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Quote# 50397

[On colin powell endorsing obama]

Watch the republican base rally and be mad as hell, its out in the open, the one top black general endorses the black candidate, thats just racist, i guess, well it is in Baracks book.

sunmars, freerepublic 13 Comments [10/22/2008 6:47:42 PM]
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Quote# 50366

I would ride around in a helicopter dropping #@@@loads of fried chicken and watermelon on to cities and people, than watch them burn as the black swarm destroys everything to get the food, just like African Army Ants.

Solandria, WoW Offtopic 22 Comments [10/22/2008 5:49:02 PM]
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Quote# 50487

Number 1:

“Hi, I was just calling to let you all know that Barack Obama needs to get hung. He's a fucking nigger, and he's a piece of shit. You guys are fraudulent, and you need to go to hell. All the niggers on oak trees. They're gonna get all hung honeys, they're gonna get assassinated, they're gonna get killed.”

Number 2:

"You blue gums are not going to steal the election.
All of you porch monkeys need ot go back to Africa."

Number 3:

"You liberal idiots. Dumb shits. Welfare bums. You guys just fucking come to our country, consume every natural resource there is, and make a lot of babies. That's all you guys do. And then suck up the welfare and expect everyone else to pay for your hospital bills for your kids. I just say let your kids die. That's the best move. Just let your children die. Forget about paying for hospital bills for them. I'm not gonna do it. You guys are lowlifes. And I hope you all die."

Anonymii, http://www.rightwingwatch.org/ 30 Comments [10/22/2008 5:38:38 PM]
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Quote# 50402

[On colin powell endorsing obama]
If Obama wins how long will it take before a reparations bill is put before the Congress?

CaptainK, freerepublic 9 Comments [10/22/2008 5:35:39 PM]
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Quote# 50386

It’s only a matter of time, but Barrack will abandon his wife and kids, like all black men do (including his own father), so they can live off of welfare. Barrack will eventually quit his job at the White House as President and start a drinking binge, probably some dope too [he's already done it, he admitted such in his biography], and hang around his terroristic loser friends.

So, don’t worry if he gets elected… by the statistical trends of black men, he’d be unable to tough it out and be a real man anyway.

Bryan, Pajamas Media 11 Comments [10/22/2008 5:25:09 PM]
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Quote# 50405

Mr. Powell, You have just confirmed that you are a racist -choosing a candidate based on the color of his/her skin, and nothing more than an Afirmative Action clown yourself. You “endorse” a neo-Marxist amateur fool for president - this clearly goes against everything you allegedly “stood” for. What this now does, though, is to open up the Pandora’s box of us “whiteys” voting for McCain/Palin besed soley on their race. Oh, one last thing, McCain/Palin campaign, Jerry Wright can now be used - just remember what Geraldine Ferraro said “The only reason Obama is where he is is because he’s black.” Go get ‘em! McCain/Palin 2008!

GOPsterinMA (The choice is clear: Vote for the war hero or the muslim zero), freerepublic 7 Comments [10/22/2008 3:16:33 AM]
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Quote# 50303

How many people do you know who have Hussein as a name and are not Muslim?

Stupid thing to ask from such a "smart" man.

HeIsEnough, Rapture Ready 14 Comments [10/22/2008 2:40:34 AM]
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Submitted By: The Lazy One

Quote# 50454

Actually many "racists" want Obongo to win, because whites in this country will start to awaken to racial reality. ;-)

Yealdin, youtube 11 Comments [10/22/2008 2:40:24 AM]
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Quote# 50414

Anyone who doesn't vote for John McCain is just helping to ensure that Barrack Obama will be the first negro president of the United States. The only way to effectively vote against Obama is to vote for McCain. Even if you don't like McCain, at least you will be voting for a White man and against a negro.

Master Baphomet, Stormfront 12 Comments [10/22/2008 12:31:09 AM]
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Quote# 50408

Of course he did. Powell was an affirmative action general officer, and Obama is a wannabe affirmative action commander-in-chief.

neither is smart enough or talented enough to do it on their own

RFEngineer, freerepublic 7 Comments [10/21/2008 11:51:36 PM]
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Quote# 50409

All is forgiven...he’s back on the Dem “plantation”, where he belongs. Oh, AND HE’S BLACK.

GOPsterinMA (The choice is clear: Vote for the war hero or the muslim zero), freerepublic 7 Comments [10/21/2008 10:43:40 PM]
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Quote# 50194

America will repeat as the Roman Empire, greed and corruption will once again get the better of another great empire. Obama (Aaron Burr rings a bell) has no experience, Mccain is a war hero (Napoleon anyone?), he is a true leader with years of accumulated experience. When the founders of U.S. created the constitution, they did not trust the American people in electing their president. This process became even more flabergasting when blacks, non white men and women were allowed to vote! My fellow Americans, the founders of this great nation would never let an inexperienced black man lead this powerful nation! It is time to finish the war and isolate our selves to reconstruct internally, through trust and unity we will achieve the ultimate American Dream - to be #1. Don't judge John Mccain based on his vice president, he picked Sarah Palin to woo the women voters to insure his presidential win. Barack Obama is a corrupt black man, he is a wagon hopper. John Mccain is the only decision, Obama will lead us to the fall of a once great and superior Empire that is America.

Arenalol, WoW Offtopic 12 Comments [10/21/2008 8:01:13 PM]
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Submitted By: L

Quote# 50384

[Commenting on a report of a McCain supporter being assaulted by an Obama supporter]

I Have a house full of firearms. I have a Weatherby 270, two 22 cal rifles, three shotguns “12 and 20 gauge” and a glock model 30 45 cal I carry everywhere. I have a conceal carry permit. Trust me, these obamatons are nothing but thugs and thives and crack whores. They are also weak liberal homosexual white men and lazy entitlement minded white women. Obama will lose on 11/4. The Joe the Plumber revelation which exposed Obama for the socialist he is will be his undoing. I plan on being loaded up after 11/4 and in prtection mode. I expect the blacks to riot because of ocurse they are all animals. Let them riot. I am not afraid. Big mistake to attack me is all I can say.

Waldorf, Pajamas Media 17 Comments [10/21/2008 5:59:35 PM]
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Quote# 50229

Blacks are biologically speaking more primitive in the evolutionary sense. They have on average lower intelectual potential. This is an objective description of reality. Nevertheless, they are obviously persons with full rights. Unless you genetically modify them, they will never achieve the outcomes of Ashkenazis, Chinese, Germans or Tiroleans.

Gannon, half sigma 20 Comments [10/20/2008 7:19:57 PM]
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Quote# 50155

But they'll save a few bob on documentaries about drunks and drug heads, so that's something! The BBC is fast losing direction and public support. What used to be our favourite aunt is now an elderly demented spinster. I can't understand the accents of people introducing the shows anymore. It used to be in a clear English accent that everyone in the world could follow. Now it's all ecky thump and hoots, mon. Ridiculous.

Rollo Tomasi, Daily Mail 16 Comments [10/20/2008 2:10:45 AM]
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Quote# 50127

How will the integrity of my wheels and tires hold up...?
when i rapidly tramp and pummel the people who march for Martin Luther King day?

Kyle, Yahoo Answers 12 Comments [10/19/2008 3:16:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

Quote# 49946

Muslims are too stupid to take over the world, everyone knows what they are up to so they have no chance in hell. It's the asians that are slowly taking over the world if you ask me. They are quiet and don't attract attention to themselves. Just wait for Korea to attack, they are amassing an enormous army and nuclear weopans that can easily destory America.

Michael, Yahoo Answers 36 Comments [10/17/2008 5:42:45 PM]
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Submitted By: ninjacat11

Quote# 50012

[A question asking why American celebrates Columbus Day]

Tough and too bad for you. I seem to recall a lot of scalpings that went on. Just who were the real savages, and who stood around for years not developing the country?

COLUMBUS ROCKS! Celeberate this holiday more vigorously.


Well since "your people" failed to defend your precious country, you have no say. We honor him because it sparked a match that created this great country. If you don't like it, you can get out.

[and worst of all]

You're a moron... I wish Columbus would have discovered you


Joseph C and Brad Tripp, Yahoo Answers 27 Comments [10/17/2008 12:24:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Dillon

Quote# 50054

Blacks comit 98% of the crime in the world. What makes you think Obama will save the world?
He will destroy the world and butcher Christians, Jews and the rest. He wants a Muslim world, women covered and men having gay sex among themselves.

americanpatriot, Topix 29 Comments [10/16/2008 8:28:35 PM]
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Submitted By: Jax

Quote# 49830

This may sound nothing more than a mere coincidence, but...

Remember the '98 movie "Deep Impact"-the entire world was being threatened by a catostrophic asteroid, and the US President was an AFRICAN-AMERICAN. You know what happened at the end...

Fast forward to '08...

BornAgain123, Rapture Ready 70 Comments [10/16/2008 1:47:29 AM]
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Submitted By: never been there

Quote# 49840

that saddest part is i live in nigger lover new york state. i have no interest in being sober the night before the election so i can get motivated to vote. its just a waste of a perfectly good monday night football drinking session.

but mccain will still be the next president, and all u nigs gonna try to move to canada but canada has a whites and asians only policy so you will join the other scum of the earth in mexico

Destroyx, WoW offtopic 18 Comments [10/15/2008 8:24:30 PM]
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Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 49887

The diversity experiment is officially over. We need to nationalize the western world and kick out all the apes. Wait, we are getting ready to hire one to run the free world!. How sick my people are.

Mark, Kentucky, USA, timesonline 15 Comments [10/15/2008 8:04:26 PM]
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Submitted By: L

Quote# 49747

"They (Blacks) contribute to our through the roof crime rate, abortion rate, illiterate rate, drop out rate, teen pregnancy rate, homeless rate, drug addict rate, and prison rate....much more than Jews could ever even try to do.

Jews have to go way out of their way to get put in prison. Black folks go outside, shoot somebody for a crack rock, and get locked up for 25 years.

They don't know what it's like to be white in America."

(The rest of the thread swings from Racist to Anti_Semitic and back again)

1920s, Xtremely PolitiiX 8 Comments [10/15/2008 6:13:29 PM]
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Submitted By: Booley

Quote# 49783

02:16 PMOct 11 2008

This is just one leader, there are many more. The "far right" (people who want Whites to control OUR OWN countries) is on the rise in Europe and it will be soon in America also. American and Europe belong to the White race and we're not going anywhere. It's you negroids and your degenerate supporters that will be leaving, voluntarily or by force. That I can promise. The winds of change are blowing, and Whites are sick and tired of being bullied around by minorities and their "special rights" led by their Jewish masters. RIP Haider - the White race will never forget your heroic win for Austria.

SobekXI, AOL 17 Comments [10/15/2008 2:10:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Russell

Quote# 49750

[In response to a video about a Haitian woman who was decapitated]

Who cares?
Look at all these monkeys.
So what is one is missing a head.
Is this video just? an advertizement for cleaning up the world?

RushmoreGerleve, Youtube 11 Comments [10/15/2008 4:51:41 AM]
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