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Dear Pat,

No kidding. I completely agree with everything that you have written. I am WHITE, you see. Did you read my posts?

The raviningly insane creature named Jen has tried to inist that I am of African descent. This Out of Africa fraud has been perpatuated for decades, based on the most specious and rigged "evidence" in order to advance the Jewish agenda. (Search "Franz Boas") It's insane - the denial od racial reality. But it's very persistent.

Jen and her ilk are absolutely DERANGED. Real racial differences are in evidence every day, everywhere in the world. More and more DNA and fossil evidence is literally uncovered all the time. I posted a link to a discovery of a seperate branch of Humanoids, discovered in Europe, earlier this thread.I also posted a lik to a discovery of a 100,000 year old Human Skull, foundi n Northern China. This skull is UTTERLY more recognizably human, to even them most unskilled eye, than that 60,000 year old apelike skull, termed "Lucy" - that is passed off as "evidence" of Human origins in Africa.

Jen is incapable of reading, and researching ANYTHING that disproved her obvious, Anti-White political/social agenda. Multi-cultural "anti-racism" is ONLY about obliterating White Racial identity.

Well it ain't gonna work. My genetic legacy stems from England, and it's traceable for 10,000 years. No Africanus haplotypes WHAT SO EVER.

Pearlgirl, InstaPunk 16 Comments [10/7/2008 3:53:00 PM]
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Quote# 48496

[Disregarding the fact that Muslims are commanded to wash 5 times a day and that it was a Muslim that introduced soap and shampoo to Britain]

The One-Party-with-Three-Names no doubt rejoices over the fact that 20,000+
patients die each year from hospital-acquired infections consequent on its preferentially employing Third World and Muslim medics who refuse to wash their hands.

Noel, BNP Website 17 Comments [10/7/2008 3:33:04 PM]
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Quote# 48751

n/a, Facebook 17 Comments [10/6/2008 11:54:33 PM]
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Quote# 48500

Re- Immigrants who live and work in Britain for “five years”continuously without getting into trouble with the law have the right to apply for permanent settlement rights, which are usually granted.

Ed, Sorry to be the giver of bad news, you are completely wrong .

Soon as the vast majority arrive, they never leave.

Soon as they are here, they take, take and take, and in between doing all those different things some of them rape, hate, steal and kill.

Then the indigenous suffer in every way you can print !

topmarqueswales, BNP Website 48 Comments [10/6/2008 4:38:50 PM]
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Quote# 49398

It should be noted that the 14th Amendment was put into place in 1868, and interpreted some 100 years later to extend rights to African Americans, without revisionism. The 14th Amendment was used as a basis to decide the ruling, but with the “separate but equal” ruling in the Plessy vs. Fergusson case, the rights guaranteed in the 14th Amendment were already extended to African Americans. They would receive the same rights as Whites and lawful protection from the government. The Supreme Court was not duly interpreting the Constitution in this case [Brown v. Board of Education], but instead, giving in to the racial turmoil around them and ruling in favor of moral activism.

The 10th Amendment states that, “…powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Therefore, with the segregation not clearly defined as Constitutional or not, would be left up to the respective state to determine, not the Supreme Court.

The 11th Amendment states that a citizen cannot sue the state in a Federal Court. Therefore, the Supreme Court cannot extend it’s jurisdiction into state affairs, because it’s not defined in the Constitution, and therefore left up to State to determine. Therefore, speaking Constitutionally (the language of the law of the land), the State’s had the right to overturn a federal decision made by the Supreme Court, and buck it accordingly. Accordingly, and an Executive Decision from the National level to override a governor on this issue, be it in the form of sending a military force to intervene, has no justification.

To say that segregation makes blacks feel inferior is not true. When the facilities are equal, there is no reason for someone of a certain race to feel inadequate, especially when the segregation goes both ways. Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and George Washington Carver, were all products of a segregated society and upbringing, and they went on to achieve enormous success. Saying that someone cannot achieve success because they are insecure enough to feel excluded, is a weak argument.

SouthWind, stormfront 37 Comments [10/6/2008 1:32:12 AM]
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[Regarding a Hindu asking the court to allow open-air cremations]

How dare they! If they don’t like the laws and customs here, they know where the airport is.

[Strange, I thought that by going to the court asking for permission, he was abiding by the law...]

Mister J, BNP Website 11 Comments [10/6/2008 12:01:04 AM]
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Back in the early 1980’s I was, for a time, secretary to a local railway preservation group, one of whose members was a railway engineer. His wife, however, was a long-experienced SCM (state certified midwife) who worked in the maternity unit at the Royal Infirmary. She told me that for every White child born with a congenital physical or mental impediment, including Downs’ Syndrome, in her maternity unit, no fewer than 25 such infants were born to Muslim mothers!

It is therefore clear that whatever robust health the Muslims enjoy as result of their malodorous, one-flavour diet, is more than offset by the prevalence of defects in their heavily in-bred ( i.e. routine cousin-to-cousin marriage) genes.
This might perhaps also explain their abject failure to advance their society
either scientifically or socially, beyond its original, seventh-century condition.

Noel, BNP Website 13 Comments [10/5/2008 11:58:36 PM]
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Quote# 48434

[Concerning a revival of DC's old "Haunted Tank" series.]

I won't be buying this "Haunted Tank", its disrespectful to Gen. Stuart. The previous issues did not have a mixed-race soldier involved, why now? Gen. Stuart does not have any mixed race relatives, the idea is stupid!!!

duran31750, ComicbookResources.com 10 Comments [10/5/2008 7:23:03 PM]
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Submitted By: Glock 20

Quote# 48491

No host nation can, or should, allow every race and culture that comes to its land equality of status

Grumpygit, BNP Website 9 Comments [10/5/2008 7:20:48 PM]
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Quote# 48575

Go out to a major city after midnight if you want a bloody citation. Negroes have been fucking up society after bleeding ball liberals decided to remove their shackles.

Fuck Abraham Lincoln, liberal traitor.

88\_NotC_/88, rstdt 27 Comments [10/5/2008 12:32:05 PM]
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Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 48482

[Commentingon a BNP reeport of a racially motivated assault on a white sweeper. As usual, the BNP "forgets" to mention that the police have launched an investigation and are treating this is a racially aggrevated assault]

The lib/lab/con political elite continually ignoring racist attacks on white indigenous people and failing to charge the minority perpetrators with the crime of racism is tantamount to declaring open season on whites. No wonder these gangs of minority cowards have become more emboldened and attack lone indigenous people with impunity. Why is it a crime against humanity and maximum publicity given when it’s a rare incident of white-on-minority crime but when the opposite is the case the minority perps are seldom, if ever, charged with racism. This is a blatant double standard and is leading to the serial victimisation of the indigenous population of these islands.

[Strangely, after saying this, the BNP member goes on to quote the Human Rights Act...]

dr dees brainwashing elixir, BNP Website 6 Comments [10/5/2008 4:06:42 AM]
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Quote# 48484

“Have you seen the new Hovis ad.”

Yes, almost made me weep. I know it’s only fiction but did the young men of 1914 and 1930 really go to war so that their grandchildren could be lorded over by foreigners ?
I have searched long and hard on our village war memorial and I can’t find a single Khan, Wong or Ali. All the names are, not surprisingly, 100% from these islands.

Littlewhiteboy, BNP Website 16 Comments [10/4/2008 9:11:42 PM]
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Quote# 48504

The BBC might possibly have overlooked the real reasons people are turning to the BNP - like the ethnic cleansing of White neighbourhoods, often through rape and murder.

Karl Baxter, BNP Website 7 Comments [10/4/2008 3:15:13 AM]
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Quote# 48325

Lt. Fred: This poll shows exactly how racist white Americans are. 1 in 6 Republicans desribe blacks as 'intelligent in school'.

Damn whites, whatever gave them those ideas!

Of course the fault is in white people. Whites think blacks are bad students NOT because black people ARE bad students, but because whites people are evil racists who want to hate on da black man for no apparent reason.

In a sane society blacks would wonder why they're not liked.

Black people vote for Obama because they hope that he will be able to end the endemic and institutionalised racism that has plauged them for the last two centuries.

I'm looking forward to see some grand improvements.

Will Derrickson: lol, are you trying to say that segregation was a good thing, American MinuteMan?

It wasn't good, but it was better.

PS. Political correctness is for niggers.

Bigot, rstdt 10 Comments [10/3/2008 10:28:50 PM]
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Quote# 48583

A white person voting for Barack Obama would be the same as a black person voting for David Duke. Both are racist to the core and attract racist supporters. Obama has the support of hard-core bigots such as the Right Reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Louie "The Lip" Farrakhan and Spike Lee.

Calhoun343, NJ.com 15 Comments [10/3/2008 2:43:35 PM]
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Submitted By: Stormwarden

Quote# 48446

Roe vs Wade was by far the best (the only?) thing the modern left has ever done for country.

Had it not been for Roe, there would be an an extra 13 - 20 million American blacks running loose and causing general havoc.

May God bless the abortion doctors!

The Undiscovered Jew, halfsigma 22 Comments [10/2/2008 5:07:19 PM]
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Quote# 48499

What the devil are these Indian firms doing here anyway? And don’t their recruiting policies look a little bit like racism, which we all know Indians excel at?

John L, BNP Website 18 Comments [10/1/2008 3:04:16 AM]
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