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Quote# 58511

Christian is a Christian, not a xtian. Rastafarian ism is not a true religion, it's a nigger religion worshiped by ungrateful, wrongfully freed slaves. Anyone who worships the negro race is going to Hell.

TrueChristian8, youtube 9 Comments [2/10/2009 5:20:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Sam

Quote# 58315

Just because you say nigger doesn't mean your racist. I say it all? the time, and I have nigger friends. And I hate that our president is black

XUnleashedBiA, Youtube 17 Comments [2/10/2009 2:49:42 AM]
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Submitted By: John

Quote# 58499

Generally speaking, blacks are terribly racist people. Of course they voted for him because he's black. The vast majority of blacks hate white people and white culture to the point of wanting to destroy everything associated with it. That's a very sad state of being.

HeidiWhite, Stormfront 15 Comments [2/9/2009 11:27:02 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Starfire

Quote# 58018

No logic to that. No one needs to buy an Island, everyone already has their own, so to speak. The trouble is other races don't know how to put their's to good use..
Blacks have a huge island in that sense. It's called Africa. If blacks think they're so hot stuff, they should go back and actually make something of their motherland. I'm sure the whites there will have less objection to giving it back to you than you may imagine. The challenge is if you can make it without the white man's help.
So stuff it.

Brigit, Yahoo! Answers 16 Comments [2/9/2009 9:01:57 PM]
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Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 58050

There are hundreds of ethnic minority groups such as the black police association, the muslim police association etc, who dont allow whites in.

There are anti white racism schemes called "positive discrimination" which means employers can legally not employ a candidate because he / she is white.

Are these called racist? NO

The BNP is the ONLY group that sticks up for the indigenous population of this country.
And yet we get called racist, why is that?

The indigenous population is white-i am not going to apologise for that, or apologise for being white myself-thats just the way it is!

As a Leading Member of the BNP, I don't hate any other races, I just want to preserve my race, my culture and my heritage.

I'm not some neo-nazi sieg-heiling maniac like the media say.

I am just a British Nationalist, I am against immigration and want British culture preserved.

Got to alum rock Bradford where the infamous "no whites after 7pm" sign was.
Go to south London- Britains very own mini-Afrika, see how long you last before you get attacked or stabbed.
They are proof of the multicultural disaster Labour and the conservatives have created.

I am against whole of Britain becoming like this, and I will always be against multiculturalism.If that makes me a "racist" then so be it.

* 6 days ago

BNP Gold Member

Rule-Britannia, answers 21 Comments [2/9/2009 9:01:25 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 58124

When whites are gone, civilization will slowly crumble and the sub-humans will inch backward. The nation state will fade into simple tribalism ruled by a strong and ruthless leader who cares little for making things, only tribute and riches. With no whites left to enforce the rules, schools will cease to serve a function. Tribe members will see no need to learn the white man's ways any more and Tribal leaders will want all members to protect the tribe from other tribes. The basic infrastructure of modern civilization will be slowly phased out as the struggle for mere existence supersedes the ability to make and or buy computers, cars, telephones, paper, pens, pencils, books, make canned food, butcher cows. Just like in the gang infesting the inner cities of today, the strong will prey on the weak for the for the remaining devices and equipment left behind; from simple cars, jewelry, fine clothes, guns, and money in the beginning, to canned food and livestock before abandoning the cities to become nomads in search of food.

Eventually, there will be only bands of dark skinned hunter gathers runting in the dirt, killing each other with knives and using old stop-signs as mystical shields of protection as they look in bewilderment at the decaying cities and the ancient gods who built them.

Lord Jim, stormfront.org 24 Comments [2/9/2009 5:55:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 7

Quote# 58390

This is why we should declare war with mexico.
Notice how ONLY the liberals are opposed to dropping bombs on mexico. This is liberalism at it's finest. We should nuke the shit out of every greasy tortilla faced beaner in mexico. Mexico is the scum of the earth and the source of all illegal immegrants and drugs.

Dude Bradfest, Youtube 23 Comments [2/9/2009 5:08:54 AM]
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Quote# 58008

[Calls the Holocaust a myth..Well It's Stormfront, go fig I guess?]

Over the past few months i've read a lot into what now seems to me to be the myth of the holocaust(tm) and made dignified attempts at discarding the exaggerations and seizing upon the truths.

I've found the Holocaust Handbooks (Theses & Dissertations Press) to be the most reliable and detailed (not to mention trustworthy, as they are clearly impartial and objective). I've also found it valuable listening to David Irving's many seminars, since he has had the resources to locate and uncover the primary archival information that reveals the true state of affairs - something certain groups have grown very fearful of, and as a result have had him vilified like he is the anti-christ.

There are a couple of arguements that i have not yet been able to counter:

1. Why do none of the surviving inmates declare "I was an inmate, i KNOW there weren't people gassed to death! It's all a lie! I was an inmate i can prove it all!"

2. For the 10,000 unreliable possibly hoax witness testimonies, there are 10,000 that are considered reliable. Surely not ALL of the surviving inmates have been exaggerating?

3. What do you say to someone who tells you, "but there are thousands of witness testimonies to either clearly seeing or surviving homicidal gas chambers!"?

Also, it seems that nowadays, many of the genuine truth-seeking 'revisionist' (i hate that word, it's such a swear word now) historians/researchers agree that there were gassings in farmhouses adjacent to the main body of the Auschwitz camp. Can anyone provide more info on this? It also seems many of the same people beleive that there was gassings at Treblinka. Any more info/sources on this either?

Responses appreciated.


ScotsAryan, Stormfront 11 Comments [2/9/2009 4:52:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Starfire

Quote# 58295

[Ron proves that he is Racist.]

Don't look like Obama likes white folks and they call us racists because we don't like him and his ideas. Folks this is the POTUS who we have in office with a questionable natural born citizen issue. This country is divided more than ever.

[Obama is not even fully black anyway! He is black and white, a mixed breed, which most of us are anyway!]

He plays the race card, that's what he does and if you question him you are a racist. That's the game he plays . Look at his pastor Jeremiah Wright ! Is that guy a racist ?????????

ron4jesus, RR 13 Comments [2/8/2009 10:02:56 PM]
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Quote# 58388

[If the majority voted to reinstate the ban on interracial marriage, would it be OK?]

Yes. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Laquisha.

Half God Half Ape, Yahoo! Answers 23 Comments [2/8/2009 4:31:40 PM]
Fundie Index: 16
Submitted By: PWEOTWEB

Quote# 58058

The word 'racist' is used by liberals to keep down whites. We whites should not be afraid of expressing our opinions in own country

Henry B, answers 11 Comments [2/8/2009 4:15:54 PM]
Fundie Index: 0
Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 58323

"Obama told the students, "We were just tired of being in the White House.""

What Obama really meant by that is: "We are so oppressed in that White House, I mean, even the "white" name is oppressive." When will he and Michelle attempt to have it painted so that it won't be "white" any longer?

tcw_laj4ALL, Free Republic 10 Comments [2/8/2009 2:24:52 PM]
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Submitted By: Space Helicopter

Quote# 58230

What makes people think just because theyre a U.S. citzen that they are somehow are American..?

Like Im suppose to look at an Asian and act like hes somehow an American.We all know they'll steal our intellectual property.Or Im supposed to listen to someone speaking spanish and play dumb like thier a real American when we all know they the hoped off a banana boat or hoped a border fence last week. In fact anyone who speaks with a forigen accent isnt American either. If your parents have an accent your quasi-American ..Oh yes if life the wild homosexual lifestyle you arent a American, your European or your acting European..

We need to find another name for these people, I dont think anyone can call these out of the mainstream oddballs folks Americans. These people should simply be called "U.S. citizens".

Authentic Black American, Yahoo! Answers 17 Comments [2/8/2009 1:11:58 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 58045

I totally agree.

"Britain is a country of tolerance"
"Britain has always been multicultural"
What utter crap!
Britain had an empire up until the 40s, and only for the last 50 years has mass immigration been going on.

Considering we are British Nationalists we are about as Pro-Britain as is possible.

If you dont support the BNP, then you are against Britain.

A great example of this is the current refinery strikes

The only political party the has come out in support of the British workers is the BNP.

Therfore if you against the BNP, then you are against Britain, and the British People.

If the BNP came to power, it really would be:

* 52 minutes ago

BNP Gold Member

Rule-Britannia, answers 18 Comments [2/8/2009 1:10:25 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 58051

They stick up for white people, If people think that's racist then so be it. Id rather be racist and alive than a liberal in burka. They want to protect our country from mindless bigots and racist minority groups.

Jonty Ponty, answers 7 Comments [2/8/2009 1:08:26 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 57923

You cannot apply today's laws to something that happened over 40 years ago. The Hague Convention of 1930 supersedes US adoption laws while they reinforce Indonesian adoption laws in this case.

In 1960 it would have been impossible for a white girl/woman to give birth to a bastard halfbreed colored child. It just didn't happen. She could have been admitted to an ALL WHITE hospital to have her colored child aborted and that was it. No ALL WHITE hospital would allow a colored child in their ALL WHITE nursery.

Barry claims he was born in Hawaii yet in his book he places his mother at Harvard trying to get his father to marry her. That in itself sounds fishy as well since there was NO SUCH THING as a biracial marriage in the early 60. Forget the fact that bigamy was illegal in both Kenya and the United States.

Barry's mother had to leave the country before Barry was born. A white hospital would never have allowed a colored baby to be born in their ALL WHITE hospital.

A white woman would have never been allowed to be seen in public with a colored man. We also know that from his birth up until he was 10 years old he lived either in Kenya or in Indonesia. Since we have documented evidence that Barry was adopted when he was 4 we know that he spent the first 3 possibly 4 years of his life in Kenya and the next 6 to 7 years in Indonesia.

That still leaves the FACT that once Barry's adoption by Lolo Soetoro was finalized his name was legally changed to Barry Soetoro as documented by his school records and his place of birth was legally changed to Indonesia.

Jim Hayden, Topix.com 11 Comments [2/8/2009 1:06:28 PM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 58002

Thread title: I'm bipartisan, close GITMO now!

Just kill all the raghead scum in there first!

I just saw how the animals get all agitated when they see ON TV (why the *expletive deleted* are we giving these animals TV?) women "offending" them, like a woman washing her arms in a Palmolive commercial.

Can I go there and use these animals for target practice? Plllllease!


[Amusing how the expletive was deleted but the racial slur was not. Go fig.]

mustang35, ACOC 6 Comments [2/8/2009 1:04:22 PM]
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Quote# 58325

Why are MOST serial killers, serial rapists, school shooters and child molesters Caucasian?

Because white people are more susceptible to

mental instability.

When white people feel down on themselves they:

1.Kill themselves and/or their family
2.Kill strangers at random places
3.Do a school shooting
4.Cut themselves
5.Go emo

Keira, Yahoo! Answers 18 Comments [2/8/2009 10:00:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 58054

5 Years ago, i was very uneducated about the nazis, hitler etc, only what i'de been taught at school.
Back then Hitler was bad ,evil, all nazis ate children etc etc

However, having done a lot of research on Hitler and the nazis (boredom and curiosity) I have realised that History seems to have been written by the winners of ww2, and that nazi germany was nothing like what i thought it was, and that had the nazis of won, we wouldnt all be blonde german slaves.

When I look at Britain to day, and infact the state of western society in General, i often wonder if things would be better had the third reich prevailed.Its an unavoidable question in Britain today, the point has came where the question has to be asked...
Was it really worth it?

Was Hitler right all along?

I think the fact that this question has to even be asked proves what the answer is.

Rule-Britannia, answers 18 Comments [2/7/2009 7:36:41 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 58053

Fox news is controlled by Jews, as is sky news over here, in fact 95%+ of americas media is controlled by jews

Rule-Britannia, answers 18 Comments [2/6/2009 9:53:16 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 58096

They are a threat and they are a tight group, but they are stupid, and cowardly when they are not in the company of their own, just like the blacks, only not quite as bad in my opinion. One intelligent, skilled, brave and armed white man is worth 10 or more of those sawed off little Mexicans.

Frostbeard the Barbarian, Stormfront 11 Comments [2/6/2009 5:49:25 PM]
Fundie Index: 0
Submitted By: Starfire

Quote# 57750

OUR Southern Cross

Banjo would cringe at this modern day mess
Old Saltbush Bill would yell out in distress,
The Southern Cross shines, though it seems she might know
Her luminance less radiant, on this mess down below,

They sing ‘we are one’, though the voices are strange
And they no longer echo, ‘cross valley and range,
These ‘new found’ Australians, don’t live by our ways
Bringing with them their cultures, demanding it stays,

No pleases or thank-you’s, just “this what we need’
But we sit back and watch them, as our culture bleeds
Their funding? OUR taxes, donations, not earned,
They show no respect as the Aussie flag burns

Crowds in hysterics, threatening violence and pain
If demands are ignored, this is truly insane
And it’s apathy greasing the wheels to demise
The madness unchecked under our very own skies.

How long, if ever, until the masses awake?
And will there be time to correct this mistake?
Our forefathers sweated and bled for the land
And created OUR country by toiling of hand

Speak up and be heard, Stand firm for your rights
Take pride in your culture, And pride that you’re white
Australians true, beneath OUR southern sky
In Pride we must trust , til the day that we die.

Western Bulldog 14/09/2004

Western Bulldog, stormfront 22 Comments [2/5/2009 6:07:02 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By:

Quote# 57960

We dont need gun control we need nigger control. Lets put an assault nigger ban in place...

Rebel with a cause, Niggermania 19 Comments [2/5/2009 3:38:35 PM]
Fundie Index: 7

Quote# 58163

I admit I created an image of Barrack Hussein Obama in my home the other day. Then I flushed.

EZLucas, Rapture Ready 22 Comments [2/3/2009 2:47:55 PM]
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Quote# 57694

Barack Obama has signed another Executive Order revoking the so-called "gag rule" on abortions.

...Of course, the pro-life folks are very upset about this, but even though I am pro-life, I am not upset by it. My reasoning is quite simple: It won't be WHITE babies being aborted.

I know that sounds terrible, but it isn't. The simple truth is that by killing-off third world savages while they're still in the womb, we're doing the whole planet a real service.

Face it: those brown and black skinned kids will never amount to anything. They won't invent anything. They won't discover anything. They won't dream grand dreams or create grand civilizations. They never have and never will.

In real life, they're a huge danger to civilized people and a major drain on the planet. They wreck the environment, they need huge amounts of medical and pharmaceutical assistance because they're so backwards. They are a huge strain on the treasuries of developed nations.

After all, it's us civilized folk who end up paying tens of billions to treat them for AIDS, pay hundreds of billions to grow and ship them food, pay unimaginable quantities to rebuild their pathetic nations after they go to war with each other. I mean, really. . . . . what good are they?

So while I am pro-life, I support Barack Obama's decision and look forward to the abortion mills turning on full blast in every third world cesspool on earth.

Maybe we can use the aborted darkies as some sort of bio-fuel to power our cars? We should look into it.

hal turner, hal turner show 25 Comments [2/2/2009 10:21:10 PM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: Damned at Random
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