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[Commenter calls Vox Day a racist for claiming that if women don't wish to be "forcibly raped" they should avoid the company of black and Hispanic men.]

Your claim that it is racist simply shows that you don't understand the basic concept of probability. Most black men are not rapists. Most Hispanic men are not rapists. However, an individual black man is 3x more likely to commit rape than the individual white/Hispanic man. I would conservatively estimate about 6x more likely than the individual white man but it's hard to say precisely because Hispanic offenders are listed as white by the FBI. It could be closer to 10x, depending upon the Hispanic/white offender ratio.

So, simply avoiding the company of black men significantly reduces a woman's chance of being raped by more than half an order of magnitude. That's not debatable. If you support seat belt and helmet laws, there is no way you can reasonably refuse to fail to endorse the practice of white women concerned about rape avoiding the company of black men based on the probabilities. Anecdotally speaking, of the three women that I have known who were raped, all white, two were raped by black men and the other was kidnapped and raped by a man who was Hmong.


Enoch Powell was right. John Derbyshire was right. I'd much rather have the idiots refuse to listen to me and be ultimately judged correct by history than maintain my audience by telling lies.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 25 Comments [9/10/2012 11:32:09 AM]
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Quote# 89377

Go Mittens!
You’re makin’ all the right people foam at the mouth!
While you’re contemplating why the media are having such a hissy fit (and always do) when the subject of BLACK PEOPLE comes up, it’s because, although you’d never know it from television and politics, there just ain’t that many of them.
And some of us WHITE PEOPLE are fed up with being played by them. When food stamp people get pounds of sliced roast beef at the deli while I’m there to get the discount rolls for my lunch, something is totally rotten in Denmark! I’m PAYING FOR THEIR roast beef, yet can’t afford it, myself, because I’m taxed to frikkin’ DEATH!
If mentioning that way too many blacks and illegals are on welfare pleases whites and makes blacks sad, go for it!
Again, like queers, there just ain’t that many of them. If they didn’t always lie and cheat, they’d never win crap!

John J, Pajamas Media 26 Comments [9/5/2012 6:55:30 AM]
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Quote# 89301

One day there will be oceans of blood, and it will be payback time, and all those "reactionaries" are actually going to react. We will blockade and starve out your union run cities, obliterate your power crazed federal agencies, and take OUR country back. The worst is what we are going to have to deal with when you are all gone. But, that's our worry. Remember, Neos [neonazis] are the ones who developed and perfected industrial grade murder of civilians. Are you SURE you want to poke at us?

Daxxenos, fark 37 Comments [9/2/2012 5:48:59 AM]
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Quote# 89299

You are in MASSIVE TROUBLE! The mere mention of this labels you a Right Wing Racist, and a Neo Nazi.

Progressive Dogma states that: EVERYONE IS ABSOLUTELY EQUAL!
There is no such thing as a Bell Curve. All differences are cultural and equally valid.
East Asians can't be better at math than Western Europeans,
Jews can't be creative thinkers by heredity,
Western Europeans can't have a genetic predisposition toward technical generalism (Being able to take a variety of disparate facts and re-assemble them in a new fashion.),
Blacks and Amerinds KNEW about the wheel, the basic machines and large scale agriculture, but the chose not to use them because they were in tune with Gaia....

That's why it's Europe's fault that Africans are raping babies to stop AIDS, and that dozens of charities with millions of dollars and euros are required to provide clean wells for dictators that are banking billions in Switzerland.

Keep this in mind:
"The gun's Chinese, paid for by Russian rubles. The steel probably came from a West German factory built by French francs. Then it was flown out here to the Congo on a South African airline probably subsidized by The United States...

Daxxenos, fark 25 Comments [9/2/2012 5:44:46 AM]
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Quote# 89289

Don’t know if civil rights are immature, but it is immature to concern yourself with the civil rights of some alien ethnic group. Let them take care of themselves. A mature individual wouldn’t care where the black mob is are sitting – as long as it wasn’t too close to himself. A sign of maturity is to mind your own business. There is nothing more immature than trying to make the world better.

The Evil Gringo, I Read Odd Books 21 Comments [9/1/2012 6:44:04 PM]
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