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Quote# 15210

Ok, I'm a racist. I hate Muslims. I hate muslims of EVERY RACE. I don't care if they are white, brown, yellow, red, I don't give a shit if they are purple with bright pink pin stripping. I don't give a shit if they are strait, gay, or trans-gendered freakoids.

I consider ALL muslims the same. Be they Radical or "Moderate". I truly believe, in my heart, they should ALL be rounded up an eliminated.

I also hate LIBERAL PUSSIES who will stand out in public and apologize for them, and CONDONE the actions of the SILENT MODERATE MUSLIMS, because the liberals, in their own special little way are AIDING THE MUSLIM TERRORISTS, whether you want to fukin admit it or not. It matters not a BIT to me.

It's my SINCEREST WISH that when the cleansing of Islam begins, that you take your RIGHTFUL PLACE and you stand with your fukin Muslim brothers. Hold each others dicks and think happy thoughts while you await your own turn at the guillotine.

Gonzo67, Free Conservatives 54 Comments [9/21/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15118

uh...Europe is being invaded and taken over by muslims who are preaching death to the UK in their streets!!!

Sorta like the millions who took to our streets here in the USA recently and DEMANDED THEIR RIGHTS.....again...uh....get over it gringo....no citizen...no rights....you want rights....become a citizen...learn the WORLD LANGUAGE of ENGLISH....(have spanish as your back-up)...assimilate....you can have your cultural days, but become AN AMERICAN and stop putting up the Mexican flag at US POST OFFICES.....

They have no loyalty to America.....they have no American identity.....they come....they use us for their gain and discard our laws and way of life....they whore America...and our govt. let's them,!!

T.J., Minuteman Message Board 20 Comments [9/19/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15078

We need a new Crusades. We shouldn't run away from it, but embrace it. The Crusades were undertaken to purge Europe and Jerusalem of muslims. The world needs another housecleaning.

I do not care if there are muslims who do not support their radical elements. Too bad for them. Like it was too bad for the Germans who didn't support the nazis, or Japanese who didn't like what the Emperor was doing. We didn't care then and we shouldn't care now. Innocent people on BOTH sides of a war get hurt and die. The muslims are no different than anyone else.

Kathy30, FreeConservatives 32 Comments [9/18/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15086

Think of it this way.

Would you let a serial killer be a congressman? Absolutely not!
Would you let a member of the mafia become a congressman, even though the mafia member may never have comitted a crime? Absolutely not! The reason is because the mafia member supports anarchy and supports anyway in which that goal is achieved.

In the same way, I would never support a muslim to hold a government office.

Teenager, FreeConservatives 30 Comments [9/18/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15089

So what exactly do you propose we do? Keep in mind that you have to either stay within the framework of the constitution as it is currently, or get it amended to disallow Muslims from holding office...
You want a practical answer... Here's your answer... WW2 style internment camps for Muslims in the US until this Islamic campaign to enslave the world is ended... Then those who officially and publically swear allegiance to the American flag and the Constitution can rejoin society in general...

Lazarus, FreeConservatives 30 Comments [9/18/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15097

This is just another part of the liberal fear machine that they've been working into radical socialists. "Your government is taking away your privacy oh noes!"

Come on. This is rediculous.

LegoAddict hit the nail on the head. We're at war. The Pope is getting blasted by Muslims for what he said when it had nothing to do with Islam. These people we're fighting, these Islamists, they want to either convert you to Islam or kill you. The video tapes they produce are serious because they follow up on them. Tens of Thousands of people have been victims of terrorism in just the last five years. The terrorists are more of a threat to you than your government; it's very sad to me that people can't see that. You see, the government provides for you, services, security, etc.... You give up some of your freedoms so you can draw on those benefits. The government does NOT serve you, it is a symbiotic relationship. You give a little, you take a little.

We're at war. We need to start acting like it. If you are white, if you ware Christian, if you are Jewish, if you are Hindi, if you are black, if you are Western, if you are female, you are a target to these people. They hate for you what you are. This is a race war, and there's no superior or inferior race here. They want me dead. So my plan is to kill as many of them as possible before they accomplish that. The rest of the world needs to realize and do the same. Islam is about to go to war with every other religion and you need to get ready for it.

Terrorists are HAPPY that you don't trust your government, because that means they're winning. They want you to fear your government and mistrust your neighbors. We need to rally together against them. They hate your governments, and if you hate your leaders and your government then you're just helping them.

Kehnith'Ra, Uru Obsession 23 Comments [9/18/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15012

[Speaking of a racist game that would sell the best among racist groups...]

A sniping game would definetly rule, Either that or you set traps all over inner city places (ex. watermelon, fried chicken) and collect your vermin then have a bunch of choices to dispose of them. Maybe hanging, burning, stabbing, choking, drowning, firing squad(the entire squad having live rounds), or just dragging them from your car/truck. that would be great.

Aryan Brother, TightRope 36 Comments [9/16/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Jonathan Fisher

Quote# 14967

Have you ever read the Bible? Do you know how serious it is to desecrate the image of Christ?

I realize you and Ari are both liberals and Jews, and as such you don’t respect Christ, Christians and you don’t know right from wrong. I realize that for you guys, Christ symbolizes white oppression or whatever it is that you insane whack jobs think that justifies depicting God as a cartoon character that shops at WalMart.

But I thought you liberal pigs were supposed to be the “tolerant” ones? I thought you liberal pigs were all about “diversity” and “respecting the viewpoints of others?”

And then you do disgusting things like this and throw a fit when someone posts pictures that are equally disgusting to others?

Fuck you.

I would tell you to go to hell, but by posting and defending sacreligous things like this, you are clearly already on your way.

[There's lots more from this guy!]

TJ, Ann Arbor Area Community News 24 Comments [9/15/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 14830

[Reponse to a UK Guardian News article about Education.]

I haven't read the article, and I don't need to, for the fact of the matter is that honky education simply cannot be imparted into simian noggins, full stop, period, end of story.
It fucking grieves me that the White high school that I attended is now infested with groids and mudslums bused in from da hood, and my two nephews will be going there eventually.
Thanks jews. Next time there will be REAL gas chambers!

Horsa, Tight Rope Forums 33 Comments [9/11/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 14581

1. beyond the shadow of a dout the Messiah is black, what one would call a
2. His people are also black (or "negroes").
3. the pale Jews in Israel today are COUNTERFEITS.
4. it's critically important that we understand that color should not matter when
it comes to dealing with biblical truth. But, since it was man's agenda via
satan to use color to distort and confuse the truth then we must use the truth
regarding color to arrive back at the truth.

[More of the same Follows]

be not deceived, Above Top Secret 23 Comments [9/5/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 14504

[Who killed Jesus?]
jews = antichrists. plain and simple. the jews killed him, corrupted his religion and are just douche bags in general.

scion1985, Above Top Secret 25 Comments [9/4/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 14505

So the Jews pursue money and Jesus goes among the poor and says that money is bad. Remain poor and goto heavan is the message.

Outcome - the Jews get to keep thier belief that money and prosperity is good while laughing at the claims of Jesus.

Poor people feel better about being poor, but understand the jewish drive for money a little better. Those poor Jews they just don't understand that we know more than they do. (Gentiles cop a superiority complex)

The jews kill jesus and jesus comes back too life just to spite the jewish establishment.

Now the stage is set. The jews can go about thier business of wealth accumulation and now they have a safty valve set into place in the impoversed section of society who will warn them of impending doom. At any point in the future, if they get too greedy they can be assurred that a re-incarnated Jesus will pop his up out of the crowd and call them dirty names.

Result - The jews back off of profit taking for a little while and launch propaganda campaigns which make them look good. Note: This plan seemed to back fire on them during WW2.

In nothing we trust, Above Top Secret 22 Comments [9/4/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 14506

The Bible I believe has Whites as the pinnacle of God's creativity, with all the lesser, brown races as sort of the labor for the Earth, God's workforce if you will. God created Adam, who was ostensibly the first Spirit-man created by God. There is archealogical evidence of races of man thousands of years before Adam, but NONE of them show any of Adam's brain size or his White skin (they all have a brown (mud colored?) skin and smaller brains. Sure, now there are browns with IQ's in the higher reaches, some even higher than Whites, but that's only because of the race-mixing that has occurred over the centuries.

Confederado, Tight Rope Forums 28 Comments [9/4/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 14468

Have you ever seen the television commercials with some
white guy walking around a bunch of filth and garbage in
the middle of a niggar village and all the niggers kids are sitting or lying around the piles of trash, and flies are crawling on their faces...and this twat wants you to send money "for the children"?

(no adult niggers in the commercial either, because they are
hiding, sleeping, intentionally having more babies, raping,
begging, or stealing.)

Well FUCK THEM! All the filthy dumbasses have to do is get off their nigger asses and pick the garbage up from their porches and bury it somewhere on the edge of town...like the rest of us do.

Whitey_McCracker, TightRope Forums 23 Comments [9/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Alice in Fundieland

Quote# 14469

The direction Britain is heading at the moment is worrying the crap out of me. Being in the European Union is going to destroy our heritage and economy. Our government said there would only be 13.000 polish immigrants arriving and seeking employment but in reality we have had over 500.000. Yes indeed they are contributing to our ecomomy by taking all the low paid jobs we British don't want and the ones I have met seem pretty decent people. But my question is what jobs are going to be left for the hundred of thousands shitskin thieving Romanians and Bulgarians expected to arrive next year? That filthy race of people is going to put a huge strain on our health and education system, the crime is going to up with all the drug gangs coming over freely. We are going to see disgusting Romanian pikeys liking on our parks stealing fish out our rivers. The list can on on and on. Then we have the muslim Turkish coming over freely in 9 years time. WE ARE FUCKED. Am I the only one feeling sick at the prospects?

paki beater, TightRope Forums 25 Comments [9/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Alice in Fundieland
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