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Quote# 45026

Go ahead and call me crazy but I believe that a significant argument could be made for the existence of Hogwarts and the wizarding world. I have been to London Station and I have seen the wall between platform 9 and 10. It does exist and i've seen it. And when i went up to touch the wall i started to not be able to feel my hand. It was not a numbness i had ever felt, it was....something....more...But also I have hiked those mountain ranges and I have seen things that will blow your mind. I have seen what i believe to be unicorn horns lying on the ground from the maturing stallions that shed there unsharpened horn for new ones. I have heard giants walk and breathe and I have smelled the smoldering flames left by great dragons.

Anonymous, Real Super Powers 31 Comments [8/15/2008 11:37:58 PM]
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Quote# 44906

Remember, the definition of mental health was changed in the early 70's, and no longer relates to one person's inability to know right from wrong, etc., but to the community needing mental health treatment, in other words, politically correct. As we know Pres. Bush has been pushing mental health for all.

The radical idea of assuming control of early childhood is not new, as most NL no doubt know. The NEA publication of 12-69/1-70 stated that educators would assume formal responsibility for children at the age of 2, and that drugs might be used on children. The 1974 Washington State publication "Guidelines for Child Development Laboratories" revealed activities for Early Learning.

A real eye-opener came from Washington State's Superintendent of Public Instruction's Your Public Schools 6-85, discussing a teacher workshop to be held at Western Washington University on "Early Childhood: Global Peace Education". Quoting, "the workshop will feature presentations, discussions, practicum experiences and social events emphasizing that early learning should seek to develop the full potential of each child, and focusing on the philosophy of interdependence, the psychology of peace making and the development of global awareness curriculum for infancy through age 8." Note that said INFANCY!!! Our Senate Ed Committee is now called "Early Childhood, K-12, and Higher Education.

A few years ago, a number of us picketed the Early Childhood meetings chaired by Bill Gates wife and Mona Locke, the wife of then Governor Gary Locke. The Lockes are Chinese, and of course Mona went to China and found how far ahead of Americans those little babies function. Governor Locke said the reason they needed Early Childhood Education was because when they had their first child, Emily, he "didn't know whether to tickle her or read to her". He didn't learn much, because when they had a son, Dillion, he repeated the same theme.

Hearing, "I'm the government, and I am here to help you", gets scarier all the time.

Cris Shardelman, Kjos Ministries 6 Comments [8/14/2008 5:21:18 AM]
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Submitted By: The Lazy One

Quote# 44865

i do clearly remember after seeing that ufo(btw i have no footage because i saw that ufo out of nowhere. including another person) anywho..after the next day for about 3 days i saw a guy dressed in black with a black hat..walking around my neighborhood..also around the sametime i would leave my house to go to a certain place..i thought about it(him being a MIB) i never told anyone this...

kachu11, YouTube Video about "Real" MiBs 8 Comments [8/14/2008 1:10:01 AM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 44917

Rap should be placed in the same category as cocaine/meth/heroin; a government released device used to keep the masses under control and complacent. With both of these being aimed at the low income families, and minorities.

Belial, The Resistance Forum 15 Comments [8/13/2008 3:18:38 PM]
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Quote# 44513

[on the Large Hadron Collider]

virgin should be ashamed of themselves, my mums on the phone warning all her friends, the kids want to dig a shelter and the wife wants to go grocery shopping so we are well stocked up, hello its the end, i dont think a six pack of baked beans and a pot noodle will be enough,

da, virginmedia 24 Comments [8/8/2008 11:23:07 PM]
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Quote# 44514

now you see and read about the real terrorists. they are not muslims. they are jews. these hypocrits have been exposed for their henious sins. they are not killing innocent children with car bombs or bring down another twin tower. these terrorists are planning to kill all of you. you all are hypocsrits for letting this happen. their intention is to kill. they are using the most powerful weapons of mass destruction. where is president Bush? and what is he going to do about it?

the real terrorists are not muslims, virginmedia 10 Comments [8/8/2008 5:47:04 PM]
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Quote# 44263

An author on the supposed conspiracy of HIV:

It's the hallmark of religion to demand the "proof of a negative", and it's a trap... HIV is a religion, veiled as science.

Apparently, you cannot test negative for a disease. Wooo boy.

TheLogicJunkie, YouTube 19 Comments [8/5/2008 8:53:52 AM]
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Submitted By: SLASLA

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[Are there other meanings to the Satan pentagram?]

It is also used as a Masonic symbol, which is found in multiple places, and the Freemasons (33rd degree and up) are a satanic cult. Those below the 33rd degree are the goyim who have no idea what's going on at the top. They actually think it's some kind of do-gooders club.
Everything having to do with the Freemasons - from the White House, the Pentagon, anything having to do with the government, including medals of honor which the government dispenses, have some kind of Masonic symbol on them, even the satanic pentagram.

KiraJenLove, Yahoo Answers 18 Comments [8/4/2008 9:39:41 AM]
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Quote# 44167

Did you know the birth control pill can cause chemical abortions?

No, probably not, unless you're a radical pro-lifer like me, or a radical pro-abort. We all know.

But radical pro-aborts don't want you to know. And they call us the Neanderthals.

If women knew, some would feel morally obligated to refuse that contraceptive option. And that would mess up lucrative birth control pill sales, which nets pro-aborts hundreds of millions of dollars a year, as well as abortion sales from failed birth control pills.

Jill Stanek, World Net Daily 16 Comments [8/4/2008 1:46:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Sayna

Quote# 44178

The "real" Men in Black

I've heard that they are in groups of three, they are very white, have black hair and thin lips which appear to have lipstick on them, and sunglasses. I also heard that they wear very black pants and coats (suits) with very black ties and white shirt, and they are very very neat. They aparently drive in new looking black cadilacs. and I hear that they act really weird and have monotone voices. and are surprised by common things, and are puzzled by them.

I think they are aliens. And I think they never fail because they are extremely fast and strong or they can communicate quickle and have back-up close at hand and if somthing goes wrong anything is just cleaned up and taken away and so people just go missing if they don't co-operate.

I find this a bit funny, but sometimes it makes me think...

Any bet they are aliens just covering their tracks. I think they should stop using cadilacs and start using somthing more modern so they don't stand out as much.

Lurker in the Dark, Above Top Secret 12 Comments [8/3/2008 10:21:25 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 44136

You are right, girls and men are different and can never be equal. But the dumb people do not know that because they turn on the TV and believe everything the feminists tell them. The feminists are in complete control of the media.

The dumb people do not even know the feminists change their minds all the time and contradict each other. Feminists say girls are weaker when it suits them, then turn around and say girls are equal when it suits them, then they will turn again and say girls are stronger when it suits them. Feminism is not about equality, it is about exploiting the dumb people into believing whatever they say. Feminists have a lot of power because there are a lot of dumb people who support their hate politics.

Setayeh, Internet Movie Database 22 Comments [8/3/2008 9:53:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Sayna

Quote# 44133

The gender-biased laws against men in rapes cases prove feminism is based on hate. A Girl can make many false claims of rape against many men to destroy their lives and when she is caught, the police will not charge her.

Do some research on how the feminists have taken Harvard university under siege. No one is allowed to make statements that every intelligent being knows is true, but is against feminist ideology. This is happening at a place of higher learning where debate and free speech are crucial. Look into gender biased laws against men in family courts. Research how feminists like to alter domestic abuse studies into their favour when many studies in Canada and Europe show that men are usually the victims of abuse and girls usually use weapons to assault men. Feminism is not about equality. Feminism is in fact Marxist. How ironic and hypocritical for western nations that promote democracy to be promoting communism at the same time.

Feminists have been bombarding the media with hate propaganda for over 40 years. Male bashing has become acceptable, but if the genders were reversed, the sick feminists would be foaming at the mouth.

We also have insecure men who support feminists. Those weak-minded men are called Manginas.

Setayeh, Internet Movie Database 19 Comments [8/3/2008 7:32:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Sayna

Quote# 44120

..they claim that CO2 - which plants breathe - was killing the Earth....

Alex Jones (I liked his Terrorstorm but pls!), Conspiracy theorists 11 Comments [8/3/2008 7:31:28 PM]
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Submitted By: Jack Poupart

Quote# 44126

Scientists are eager to do a new project in regards to the moon.
They want to mount lots of mirrors onto it, claiming that it would be great for many things… one main thing would be, to make it like a giant flashlight to earth at night by reflecting the sun to us – meaning, in affect, possibly 24 hour sunlight… now, I don’t know about you… but to me, that seems like a real dumb ass idea.

Because I see that as a problem to add towards global warming… however, scientists claim it will have the reverse effect, I don’t see how!

The other good idea about this, according to scientists is, by using it as a flashlight to communicate with extraterrestrials, via a kind of flashlight Morse code.
So, this means they know there is life out there, obviously?

But what concerns me is the fact they want to put onto the mirrors flappable photovoltaic cells, which means that the mirrors will beam, microwaves back to earth!

I don’t know about you, but this all doesn’t sound like a great idea, in fact it sounds like the quickest way to kill our planet off… what are your views?

TheRavenMother, Indigo Society (Haven of New Age Fundies!) 12 Comments [8/3/2008 10:27:23 AM]
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Quote# 44078

(A New Age fundie!)

1. There's intelligent life on other planets.

2. They have spaceships with very advanced technology.

3. They're here, assisting the planet, but people don't see them because of the very advanced technology.

It seems the 3rd part is where people have problems, but if you can agree with the first two it's not very far of a leap. There's evidence to support it too, look up the Stephenville UFO case. Or perhaps the objects seen by hundreds, some a mile long, were really F16s as the military says. They're up there, people see them all the time.

Calibas, Indigo Society 35 Comments [8/3/2008 6:21:56 AM]
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Quote# 43929

[In response to: "If these bozos start rounding us up, you're in as much shit as me."]

What makes you think that I won’t be out there rounding people up? I hope, really hope, that it won’t come to that, but we’ll see in 2008. If the people make the right choice, we’ll have no trouble at all. If, however, we’ll have an unsuitable president, well, all options will be off the table.

Boudin Bob, Think Progress 11 Comments [8/1/2008 3:19:14 AM]
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