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Quote# 104935

This is likely the only place I can say such a thing and not be targeted for death.

Might be a couple other sites, but “IF” I were young again, College/University age (and not 60 *boo-hoo*) ALREADY, and fortunate to believe how I do today about all this pathetic, disgusting, filthy, perverted bullshit regarding the FREAKS of Nature, who dare call themselves Human.

I would work towards becoming involved with Genetics, and work my way toward majoring in the field.

No doubt whatsoever the various type of people, racial and everything that makes us the same, yet different over the globe, it HAS to show within our DNA. That said, there HAS to be a gene or a section of DNA that separates Jews from ALL others on the planet, same as others differentiate from Jews.

With such knowledge, and earning a Masters and then going still further to earn a PhD, I would work long and hard to find the section of DNA of all Jew types on the planet… and sorry to say +BN, it would obviously target you as well.

But I can’t see any other way to make 100% sure to STOP them from this grotesque level of depravity in how they’re forcing non-Jews to do exactly and only what they want, like we were already their SLAVES, which many of us are.

Having found (were it easily done) Jews’ DNA that differentiates from non-Jews, I would then attempt to invent a GAS or whatever format that could be shot high into the air… or some other method to have the virus carried QUICKLY throughout the world, and no way to stop it, and no antidote (well, maybe for certain ones, like +BN and a few others, Gilad Atzmon etc., who don’t want to be part of this insane plot to snuff all non-Jews, which truly IS their ultimate goal).

This Virus would KILL them ALL, Men, Women, Children that had that signature DNA. Then, providing the rest of us hadn’t become fully indoctrinated into this SICK perverted lifestyle, could now start to HEAL.

Also send out a global message, telling the world that 100% of Jewry are now GONE off the face of the planet. Everything that controlled you all in bad ways, you can now live life without the taskmasters any longer using cattle prods on you.

Then a disclaimer, that ANYONE who attempts to take the place of these SICKOS, will soon after meet the same fate, unless they worked toward ridding the planet of all this type of INSANE lifestyle practices.

Introduce Laws similar to what Putin has enforced. NO GAYS NO Anything of that lifestyle. Get caught, even in the privacy of your own home by ANY method… you will be imprisoned, and your hands tied so they can’t satisfy yourself! LOL Need to go for a leak during the curing process? Catheters work great.

Anyway, so that’s my piece. It HAS to be stopped, at all costs. And a nice WHAMO Virus would do the trick.

Might have more to say again… but this is a for sure thing that SHOULD be done by any aspiring Geneticists out there who wish to do away with the ones who are guilty of making us all a bunch of Fags and Lesbians… and Transgendered?

They’re the MOST sick of them all. Like Homo-Obongo and all his limp wristed pretty friends.

Richard the 1st, Real Jew News 9 Comments [11/27/2014 8:14:13 AM]
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Quote# 104934

In a Civil War; that is coming to America, it will be a time of painful chaos.

Women, children and old peoples will be the unfortunate targets, but homosexuals will be the ULTIMATE target that everybody will want to get, for they role allowing to be used by the JEWS to destroy America.

Jews had a long tradition SINCE the Pharaoh times using “the pussy” of their women (also homosexuals) to archive political benefits, Jews have been always Master on this…. Jews use today, repeating, the modern scape-goat, “The modern woman” The Homosexuals….. and Homosexuals don’t get it.

When a Civil War in America, JEWS will start TO RUN to Israel, or somewhere else, BUT homosexual won’t be allowed to enter in their ship… Homos will be by their own…… a Civil War in America will be equivalent to the Biblical wrath of God in Sodom and Gomorrah.?

Mario Herrera, Real Jew News 7 Comments [11/27/2014 8:14:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104932

The Supreme Court has been violating the Laws of God for 50+ years, even the Goyim shills on the court stand behind these decisions.

I can also say that many liberal heterodox “churches” (Episcopalians, Anglicans, and other mainline Protestants to name a few), have sanctioned this ungodly behaviour.

People will tell you that Jews are a moral people, but then if they are why do they vote for every godless initiative of the liberals (both Republicans and Democrats are liberals in reality), its because they follow orders from their “god” Lucifer.

Lucifer hates everything Christian and the Jews wreck havoc upon the world, as the Devil’s children (Saint John 8:44). Revelation 2:9-3:9, Revelation 21:8, 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, Saint John’s Universal Letters, Saint Peter’s epistles, and many other Scriptural passages point out the depravity of the Jew and the Pagan.

The government are a bunch of godless hypocrites who say they stand for “separation of church and state,” but will gladly erect synagogues and pagan temples in defiance of God and stand should to shoulder with enemies who mock Him.

Justin, Real Jew News 4 Comments [11/27/2014 8:13:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104931

Are JEWS our misfortune?

You bet they are.

Jewry in every part of Jewmerica’s infrastructure, whether in Media, Academia, the Courts, the Lobbies, Hollywood, is turning America into QUEER town.

Our JEW-INFESTED country has destroyed the moral fiber of our society.

It used to be only Jew Hollywood that was spreading MORAL ROT in our nation.

Now it’s the Courts, our Laws, our books, our TV’s, ALL RUN BY JEWS, that’s spreading moral rot throughout our hapless JEW-INFESTED country.

The Jews MUST be stopped. Please support my efforts to PUT AN END to JEW RULE.

Brother Nathanael Kapner, Real Jew News 5 Comments [11/27/2014 8:13:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104929

And in America, the Jews are digging in with contrived instruments like F.E.R.C. (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and other fake “Agencies” that add costs and “fees” to our already crushing burden of the cost of energy and other of life’s necessities.

No one in a position is willing to stand up to them and put a stop to the Jews endless conjuring of new ways to off-load our hard earned money into the coffers of the Jews putting themselves in charge of vacuuming endless devastating amounts of OUR money, from OUR retirement, OUR vacations, OUR mortgage payments and everything we looked forward to as the reward for working day and night all year, all LIFE long.

In the end we have NOTHING but aching bodies and nowhere to lay them. Where are the Forces who promised to protect us from this? WHERE?

Clarence Ozgood, Real Jew News 4 Comments [11/27/2014 8:12:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104875

Re: Doomsday pope warns man's greed will destroy world

Almost every problem in this world today goes right back to unwanted immigrants into European countries.

Alex28, Stormfront.com 17 Comments [11/24/2014 6:54:35 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104874

Latins, legal or illegal, have no business in the United States. The story of the United States as a success story is the story of White people.

Everywhere Latins settle in the U.S. turns into a third-world hellhole rife with crime, corruption and just general bad behavior. Whatever field of work becomes dominated by Latins is characterized by slow, shoddy workmanship.

Latins are also more grist for the racist affirmative-action mill and every government handout available. They are foot soldiers for Leftist cowards and traitors.

There is no upside to immigration, legal or illegal, from Latin America. Their very presence in this country erodes everything that made the U.S. a great place to live.

It was bad enough when the only third-world savages we had were Blacks. Now the new third-world savages, mostly Latins, are the primary reason that half the country doesn’t read and is obese and fails in school. There is no cure for these ills except summary deportation of all nonWhites.

Deportation of nonWhites is going to happen sooner or later. That is just a fact, and the sooner the better. We can’t live in the midst of our enemies, and we deserve the country that Whites built.

Fisk Ellington Rutledge III , unz.com 15 Comments [11/24/2014 6:54:24 AM]
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Quote# 104867

It is Bashar al Assad who is the hero, not the Jew-backed slime that is fighting against him.

Sven Longshanks, Daily Stormer 14 Comments [11/24/2014 6:16:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104845

White people are between a rock and a hard place. The Shylockian liberals want their blood, and the colored barbarians are quite willing to shed white blood. White people’s only refuge, their racial hearth fire, is forbidden them, so they languish in a death-in-life limbo while they wait for the final death blow. Every white nation has a proud history of fighting men who were once part of the fabric of their nation. What has happened to the race that produced such men as Alfred, Tell, Wallace, Forrest, Bozzaris, Roland, and Winkelreid? I recently read of 10,000 Somalians who have overrun Scotland. How can this happen to the country of Wallace, Bruce, and Sir Walter Scott? How can any white European permit his nation to be defiled by the presence of colored barbarians? It has to do with our spiritual backbone, which is our race. If white people don’t believe they are a race apart from the colored races, a race of people who must protect and love their own, then they will not fight to preserve their race. How can a man fight for something he doesn’t believe exists?

As white people have disappeared as a race so has the quality of mercy disappeared. Cruelty and sexual depravity are all that is left in the formerly white nations, because there are no white people left who will fight negrophile liberalism. The grazers will “support our troops,” who are not our troops, and they will support their local clergy and the local schools, but they will not fight for race and faith. “Our troops” are the troops of negrophile liberalism, our schools are liberal, negrophile factories, and our clergymen are blasphemers who have made the living God an adjunct of negro-worshipping liberalism. Instead of voting for our executioners we should take the same vow that Tell took when Gessler threatened the lives of his sons, his wife, and his people.

My boys, poor innocents, my loyal wife,
Must be protected, tyrant, from thy rage!
When last I drew my bow – with trembling hand–
And thou, with fiendishly remorseless glee
Forced me to level at my own boys head,
When I, imploring pity, writhed before thee,
Then in the anguish of my soul,
I vow’d
A fearful oath, which met God’s ear alone,
That when my bow next wing’d an arrow’s flight
Its aim should be thy heart.
The vow I made,
Amid the hellish torments of that moment,
I hold a sacred debt, and I will pay it.

Just a story? Europeans come from the land of storybooks. The heroes of our race point us to The Hero.

When the liberals and the clergy command us to progress beyond provincial, bardic, racist Europe to a universal, scientific world consecrated to the Negro, we should respond as Tell did that day at the mountain pass near Kussnacht. Our innocents are threatened. We have tried pleading, but to no avail. There is no mercy in the liberals or in the colored barbarians. How could there be mercy in the souls of those who have rejected the God of mercy or in the souls of those who have never known the God of mercy? The words “fiendishly remorseless glee” resonate with us today. Doesn’t that describe the liberals? The fiendish glee with which they respond to the colored atrocities against whites make me feel as Tell felt. There can be only one response to such creatures from hell: “Amid the hellish torments of that moment, I hold a sacred debt, and I will pay it.”


The white man’s refusal to fight for his people – let us use the Somalian invasion of Scotland as the mirror image of what is occurring in every white nation – is the result of the white man’s flight from his soul. His white skin contains his soul, and as long as he retains his soul he is subject to all the terrors of the spiritual life that a blood-and-sex pagan is not subject to. “Do I simply go from a corruptible body to an incorruptible body, or do I enter a state of suspended animation somewhere between death and life? Or worse yet, do I melt into nothingness?” The fear of that undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns has sent the white man into an intellectual retreat from which he supports the colored heathens, because their religions give him the opiates of sex and blood. But even here, the white man feels cheated; he can only participate in the heathen religions second-hand; lurking somewhere in the darkness is his white soul, trying to envelope him in that old world of crosses and redemption.

A religion that is not embodied soon becomes a dead religion. This is why the liberals must continue to attack every last vestige of Christian Europe. That Europe must remain in the grave so the new Europe, the Europe of the anesthetized zombie whites, can live. A Christian European is, in the eyes of the secular liberal and the clergyman, a fiend who will impede mankind’s progress toward a colored utopia where all mankind can forget the Man of Sorrows. Whites won’t fight back against the colored invasion, because they don’t know the answer to Melville’s question, “Sentry, are you there?” The answer can be found in the collective face of the European people, before they separated themselves from their souls. There is no magic formula, no intellectual gambit that can make the white man fight for his people and his God. He must see existence feelingly before he will fight. Beyond the rational man, beyond the philosophical man, is the man of storybooks, the true European. He is the hero that by a miracle of grace has not succumbed to modern Babylon; he is a man with a soul. Let us follow such men to fairy tale Europe where we will discover that His Kingdom come and eternal Europe are one and the same.

Cambria Will Not Yield, Cambria Will Not Yield 7 Comments [11/23/2014 4:37:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
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Quote# 104834

What nonsense are you talking about?

Asians and other non-Whites have been given too many special privileges in White countries and it is just need to stop.

Earning higher scores does NOT neccessarily mean that their East Asian race are on the whole more intelligent. Many Asians are only good in passing test but not really intelligent. It is myopic to base one's intelligence on certain scores. Anyway, they are studying and benefitting from a much more advanced and stimulating White influenced environment and White educational innovation.

While I see nothing wrong in praising those so-called intelligent Asians, but one should be aware that many Asians did benefitted unfairly from special privileges that prevent others who are better than them from getting ahead.

Furthermore, if they don't like discrimination in White countries, those Asians should also stop discriminating others in Asia, which is even worst and even more horrible in Asia.

They (those Asians) are only crying out against racial favouritism when in White countries but never in their own Asian countries where those Asiatics commonly do use their Asiatic power to discriminate against whoever who happenned to be poorer or more disadvantaged(though not neccessarily in IQ) than them.

I just think it is wrong for those East Asian wanting face and wanting respect for their "achievement" in White countries which are really in reality due to mostly Whites dilligence and Whites achievement in creating an excellent education system that is currently over exploited by East Asians and South Asians.

I hope you are not like those Asians who tend to be irrationally jealous of Whites much more intelligent success in educating and in education.

I am sure most people who are aware would prefer teaching Whites over Asians because Whites tend to be much more genuinely intelligent.

It is a fact that Asians, whether they were refugees or economic migrants or students, or whatever, have benefitted too much from Whites generosity and it is time to stop because Whites need to care for their own first.

It is convenient for them to DEMAND a level playing field in almost anything in White countries(because they prey on Whites vulnerability) while they tend to disregard equality in their Asiatic societies, and it is very common to see them unreasonably pushing away anyone that are better than them, for one reason or another. So, don't try your crap on me because I know too much and I experienced lots of ugliness in Asiatic societies.

And of course too many Asians are allowed to invade White countries just because of the fact that they have money! Hopefully, the tide would turn and more and more people will be able to see that defending White values is more important than money.

There is no point for those extremely pushy Asians to force their children to study because real intellgence that comes without force and without abuse would be less harmful to the world.

wlil, Stormfront.com 8 Comments [11/22/2014 9:43:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104833

A suggestion: while Brother Nate has a pretty large following, YouTube, as one example I could use, has a much larger following.

You can type “Holocaust” etc., into the search bar at YT then visit the videos listed and start negging the orthodox holohoax crap - and vice versa.

It’s easy if you cut and paste the same comment at dozens of them, e.g., “No order. No Plan. No budget. No bodies. No “holocaust.”

All the Jew’s favorite themes - multiculturalism, queer rights, feminism, holocaustianism, anti-Christianism… can be attacked quickly and effectively this way.

If all of us here start bombing them they’ll feel it.

Jewikipedia with all its propaganda is open to revision too.

Citizenfitz, Real Jew News 9 Comments [11/22/2014 9:43:37 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104832

The Jews are only part of the problem if a major part and only a small population, but the Goyim surely deserve plenty of blame for their willingness to serve Satan.

By the way, can someone dig up the facts, not hearsay, that Jonathan Gruber of Obamacare infamy is a Jew?

Seems pretty obvious he is but just want to make sure. He graduated with PhD Harvard which is for all intents JEWISH high probability tribal networking scam masters.

Concrete man, Real Jew News 5 Comments [11/22/2014 7:39:59 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104785

An avowed white supremacist charged with killing three people outside two suburban Kansas City Jewish facilities on the eve of Passover said in a series of phone interviews that he was surprised none of the victims were Jewish.

F. Glenn Miller Jr., 73, of Aurora, Missouri, told The Kansas City Star that he went to Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and a nearby Jewish retirement home "for the specific purpose of killing Jews." Miller said learned from a newspaper story the following Saturday that the people he killed were not Jewish, The Star (http://bit.ly/1qMRhMF ) reported.

"I was convinced there would be all Jews or mostly Jews" at the two centers, he said, but added that the attacks still accomplished his goal of making "Jews feel less secure."

F. Glenn Miller Jr, Yahoo 17 Comments [11/19/2014 3:57:42 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Doubting Thomas
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Quote# 104778

It’s 2014 and Afrikan people worldwide are under a genocidal assault from the usual suspects – anglosaxons, arabs, asiatics and smallhats. The smallhats (white so-called jews) are working particularly hard to kill Black people as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible. To this end, they have made an international business out of starving, malnourishing, sodomizing, organ trafficking, and poisoning Afrikan people.

Before we discuss the Ebola outbreak that was apparently unleashed by whites in Afrika, we should look at the pretext under which it falls. The smallhats have made their desire to depopulate the planet of Black people well-known. In fact, they have enlisted many of their powerful and wealthy white anglo-saxon brothers and sisters, along with a few Blackskinned Negropeans in this effort. The Global 2000 Population Reduction Plan was first documented in length (as far as we know) during President jimmy carter’s term as president in the late 1970’s. What many people don’t know is that henry kissenger (another smallhat) was significantly responsible for making Black genocide the “highest priority” for the white world community.

Now, in 2014, the wealthiest male in the world (according to many sources), bill gates, is spearheading the global depopulation movement. 21st Century white-on-Black genocide is in full effect with the collaboration of the wealthiest members of the white anglo-saxon world community working in conjunction with their smallhat supervisors. The extermination of Afrikan people worldwide is in full motion. Listen to bill gates above describe his desire to depopulate the world (of Black people).

As we look at the picture of bill gates feeding death to our Black babies above, one is reminded of his promise to help save the planet by depopulating it by billions of people – and he wasn’t talking about white folks. Let’s remember that his father was the head of Planned Parenthood (margaret sanger’s white-on-Black racial genocide organization). This means that the wealthy white elite in conjunction with the smallhats have decided that the process of white-on-Black genocide is moving too slowly for their tastes. As a result, they are using biological and chemical warfare as a means to speed up the process. And disease creation and vaccinations have become their primary physical tools for Racial annihilation.

Now, the smallhats are boldly exporting Ebola to the Afrikan continent and unleashing it on our people. Thousands of Black people have died and if Black people don’t put these white demons out of our countries immediately, thousands will soon become millions. Thank Amen that some of our Brothers and Sisters on the continent are beginning to understand what’s happening and they are taking appropriate action:

[Youtube video of a news clip describing attacks on foreign ebola doctors]

What is so disturbing is that the Chinese and other groups appear to be totally on board with this organized genocide against Afrikan people. This means that Afrikan people have to organize extremely quickly and prepare for total war. The specific enemy is the smallhat. The general enemy is the white race. Almost every Race outside of the Black Race is beginning to step on board for global Afrikan genocide. And if this isn’t enough, the infectious internal enemies are the Mobutus of the Race who can be used under the guise of humanitarian aid to infect millions of our people with diseases that will wipe the population of Afrika out. Here is an example of how this can work.

It is now time for Afrikan people worldwide to come together in unison and agree on the fact that we are in a Race war for our survival and that Black life takes precedence over every other concern on this planet. If we do not organize quickly and chart the course for our Racial conquest and survival, we will be exterminated worldwide much like the Native amerikkkans of the western hemisphere. Black Afrikan Brothers and Sisters, let’s come together. It’s War Time!

War on the Horizon, War on the Horizon 13 Comments [11/19/2014 3:54:27 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: TimeToTurn
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Quote# 104771

[In case it's not clear, she's talking about Jews.]

These Helloween lustful fat lesbian queens, ugly, horrific Babylonian witches and their demonic children trained as soulless phony parasitic pimps, pimping on women and children in Hellywood TV where actors, and especially actresses, are MK ultra monarch slaves for sexual orgies, orgies of blood for their October blood fests.

Helloween Queens whose children are live actors as Jasons, Jack the Rippers (Nov 9th is the 128th anniversary of the death of those helpless prostitutes in England, Jack the Ripper, those helpless women were butchered in ritual satanic abuse by some demonic depressed soulless being!) Hannibals the Cannibals, the seed of the devil.

All these movies they are real, and these demonic beings are the live actors, and they still have the guts to sell to Goys the movies showing how they butcher us.

Humanity is their personal farm.

Deep love on earth. They want to stop our jump to Quantum space, we came from the stars, and to the stars we will go.

Love on earth. Wake up your consciousness. They want to stop millenarian knowledge because they are parasites and we enrich them by being brutal and soulless.

Flor, Real Jew News 16 Comments [11/18/2014 4:27:38 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Wykked Wytch
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Quote# 104749

"Decent" White folk now days like to think this shit just up and disappeared (until it happens again), and/or any avowed racist nowdays is a "lone wacko" type(except for the websites that can generate hundreds of dollars toward anyone who puts bullets in a thug).

Open your fucking eyes and go read the comments section of any major online news site. Go play a game online where white people can tell you how the really feel. These are your people white folk, shit has NOT changed.

Recognize that your race is only decades removed from what one might call inhumane levels of pure race based torture, castration, rape and glorification of all those acts. Yet not one white person will claim their family or any other white person they personally know, was capable of this shit. No white person will name names, so it just all kinda disappeared. Fuck That Shit.

And no not every other person/race would have done the same fucking thing in the same fucking position. Own IT!!!!!!

Why should black people trust that white people just quit being violent racists?

Miss my village, Daily Kos 11 Comments [11/17/2014 4:08:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
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Quote# 104746

(NAM- non Asian minority)

Anti-discrimination laws should be repealed not only because they're unconstitutional and infringe on the right to free association, but because whites have very good reasons for avoiding NAMs. Schools should stop wasting time trying to close achievement gaps. And not only do whites have nothing to feel guilty about, they are the best thing to ever happen to blacks. Even ignoring race, humanity will not move forward through equality or by raising up the really stupid to the level of just plain stupid.

Richard Hoste, Right Wing Watch 5 Comments [11/17/2014 4:05:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
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Quote# 104744

The full text of a formerly censored FBI letter to Black Communist agitator Martin Luther King has at last been released to the public, and is prime material for anyone searching for a few moments of belly-bursting laughter.

Written in the guise of fellow primate hate mail, complete with the expected semi-retarded spelling and grammar errors, some of the text’s more notable phrases include descriptions of the Jew puppet as a “filthy, abnormal animal,” “a colossal fraud,” and “a dissolute, abnormal imbecile.” The note concludes with a call for the “doctor” to commit suicide before his degenerate activities were exposed to the masses.

According to sources, an authentic audio recording of the subversive Marxist’s numerous “muh dik” shenanigans was also included in the package; the net result of material gathered over the course of years by investigative authorities.


"The graphic contents of an anonymous letter in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation called Martin Luther King a “filthy abnormal animal” have been made public for the first time.

Written in 1964 by a deputy of the feared FBI chief J Edgar Hoover posing as a disillusioned civil rights activist, the typewritten note appears to have been a heavy-handed attempt to blackmail King into taking his own life.

Already a notorious footnote in American history, the “suicide letter” was heavily censored when it was first published, with most of its more outrageous language remaining secret.

However, the full contents of the note have now been made public after a Beverly Gage, a historian from Yale University unearthed an unredacted copy in the National Archive while researching a book on Hoover.

It shows that in his attempt to goad King, William Sullivan, the agent identified as the author of the letter, stooped to the use of near-hysterical sexual slurs against the already-revered pastor, who would go on to be assassinated three years later.

The letter opens by comparing King to Henry VII, going on, in a section withheld from the public until now: “…and his countless acts of adultery and immoral conduct lower than that of a beast.”

It concludes by apparently urging King to take his own life within 34 days – thought to be a reference to a date on which he was due to collect the Nobel Peace Prize in Sweden.

“There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.”

At the moment, the media is attempting to sob six hundred trillion tears over this rather factual, albeit amateurish, diatribe against America’s original Imperial Gorilla Warlord, although there is little that can be said or done to disprove the allegations made in the piece.

History has shown us that Martin Luther King was indeed an alcoholic womanizer, frequently beat and occasionally tortured his female victims, and danced at the end of a string pulled by resident hook-nosed parasites; creatures that often wrote the speeches shoved down the throats of White children across the crumbling United States.

May the man who created this wonderful example of comedic relief, identified as Agent William Sullivan, a patriotic White Man killed under strange circumstances, rest in peace.

Marcus Cicero, Daily Stormer 5 Comments [11/17/2014 4:03:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 104726

Steve Sailer has in interesting comment on a question I’ve thought about from time to time, why multicultural societies are less creative. Basically, he says that necessity is the mother of invention: if there had been a lot of black musicians in early-60s Liverpool, the Beatles wouldn’t have had to come up with their own rock ‘n roll. If you can go out and get multiethnic cuisine, you don’t bother developing your own cooking.

Here are some other reasons that have occurred to me:

High-level creativity needs a coherent setting and tradition to give it materials and possibilities. That’s why there is no Shakespeare of pidgin. As Sailer points out, ethnic cuisines developed in monocultural settings.
In multicultural society the only principles of order are arm’s length contract and top-down management. There’s not enough of a network of ties and common understandings for anything else to work. Neither allows for much creativity, because they’re too simple and single-minded.

Then there’s the obvious point, that if you have a multicultural society that has to pretend to be free, equal and democratic you have to control thought and expression in boring ways to keep the whole house of cards from collapsing. “Celebrating diversity” means refusal to deal with any important issue in an interesting way, because you might end up saying that something is better than something else.

Don’t evolutionary biologists talk about the importance of isolated niche situations for speciation? Whatever its status in biology, the reasoning suggests that cosmopolitan societies would be uncreative.

James Galb, Turnabout 16 Comments [11/15/2014 7:37:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
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Quote# 104722

Why are Somalis hated by everyone in the world?

Somalis are either too proudly ignorant or too proudly delusional to admit that they are the most hated, savage of all man kind. I mean Somalis are just so blatantly ignorant it is unbelievable and coming to civilized societies haven't civilized them the least bit. They continue to rape, murder, steal benefits and pop children by the half dozen, for you geniuses that means 6 children per family.

They continue to practice a religion that is from 7th century in a 21st century modern world and have a culture that predates that fossil religion.

WAKE UP!! u FUCKIN imbeciles, stop marrying one another, get out of this fossil religion from the 7th century and get out of your clan based dinosaur aged culture.

NO ONE likes you guys, and i mean NOBODY!!! Even the most polite of people will smile to your face and talk about how uncivilized savages, sewage smelling freaks ya'll are.

somalibyethnicityonly, Topix 13 Comments [11/15/2014 7:35:55 AM]
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Quote# 104718

[Archbishop Justin Welby describes the British as "a very mixed bunch"]

The vast majority of the indigenous population are sick of this country being turned into a human dumping ground and cesspit where indigenous children are raped and murdered, women abused and the people ordered to embrace their biological extinction without offering resistance. Interestingly Welby's mother was the personal assistant to the warmonger and war criminal Winston Churchill who by the way was half jewish on his maternal side thus making Churchill according to rabbinical law legally a jew.

Unlike Mr Welby who by his own admission appears not to be indigenous, genetic research in recent years has demonstrated that the vast majority of the population can trace their ancestry back to the Neolithic and indeed even the Mesolithic period, defying the pc mantra that we "are a very mixed bunch". Speak for yourself Welby, not the people whose land this is! Arthur Kemp in his booklet Four Flags: The Indigenous People of Britain makes the case that the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish populations of the British Isles can trace their presence here for many thousands of years and belong primarily to the R1b and R1a haplotypes, which together make up 80% of the population. Genetics has slain the myth that we "are a very mixed bunch". Welby should apologise for his offensive remarks and should in future only comment on matters of which he has a modicum of knowledge about.

"If the interrelatedness of the various R1b subclades and the R1a Haplotype are taken into account, then it becomes possible to say that at least 80 or more percent of Britain's population derives from a single source." (Kemp, 2010)

Xtianity is a semitic religion that is totally at odds with the Aryan psyche. Thankfully I can no longer be burned at the stake for opposing this religion of love. Thankfully also it is dying but in its place another alien and semitic religion is rearing its head: Islam. Xtianity under the leadership of a jewish archbishop is trying its best to neutralise the growing resistance to the take over of Europe by militant islam. the New World Order has stirred up a hornets' nest with its unnecessary and criminal wars against the islamic world and opening the floodgates of Europe to allow in millions of racially diverse immigrants, the majority of whom appear to be of the islamic religion, a number of these very dangerous individuals as the idiots who run this country are begining to realise. I dare say that the clowns who post my comments on the FSTDT website will no doubt laugh at these words and make further cowardly remarks regarding me but I tell you this, the prophecy of Ragnarok-Korangar and Walhalla-Allahlaw is coming to pass in their lifetimes and they will eventually realise that we were right!

Wotans Krieger, Aryan Myth and Metahistory 13 Comments [11/15/2014 6:26:40 AM]
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Quote# 104716

A FRONT National candidate for next year’s municipal elections has been withdrawn from the election and may be thrown out of the party after she made racist remarks about the justice minister.

Asked for France 2 programme Envoyé spécial why she posted a photo of Christiane Taubira next to a monkey on her Facebook page, Anne-Sophie Leclere said that she “would rather see her on the branches of a tree than see her in the government like that”.

Formerly a candidate for the municipal elections in Rethel, Ardennes, Ms Leclere stated she is not racist and that “a monkey is still an animal and a black person is a human being”, but added: “She turns up off the boat like that... you know, she’s a savage” and that Ms Taubira has the “Devil’s smile”.

Anne-Sophie Leclère, The Connexion 6 Comments [11/15/2014 6:25:01 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 104710

Re: Boyfriend has non-white bestfriend...

So basically he's saying that our race can die and our nations can fall as long as he gets to keep his so-called friend. Has he ever asked this "friend" what he thinks about the Mexican invasion of America? No, he wouldn't DARE ask that, would he. That's because he knows his "friend" would never tolerate pointing out the obvious since it is not in the racial self-interest of his "friend" to do so.

So in other words, his "friend" puts his own racial well-being above that of your boyfriend, where the former depends critically upon the destruction of the latter.

Some friend!

If you're feeling brave, you might point out that maybe he's never had a real friend and that's why he can't tell that this guy isn't one. I learned this lesson myself the day my family attacked me for opposing the genocide of my race.

Fading Light, Stormfront.com 11 Comments [11/14/2014 4:30:40 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 104704

Race defiler / mongrel breeder factsheet

1) Race defilers commit crimes against humanity
The race traitor typically produces mongrolized offspring with a non-white partner. This undoes thousands of years of evolution and is a serious crime against humanity and life itself. The offspring typically dwell in the host nation and aids population replacement of the national community. The offspring must themselves reproduce and the bloodlines are diluted for generations to come.

2) Race defilers are a menace to society
Interracial breeders not only commit genetic suicide themselves they bring into being a new sub race of human with no homogeneous hereditary.

3) Race defilers are anti-social
Race defilers are typically oblivious to their immorality due to ignorance, poor education, low standards of upbringing, etc. They cannot be patriotic and are of no real use to their homeland but are rather a danger.

4) The white partner is the criminal and society is the victim
The none-white partner is less guilty than the white partner since it is only natural to want to improve the DNA of ones offspring through mating with superior genetic stock. It can only be viewed as criminal to want to mate with significantly inferior genetic stock even though perhaps due to insanity.

5) Race defilers are criminals and are not treated as such
The perpetrators are criminal and in post war era society they are not punished with fines or imprisonment.

6) Race defilers are a threat to their homeland
Interracial breeding is a national security threat since it aids population replacement.

7) Race defilers are deficient in honor and loyalty
8) Race defilers have less no control over their base instincts
9) Race defilers can be more vulnerable to left wing media indoctrination
10) Race defilers are quislings who may tend to have genuine hatred for their own country
Britler is offline

Britler, Stormfront 11 Comments [11/14/2014 4:29:42 AM]
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Quote# 104703

(Another user asking about a solution to the Jewish problem)

I propose they all be repatriated to Israel from every white homeland on the planet. Otherwise, they should be systematically arrested on charges of organised Genocide, Treason, Sedition, Subversion and grand-scale embezzlement AND, if necessary retried again and again on said charges until ALL involved are found guilty.

A Swain, Occident Invicta 6 Comments [11/14/2014 4:29:09 AM]
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