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I believe Falwell's death needs to be investigated most thoroughly. I have no doubt he was mysteriously poisoned by either Israeli Mossad agents or the Jesuits. I know for a fact he was planning to denounce the Jews and expose them for the vermin they are. Considering his influence, shockwaves were sent through certain establishments knowing he had to be eliminated. There is definitely foul play here.

Falwell truly spoke the Word of Christ as he blamed homosexuals, abortion and civil rights for 9/11. The Good Lord removed His protection from an evil nation of sin and thus was their punishment manifest. For such a statement of fact he was completely vilified proving once and for all that America has no hope of survival whatsoever. I'll miss you, Reverend of Peace! See you up in Heaven someday.

Pheowulf, Pheowulf 13 Comments [5/26/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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The destruction of the overpass has increased gridlock and commute times, keeping working parents away from their children and harming the well-being of those traditional American families. Which San Francisco organization has been steadily working to destroy the American family? Our researchers have already discovered that “429″ may be a telltale sign of homosexual operatives at work: the numbers spell “GAY” using the keypad of an American telephone.

(graphic showing that "429" spells "gay" on a phone}

Also suspicious is a well-timed “rally” by the anti-car, anti-highway-overpass, homosexual-friendly group Critical Mass held nine hours before the attack, likely to provide distraction and cover in the west for the covert demolitions team working on the east side of the Bay Bridge. The Critical Mass manifesto espousing a “counter-technological tradition” certainly allows them ample room for covert military strikes at the heart of modern technological progress. The demolition team’s work has brought more demand for truck “safety” regulators and brought more money and power to the same DPT workers who had unrestricted access to those bridges and overpasses before the attack. COINCIDENCE?

n/a, 429truth.com 13 Comments [5/5/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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While I was being witnessed to I was scared to death of Hell! That worked out ok because I got saved as a result. To me now it doesn't matter if I was "scared into it" or not... I'm just glad that I am saved and on my way to Heaven!

AprilMayJune, Teens-4-Christ 9 Comments [5/5/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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