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Recently on the forums of a loacal game store that I go to I saw a member post this.

"Gentlemen, ladies, whoever may find themselves reading this, you have heard correctly. The end times are quickly descending upon our meek Earth, and I feel it is my duty to post a warning that times will soon become a lot more dangerous. With current world affairs, terror, and other global issues, we are on are way to MAD, as you know, Mutually Assured Destruction. August 22 is a highly important religious holiday to the Muslim people, and the leader of the nation of Iran, under scrutiny for pursuing nuclear weapons, has announced that on August 22, their holiday, that Iran would "answer all of the world's questions about their nuclear intentions". In fact, Iran wishes to create massive destruction on a global level, killing everyone in the process, even themselves, in hopes of driving their prophet Muhammad to return to Earth. We cannot be sure of their intentions, but it is not totally far-fetched to believe that this year,
2006, could begin the end of the world. I do not post this for laughs, jokes, to create debate, or any other nonsense. I post this as a warning to all."

And then not very sure if he was joking or not I did some research and found some interesting links. http://www.theconservativevoice.com/article/16862.html

Dr. Sha, Infinite Blue Clan 3 Comments [8/14/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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