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Quote# 122206

Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric about rigged elections and a constitutional crisis would fulfill the fantasies of some supporters, who’ve been stockpiling weapons and food as they look forward to what most people would consider a worst-case scenario.

Jim Moseley, a self-described “Christian soldier” from Greenville, South Carolina, is buying extra ammunition and canned goods to prepare for what he believes will be a second civil war, reported The (Toronto) Star.

“Once the trucks stop rolling, the grocery shelves will go empty and gasoline rationing will go into effect,” Moseley wrote in a Facebook message early this week.

The newspaper caught up with Moseley, a 59-year-old retired salesman, earlier this week to discuss Trump’s darkening campaign rhetoric.

It’s clear that, whatever words Trump is using to question the integrity of the election, Moseley and at least some other supporters are interpreting his message as the declaration of a war they’ve been itching to fight.

“Liberals will have targets on their backs, as their behaviors are pretty much evident,” Moseley posted. “Race wars will begin as well, as your skin color will be your uniform!”

Jim Moseley, Raw Story 8 Comments [10/25/2016 2:12:50 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122205

A group of white students walked out of a college classroom Tuesday after an anthropology professor said all humans were descended from Africa. As they left, other students in the class began chanting, "Black lives matter," in recognition of the social justice movement protesting racial injustice across the United States. Other students who stayed in the classroom told the professor they were offended and began arguing with their classmates, according to media reports.

"My Professor just said all living ppl are descendants from Africa and ppl got up and walked out and now their arguing," a student tweeted during the walk-out.

R. Jon McGee, the professor at Texas State University, focuses on Latin American cultures. "I have worked with the Lacandon Maya since 1980, studying Maya religion, language, and culture. My research work has focused on the Maya, anthropology of religion, culture, theory, and field research methods," his web page reads.

Students said McGee began his lesson by telling students to pay attention because they were about to have a discussion on race. He then charted the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement, which protests police brutality, and concluded his lesson by noting that all modern humans comes from Africa. McGee explained his lesson to the Tab: "Understanding other peoples’ perspectives is a basic part of cultural anthropology."

“As a whole, I think the group is open-minded,” McGee added. “Understanding other peoples’ perspectives is a basic part of cultural anthropology.”

But Justine Lundy, 20, a student in the class said many students did not approve of McGee's lesson. “It was dead silent,” Lundy said, before a student retorted with a “sarcastic ‘sure.'”

Modern humans did evolve in Africa roughly 200,000 years ago, meaning all non-Africans are descended from people in Africa between 50,000 and 80,000 years ago. They likely left the continent because they needed food after changing rainfall patterns, scientists have said.

Texas Stats University students, Raw Story 8 Comments [10/25/2016 2:12:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122202

Did they mandate a black to be in every commercial or what?

I assume companies are just doing it out of feet of being called racist.
But I notice each commercial on tv has at least 1 black in it at minimum if not an asian too.
They also make it look like they're socially mixing with white folk. Lol it hilarious

I asked a similar question recently. They are black washing commercials and the media. Absolutely disgusting in my opinion. If I wanted to see that I would go to the zoo or watch BET the most racist network on television.

Anonymous and ProudToBeWhite, Yahoo! Answers 12 Comments [10/23/2016 7:52:01 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 122190


"The Wikileaks account subsequently tweeted some explanations of what the offending tweet meant, suggesting that “neo-liberal castle creepers” had appropriated the racist-turned-anti-racist solidarity gesture, turning it into “a tribalist designator for establishment climbers.” A clarifying tweet also misspelled “gesture” as “jesture,” which further stoked accusations of witting anti-Semitism.


Wikileaks ultimately defended the decision to delete the tweets, saying they’d been intentionally misconstrued by “pro-Clinton hacks and neo-Nazis.” It’s also been maintaining a pretty aggressive public relations posture regarding these latest leaks. It threatened MSNBC host Joy Reid for tweeting that she planned to discuss an “affinity” between the group and the Russian government on her show, saying “our lawyers will monitor your program.”


So, again, not the best tone for a group dedicated to prying open closed organizations, regardless of their desires. It also responded to an article by Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall, investigating alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin, accusing him of “weird priority” for focusing on the method of the correspondences' release rather than the data dump itself."

WikiLeaks, Twitter (Link goes to Article) 9 Comments [10/23/2016 4:00:37 AM]
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Quote# 122171

An Idaho man grabbed two kitchen knives and threatened to “cut some n****rs” during a bizarre encounter with his black neighbors.

Christopher Gauthier, of Boise, came out of his home Friday morning with the knives as his neighbors were leaving for the day, reported the Idaho Statesman.

The victim said he loaded his two young daughters into his car for school, turned on the engine to warm it up and went back inside to get an item he’d forgotten.

That’s when the 38-year-old Gauthier ran outside, opened the car door and made a “scary face” at the girls, turned off the engine and ran back into his apartment with the neighbor’s keys.

The girls ran crying toward their home.

The neighbor yelled for Gauthier to return his car keys, and police said he came outside and threatened the man with two kitchen knives.

“You threatened to cause injury to him while holding two knives and indicating that you were to ‘cut some n****rs,” said Magistrate Daniel Steckel during Gauthier’s arraignment Monday afternoon.

The neighbor called police, but Gauthier denied having the keys and refused to open his door.

Police executed a search warrant and found the keys, and Gauthier was charged with malicious harassment and burglary, both felonies.

The magistrate set bond at $200,000, and Gauthier is schedule to return to court Oct. 28.

Christopher Gauthier, Raw Story 4 Comments [10/22/2016 7:11:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122151

Black "people" are pathetic. They are the only race that lies about inventions and history. No other race does that. There's something wrong with black people. The way their brains function. They're so different. It must be because blacks have 13% archaic hominid admixture. This may sound harsh but I honestly think blacks should be exterminated. I think they're a threat to human civilization. With all the lying, claiming history and culture etc. They are bad "people".

Anonymous, Yahoo! Answers 8 Comments [10/21/2016 8:51:49 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 122121

Was Ceasar really killed for betraying Rome to Jews?

A pal of mine into Roman history and redpilled told me that Ceasar sold his country out to Jews and thats why they murdered him.

I have read sources that say the Jews cried for days after Ceasar was killed and that they backed him in his war against Pompey. and of course Augustus loved Jews like his Uncle did..

So what do you think

Sieg Heil 14-88

TrumpandPepe, 13 Comments [10/20/2016 3:27:13 AM]
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Quote# 122120

Three right-wing domestic terrorists were apprehended today for planning to bomb a mosque and housing complex in Kansas, with the specific aims of targeting refugees from Somalia.

This is apparently the fruit of an 8 month long FBI investigation into the group. Last Tuesday the FBI assisted the local police department in closing multiple roads in Liberal, Kansas, an effort which is speculated to be connected to these arrests.

Calling themselves “The Crusaders,” the three men had planned to detonate bombs from the four corners of an apartment complex which is known for housing Somali immigrants who also practice Islam. One of the accused defendants was quoted as saying “This will wake people up.”

The plan had been to detonate the charges on the day after election day. They are now being charged with domestic terrorism.

The Crusaders, U.S. Uncut 14 Comments [10/20/2016 3:27:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122110

Yes it is a joke. A disgusting joke that goes against nature. This is only a recent thing though, it is liberal women wanting to prove how unracist they are. Just recently i saw a very nice white girl, 9/10, very fit, nice t1ts, with a scummy black guy gangsta wannabe. Damn I bet she felt progressive. Don't listen to that other guy saying race isn't real. He must be blind if he never saw a negr0 before. All I see on the news is negr0s beating up nice white people.

Bill, Yahoo! Answers 6 Comments [10/20/2016 2:51:52 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 122108

Interracial dating and marriage hurts black people and hurts white people. The white females that date black males are usually inferior mentally or physically. This hurts the black gene pool because their offspring will most likely breed with a black person. This helps the white gene pool by taking out the bad white female genes and the genes of the inferior white male that would have mated with her. The only white males that this should bother are more than likely inferior because the women they would have mated with are in interracial relationships.

thetruthunter, Yahoo! Answers 6 Comments [10/20/2016 2:51:23 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 122107

First off, the only people that get hooked up through interracial dating between blacks and whites, are black men and white women. White men seldom hook up with black women, and the same is true for black women; they rarely hook up with white. It seems like if everyone would kist like their own kind, then everyone would have someone to date. Hooking blacks up with whites is like hooking lions up with cheetahs. The lions would just take over the cheetah's pride because they are bigger cats, then the cheetahs go extinct, and female lions and male cheetahs are without a breeding partner. Thankfully, for the cheetahs this doesn't happen in nature because cheetahs and lions aren't like people;we viilate nature.

anonymous, Yahoo Answers 6 Comments [10/20/2016 2:51:12 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback
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Quote# 122079

[Comment on a thread about a woman demoted for having made offensive remarks about Jews in Britain. In fairness, I should divulge the full extent of my connection to Israel: I went there for a week's vacation in 1993.]

@Hasan Prishtina

I am like 99.9% sure you are a paid Hasbara agent.

Fuck your apartheid state, you racist scumbag.

The fact that a far right, racist, apartheid state like Israel still is allowed to exist in 2016 is just sad and absurd. Just like the American South, Nazi Germany, South Africa, etc racist Israel is going to go down eventually. That is fact, it is just a matter of how long you rats struggle to keep it afloat. But no matter what you do, you are still already living on borrowed time. Eventually the walls *are* coming down, the Palestinians *will* be recognized as actual humans and citizens, the right of return *will* be extended to all Palestinians worldwide, and you *will* all have pay dearly for the crimes you have committed. Those are objective facts.

Anonymous , CSTDT  19 Comments [10/19/2016 3:03:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina
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Quote# 122058

A group of Jews walking in Manchester near a synagogue in Prestwich were reportedly threatened by a man wielding an axe and shouting antisemitic abuse. The incident is said to have taken place on Monday at 13:30 near a synagogue.

According to the Manchester Evening News, a man in a vehicle brandished an axe at the group whilst making antisemitic threats. A 45-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of a racially-aggravated public order offence and possession of an offensive weapon. He has been bailed until 31st October.

Sergeant Steve Wightman-Love, of Greater Manchester Police, told the Manchester Evening News: “This incident remains under investigation and officers in the case are continuing to make enquiries. However, I wish to remind everyone that we take all reports of hate crime extremely seriously.”

Manchester man, Everyday Antisemitism 14 Comments [10/16/2016 7:18:55 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122042

We need to come to the realization that we, the white race, is hated by the black race. I don't know why, but I'm sure jealousy has a lot to do with it. No conversation, legislation, or reparation payments will change this. Therefore we need regional separation. Not just your neighborhood, my neighborhood, but real separation. Like dividing the country into large regions for each race according to their percentage of the population. It's the only solution besides the final solution.

Sluggo1488, National Review 11 Comments [10/15/2016 2:49:07 AM]
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Quote# 122012

[Commenting on the thread "A half-million Brazilians, in southern brazil the whitest area of Brazil, want to break away and form a new country. Is this the future of the USA?"]

If White people tried to do the same thing in America, the U.S. government would do everything possible to stop them. First they'd wage the largest psyops campaign in American history, and then they'd eventually resort to sending in the military if they had to. They think that the debate over the legality of secession was permanently solved after the North won the Civil War.

And despite the egalitarian and anti-White rhetoric from the Left, deep down they know that America's success and prosperity is mostly based on White Americans. They know that if White Americans decided to scramble for the nearest lifeboats and row away from a sinking majority-minority America, then that would cause America to eventually become a borderline 3rd world cesspit like Brazil.

Modern White people essentially serve as human piggy banks and as tax slaves in racially diverse societies - from South Africa to the USA, and everywhere in-between. That's why they're not going to let us escape without a fight because we're the primary source of their livelihoods.

One of my biggest fears is that the (((globalist elites))) that are in control of the American Left will exploit the forbidden knowledge of scientific racism and replace us with high-IQ non-Whites (and it seems like they already exploited this forbidden knowledge when they realized that they could get competent, high-IQ cheap labor from China and Taiwan). Even though they pretend that all racial groups are inherently equal, and even though they constantly attack we in the Alt-Right for daring to bring up racial IQ differences, deep down they know that the scientific data and the truth is on our side. We saw hints of this with the recently leaked emails from (((John Podesta))).

And even though Robert Putnam's work suggests that an ideal society would be comprised of an ethnically homogeneous high-IQ population, replacing White Americans with high-IQ non-Whites would allow them to still maintain a relatively successful society. However, it seems like the powers that be in America aren't that clever, or perhaps they're so obsessed with destroying the White majority in this country that they simply don't care if they have to turn American into Brazil in order to accomplish that goal.

There's also the possibility that redpilled Jews like Podesta don't have complete control over our immigration system but are instead just trying to influence it as much as possible. They probably want to flood America with high-IQ non-Whites (and ideally for Jews, Muslims would be mostly excluded), but the egalitarian true believers that the Jews helped to mold still have significant sway when it comes to deciding who gets to come into our country. And these goyim useful idiots pretend that they don't see a difference between Japanese engineers, Amerind/Mestizo illegal immigrants, and Sunni Afghans.

If the demographics of the immigrants that are flooding into America (over 2 million annually) switch from being mostly "Hispanic" to mostly Asian, that will be a sign that the scientific racism championed by the Alt-Right is starting to steer our immigration policies. And we're already starting to see signs of that since I've read several news articles about Asians being projected to eventually overtake Hispanics when it comes to immigration into America.

Likewise, if we see a major push towards greatly increasing the number of H1-B visas and a crackdown on illegal immigration, that will be another significant hint that our ideas about racial IQ differences are starting to influence the powers that be. And that will also be a major hint that Jews are taking the White Nationalism out of scientific racism and using it to advance their interests.

But anywho, to finally get back to the main topic of this article; secessionist movements may very well be the most practical step for our race to take next. I know that people within our movement don't want to cede territory, but hopefully the act of secession itself will provide the ecosystem to create a new generation of more militant White Nationalists who will then be able to reclaim our lands. Right now most White people simply don't have the necessary zeal needed to support mass deportations.

CertifiedRabbi, Reddit - r/altright 12 Comments [10/14/2016 2:40:13 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 122006

The mere fact that there are no "good guys" over there should tell you all you need to know about the regressive culture that you're importing. ISIS vs. slightly less crazy groups vs. a tyrant. If the refugees truly want freedom (and I don't believe they do) they can fight for it and form a viable alternative to all of the parties that I just mentioned. 70% of them are military aged men.

Their race has no relevance and anyone who tries to paint this as an issue of evil right-wingers hating brown people just because they look different is a disgusting human being.

The US government is given legitimacy by US citizens, hence it has to act in a way that doesn't harm the interests of US citizens in favor of non-citizens. Same with the EU.

Taking refugees in, especially in such large numbers is taking a huge dump on your own people and putting their lives, their health, their culture at risk.

#1982324, FSTDT 26 Comments [10/13/2016 2:53:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122005

@Gearhead mk2

"Rapefugees? Just get out."

Well they disproportionately commit crime including rape (and many of these crimes can't be solved because they have no papers and nobody knows who they are) while contributing nothing to society and draining welfare systems that they never paid into.

Why should the west let them in?

#1982318, FSTDT 13 Comments [10/13/2016 2:53:20 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 122004

Hands off Eastern Europe. They've already dealt with 40 years of communism and don't need your cultural marxist nonsense now.

You fuckers are even trying to force them to accept unlimited hordes of rapefugees (because fuck borders and fuck the citizens right?) even though they've told you a million times, they're a security risk with all that's happening in France, Germany, Belgium etc. But yeah keep calling them racist and xenophobic even as the rapefugees wreak havoc in the west with mass sexual assaults and terror attacks.

FSTDT Supports Stalinism, FSTDT 7 Comments [10/13/2016 2:53:13 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 121982

Ohio doesn't count anyway. The New York Times just told us it's no longer a bellwether. Hillary's pulled out of there, The New York Times is not a factor, [Frank] Luntz, you need to close up shop there. Ohio doesn't matter anymore. The people of Ohio -- and you know why? Because Ohio's too white. That's right my friend, too many white middle-class people live in Ohio. There aren't enough Black Lives Matter people there, there arent enough illegal immigrants, there aren't enough ex-cons that need the permission to vote. There's not a good left-wing cross section of America. There are too many decent, hard-working, middle-class people in Ohio to appeal to the Democrat Party, so The New York Times told us it's no longer a bellwether.

Rush Limbaugh, Media Matters 12 Comments [10/12/2016 3:13:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda
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Quote# 121979

Thomas Jefferson said that we needed to keep and bear arms for use against the government when it becomes an enemy of us White people. He said he expected our use of arms against the government to be necessary perhaps as often as every generation. And it was necessary generation after generation, as proved by the very existence of the events we call the Civil War, WW1, WW2, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, 9/11, and the current little wars killing anybody but jews.

The jews are killing our race right here in the USA and using our duped young men and women in the Military Machine to kill others around the world.

Obviously, killing works.

We must retaliate by killing them. All races should join us, but the other races lack the intelligence and bravery to do it. Maybe, just maybe, they will follow our example. But only we, the former and future great White race, can make it happen.

Adolf Hitler’s worst flaw was that he did not do what the lying scum jews accuse him of. He did not order the mass killing of jews. He should have. Many jews, but far from all, were put to work, or to otherwise reside, in prison camps. The jews he left alive and free to live in Germany (and Poland, Austria, and France) functioned as an intelligence and sabotage network against him and all Whites. And Germany lost.

We must win. We must kill jews to win.

James Laffrey, Whites Will Win! 9 Comments [10/11/2016 4:13:13 PM]
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Quote# 121971

Jane Wood Allen, a Chestatee Elementary School educator in Gainesville, Georgia, was fired on Monday after a racist post she made about Michelle Obama went viral.

The post was shared over 2,000 times after Houston Ph.D. student Roni Dean-Burren shared screenshots of Allen’s commentary, which included a link from the website and a story about the First Lady.

Allen’s caption read, “This poor Gorilla. How is she going to function in the real world, by not having all of her luxurious vacations paid for anymore? She needs to focus on getting a total make-over (especially the hair), instead of planning vacations! She is a disgrace to America!”

A spokeswoman for the school district, Jennifer Caracciolo, told Forsyth County News that school officials were made aware of Allen’s posts on Friday, September 30, and were looking into the matter. She said, “Racism and discrimination are not tolerated in Forsyth County Schools.”

The post prompted Internet users calling for her to be fired. A Facebook page called, “Chestatee Elementary School Fire Jane Wood Allen, NOW” was also created and demanded her removal.

In a statement released on Facebook on Monday afternoon, Forsyth County Schools wrote, “Effective Monday, Oct. 3, Jane Wood Allen has been relieved from duty and is no longer an employee of Forsyth County Schools. Racism and discrimination are not tolerated in our school district. We are committed to ongoing staff training on the acceptance of all individuals. As this is a personnel matter, the district will provide no further comment.”

Jane Wood Allen, Raw Story 6 Comments [10/11/2016 3:14:24 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 121970

The small town of Aurora, Indiana is in an uproar after a local man entered a float in the annual Farmers Fair Parade depicting Hillary Clinton sitting in an electric chair with rival Donald Trump about to pull the switch.

According the creator of the float, which also featured a grim reaper and an Easter Island moai head in blackface labeled “Obama,” he entered it in an effort to get laughs, reports WCPO.

“It definitely was all for laughter. We’ve always had floats for laughter,” explained 76-year-old Frank Linkmeyer. “There’s never been anything else but that,”w hwile denying there was anything racist about his creation.

According to one woman who was marching in the parade with her daughter’s Girl Scout group, she didn’t find anything about it funny.

“For us to be in 2016 and have our president depicted as an Easter Island statue in blackface, which doesn’t even make any sense, but it’s just racist as can be,” explained Jackie Reynolds. ““But knowing that we are marching alongside displays like this really makes me question whether or not we will be participating next year.”

Said local Penny Britton, who didn’t attend the parade but saw pictures of the float after they were posted to Facebook, it was “disgusting.”

“It instantly turned my stomach,” Britton stated. “One of the pictures shows children seeing the float go by and staring at it.”

In a statement from the Lions Club, which approves the floats, officials kept their distance stating, “the parade is a public venue which does not reflect the views of the Aurora Lions Club. As a member of a worldwide service organization, we are proud and standby our record of service to this community.”

As for float designer Linkmeyer, he said he could have reversed Trump and Clinton, saying, “I could’ve taken and put Donald Trump in that float and had Hillary pull the handle. Nevertheless, I would have never pleased everybody and it was definitely all for laughter.”

Linkmeyer did not explain how that would have meshed with the Trump/Pence or hand-written signs listing so-called Clinton “scandals.”

As for the Obama statue in blackface, “We were getting ready to get in that parade and this thing was sittin’ in front of this gentleman’s building down there and they said, ‘Let’s put that on there,’ and I didn’t give it a thought,” he attempted to explain.

Frank Linkmeyer, Raw Story 8 Comments [10/11/2016 3:14:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 121917

Jimmy Marr, Raw Story 17 Comments [10/9/2016 3:55:29 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Doubting Thomas
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Quote# 121914

A Kentucky Republican candidate said he’d rather lose his election than stop posting racist content on Facebook.

Dan Johnson, who’s challenging Democratic state Rep. Linda Belcher for the 49th district statehouse seat, has been sharing posts on social media comparing President Barack Obama to a monkey and other plainly racist messages, reported WDRB-TV.

Johnson, who is also bishop of the Heart of Fire Church in Louisville, frequently shares Confederate flag images and has called for states to ban the practice of Islam.

The candidate, whose church boasts on a sign that it’s “not politically correct,” asked a TV reporter exactly which of his Facebook posts could be considered offensive.

So the reporter showed him posts that showed the Obama family with ape-life features added to their faces, and another showing Ronald Reagan nursing a chimpanzee identified by a caption as Obama as an infant.

A GOP county chair in Colorado resigned earlier this year for sharing the Reagan-chimp social media image, and a Pennsylvania mayor is being urged to step down over his own racist Facebook posts.

Johnson explained that he just considered the images to be light-hearted amusement.

“It wasn’t meant to be racist, I can tell you that — my history’s good there,” Johnson said. “I can see how people would be offended in that. I wasn’t trying to offend anybody, but, I think Facebook’s entertaining.”

He considered images comparing the nation’s first black president to a monkey no different than what any other president has faced.

“I looked this up — there has been no president that hasn’t had that scrutiny, not one,” Johnson said. “I think it would be racist not to do the same for President Obama as we’ve done for every other president.”

He defended his flurry of Confederate flag posts to be a celebration of state’s rights, and complained that conservatives were under attack for supporting the constitutional rule law, and then argued that Muslims should not be allowed to practice their religion.

“My thing for Islam, if you want to be in America, be an American,” Johnson said. “The thing about all religions in America, they don’t oppose America or want to destroy America, or some way or another get us to take on another law, like Sharia law. I hate that.”

Johnson insisted that he’s not racist — but he’s also not sorry.

“I love America, I love people,” the GOP candidate said. “I believe red, yellow, black and white, all are precious in God’s site. I’m not a racist.”

The chairman of the state’s Republican Party strongly condemned Johnson’s social media activity, saying the posts were “outrageous” and apologizing to Kentucky’s black voters.

“They represent the rankest sort of prejudice present in our society and do not in any way, shape or form represent the views of the Republican Party of Kentucky or the many fine candidates representing us on the ballot this November,” said Mac Brown, the state GOP chair.

Johnson said he’s willing to lose the election over his Facebook posts because sharing those images — most of which he deleted before apparently deactivating his account — were just too important to his self-expression.

“I want to be myself,” Johnson said. “I would rather be myself than be elected as state representative of the 49th.”

Dan Johnson, Raw Story 6 Comments [10/8/2016 6:53:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 121897

A mother in Washington this week said she was outraged by an AP history lesson which extolled the virtues of slavery and accused Hillary Clinton of “setting back” the women’s rights movement.

Archaeologist and author Rachel Grant wrote on Twitter that she felt physically ill after her daughter brought home a 55-page packet titled “U.S. History Special Victims Unit,” which she described as a “non-white male hit list.”

“This is what her AP history teacher is including as part of the curriculum! Advanced US history with a sharp lesson in present day racism,” Grant explained.

According to the document, African-Americans “took full advantage” of welfare programs that were created by President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society.”

“The long-term results, however, have been devastating,” the document says. “Over three centuries of a strong work ethic, cohesive families, the thirst for education and Christian values as vital parts of the African-American heritage gave way to long-term dependence on the government and the erosion of the work ethic.”

Another section of the packet claims that “[t]he cause for women took steps backward when President Bill Clinton, notorious womanizer as Governor of AR, was publicly accused by Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Wiley, Paul Jones, Dolly Kyle, and others of rape and harassment.”

“First Lady Hillary Clinton joined her husband’s attack on the victim and she ‘stood by her man,’ thereby setting back some distance the cause of the women’s fight against exploitation,” the lesson adds.

It goes on to claim that “black lives did not matter so much” to President Barack Obama because he presided over a “disastrous economy for eight years.”

“I think I’m going to vomit,” Grant tweeted. “This man is teaching my daughter.”

Grant said that this was the second year that her daughter had been in the class of this AP history teacher but she never felt that she could complain about his politics until now.

“This isn’t politics. This is an agenda,” she said. “As an archaeologist w/a history minor I know how important history is. And this is all the non-white male US history some students will get,”

“I’ve made a copy and now I’m scanning the entire 55 page document. The principal and school board will hear about this,” Grant promised.

Unnamed teacher, Raw Story 11 Comments [10/6/2016 6:20:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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