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Quote# 53465

You sound like a nigger. I cant stand that word but this kind of talk is so ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste of thought. You should use those little brain cells and read the bible. That will be the only hope for anyone. Obama nation or is abomination??????????? All the signs are there its just so sad and really pathetic for everyone out there blinded by the bullshit. Black or White .......... Im over it. And I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE. Good luck in your life.

Sarahlee, Americablog.com 9 Comments [11/29/2008 4:41:30 PM]
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Quote# 53467

pedophilia and drunk driving seem to be national pastimes in mexico, they don’t mean anything by it it is just their cultural persuasion, different strokes for different folks, if you want a new roof on your house for cheap it is something we just have to get used to

SandRat, Free Republic 10 Comments [11/29/2008 4:40:05 PM]
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Quote# 53469

We hear so often about the three Jews that "made" the world we live in today and how wonderful it all is -- Freud, Marx and Einstein, as if headshrinkery, communism and atom bombs were the very pinnacle of human living. (Darwin is hailed as a token goy in the group, but I'm not so sure how goyish he really was.) Anything we can do to demythologize these troublemakers is progress for true civilization, just as shooting the "forever persecuted" lie and the "chosen people" lie out from under them would mean new life for decent people everywhere.

Scronx, American Nationalist Union Forum 14 Comments [11/29/2008 4:38:33 PM]
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Quote# 53466

PROUD of my racist Tattoos!

Like most of my Comrades I have Racist tattoos, they mark our creed and they don't wash off!

I find it hard to trust those who do not have a perminant reminder of their commitment to WN. They may be WN 2day and hanging about with coons 2morrow.

If someone in B&H doesn't have a rascist tattoo I think he's a poss informer unless I hear from loads of people he or she is ok. I like to see signs of commitment to the struggle not fuckin words!

Words are often just lies anyway!

One thing I have learnt in over 20 years of being involved with WN "Words are cheap and commitment needs to be tested".

4 Aryan Unity !

STORMSOLDAAT, VNN Forum 19 Comments [11/29/2008 4:31:49 PM]
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Quote# 53470

The Anne Frank Hoax
The diary of Anne Frank (Annelies Maria Frank) is a day to day account of the anguish of a young Jewish girl and her family hiding in their Amsterdam home during the Nazi invasion. Anne Frank fell ill with typhus at the Bergen Belsen camp and died in March 1945. Her diary has touched the hearts of millions and made millions for Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank.
Anyone reading Anne Frank's diary would find it difficult to believe that a girl in her early teens wrote it. Apparently, it is a forgery. A noteworthy decision of the New York Supreme Court confirms this point of view. Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank, had promised to pay to his race-kin, Meyer Levin, not less than $50,000 because he had used the dialogue of author Levin just as it was and “implanted” it in the diary as being his daughter's intellectual work, but had not paid Levin. The court ordered that Frank pay Levin this amount as an honorarium for Levin's work on the “Anne Frank Diary.” This award was later set aside by the trial justice, Samuel C. Coleman, on the ground that the damages had not been proved in the manner required by law. The action was subsequently settled our of court, while an appeal from Judge Coleman's decision was pending. See more.
Otto Frank had to sue a long-term critic, Ernst Roeme, for spreading the allegation that the book was a fraud. A German court decided in Frank's favor when the testimony of historians and graphologists sufficed to authenticate the diary. Roeme didn't stop criticizing the book and was sued again. This time the court had the book examined by the German Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau (BKA). The manuscript, in the form of three hardbound notebooks and 324 loose pages bound in a fourth notebook, was examined with special equipment.
The results showed that portions of the work, specially of the fourth volume, were written with a ballpoint pen. Since ballpoint pens were not available before 1951, the BKA concluded, those sections must have been added subsequently.

majorityrights.com, majorityrights.com 14 Comments [11/29/2008 4:30:50 PM]
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Quote# 53403

[Referring to the movie “Evan Almighty” which features a black actor as God]

Where is the humor to be found in this? I suppose the producers of this film are banking on the return of Morgan Freeman, as a nasty talking, ghetto-acting, colored Lord and Savior, will appeal to enough people to fill the theaters.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 54 Comments [11/28/2008 6:31:57 PM]
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Quote# 53395

You chinks stop posting here
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So if youse dont want yo pig tails shoved up yo asses, stop posting
and selling does watches.

williebill, Google Groups 23 Comments [11/28/2008 2:25:26 PM]
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Quote# 53378

(In response to a song called "Fire up the ovens")

burn jewish corpse burn!

mrmorgoth, YouTube 7 Comments [11/28/2008 2:23:33 PM]
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Quote# 53393

Seems that ABC media watch(Government run) are trying to pull the report to pieces , implying that the reporter was telling half truths and making exaggerations.. No matter what ZOG's puppet is saying in this report, the fact of the matter is we are being drowned out by an Asian Invasion no one can deny that! all you have to do is go to Sydney and see all the shops with Asian characters all over them it has become a town where the "power points" have overwheamingly dominated the place . You can't help feeling like you are a stranger in your own land. Each ethnic group has made a state inside a state on our soil.

ABC(under ZOg's hand) really have tried their damndest to make it seems like "nothings wrong" to the average eye of the unsuspecting lemmings, seems they are trying really hard to make the sheeple accept them colonising our soil!

hitlers gas bill, Forum14.com 15 Comments [11/28/2008 2:23:23 PM]
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Quote# 53268

Diversity = Death. Once again, the same fate has befallen the latest "diverse" mission into space as befell the Challenger in 1986. Columbia, whose seven-member crew contained only three American men, blew up upon re-entry from a sixteen-day mission. All on-board, dubbed "Diversonauts" by columnist Mark Siporen, were killed. The seven-member crew of Challenger had included only three American men, as well, together with one Negro, one Jewish woman, one American woman and a Chinaman. Aboard Columbia were a Jewish man, an Indian woman, an American woman and a Negro. "What an insult to Christopher Columbus, who established civilization in the New World," said Wendell Gardner," to have named such a motley crew, including even an Indian, after him."

Richard Barrett, Anti-Defamation League website 25 Comments [11/27/2008 2:21:55 PM]
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Quote# 53292

flighdog77, I never bought race into this but as usual your probably a black person and your so use to using your color to get things that you just can't help using the race card like you people always do

bob2763, ireport 13 Comments [11/27/2008 2:12:12 PM]
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Submitted By: L

Quote# 53334

Racism doesn't exist, it is just an excuse minorities use to cover for their poor decisions in life or as an excuse when they get arrested. Think about it, who is holding anyone back anymore?

People today use the term racism to describe anything they don't like, even statistical facts. I think we should fine or jail anyone who makes false claims of racism for personal or financial gain.

Fetus Fajitas, Yahoo! Answers 9 Comments [11/27/2008 2:10:54 PM]
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Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 53116

We live in Jewmerica now where the holocaust is like religion. Cause basically it's the card that Jewish people play and they can't afford to lose it.

Hence why questioning the holocaust leads to all the anger and hate even if you're just really curious about facts and evidence.

Teuton, WoW Offtopic 16 Comments [11/27/2008 2:08:38 PM]
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Submitted By:

Quote# 53282

I THINK BARRACK OBAMA IS A TERRORIST, and I sure as hell wouldn't touch him with out protective gloves, and a Protective breathing unit I wouldn't want to catch small pox, or the Black Death from him being in the bio warfare factory with the rest of the Camel Jockey terrorists. I hope the secret service agents do not try? to protect him if and when the assassination attempt takes place, maybe there will be none, but I doubt the Klan, and other White supremacy Extremists will let this Monkey Live.

ratking1982 (how appropriate), YouTube 13 Comments [11/27/2008 2:07:29 PM]
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Quote# 53338

First of all beaner,let's get the record straight you think all redneck are inbreeds? It's a tiny percentage Most of ya'll that hop the border, end up staying like 40 beaners to a room and taking shit in bushes and shit. That's 3rd world lifestyle, spic. And when your outgoing spic lovin pres Boosh tried to get you wetbacks legalized, you know who caused that "amnesty" bill to go down in flames?? THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! Over 80% of the AMERICAN public want you filthy cockroaches to go home!!!

Hey beaner, i have generations of family members that fought all the way back to the civil war days. And they didn't die so we can have open borders. If 3 of ur cousins are fighting is probably because they don't want to be deported. hahahaha. BOTTOM LINE BEANER, is this anti-wetback movement is gigantically huge, right now they're talking about the economy and after the elections isover the illegal beaner invasion will become the focus again. NOTHING YOU WETBACKS CAN DO TO STOP THIS MOVEMENT!!!

deportillegalaliens, YouTube 12 Comments [11/27/2008 2:06:33 PM]
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Quote# 53280

12:26 AMOct 04 2008

The colonial powers should have never returned sovereignty to these African countries ... these people are incapable of governing themselves, and when they find themselves facing a humanitarian crisis - often of their own making - it's the West (read: White governments) they reach out to - with hat in hand!

Izsygrandpa, AOL 9 Comments [11/27/2008 2:04:55 PM]
Fundie Index: -2
Submitted By: Russell

Quote# 53206

This is what alien run amerikwa has been dreaming about since day one, all chri$tian$ should be hung, drawn and quartered!!!!

Never, EVER, forget what the $emtic, ALIEN, whore$ have done to Nature. obongo is a true plight on nature and he knows it. Mccunt is too though!! as is all of politic$!!!

Rejoice in this though...

''the end''...well, it will FINALLY begin!!!!


All candidates in this ''election'' had INFERIOR IRI$H FUCKING BLOOD, always note that, ALWAYS!!!


Anonymous, Hal Turner Show (Comments) 24 Comments [11/26/2008 2:52:34 PM]
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Quote# 53188

What's wrong with calling muslims "towelheads"?

FFS it's just a fucken word my noneexisting god....

Apostle, RSTDT 21 Comments [11/26/2008 2:49:14 PM]
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Quote# 53204

Man, I couldn't agree with you more. This is the problem that were are facing in western nations. Multiculturalism only goes one way. We have a slew of Indians, Asians, Africans, Muslims, and Samoans moving into western nations and taking their cultural baggage along with them, but no white people are interested in moving into their nations. So, it's strictly a one way street; third world people are making a run to take over the western nations, but there's no reciprocal immigration. The problem is not a racial one; its' a cultural problem. These people do not understand our cultural standards and for the most part are not interested in conforming to western expectations. They think nothing of simply dropping their pants in the middle of a public street and defecating on the curbside. It's truly horrifying. You see them romping around in the streets wearign loin clothes and animal skins. It's like you're in some weird tribal village.

The(Real)AmericanCowboy, RSTDT comments 12 Comments [11/26/2008 2:47:48 PM]
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Quote# 53113

How humiliating !

My condolences to White American Patriots.

This is a big victory for the parasitical Jews and Niggers.

I remember visiting the States as a kid in the 60's and 70's, God, I was so excited ! It was the Big Show ! Not the socialist nightmare that Canada had become. Booze and cigarettes, cars and groceries were so inexpensive! Americans fought against tax increases and assenine political-correctness.
They were proud gun-owners, defenders of free speech, and spilled their childrens blood fighting those Godless commie Jew-Chink-Polack marxist Bastard Pinkos around the world.
Niggers knew their place; at the back of the bus, and we did not have to share the drinking fountains with them in the deep south.
But the Jew, true to his reputation of taking over a country within 50 years, has done it again. This time , to the country that INVENTED the middle-class, and was a leading light to the rest of the world. Canada and other countries were forced to offer citizens some freedom or face losing them to the States.
I can't help wondering if the Whites of South Africa or Rhodesia should have fought to hold on to a peice of their land: I hate to use the Jews as an example, but they have done a good job of holding on to occupied Palestine (Israel). One secret of their success is that they are both a religion AND a race, the equivalent of that for whites would be the Creativity movement, but I digress....Good Bye White America, it was nice knowin ya.

Johnny Canuck, Hal Turner Show (Comments) 20 Comments [11/25/2008 9:27:14 PM]
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Quote# 53123

well now we got a niger president so were totally fucked i'd rather have bush for a 3rd temr, sure hes a moron but? thats better than a niger

terminator734, YouTube 20 Comments [11/25/2008 9:18:32 PM]
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Quote# 53044

Here at home in Canada, racially motivated crime is obviously on the same upswing, even though our media would dare not say as much. On top of the horrific year Toronto has had with daily gun crimes and murders perpetuated by black gangs, now comes the truly terrifying tale that has gripped the city over the last few days of a 16 year old white girl, who has been bullied and sexually assaulted for over a year by a gang of at least 16 black youths, including two females at her school.

In the first few days that the public were made aware of this issue, there was no talk of the racial aspect of these alleged crimes. As per this most recent article, now it has come out, but not as what you would expect. As you can see by this article, there is hardly any mention of the victim, and most of the article is centered around the black youths who have been charged, removed from school, and put under house arrest. Their parents and friends are aghast at their treatment, and the article is centered around the fact that these youths are being persecuted because they are black.

It is truly horrible and sickening, and has kept me awake up all night thinking what daughters of mine in the future would face such barbarism.

Ivor, David Duke’s website 11 Comments [11/25/2008 9:16:29 PM]
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Quote# 53091

hedi m: Why do ghetto people make themselfs so hate-able?

Queen Nzinga: why do white trash hillbillies make themselves so hateable?

kiiikiki: Queen Nzinga you have the nerve to call me white trash?
Well your a hot black ghetto mess .

WHats with these double standards?
She can call me white trash and get thumbs up, but I cant call her black ghetto trash?
EDIT : Whatever F*king N!GGERS , because in the end, YOUR STILL A N!GGER.
Now go put on a wig, or perm your thin lanky hair straight, BEcause you all know your Ugly anyways and you just wish you had a drop of latino, or white in ya.

(Hispanic )

EDIT: ok down by 4. WHatever ******* N!GGERs, because in the end, your still a N!GGER. I WIN as long as your the ugly N!GGER With the lanky hair and monkey dyed body .

kiiikiki, Yahoo! Answers 11 Comments [11/25/2008 3:26:48 PM]
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Quote# 53110

Native Americans were easily defeated by European conquerors, all they could do was to rape few White women and kill brutally innocent children, but initially they were very easily defeated, because of their inferior culture. Genetically so called “Native Americans” are also inferior in comparison to White race, their intelligence is almost as low as typical Negroes.

Indian culture never reached any high level in North America, in South America Indians managed to build some houses made of stone, but their inferior armies lost to Europeans even they were bigger in numbers and still they were defeated by only few hundreds of European soldiers.

What we have learnt from African savages, that savages are no use to Europeans, they are just burden to White society. When Indians tasted western alcohol it became their overlord immediately, just as crack is God to Negroes. These filthy savages cannot live in modern technologically advanced society, because of their primitive savage urges. We can see Chief “Running After Your Kids” drunk as a thousand Apaches, oh wait, all our metaphors of drunkenness are made out of Indian savages, wobbling to Wal-Mart to buy some beer with money that they stole from innocent elder person. After Chief has had some booze, then he’ll go to teach some Indian traditions to his daughter in her bedroom, of course Jewish infested police system will look the other way, when savage minorities like these rape their own children.

Many rich Jews used to rape Indian girls and their Chiefs said nothing and accepted money they were offered by filthy Jews. So we can see that modern savage is not only “missing link”, but also evolved in mixture with spawns of Satan’s, Jews. So now they have their own casinos, where savage Indians can run Casinos, while all the real money is going to pockets of Zionist Jews. But how could Chief notice that, while he is so drunk all the time?

Jewexposer, The Indian Giver 22 Comments [11/25/2008 3:20:11 PM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 52811

sarah palin for president!!! we gotta over throw? this nigger half cast Obama. The "white House" means white people only.

roooaarrrrr, YouTube 19 Comments [11/24/2008 2:38:34 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Jax
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