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HyperSpace is the latest craze in astronomy.It is suggested that this is being used by aliens,to travel at or near the speed of Light.some claim the Big bang was caused by these aliens,from Hyperspace..There are some unbelievable claims,that Blackholes,are in fact conduits from normal Space to the Hyperspace!
There are rumours that NASA is shutting its site for ordinary folks when,Military Code is used for communication,by Astronauts/Cosmonauts,when aliens Spaceships follow ,say,ISS or Space Shuttle or Soyuz!
There is also a rumours that the USA and Russia stopped Moon explorations,after warnings by the aliens!but Mars and Venus probes continue. Unmanned,of course!
Do NASA and the Russians resort to this method,to discourage others?If there are aliens in Hyperspace,why nobody has had any visit,so far?Why all the UFOs are sighted in the West or near and around the USA?

Veerar, CARM.org 3 Comments [1/30/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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"dozens of Palestinian girls "

I find that hard to belive.
Do the plaestinian girls know the are talkig to Jews? I would think they uncles, if they have not blown theirselves up yet, would have somthing to say about that.

Secondly, i think that eventually the innocent jewish american girl scouts will be asked how to break security measures in America (though it might be pharsed like this: "Where do you make out at?")

Cube, Protocalls Of The Yuppies of Zion 7 Comments [1/27/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Ron Paul is NOT a socialist, but the only way you can get elected to Congress is to run as a member of one of the two party names of the socilaist party with two names. I never said he was a socialist, only that he was elected by running on the Repugnant ticket and will, I assume, be running for president as a Repugnant. I am an individualist, therefore, I abhor socialism. Did you know that in 2004, GWB tried to get Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo out of Congress because they are such thorns in his (fascist socialist) side?

What's curious? If I intended to run for president, and remember I am an extreme anti-socialist, I'd start out by running for state representative in one of the two names of the socialist party with two names. After at least a term as a state representative, I'd run for Congress or governor under the same party name and after a few terms, make a bid for president. If that sounds like "Career Politicianism" isn't that how it is usually done? There is no Cpaitalist Party and third parties don't stand a snowflakes chance in Hell unless the people of this once great country wake up!

Joe Btfsplk, FSTDT Coments 5 Comments [1/19/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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i think you are onthe right track keep it up. the goverment. are letting mexico take over with out firing a shot.it is time the amarican people stand up for the united states.or they will have president foxx.president of the united states. the people in the white house they don’ t have to work with them like the police dept does. i know the police have a dangerous job. i am mad. thanks for what you are doing.we need every state to stand up .

luther elliott, Mexico Owes the USA 1 Comments [1/13/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 24877

i think you are onthe right track keep it up. the goverment. are letting mexico take over with out firing a shot.it is time the amarican people stand up for the united states.or they will have president foxx.president of the united states. the people in the white house they don’ t have to work with them like the police dept does. i know the police have a dangerous job. i am mad. thanks for what you are doing.we need every state to stand up .

luther elliott, Mexico Owes the USA 1 Comments [1/13/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback

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The difference between many people here at PO and the resident wingnut* is that the wingnut* looks at HIStory, history and HERstory for the really big picture folks.

Everything in infinite Space is filled with in waves and out waves.
Everything in infinite Space is defined by how these waves interact to form 'standing waves'.
Standing waves = Matter

I look at the really looooooooooong term cycles which suggests that what goes around...comes around. How far back do I attempt to go metaphorically?
As all cosmogonists do...to that point of time where creation itself manifests.

That is how I ended up promoting the swastika.
To the sheeple and seagullible and fearful Jews … I did not wake up one day thinking I would resurrect the swastika to its rightful place in history…no…I was lead down a very interesting esoteric path these past 2 years, a inward journey of many aha!, often associated and confirmed by a rather interesting ‘vibration’.
The swastika’s all-encompassing profound symbolism...suggests to me that this symbol, because of its undeniable extensive use throughout the ancient globe, its apparent use by totally disparate societies circumventing all manmade and natural boundaries is so important ... why do we in the WEST only in the WEST, marginalize this symbol...why are we apparently tossing this symbol that has the potential to link our ancestry into the occult scrap heap along with the number 5 representing the pentagram and the bad luck associated with the number 13?

Why so quick to marginalize this profound symbol that is perhaps a key to a truth?

To appease the Jews because the WEST felt guilty about what happened to them during the war?
Did we give the gays and gypsies who also got gassed their own countries?
History would show these people also have been persecuted throughout HIStory.
So if I suggest the WESTERN media is slanted to appease the Jews, this is considered a skewered view and labels me anti-Semitic?
Oy vey.

To answer the profound question above, why so quick to condemn the swastika and flash this symbol on our WESTERN TV sets, in our WESTERN print, this symbol is always ‘flashed’ for the WESTERN sheeple when talking about the Jewish Holycaust.
The answer is often in the question.

Because this symbol would unite our ancestry and prove the self-serving literal interpretations of the Torah, Bible and Quran, giving these spoiled and chosen tribes, all descendants of Abraham reign over the Earth with their scripture STOLEN from the Goddess worshipping egalitarian pagans that came before them.

Dan Brown’s HIStory lesson begins about 2000 years ago and discusses the metaphorical poster boy’s semen escaping crucifixion in the chalice of the Holy Grail….Mary’s womb.
Yeah right.
What if Jesus was using condoms made from sheeple and ewe gut?
What if Mary liked it not missionary but actually preferred anal?
What if Mary the whore swallowed?

Any thinking and feeling human being knows history did not begin with the Alpha and Omega highly ADVERTISED Jesus Christ….the fucking chosen can believe what ever their self-serving interpretations tell them….I only suggest and there is ample evidence….ewe are not so special, all ewe Jews, ewe Christians and ewe Muslims….ewe and your ‘divine’ scriptures, the messages contained therein can be found the world over.
Millennia before your bible thumping ancestors decided to spread their gospel by the power of the sword.
Duh…eh Poop Ratzinger, what say thee about how Christianity has been sold?
Fucking hyprocrite…I despise and distrust any superior who points fingers and suggests himself and his beliefs innocent.
How many Poop Innocents were there?

That is what HIStory, comparative myth, comparative religion, iconography and symbolism has taught me.

We are all equal.
Know thyself.

What is going on in the Middle East has been scripted and EWE all have all been invited.
Idiots, so stupid and filled with hate they can’t see straight, just as prophesized you have fueled into believing you are the liberators of an earthly hell…when in fact….it is the WE in the EWE that are the authors of our own collective HELL.
WE, if you wake up and acknowledge our collective behaviours are indeed the anti-Christs in how we have chosen to structure the elemental earth.
Now why is that perspective such a tough SELL?

And I will say I can prove using science and linguistics (let us investigate the Logos) ...Jews vibrate differently.
Does that make me an anti-Semite, remember I used science, a truth right?
You see this is how a true master works.
He uses the energy of his opponent and turns it back onto himself.
I can use WESTERN science to prove the 'Jew has a different vibration'...but heh I also suggest..maybe we should investigate what this 'chosen' vibration is all about?



P.s. **I was destined to win 'wingnut' status ... a wingnut either tightens or loosens its grip depending on whether it rotates in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction...now what symbol does that?

Raphael, peakoil.com 11 Comments [1/9/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: BS

Quote# 24874

[In response to being banned by the Bad Astronomy BB three years ago]

Venus is only "too hot for even Bad Astronomy" types because, they're
clearly one of them, the truly bad guys, the MIB kind of cloak and
dagger MI6/NSA spooks and moles as borg like folks without a soul nor so
much as a stitch of remorse.

[1000 words more of screed]

Brad Guth, sci.astro 1 Comments [1/2/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Pinku-Sensei

Quote# 24867

Alien Communication and the Evolution Homo Sapiens IS Now Underway

I have consulted the grays and have received new information in the form of another technique that will make it easier to contact the stream and have alien comms. I have forgone the title of “proof positive” for obvious reasons since the last thread did not go as planned and has stirred up to much human emotion in the dialogue.

First humans need to understand that there is an incalculable amount of life forms that come in every variety you can imaging and some you can’t; observing earth right now. They are EVERYWHERE, right next to you, in your garden, next to your supper table, next to your bed and oh yes under it. Their ships fill the skies and the outer atmosphere; there are 3rd dimensional beings the ones you see and sense and there are beings from 32 other dimensions all observing the great experiment know as “earth”.

ET (and I use the term ET to as a general acronym for all the species involved in observing earth) generally determines what, how, when, and where contact will take place it’s really never up to the individual unless your job enables you to initiate contact.

What humans also need to understand that there is a wonderful revolution\\evolution underway with humans, you will all experience a conscious shift that will usher in a NEW AGE of enlightenment and prosperity for all of humanity. To help usher in this new age will be humans that are given certain jobs and to accompany these jobs they are given gifts. But the controlling defacto does NOT want this to happen they are all hell bent on stopping what is inevitable; the evolution of the species know as humans.

Now I am simple here to help and facilitate anyone who is willing to except this shift with yet another exercise to lift your vibrational level to match that of the stream and to meet an Alien species know as the “GRAYS”. They are a beautiful and benevolent species that are here for the betterment of mankind and to help move and prepare us all for what is now underway.

So with all that said onto the new exercise instruction set:

First and foremost you need to have an OPEN MIND, you need to tell yourself that this is not work but fun and proceed accordingly.

Step one:
Go to Google and find a tone generator, there are many ones on the internet… don’t want to post a specific one for obvious reasons…. But find one that will allow you to create a SIN WAVE with a frequency of 0.834 HRz, and output it to a wave file for duration 810 seconds exactly. The tone will not be audible to the human ear so I suggest you use a nice visualization plug in for Windows Media Player.

Step two:
Go back to Google and look for an image of the “Flower of Life”, select the one that really resonates with you the most…. And print the image. Take the image and really understand that what you are looking at is a very POWERFUL energy source that is connected with all of creation. Once you start to feel the energy coming off it you are ready for step 3.

Step 3:
Get comfortable, relaxed and into your place of power…. Now start the audio track, relax and see yourself in your minds eyes sitting in the middle of the flower of life… like you are floating in a vast void know as the multiverse so large and expansive that it has no ending and no beginning.

Step 4:
Picture the following around you while you are sitting on the flower of life, north is aligned in front of you.

North = Number 8
South = Number 1
East = Number 2
West = Number 7

Keep the number still and observe yourself from a distance with the numbers surrounding your being.

I don’t want to tell you what will happen next except that you will be directed to the stream above you when the time is right.

Folks this is a way more advance what of communication but yet on the same thought it is way easier to establish contact with the stream and the GRAYS.

Please report back here on your experience…

Alien Agenda, Above Top Secret. 13 Comments [1/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 24868

When I was a teen I saw multiple ufo's. In fact on one occasion I had an exchange with these beings. I don't have a name for them and I'm not going to label them anything because I am not sure what they are. My brother has seen the ufo's too.

Anyway, I know there is someone named amongus that posts here. And I know this sounds crazy. But I've been having similar experiences. Different electrical phenomenon. A voice comeing through transmitable receptors.

I think I have entered the stream that someone named Alien Agenda talks about. I can't say for sure if he's lying. But I don't know what else to call it. I've also had strange experiences doing AA's techniques.

Does anyone know what beings these may be? Or have any experiences like this? I read about something similar in a book.

GrayObserver, Above Top Secret 3 Comments [1/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 24869

I support the New World Order/Global Elite!


I would like to voice my support for the ‘Global Elite’ and the New World Order, should it exist.

I cannot say I have spent too much time researching the conspiracy theory in regards to the New World Order. I’ve read that the Global Elite plans to exterminate and kill 80% (4 out of 5) people in the world.

Now, after reading this, I must say, what a wonderful idea!

In my opinion there are too many undesirable groups in the world that I my self would be pleased to get rid of.

To start I would like to plead to the ‘Global Elite’ that those whom believes in Jesus Christ (imaginary) to be at the top of the “not needed” list. This is by far the most annoying [religious] group in the world, ever. People whom delude themselves into believing the teachings of the bible without scepticism are lost and I’m simply tired of listening to their fallacious arguments. Oh and the Jews aren’t needed either.

Second, let’s get rid of the entire Islamic population. Although not as annoying as Christ believers, they are certainly very dangerous to the world peace as the very holy book its self clearly describes that killing non-believers is justified. This fact makes it rather difficult to establish any sort of permanent peace with this fanatical group (reference the Middle East).

There are several other religious groups we can really be without, but if we can eliminate the above two the world will be a much better place. Therefore I’d like to request to the Global Elite that you kill Atheist last.

Thirdly, we really don’t need racist (which I define as a person whom finds himself superior simply because of skin colour), homophobes (education and the removal of religious groups such as Christianity should take care the majority of these), people whom voted for George W. Bush (Atheist or not), and finally intolerant assholes like my self (no wait =’( ).

Who wants to start a New World Order fan club?

This is simply my modest opinion; I am in no way saying I wish to kill members of the above religious groups (I don’t want to kill or harm anyone, seriously). I’m just saying I want someone else to do it for me.

VladTheImpaler, Above Top Secret 11 Comments [1/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 24870

"You see when we blank out our minds and memories and take things purely at face value they seem a little more innocent. They seem a little more reasonable.

One such thing would be the RealID Act. When taken purely by itself most people do not take issue with it. In fact it seems to be a reasonable and logical thing to do. Let's have a National ID. Unfortunately there is more going on here. There is more at stake here. The RealID Act is another step in the forward march of the Juggernaut.

Having been ravaged by the Great Depression the people of this great Nation were found to be more pliable and accepting of plans implimented by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Social Security seemed to be a great idea. So people bowed and willingly accepted a number figuratively branded on them for life. Canada's "social insurance number" is not dissimilar. Little did We The People know that FDR was a Paranoid and very much desired to use the SSN to keep track of every citizen of the United States. FDR's Administration eventually gave birth to the CIA and after his passing, the NSA.

We now live in a Nation and indeed a World where data are diligently collected on on every person possible. People are defined in such a system, not by names, but numbers. It is an information megalith of such epic proportions that human beings couldn't possibly keep track of all the data. But fortunately Science eventually comes up with a solution.

In the late 80's and early 90's I was exposed to such a solution on a near daily basis. I became very intrigued by two new avenues of Science, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence. Suffice it to say that the science and technology both have come a long way. And although a person or a group of persons or an army of persons could not possibly keep track of the awesome mass of information in the system, a Neural Network can. Artificial Intelligence can.

The RealID Act seems innocent enough... reasonable enough... until you see that it is merely another component in a larger unstoppable machine."

promptusalias, MySpace 3 Comments [1/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: PeanutButterJellyTime

Quote# 24871

[Guy rants about Bush causing Hurricane Katrina for the sole purpose of killing/enslaving "Africans", the apparant racism in films such as Superman, and the ugly truth behind Christmas...]

Truth First, Blogspot 1 Comments [1/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Mister J

Quote# 24872

First actual HUMAN brain control implant 1959-DR JOLYON 'JOLLY' WEST,MD.[CHIEF OF C.I.A. MIND CONTROL.] EVIL DR. WEST was also the Psychiatrist who was assigned to many ALLEGED U.S. political assassins while they were incarcerated....


The Watcher, Google Video 1 Comments [1/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 24873

As much as I absolutely despise disruptor and hope that he dies in a bath of salt after being flayed, he's right on the scientific evidence for HIV=AIDS, namely, that there is none.The evidence that exists is anecedotal and wouldn't pass muster in a class of kindergardeners.

Ah to wittynamehere, pictures are worth jack shit.They can be ANYTHING, no reputable virologist worth their salt depends on "mediafashioned" pictures.Those "Virus particles" could literally be anything from protein clumps to waste particles to viruses of another type to cellular debris etc.

The ONLY photography allowed to diagnose retroviruses is through electron micrography.Here, the standards set up by virologists world-wide consistently fail to turn up evidence of HIV in the standard gradient, which brings any other electron photo of supposed "HIV" particles into question.

a good interview....


I may be branded as a conspiracy theorist, but when I looked at all the statistics,facts and studies over the past 25+ years, and the MONEY, my god the money; I have to wonder, just what the fuck is up?!?

I'll tell you something, after all I've seen and heard, if I, a healthy gay man who largely abstains from recreational drugs, eats right and gets it on, but uses condoms; gets diagnosed with HIV by my doctor or health clinic, my reaction will be
"So what?".What other reaction can I have for HIV tests, which all have _statutory_disclaimers on their packaging.


Should I be "Diagnosed" I will not take any AIDS drugs, I will of course, have to radically alter my life, since I will have to tell every man I potentially go out with that I've been diagnosed HIV+(OOOH nice, yeah, Ima _really_ pick up guys that way)almost all HIV+ guys I know are AIDS and especially recreational drug users, and I'm not into that scene, I wanna live, and I've always hated poppers(for chrissakes, when your ass hurts,
it means you and your partner need to
take it easy!).

Oh, BTW, it doesn't matter if I retest anonomyously, and am found HIV- or indeterminate(usually regarded as HIV-) my original testing will stand, and depending on where I live, I may have to register for unwanted social services and possibly even be regarded as a criminal if I have unprotected sex with another man without revealing that I have been diagnosed HIV+ at some point.

I'm sorry for ranting, but this is how I see things.

Couer d'lyon, CTSTDT 1 Comments [1/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Pesto
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