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Quote# 122178

Donald Trump supporter Newt Gingrich really wanted to build a moon colony when he was running for president, but according to Trump advisor Roger Stone, the moon landing never happened to begin with.

According to a report from Media Matters, a scroll through Stone’s Twitter feed reveals the alt-right conspiracy theorist called the moon landing “a hoax … shot in a warehouse in New Jersey.” The exchange began when Stone attacked President Barack Obama on his attire at an event. Comedian Charlie Currie replied that by his logic, Americans would never have stepped on the moon. Stone replied that no one ever did. Currie replied simply, “Oh.”

This isn’t the first conspiracy theory to come out of Stone, however. He believes the Clintons arranged the murders of four people and the Clintons personally killed John F. Kennedy with help from President Lyndon Johnson. Though he also believes that Sen. Ted Cruz’s father is connected to Lee Harvey Oswald, who he also credits with the Kennedy assassination. He also believes former President George H.W. Bush was behind a plot to assassinate President Ronald Reagan.

A full six percent of Americans believe that the moon landings were all faked, according to a 2009 New York Times article. That number shows no movement since 1999 polling done by Gallup.

There “is no credible evidence to support such views, and the sheer unlikelihood of being able to pull off such an immense plot and keep it secret for four decades staggers the imagination,” the Times says. It is unclear if Stone thinks the New York Times is in on the conspiracy, however.

Trump has latched onto Stone’s conspiracy theories in the past, namely that the election will be rigged in favor of the Democratic nominee and that the liberal media is in on the hit.

The Times explained that “in Donald Trump, conspiracy fans find a campaign to believe in.” Reporting on Stone’s recent appearance at a JFK conspiracy conference in New Orleans, the paper noted that Stone told a fan that the death of Justice Antonin Scalia may have been orchestrated.

Trump has pledged that if elected he will hire all of the best people.

Roger Stone, Raw Story 4 Comments [10/22/2016 2:16:25 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122152

it originally started with a simple idea that made sense regarding the idea of black history... you had an overwhelming population of completely ignorant, uneducated, illterate black people... and the idea put forth by a few black people was to teach black people that they could do stuff too. it wasnt about invention bullshit, it was about setting up black people who became doctors, mechanics, even plumbers as an example... to motivate black people to think they could do more than menial labor.

THAT is when leftist hatemongers came into the game pushing their delusions of a collective... to that end it was about dehumanizing white people and white societies and speaking of them as "really" being these "international spaces"...trivialiing white history and the accomplishments of white civilization, outright dismissing them. and promoted this delusion of "equal contribution" by black people. white liberals took that original idea and turned it into something VERY different than what was intended, and yes it was about pushing htat myth of "equal contribution"

not contribution per se.. "equal" contribution. as if not only america, but by extension all of western civilization wouldnt exist without non-whites. remember, leftist GOALS is the creation of a new post western society FROM white western socities... only one with their own dictates. so black people yet again served a means to an end.

so now we deal with the end result of encouraging and fomenting racial hate and strife...where they mythology of sameness puts black people, black racists and their egos into an IMPOSSBILE situation. a comparison game they cannot ever win.

and you get to the pathetic LIES that come as a result, the desperate attempts to lift up the irrelevant and inconsequential as if it were in any way historically or scientifically relevant... where we now enforce ignorance and ROB children of educations in place of racist doctrine all geared towards pushing that myth of "sameness", of "equal" contribution.... ideological dogma meant to conditioning you towards thinking that this society is already that collective leftists desire to create.

now you and i and everyone else is in a position where we MUST be "racist" if we dont play along with this mythology. whtie liberals DONT GIVE A DAMN about black people, your dissent to the nonsense of equal contribution is ultimately dissent to that end goal of thinking of white western societies as that kind of collective...that "international space" and not a white society. and even black people are put into a position where they get to be "traitors" and "uncle toms" if they dont promote this nonsense

see how incredibly good the left is in exploiting hate and identity politics? black racists acting out of their own insecurities, hate and anger are still channeled to serve leftist goals. and black people with a shred of dignity and intelligence, still have to play along "or else".

walk into a library... pull out a book on black history, black "accomplishments" and "contributions" and real "inventions"... go ahead, pull out book after book and pile them on a table. dont stop... take them all, book after book after book and pile em up. now look at that table and that enourmous pile. the problem is, look at all the books left in the library, the row after row after row after row of shelves from floor to ceiling. its an impossible game that cant ever be won... even with all the lies and fiction.

Scrimshaw, Yahoo! Answers 5 Comments [10/21/2016 8:51:55 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 122134

"I've found very few situations where Republicans cheat," Giuliani said on CNN's "State of the Union." "They don't control the inner cities the way Democrats do. Maybe if Republicans controlled the inner cities, they'd do as much cheating as Democrats."

"I'm sorry. Dead people generally vote for Democrats rather than Republicans," Giuliani said.

"I can't sit here and tell you that they don't cheat, and I know because they control the polling places in these areas. There are no Republicans," he said. "Then it's very hard to get people there who will challenge votes. So what they do is they leave dead people on the rolls and then they pay people to vote [as] those dead people, four, five, six, seven, eight [times]."

Rudy Giuliani, Politico 9 Comments [10/20/2016 3:39:54 AM]
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Quote# 122099

You must factor in all the Dem voters being bussed around from polling station to polling station, the dead voters and the absentee illegal votes. MILLIONS of illegal votes all for Killary and then think about George Soros owning ALL the electronic voting machines as well as his company in Spain (SCYTL) that "counts" our votes out of the country without independent oversight to really see it in the true light of day.

Beeotchstewie the deplorable , WND 17 Comments [10/19/2016 7:26:06 AM]
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Quote# 122082

is NOT about Trump becoming “president” of the former-United States. Never was, folks. It was pre-arranged with the Clintons as a means of re-installing the Clinton mafia in The White House while allowing Trump to evolve the Trump brand and increase the value of the Trump brand by billions of dollars.

Donald Trump began by cultivating his persona as a real estate tycoon and casino mogul in the 1980s. But that is a somewhat limited market, and also very cyclical and risky. After all, building giant mirror-penis skyscrapers and slapping your name on them in gold-mirror caps can only take narcissist so far. He then decided to expand and elevate his persona by moving into entertainment – specifically reality shows – in the 1990s and 2000s. While risky and cyclical like real estate, entertainment is far LESS risky once a given entertainer has established a foothold. Trump did that with “The Apprentice”.

Being “friends” with the Clintons, Trump saw how lucrative the political racketeering paradigm was, specifically the “speaking fees”, which are just extremely thinly-veiled bribes and payola, and the “Clinton Global Initiative”, which is a straight-up money laundering racket. But, in order for Trump to break into the world of ten-figure political racketeering, he needed to evolve his brand even further. He needed to evolve into “Donald Trump: Global Statesman”.

And THAT, my dears, is why he brokered and concocted the kayfabe with the Clintons that you are now seeing. Was Trump inspired in all of this after his dabble in Professional Wrestling a few years ago? Were his business dealings with on again-off again billionaire Vince McMahon (owner of WWF/WWE Pro Wrestling) his inspiration for the kayfabe “presidential” run? NOTHING would surprise me at this point.

Now to the “winning and losing”. This is all fake. Clinton is going to “win” and was always going to win no matter what because the elections themselves are a sham. I know this is really, really hard for Americans to come to grips with, but these national-level elections are all bullshit and have been for a while. Donald Trump wants NOTHING TO DO with being “president” of the former-United States. Think about it. What person in their right mind would want to be “president” over the next four years, as the catastrophic destabilization, the aggressive execution of the Cloward-Piven strategy comes to full flower? As I said from the beginning, the Obama regime would incite a race-based civil war inside the U.S., while simultaneously destabilizing the rest of the world AND reforming and arming a new islamic Caliphate. Check. The Obama regime also executed the Cloward-Piven Strategy upon the U.S. economy AND healthcare delivery system. This was done in a two-pronged attack, namely Obamacare and the dissolving of the Mexican border. Check.

Ann Barnhardt , 8 Comments [10/19/2016 3:04:15 AM]
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Quote# 122078


Whistleblower report by Dipl-Ing. Dr. Austeja Emilija Dominykas

Translated into English from the German original by
September 2016

EMAIL titled: A life story of horror
sent to Brandon Lakefield –

(Forged "whistleblowing" about the German government building bunkers for evil muslims in preparation of genocide against German Christians. Austeja Emilija Dominykas is fictional.)

Brandon Lakefield/Zerberster and Brainactivator (translater <sic> to English), Christ Micheal 5 Comments [10/19/2016 3:02:02 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 122064

When Donald Trump decided to recant the birther movement by saying that Barack Obama was born in America, he confirmed once again that he has realigned himself with the Illuminati. Now, it doesn't matter who gets elected anymore. At one point, we had hope. Trump had gone rogue and was shattering the established order. Today, he is giving ground everywhere including areas which were sacred. Recanting the birther movement was a slap in the face to all of his supporters. We knew that Obama wasn't qualified for the presidency, but no one had the guts to blow the whistle. That made Trump somewhat of a hero to us, especially when he knocked the Bush family out of politics once and for all.

Since the Donald has sold out his devoted followers, we are going to speak honestly about someone very special to him, his wife Melania. We haven't said much about her despite having a great deal of material from our sources (people are saying...). However, we need to put this out there and let everybody know that Melania is no ordinary Eastern European immigrant but rather an Illuminati sex slave bought and paid for in gold.

The Illuminati's most powerful members crave comfort women by the dozens, and they desperately need these encounters to be discreet. In other words, American and Western European girls will not suffice. The risk is too great that one will blow the whistle and reveal too much. On the other hand, women from Eastern Europe are a far better alternative. They grew up poor and in great need of opportunities. That is where the Illuminati comes in. The order dispatches its agents throughout the European countryside scouting for vulnerable yet attractive women. Once found, the women receive invitations to Paris or some other metro area to audition as "models". After a day in the salons and boutiques, they are brought to a meet and greet with Illuminati members. Those that agree to perform sexual acts are granted the next opportunity, Those that do not are cut and sent home. For the women that are selected, the Illuminati whisks them away while providing their families with gold and hard currency, enough to start over in a developed country.

Our source in New York reported that Melania was one of these women and that Donald Trump had selected her. At first, she was to reside in a New York penthouse and be on call for sex whenever the Donald wanted it. She could spend the rest of her time doing what she wanted as long as it did not involve sex with another man or woman. Eventually, Donald found himself increasingly attached to Melania or just really pleasured (these women are also judged on their sexual abilities). Our New York source indicated that it had to do more with the pleasure part for Trump. And in a shocking turn of events, he married his comfort girl. The Illuminati became flabbergasted at this. Illuminati members took women for wives who also had been initiated into the order, not whores bought in the Eastern European backwoods.

Bruce, Illuminati Watchdog 12 Comments [10/17/2016 3:13:02 AM]
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Quote# 121992

“Podiumgate”: How the Clintons Rigged the First Presidential Debate

The Clintons will break all rules and laws to seize White House power. This is amply proven by the manner in which they rigged and stole the first presidential debate.

The operation appears to have been planned in advance of the September 26, 2016 event, involving the Clintons and their operatives, the debate organizers, the broadcast media (NBC and “moderator” Lester Holt), the managers of the venue, and the security detail at the facility.

The rig was carried out with near-military precision.

It began with the building of a special podium for Hillary Clinton: one that was smaller than the podium designated for Donald Trump. The smaller podium gave Hillary the illusion of being bigger in physical stature. More importantly, the podium seems to have been built or adapted with some sort of electronic console or teleprompter.

Who oversaw the building and modification of this podium? Why did the Trump people not notice this immediately?

Prior to the debate, tape footage shows how a device meant to be installed into Hillary’s podium was smuggled in by the Clintons and their operatives. Also brought in was a stack of documents; perhaps the debate questions obtained in advance from someone inside. The behavior appears highly suspicious; they are clearly up to something.

Photos also lay waste to the lie that Lester Holt was not wired during the debate. He clearly was, and a technician even removed his jacket to install it. Hillary herself might also have been wired. To what, we do not know, but they were both wired.

During the debate, footage shows Hillary Clinton’s podium lighting up with a computer screen, while Trump’s podium stays dark. Hillary’s hand appears to be pressing or toggling controls on the podium to scroll through her teleprompter screen. Her motions have been interpreted by some as involuntary tremors from Parkinson’s disease, but they appear to be far more deliberate than involuntary.

Larry Chin, 8 Comments [10/12/2016 2:19:45 PM]
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Quote# 121989

The Smiley Faces and Fake Wounds of the Minnesota Stabbing Hoax

Sure it was, right. Some Somalian man started running through a St. Cloud, Minnesota, mall and began stabbing people. Moreover, he did so while leveraging ISIS and the name of God in Arabic, “Allah.” Yes, he did; he did it all in “Allah’s” name. Sure, he did, right.

Then, miraculously, before he really cut anyone up seriously he was killed on the spot. No one with any degree of discernment finds this plausible. Police said, after all, “that the suspect is dead.”

It’s all fake. All the people involved are mere crisis actors. At the mall there were some 200 of them participating in the drill. Will anyone come forward and speak the truth and let the world know about the lie?

Notice the man on the gurney, Isaiah Mordal. He was supposedly stabbed, deeply so in the right shoulder. If so, then, where is all the blooooddddd? In fact, in both these fake wounded no real arterial blood is seen, including on their bandages.

What are they all smiling about? They all just got attacked by a wild-eyed knife-man, while some ’10’ of them were stabbed.

The Somali community knows it’s a fake. Why are they participating in this? Why doesn’t some one do what is right, and stand up, spreading the truth: calling it what it is, a mere arch-Zionist-orchestrated, DHS-contrived drill?

drkresearch, No Disinfo 16 Comments [10/12/2016 3:33:56 AM]
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Quote# 121983

Something is very weird about this whole situation. .Assange said he is going to release more damning information and e-mails on Hillary. Assange brings up Seth Conrad who was murdered and talked as if he was the fellow who supplied him with Hillary's e-mails but for reasons of secrecy he will not sayAssange did not say no..Then Assange cancels his appearance in Britain and says he has had threats to this life and goes to Germany.

Hillary in the mean time calls for a drone attack to kill Assange. Today she said she did not remember when asked about it.. deny..deny , I don't remember...

Now I don't know about you, but this is very strange to me. Assange does not release any information at all after stating he was going to have a big October surprise.

Looks like Hillary's mafia has gotten to Assange... maybe a payoff , maybe a huge threat to his family. I do know the history of the Clintons.. They will mow anyone down that is in their way of achieving their goals and anyone who ever was going to release information of the Clintons wound up dead. no conspiracy , the bodies were found dead and were known to be doing an investigation on the Clintons. And that is what this is starting to look like..

Just too many facts in history of dead people who were going to spill the beans. They never had the chance.. when you are dead you can't say anything. Clintons have hired cleaners to kill those who saw the Clinton's corruption and were going to report it. I believe they have some kind of evil spirit protecting them.. I believe in the spirit world. God talks about it. The Clinton's have some kind of evil allowing them to rise above all the murders, the lies, the corruption. I don't know why but I do know it is happening and they have a history of dealing with the spirit world.

God's warning. Don't mess with the spirit world. It must be extremely evil.

Taratova, City-Data 7 Comments [10/12/2016 3:14:00 AM]
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Quote# 121973

Was Kim Kardashian really robbed at gunpoint in Paris? Here’s why the story isn’t stacking up.

It just doesn’t make sense. There are too many details missing, conflicting, or seemingly fabricated. And now, people are starting to call bullshit on news that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint this weekend in Paris.


Bullshit Flag #3: One Kardashian spokesperson said there were two gunmen. Another said there were five.

So which is it? If it was five, were there really five guys dressed up like Paris cops? That would draw a serious scene, and witness reports.

But we haven’t heard any witness reports. Actually, there was one: the watchman, who was supposedly tied up himself, yet somehow noted that two men left on bicycles while three others left on foot. Huh?

Bullshit Flag #4: It happened right in the middle of a Kanye West concert.

Perfect timing.

Things happen when things happen, but, right in the middle of a Kanye performance? That sounds suspiciously like an attempt to maximize publicity, with Kanye dramatically rushing off the stage to handle a ‘family emergency’.

Bullshit Flag #5: It happened several songs into the Kanye West concert, so no refunds would be needed.

“We appreciate the great show he put on for fans to close out the inaugural Meadows Festival. Our thoughts are with West and his family,” the festival offered in a statement.

Notice that the Meadows Festival told fans that the show was merely ending early after a ‘great show,’ and would not be refunded. That critical difference means millions of dollars, and no ‘make up’ show.


Bullshit Flag #9: These guys haven’t been caught, or even identified?

Bullshit! You impersonate cops, infiltrate a high-end luxury residence, and just slip away in the middle of the night on bikes? No way: five guys dressed like fake cops would probably be either busted, or at least identified by camera shots. Remember, in major metropolitan cities like Paris, cameras are everywhere. And after a spate of terrorist attacks, the entire city is being completely monitored.

Yet we have no footage?

Bullshit Flag #10: Where were Kim’s kids?

Kim Kardashian has two kids who were in Paris. Yet somehow, they weren’t in the massive, multi-room sprawling suite at the time of the heist? Why not?

Reports suggest that Kardashian’s two kids were staying at a separate hotel. Huh?

Paul Resnikoff, Digital Music News 8 Comments [10/11/2016 3:50:55 PM]
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Quote# 121972

Pressure Cooker Bombing in Chelsea New York City is a Ridiculous Hoax, Totally Fake

In what is merely another movie set, fully staged, now comes the arch-fake pressure cooker bombing in New York City. Right away, the hoaxers responsible for this scam leveraged the Boston Marathon smoke bombing, touting it, too, as if it was real.

There was nothing real about it. The purported bombers weren’t even there. They were PhotoShopped in to make it appear real:

Anyone clearly see the blur tool lines on their faces, and in both cases they were made to appear demonic, as if in the case of the image on the left they were gloating at the plot to murder innocents. Both images were installed into the background through PhotoShop. This is true of all images placing the Tsarnaev brothers there. They are all actors, including the parents and surely all of the fake wounded.

Now comes New York City. It’s the same as the Boston event was mere smoke and mirrors so it is true of this fake with purportedly some 29 wounded. See the arch-fake pyrotechnic smoke bomb, here:

It was pyrotechnic device that was set off in New York, just as in the Boston image above, not a real deadly, devastating bomb. A pressure cooker bomb would have sent shrapnel flying and would have caused a multitude of severe injuries. In a major way windows would have been blown out. No such damage is seen, and no such injuries are seen anywhere.

There are claims of such injuries. Yet, the imagery fully violates such claims, including the various live videos.

In above screen-shot from the DailyMail video it can be seen that this groaning, (fake) agonizing woman is merely an actor. See what happens. Watch it carefully. It can be seen that she responds to commands; in fact, she jumped up and took her bags away, with full function of her arms and body, as soon as the actor cop says to clear the street.

Both these people are faking it. How could the woman get an eye injury with her glasses on? Why is she posing for the photo? Regarding the image, right screen, how is that a shrapnel injury? That shrapnel would have torn that arm apart. That’s a fake, mere Hollywood-style moulage with moulage fake blood painted on. It’s clearly staged. Where are all the people supposedly wounded by flying metal and also as a result of fire and blast? No one suffered any burns. There is no evidence of even the slightest actual laceration, blast wound, burn, or puncture injury.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 5 Comments [10/11/2016 3:50:52 PM]
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Quote# 121959

Is this the real reason Jackie Walker was targeted by the Jewish Labour Movement?

It seems the Labour Party has been ‘had’.

We should all know the story by now: The Jewish Labour Movement has managed to get Momentum vice-chair Jackie Walker suspended for a second time under allegations of anti-Semitism.

This time the claim arises from a ‘training session’ in which she questioned the JLM’s decision to adopt a discredited definition of anti-Semitism, created by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) but scrapped by its successor organisation, the Fundamental Rights Agency.

The reason the EUMC definition is discredited is simple: It confuses the state of Israel with the movement known as Zionism, and seeks to label anybody who criticises either as an anti-Semite when it is perfectly possible to do so without wishing harm on Jewish people.

Logically, the following question arises: Why would anyone wish to confuse these issues?

Answer: Because the JLM is not a movement that represents Jews; it represents Jewish Zionists.

Look at the organisation’s own website. It states:

“The Jewish Labour Movement is also affiliated to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Zionist Federation of the UK, and organise within the World Zionist Organisation… Our objects: To maintain and promote Labour or Socialist Zionism as the movement for self-determination of the Jewish people within the state of Israel.”

“Zionist”… “Zionist”… “Zionism”… “within the state of Israel”.

It seems clear that “Jewish Labour Movement” is a misnomer. It should be “Zionist Labour Movement”.

Change that single word and the motivation behind the suspension of Ms Walker becomes clear.

The Jewish Labour Movement does not represent Jews who are not Zionists. It persecutes them.

Jackie Walker, although Jewish, is not a Zionist.

This is not about anti-Semitism; it is about removing a person who does not support Zionism from a position of influence.

Am I right?

Mike Sivier, Vox Political 8 Comments [10/11/2016 2:50:04 PM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 121932

Secret Illuminati agents around the country are gathering information on random average people while often causing horrific side effects. Their tool of choice is the Directed Energy Weapon or DEW. This device is commonplace and can be mounted on a car chassis or other portable generator and can monitor brain activity down to the neuron level from up to 50 yards away.

This is a device developed by the Illuminati following its launch of the MK Ultra program decades ago. The original prototypes were the size of tractor trailers and could not leave the testing facilities, but that changed with the advent of the microchip and refinement of MRI technology. Now high-grade DEWs are about the size of footballs. Low-grade models are made to mimic smartphones. When implemented, the high-grades induce vertigo, spikes in blood pressure, and intense anxiety. The victim may think they're having a mini-stroke or hypertensive crisis, but the reading only takes 30 seconds and the symptoms subside once the signal is turned off.

Once completed, the Illuminati has a complete brain scan that can actually reveal what the person was thinking in detail. This allows the order to determine if its brainwashing program is working as well as assists in determining methods of improvement. Such campaigns have led to ever increasing focus on duping people through sports propaganda and events. We here at IW are looking for patterns and symbols on ESPN and the tribal event that is college football. All of those fans who show up to College Game Day with their signs have no idea as to how they're being studied.

Alcohol infused events are prime targets for the Illuminati's agents and their DEWs. Drunk people make ideal subjects too. Alcohol lowers their inhibitions and allows for more instinctive thought, and the side effects from the device's signals can easily be misinterpreted as "having had too much to drink". How many fans will be saying "Roll Tide, Roll" after discovering this? We do think that the classic tin foil hat can help disrupt the signal's ability to read our minds. However, it can do little to ease the painful side effects.

People are becoming more aware that DEWs are real and have been deployed. Do a little internet sleuthing, and you'll find dozens of stories of people who knew they had been targeted. These are individuals with unique knowledge about the Illuminati's inner workings and are being made to look insane as they try to expose the truth. Instead of supporting these people, the general population is being told that they're "Alt Right" and in the "Basket of deplorables" by shills like Hillary Clinton. How can those under attack win when everyone is set against them?

Bruce, Illuminati Watchdog 10 Comments [10/9/2016 11:40:26 AM]
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Quote# 121928

Kevine Walcott, a self-described “Labour activist”, has launched an antisemitic tirade on Twitter.

Walcott sent a barrage of tweets at Channel 4 reporter Cathy Newman when Newman was interview Jackie Walker, who has been embroiled in an antisemitism row.

Among Walcotts twitter comments were “Jews ran slavery”, “It’s time you apologize to for the slave trade”, “You and Jewish community has never apologise for your well documented role in the slave trade and its the greatest holocaust”, and “More people died in slavery than the holocaust and Jews ran slavery”.

She also described her comments as “not anti-semitism, facts”. Nonetheless, the American Historical Association considers insinuations of Jewish dominance in the slave trade to be antisemitic and not corresponding to historical fact.

She also said “the jews was so proud of their role in the slave trade they named many slave trade organisations after themselves”

Kevine Walcott, Everyday Antisemitism 12 Comments [10/9/2016 9:56:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 121887

In fact yes. The colostomy bag is not disinformation put out by the Kremlin and the Russian SVR because they fear Hillary will implement a missile defense system causing a costly arms race ala Reagan v. Gorby which Putin can't afford and will bankrupt the Russisn Federation all over again. The Trump coddling Putin lie is another myth concocted by the MSM/HRC/DNC bunch. Barack Obama already is coddling Putin with the Syrian ceasefire which coddles Assad and is the next step after kissing upto the Aystollah and Iran. This means abandoning our CIA allies, ISIS. So no, the colostomy is not Kremlin disinformtion. It's either anti-neocon disinformation from American defense experts, or its real. I think maybe there's less thsn a 10% chance that Hillary does not have a colostomy.

RobSmith, RationalWiki 11 Comments [10/5/2016 3:17:57 AM]
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Quote# 121842

[LFI = Labour Friends of Israel]

Some guy comes up to the LFI stall, gives small talk for 2 minutes, before going "But wasn't there a Jewish plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn?"

I was a bit stunned, said no. He goes "But it was organised by Jewish MPs, wasn't it? And that Jewish millionaire took Corbyn to Court"

I'm not sure if Kezia Dugdale is Jewish, but I don't think she is. He continued...

"And then it was all the Jewish MPs who plotted against Corbyn."

Then we reached peak lunacy: "That Eagle, Angela, who ran against Corbyn, her husband is Jewish isn't he?"

At this point I told him to sod off. Politely.

He's also going to be in for a shock when he googles Angela Eagle later. [Eagle is a lesbian whose civil partner, Maria Exall, is also involved in the Labour Party]

Anonymous supporter of Jeremy Corbyn , Twitter  26 Comments [10/1/2016 6:28:31 PM]
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