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I find myself standing in the few numbers of critical-free-thinking-people who knows damned well that the Presidential Race is rancid with corrupt cartoon characters and not one of them is fit to be president save one. This person, if elected (and this would be a motherfucking miracle of biblical proportions to say the very least that would cause me to re-think things), will be assassinated for the very same reasons that JFK was murdered in broad daylight and once again, those in real power got away with killing another president who after all, didn’t quite see things their way.

It has happened before and it will indeed happen again. The majority of the American Sheeple believe that the idiot-savant, Lee Harvey Oswald was the actual sniper. I can’t fix the legions of morons, yes I said, morons who believe in such fables.


You see just in recent years since 9/11, tens of thousands here in America has died, vanished, suicided, and been eradicated from the face of this planet for speaking out against the current regime running the show here behind the multiple layers of façade called “Freedom” and “Democracy.” The American Federal and State Government are bought and paid for with the blood of the people by the people. More of an apt description about our government would be, “Enslaved” or “Impoverished” and ruled by an “Oligarchy” for some time under the guise of the so-called, “The American Dream.”


I personally cannot believe that the majority of people in the United States still believe in the 9/11 Fairy Tale of the Middle Eastern Boogiemen that did this atrocious attack. These are the same fools that believe that Sandy Hook was real. The information to the truth is out here in plain sight!

This is not a “Conspiracy Theory” and some idiots will tell you that the 9/11 theory of what actually happened was done as the government has said happened. Yeah, these same motherfuckers insist on believing the government all along. I present only one single undisputed point from very many – Where in the hell did the Nano Thermite come from?

De-fucking-bunk that, Sheeple!

Douglas S. Taylor, Darcworks 10 Comments [9/2/2015 12:12:53 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
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