than you and I like to think, that sexual predator can pick that girl off the playground at the middle school and haul her across the state line and force her to get an abortion to eradicate the evidence of his crime, and bring her back and drop her off at the swing set, and that's not against the law in the United States of America. I have told Wayne Pacelle and the people who believe we should focus all of our efforts on the, on anything they can bring that limits activity around animals, that we need to respect and revere human life first, animal life second.

[Emphasis added.]

Congressman Steve King (R), Think Progress 97 Comments [8/14/2012 4:04:59 AM]
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Quote# 88981

Bring back tea parties, please. Girls getting together to celebrate the girl bond with over-the-top partying and pampering seems so much forced fun and desperate escape. I recently met a middle-aged woman who was going on a cruise with dozen or so other women her age. Mind you, they didn’t represent an organization that was gathering around a cause. I could understand that. They were just having a girl vacation and leaving their families behind. It sounded dreadful. Women aren’t meant to travel in packs.

[later comment]

Yes, it is important for women to socialize with each other and it is good for them to get away from their families if they do it in the right spirit. I wasn’t referring to things like lunches out or baby showers. I’m talking about hedonistic girl gatherings.

My mother never expressed a desire to vacation without her husband or her children. I’m sure she wouldn’t have chosen a trip with twelve friends when we were young. A few friends maybe.

Laura Wood, The Thinking Housewife 46 Comments [8/14/2012 4:04:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Evelyn
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Quote# 88974

Almost all the Christian commandments are harmful in one way or another to the Mind, the Reason, the Progress and the Self-steem of men but two of them are specially evil in modern times:

1-"You shall love your neighbor as yourself"
2-"You shall not kill"

The first one gives place to consider altruism or un-selfishness as one of the alleged highest virtues of our society, and is often stretched to the even more insane "You shall love your neighbor more than yourself" as the pinnacle of virtue

But who is "your neighbor"? The commandment doesn't mention anything about your relation with him: Is he your friend? your relative? someone you admire? someone unknown? someone known but despised by you? your enemy?
Does your neighbor deserve to be loved by you? Is he wise? idiot? honest, thief, criminal? brave or coward? helpful or useless? hard-worker or lazy? nice or indifferent?
The commandment doesn't specify anything, so we should assume that we should love everyone, anyone.

This commandment is deeply affecting the politics and economics of the World because no one dares to defend Capitalism on moral grounds, simply because it goes against this commandment which is taken as some kind of axiomatic truth, some revealed supreme virtue that everyone seems to agree with...
Why? Simply because it resonates deeply in our brain, in our soul where we have genetically hardwired thanks to our evolution as species other virtues like kindness or compassion or sympathy which are (were at least) essential for our survival as group and individuals because these virtues allow us to live in tribes and societies which in turn has the potential to greatly improve our chances of survival and our standard of life

Tonix777, Objectivist Living 56 Comments [8/14/2012 4:02:30 AM]
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Quote# 88969

In fact, driver profiling is worse than racial profiling, because the latter only implies that the police are more watchful, not that they criminalize race itself. Despite the propaganda, what's being criminalized in the case of drunk driving is not the probability that a person driving will get into an accident but the fact of the blood-alcohol content itself. A drunk driver is humiliated and destroyed even when he hasn't done any harm.

Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. , Mises Institute 41 Comments [8/14/2012 3:51:26 AM]
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Quote# 88963

[Illinois Family Institute encouraging parents to pull their children out of classes headed by gay or liberal teachers]

1-Parents can go to their middle school and/or high school websites and find out which teachers sponsor gay and straight alliances and liberal political activist groups (e.g. AWARE).

2- Parents can also ask what texts will be taught or used (e.g. The Chocolate War, Fat Kid Rules the World, Angels in America, The Laramie Project, or The People’s History of the United States) by a particular teacher. Parents should ask for the reading list for the entire year. Teachers who have a reasonable degree of respect for the values and beliefs of all parents will not have highly controversial texts on either required or recommended reading lists.

3- If parents have children who have already gone through the school or have already completed a year or more, they should ask those children and/or their friends or friends’ parents which teachers are known for bringing their politics into the classroom or who displays a “Safe Space” sticker, the inverted pink triangle, the rainbow flag, or the lower case Greek letter “lambda” on their desk, classroom door, or wall. Students usually know who the liberal, activist teachers are. Liberal teachers develop reputations, often as the “cool” teachers.

Illinois Family Institute, Joe. My. God. 32 Comments [8/14/2012 3:44:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Aspergus
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Quote# 88961

Let's face it - the three words "Rape and Incest" has already cost 55 million innocent babies their lives and as horrible and violent as rape is, we don't punish the children of criminals in America!

What is almost never mentioned by those who yell loudest, along with most of humanity, is the fact that none of us would exist if we considered rape.

For thousands of years, conquering armies have actually done what teachers said - they have raped and pillaged. If we could go back in our own family history far enough, I'm pretty confident that all of us would have some of that rapist blood within us, and without which, we would not be here.

It only took one. And while looking around back there we would almost certainly find the blood of a few other things we detest, like the slaveholder.

So yes Governor Romney, do exactly what they claim and End Legalized Abortion - NO EXCEPTIONS and do it on Inauguration Day. We'll all be watching with tears in our eyes.

JohnLamprey, LifeSiteNews 41 Comments [8/14/2012 3:41:09 AM]
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Quote# 88959

Lastly, for these libs to say "Jesus specifically told us to feed the poor"....LOL LOL LOL
When he was talking to Peter regarding "feed my sheep" he was referring to a spiritual feeding through the Blessed Word of God. I'm so sick of the ignorants taking God's word out of context. Sure, we're supposed to "feed the poor if they're hungry"....how many of you have offered to buy a homeless person a meal lately and all they do is look at you funny since what they really want is your cash for other things?

Florian9, Rapture Ready 53 Comments [8/14/2012 3:14:15 AM]
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Quote# 88952

The New World: The Rebirth, Castration Day, Breeders and More

I have written about this multiple times in the past, but due to the fact that I have numerous articles, it appears that people are not able to find every bit of information that I have provided, so I will detail it here.

1) Castration Day: The purpose of this day is to pacify males for further processing, meaning, in the end, the majority of them would eventually be terminated, and this holiday would no longer be entirely relevant at a certain point – the day of the True Rebirth, and the dawn of The New World. It is merely a major point in the short-term solutions for the pacification and so forth of all males.

2) The population of males world-wide for the indefinite future after the implementation of the short-term solutions would be around 10%, for the purposes of practicality. The 10% that remained would be used for the sole purpose of breeding, and nothing more. They would be given enough sustenance and so forth to remain alive, while being held in captivity to keep them from posing a threat to the general population outside (women). They would be allowed visitation by their closest female guardian(s) and or relatives if their closest female guardian(s) or relatives wishes to see them.

3) All males, regardless of age, would be eligible (with the consent of their closest female guardian) for castration. However, their closest female guardian (CFG) would be advised to exempt them from castration and sign them up as a future Breeder (someone used for sample-collection) on the basis of supply-and-demand. If the supply was well enough for the foreseeable future, the CFG would likely be advised to go ahead and have the male castrated, and in The New World, the CFG would likely comply with this. There would be no moral qualm about such an issue, because it would be based entirely on practicality and common knowledge (men need to be castrated to keep women safe) – there would be no emotional attachment to such a process. It would be seen as creating civility in the individual male, not as an act of harm.

4) The purpose of Castration Day is not to shame men, but to liberate all people and to civilize men. Nothing more, and nothing less. It is the only way.

5) Until science could be used to create genetically strong female progeny from two female parents (The Rebirth), the world population of males would remain around 10%. Once science was able to complete such a process (The Rebirth), the world-wide population of men would be held at around 1%, just in case. Any males who were born after this would be either disposed of or kept based entirely upon foreseeable practicality and potential for genetic efficiency. No emotional attachment would dictate otherwise, and if it did, the woman with said attachment would be reformed.

6) Some point out the issue of genetic deficiency due to lack of diversity, and a potential for inbreeding. In The New World, however, this would be a non-issue… Genetics would remain strong due to population. Say, for instance, the world-wide population in The New World is 7 billion, and 10% of that population is male, that would mean that there would be 700 million males world-wide. A sustainable population. If you multiply 6,300,000,000 (the number of females) by 700,000,000 (the number of males), you get 4,410,000,000,000,000,000 possibilities for the genetic makeup of future offspring. The population by the time The New World comes will be much larger than 7 billion, meaning that the possibilities will be even greater in number than this. Inbreeding and weakness of DNA will not be an issue.

7) By the time males are old enough to provide sperm samples, at the consent of their CFG, they will be screened for specific traits prior to Castration Day to see if they are viable Breeders. This screening will determine whether or not they are the most suitable contributors genetically. Characteristics will include testing physical symmetry, age-height-weight ratio, mental health, and parasite resistance, or the strength of their immune system. It is based entirely on practicality and efficiency, and nothing more. This would be done until The Rebirth (the day when science has its breakthrough in creating female progeny from two female parents and the male population is reduced to 1% world-wide via termination).

8) Post-Rebirth, Castration Day will be reduced to a smaller set of local screenings and procedures in each city world-wide, they will be uniform and set in stone, and the process will no longer be a celebration by all people, but a way of life for any male. Testing and screening for potential genetic contribution will happen at a male’s birth, and will be more lenient at that time, looking only for typical symmetry and a decent healthiness. This process will then be repeated when the male reaches the age to provide samples (maturity). If a male is born and appears to be weak, it will be disposed of. If a male is sufficient, it will be allowed to reach the age of “maturity”. It will then be screened again, for the aforementioned traits which will be determined by then, and if it is still sufficient, it will be kept as a Breeder. If it is not, it will be terminated. If the amount of males in relation to Post-Rebirth supply-and-demand is sufficient, all newborn males will be terminated based on the age and assumed longevity of the currently existing males, unless the particular male appears to be exceptionally healthy and strong.

It is as simple as that.

Thank you for reading.


*Footnote: Breeders and all of the samples that they give would be identified with a set of numbers unique to them as an individual. These numbers would essentially be their name and or identity. Any woman who collects a sample will have her own ID in the system marked with said Breeder-number, and so shall her children's Birth Certificates and IDs be marked with the same Breeder-number. That way, if her children were to return some day to take a sample, they would not (on the off-chance it might occur) be given a sample from the same Breeder that their mother took from. This would be done to avoid any possibility of inbreeding. Sample-collection, retrieval and artificial insemination centers would be dispersed all across the world at local areas, as Breeders too would be dispersed all across the world, in numbers sufficient to the specific area.

Femitheist Divine, The New Era of Feminism 72 Comments [8/13/2012 3:47:01 AM]
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Quote# 88947

[But what about the talking donkey!]

If Eddie murphy can make a 'dunkey' talk then I do not see it as such a big stretch for the God of creation to do the same.

Drich, Atheist Forums 53 Comments [8/13/2012 3:45:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Stimbo
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Quote# 88946

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Radio giant Rush Limbaugh says the ongoing national dispute over Chick-fil-A’s stance for biblically based marriage is nothing short of an attack on Christianity as a whole.

“Now Christianity has to be banned, and that’s where this is all headed,” Limbaugh said this afternoon on his top-rated program. “All this stuff at Chick-fil-A, the target is Christianity, not Chick-fil-A. The target is freedom of religion. [With] Obama and Obamacare, the target is always freedom. When we’re talking about liberals, the target is always freedom.”

Chick-fil-A’s president, Dan Cathy, has come under heavy fire from homosexual activists since he said he supported the biblical definition that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Limbaugh came to his defense today, saying, “Dan Cathy, the head honcho of Chick-fil-A, he’s not making a political statement when he talks about the values the company believes in. It gets interpreted that way because the left has politicized gay marriage and so forth. And so they recognize it and think it’s a threat.”

“I just cherish freedom. I cherish liberty. It’s under assault,” Limbaugh continued, explaining that freedom “has to give as the government gets bigger. That’s not even arguable. What reason is there for government to get bigger if not to police things, including thought? Fix things, police things, administer things, regulate things, all of that is – you might not want to call it an assault – but it’s all aimed at freedom, pure and simple. And any activity that rewards freedom, any activity that freedom plays a profound role in, particularly something that is successful or good, is an enemy.”

Rush Limbaugh, World Net Daily 80 Comments [8/13/2012 3:45:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog
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Quote# 88944

By the way, I guarantee the Muslims (and I don't care what others think about this, they are ALL monsters deep in their hearts) are making worse jokes about Christians.

Islam is a terrible religion. A moderate Muslim is just a Muslim that would rather we died from poisoning than beheading.

Stucky, Rapture Ready 44 Comments [8/13/2012 3:37:42 AM]
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Quote# 88939

The homosexual lobby wants to outlaw Christianity. This is the real meaning behind the uproar over Chick-fil-A. The chicken sandwich franchise has become a lightning rod for the culture war. Liberals despise it; conservatives back it. Supporters of gay marriage want to prevent the Atlanta-based chain from expanding, demanding new restaurant permits be denied. The left’s goal is to reduce Christians to permanent second-class citizens. Now they are coming for our freedom of speech. This is Christophobia — the dominant bigotry of our time. Christians unite, before it’s too late.

Jeffrey Kuhner, Joe. My. God. 40 Comments [8/13/2012 3:35:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Aspergus
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Quote# 88938

I have a couple of questions for the atheists, agnostics, evolutionists and secular humanists: Since there are more “religious” people than you and you want to eliminate us, why can’t we just eliminate you first? Isn’t that what Hitler did to some 10 million people he felt did not contribute to the plan he deemed best for society? (Let the record show, I am not advocating, merely asking.) Is what Hitler, Mao, Stalin did “wrong?” Why?

Ben Kinchlow, wnd 47 Comments [8/13/2012 3:34:58 AM]
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Quote# 88937

Sikhs are Hindu.

I figured that out after 9-11. We have a Sikh at work and I was very rude to him that day.

I think people find the turban confusing.

Acts5:41, RR 58 Comments [8/13/2012 3:28:00 AM]
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Quote# 88918

[re: the prohibition on mixed fibers]

These warnings were based on the God Yahweh's working knowledge of the germ theory of disease and the modern human body. Evidently mixing certain fibers together to make clothing caused the human body to contract certain skin diseases if worn. These warnings of Yahweh's still stand today if these same fibers are being mixed to create our clothing.

the re-chosen one, Yahoo Answers 49 Comments [8/12/2012 5:11:15 AM]
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Quote# 88913

Well, i guess its safe to say that the entire World has bought into the sexual hedonism mantra of 'get it while you can' ; looks like London has signed up to be the international STD Mecca to the World (since Condoms DONT stop all STD's plus they tear, rip, and come off in times of passion) . Another obvious outcome will be a trip to Ones local Walk-in Abortion Mill due to sexual hedonism gone further wrong.

Just when you think societal moral degradation had topped off .....

TheyCallMeDave, Christian Forums 51 Comments [8/12/2012 5:08:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Aestherus
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Quote# 88903

Executions only take a lot of time and resources today, because there are so few of them today.

In the old days, executions were carried out fairly quickly, cheaply, and took very little resources.

After we execute the first 10 or 20 thousand women and doctors, the executions will go quite smoothly and quickly.

I dont know if the number of abortions will decrease(except in the cases of repeat offendors- there wont be any), that is speculation, but if fewer women have abortions because of the death penalty, if more women choose to use birth control, then all the better.

The war on drugs takes a lot of time and resources because we dont execute offendors. You cant compare apples and oranges. Not the same thing.

Susanann, The Straight Dope 69 Comments [8/11/2012 5:44:06 AM]
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Quote# 88891

Atheism is a faith, undeterred by any evidence no matter how obvious, that you are smarter than men much smarter than you.

You being to act as if you are the one fully evolved human person on the Planet of Apes.

And this pride, like the first drink of hard liquor or the first sniff of cocaine, becomes habit forming. It is pleasant only at first. Then it takes over your thinking, and becomes a constant companion and a constant burden, and an endless, dragging weariness. Human souls are not actually built for pride, any more than our bodies are build for alcohol or cocaine.

I wish there were a way to convince my atheist friends to be Christian for only a day, or an hour, so that they would see what a relief it was to lay down the towering iron burden of arrogance.

John C. Wright, John C. Wright's Journal 81 Comments [8/11/2012 5:40:11 AM]
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Submitted By: David
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Quote# 88888

Dr. Nicolosi, a noted psychologist who works with homosexuals said he has never met a homosexual man who has had a good relationship with his father. Homosexual men are simply looking for the love (in the good non-sexual meaning of the word) that they never obtained growing up. The same with lesbians in regards to their moms.

Thomas Zabiega, Business Insider 50 Comments [8/11/2012 5:39:38 AM]
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Submitted By: David
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Quote# 88887

Homosexuality is a sign of sexual immaturity, as is having sexual activity outside of marriage, and therefore though there is not test for homosexuality, the Church is now weeding out immature men of both persuasions. A lot of homosexuals in the 1960's and 70's wanted to avoid the destructive gay culture and thought that maybe becoming a priest would change that, so they became priests for the wrong reason. And so when the temptations came, they took advantage of easy access to teenage boys and society's blind eye.

Thomas Zabiega, Business Insider 27 Comments [8/11/2012 5:39:12 AM]
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Submitted By: David
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Quote# 88886

[Concerning a political cartoon that depicts Chick-Fil-A with separate water fountains for gay and straight people.]

You know, if you think about it, that cartoon does make sense for public hygiene reasons. AIDs is transmitted by body fluids. The homos are mentally ill, and mentally ill people do bad things. An AIDs homo wouldn't think twice about licking or spitting on the nozzle of that drinking fountain.
When good people are out on the street acknowledging their faith, homos spit on them. If one of those homos has AIDS, that spit becomes a deadly weapon.
The worst mistake America has ever made was to release them from the mental institutions. Behavior like this is what kept them there. The American people and their children were much safer because of it.

Giving them different drinking fountains and bathrooms is not a "racial" issue. It's a public safety issue. The segregated fountains would stop the dangerous spreading of their spit, and the private bathrooms would keep their orgies, nasty body excretions, AIDs filled used condoms, and boy rapes apart from the bathrooms used by the normal segments of society.

concerned about politics, Free Republic 51 Comments [8/11/2012 5:37:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog
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Quote# 88885

There's so much stuff to do with going green and the enviornment. Who knows it may be a way for the AntiChrist to push his agenda on Christians in the tribulation period. You can't have a Bible unless it's a green Bible! All others are banned! s shoulders: Who knows though I'm just speculating.

Honestly, with the green propaganda. I remember in 7th grade, I think we watched that Al Gore movie. I think she even mentioned how running bath water takes up alot or something. I thought global warming was absoute fact. Just recently, maybe a year ago or a little bit longer I found out there's people who don't believe in global warming. Talk about propaganda in the school system and society! That is just perfect for the AntiChrist and his green agenda. Get young people who don't know there's another side to the argument.

Remember I was in 7th grade 2005-2006 so I thought it was fact for a long time. And, the reason I found out was by a Christian show. Now it'll be even harder to know the truth when such stuff will be out lawed. Wow, when you're taught we evolved from monkies and taught to pretty much worship the earth...the AntiChrist has a great headstart especially with the youth.

Let me give you an example. I remember when I was in high school one day. I was in the bathroom. I overheard someone talking. I remember hearing a girl state about her disbelief in God and belief in evolution.

Snoopynstorm, Rapture Ready 46 Comments [8/11/2012 5:37:20 AM]
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Quote# 88876

*long debunking of his previous points, specifically about inbreeding if only two animals of every species survived the great flood as well as freshwater lif being unable to survive in saltwater*

As for inbreeding, where's your proof that he didn't choose the best and most diverse examples of each species? That could've happened, and that would solve your problem.

As for saltwater and freshwater, God could've just split the waters and made them not mix, like when Moses split the red sea.

LogiChristianity, NationStates 57 Comments [8/10/2012 4:14:50 AM]
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Submitted By: acebrock
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