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Quote# 57691

I ask that President Obama VETO this Non-American plan to ban my American Made, American Economy boosting purchases of incandescents.

I want to buy American Made Bulbs to promote America's Economy.

I like my bulbs!

Let this be the first American economy boosting move made by President Obama.

Come on! It's ridiculous to ban our American Bulbs.

WHO's pockets were filled by China to make this an American Law? Fire them.

Restored, WorldNetDaily Forums 3 Comments [1/31/2009 4:39:20 PM]
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Submitted By: The Lazy One

Quote# 57593

"muslims started it by trying to take over the world by force just as theyre trying to do now."

No, the Feemasons did. Thier claim was they wanted the Holy Grail and other religious artifacts. The Islamic religion was founded by the Freemasons as well. They helped Mohammed get it done by encouraging him to conduct slaughter of thiose who opposed him.

NephilimFree, Youtube 6 Comments [1/30/2009 7:05:43 PM]
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Quote# 57289

could this flub be a coincidence that the fact that there is still question as to Obamas ineligiblity? Since Obama supposedly spent nearly a million dollars with 3law firms to avoid a $12 vault copy birth cerificate. The MSM blew this whole ineligiblity thing off, like Obamas past questionable associations. Could this be an intentional glitch to get SCOTUS off the hook ---as they would have been guilty of knowingly swearing in an ineligible POTUS??

FreeWater, RR 4 Comments [1/29/2009 9:33:30 PM]
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Quote# 57269

The Constitution provides that if a Senator is unable to complete his or her term then the governor of their state will ]]appoint a replacement Senator. Below is a list of Senate Democrats from States with Republican Governors. Currently the Democrats hold a 58 seat majority in the Senate. If these Senators were unable to complete their terms and were replaced by qualified Republicans by their Republican governors, the Republican party would regain a commanding majority in the Senate sufficient to prevent Barack Hussein Obama from socializing medicine, nationalizing the financial and auto industries, and creating a socialist wealth redistribution scheme.

Mark Begich AK
Dianne Feinstein CA
Barbara Boxer CA
Bill Nelson FL
Daniel Inouye HI
Daniel Akaka HI
Evan Bayh IN
Mary Landrieu LA
Amy Klobuchar MN
Ben Nelson NE
Harry Reid NV
Kent Conrad ND
Byron Dorgan ND
Tim Johnson SD

Conservapedia, Conservapedia 18 Comments [1/29/2009 2:53:12 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Space Helicopter

Quote# 57400

Almost every movie or TV show you have ever seen about aliens or the Moon came from a Freemasonic director! All of these were made by Masons: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, Taken, Alien 1-4, Independence Day, 2001: Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Star Trek, Men In Black, From the Earth to the Moon, Apollo 13, War of the Worlds, and the X-Files.

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek was a 33rd Degree Scottish-Rite Freemason. This why we have “Scotty,” Spock’s Kabalistic/Masonic “V” hand gesture, pyramid-shaped communicators, and other Masonic symbols. The name Captain “Kirk” comes from “Circe” and means “church” in Scottish. So the church (Captain Kirk) is the head of the starship Enterprise. What enterprise? Whose enterprise do you think? Take note that the Vatican actually funds and controls every astronomical telescope and observatory in the world. All findings run through the Vatican before both the public and the scientific communities. What does this tell us? Meanwhile, the Masonic movie/music industries give us Stars, Superstars, Devas, Celebrities, Models, and Idols to worship.

George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars also floods his movies with Masonic symbology. Yoda is the name of a Masonic teacher. The Djed-eye (Jedi) comes from the ancient Egyptian as noted earlier. The idea of Jedi Knights and a round table comes from the Knights Templar. Skywalker is the name of the 13th Tzolkien in the Mayan calendar, the symbol of which looks just like the top of Luke’s flight helmet. Anakin comes from Anakim or the Sons of Anak in the Bible and Darth Vader no doubt comes from the “Da’ath” black sephiroth of the Jewish Kabbalah. These occult interpretations of Hollywood movies and TV programs are well understood by initiates, but purposely meant to bewilder the public.

freight tomsen, Above Top Secret 24 Comments [1/28/2009 5:45:15 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 57321

I've heard that the Reverend Jim Jones of Jonestown fame had a half way house in the San Francisco Bay Area. Supposedly OJ Simpsons mother worked for him and OJ was at the home on numerous occassions. Now assuming Jim Jones was a CIA operative and worked on mind control projects for the goverment (which included teaching people to commit murderous acts without remorse) could it be possible that OJ was exposed to this as a child?

Has anyone else heard anything regarding this? I'm trying locate where I read it.

40Water, Above Top Secret 10 Comments [1/28/2009 2:07:08 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 57370

The receipt of mail with a ZIP code is one of the requirements for the IRS to have jurisdiction to send you notices. The government cannot bill a Citizen of Illinois, because he is not within the purview of the MUNICIPAL LAWS of the District of Columbia. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service has adopted the ZIP code areas as Internal Revenue Districts. See the Federal Register, Volume 51, Number 53, Wednesday, March 19, 1986.

You must remember that the Postal Service is a private corporation, a quasi-governmental agency. It is no longer a full government agency. It is like the Federal Reserve System, the Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Marshall Service. They are all outside the restrictions of the Federal Constitution, as private corporations. They are all powerful in their respective areas of responsibility to enforce collection for the federal debt. So, if you are using a ZIP code, you are in effect saying openly and notoriously that you do not live in the State of Illinois, but, instead are a resident in the Illinois area of the District of Columbia (a federal district). There are some so-called Patriot groups that I consider to be patriots for money. They advocate the use of Title 42 suits (which are for federal citizens only), send mail to you with a ZIP Code, and ask you to do things that place you within the municipal jurisdiction of the District of Columbia.

Remember these individuals may be agents of the government or, even worse, are advocating a one-world government by the use of the Social Security number and the ZIP code.

So you must be aware of the movement towards a one-world government through annihilation or elimination of State Citizens by use of the so-called 14th Amendment and its related laws.

author unknown, The Forbidden Knowledge 13 Comments [1/28/2009 6:59:38 AM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 57227

About 5 million live in the D.C. area and 700,000 work in in downtown D.C. itself each day, but only about 500,000 had used the Metro in time for the inauguration.[9] Was there a net exodus from the city for the inauguration?

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 9 Comments [1/28/2009 4:58:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Space Helicopter

Quote# 57192

Considering the course of events and the speed at which things are unraveling here in our nation, I hope everyone here realizes that we may in fact be making the last communications on this forum ever... The Left has already declared their intent to apply the "fairness doctrine"... Anyone who still thinks this will only be applied to silence Rush Limbaugh is living in a dreamworld...

We may in fact see this forum, along with all websites that criticize or otherwise oppose the rule of the Leftists, banned, blocked, or eliminated by the thought police...

Don't be suprised if in the near future you try to access this site only to find it missing... If you have close friends here who you don't want to lose touch with (for me that's almost everyone ) I suggest you exchange email addresses if you haven't already do so...

No doubt they will eventually be monitoring our email too, but given the magnitutde of such a task, that may be a little longer coming...

Lazarus, Free Conservatives 15 Comments [1/27/2009 5:36:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random

Quote# 57274

[On John Roberts incorrectly saying the presidential oath]

Roberts stumbled because he has guilty knowledge.
Even though the court hasn't accepted a case, Roberts has seen enough info to know or have significant doubt about OB being qualified for office.

The mind plays funny tricks on behavior when you try to suppress information.

nufsed, Free Republic 8 Comments [1/27/2009 3:28:00 PM]
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Submitted By: Bill O'Rly

Quote# 57336

My fiance and I were talking last night about Obama. If you watched the festivities yesterday, you saw how everyone seemed to glow when he was around. At work, people were filled with some sort of hope that Obama would "save" this country. It seems that hope is everywhere, even in other countries.

I was dwelling on this and thought; What happens if Obama DOES "fix" things? What if the economy turns around and people love him even more? An economist on one of the cable stations yesterday was stating we need a Centralized bank in the US to take all the bad mortgage debt. It would be a totally govt. run bank. That is when it sort of hit me..... Not only is it possible for him to turn this around, but he may very well turn us into a Socialist State while we beg him for more!

I have a feeling our freedoms are going to be stripped away and people will be clamoring for more. What if he turns around the economy using Muslim based economic principles? You know people will begin to think the Muslims had it right all along........

I use to think a Depression was the scariest thing we faced. Now, as a Christian, in a very strange sort of way I feel the worst thing we can face is Obama "fixing" it all. People will love him as our Christian morals and rights are stripped one by one.

Last Samurai, Rapture Ready 17 Comments [1/27/2009 2:26:19 AM]
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Submitted By: mattias

Quote# 57261

Your obviously not a mason, and know nothing of oaths and rituals. Words mean something and there is a reason why in a govtmental or legal setting the wording is so careful and scientific. The NY times just did an article on how the presidential swearing is a masonic ritual. Since he did not fully and correctly speak the oath, it is not completed. By the laws that govern this country, whether you like it or not, biden is the president. Instead of scoffing, why not accept and comment on this FACT

delaneyIRA, YouTube 13 Comments [1/26/2009 8:09:03 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 56962

But the liberal Democrats still insist on doing embryonic stem cell research so they can cheapen life, like they did with abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia. It's no wonder the conservatives call them "The Party of Death".

Nick in Virginia, New Scientist Comments 14 Comments [1/26/2009 7:18:42 PM]
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Quote# 57270

What is to discuss? NAZIs won WW2 in our universe anyway. why do you think that The US absorbed NAZIs into NASA and its Spy Agencies. Even the UFOs were NAZI tech (the cresent shaped UFOs that flew over Washington were all Flying Wings). NAZI PsyOPs shaped US policy for the next sixty years.

ZanipoloLebron, io9 13 Comments [1/26/2009 6:45:11 PM]
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Quote# 56967


JFK UFO Reptilian Coconut is a real item. You can google for "JFK Coconut". This is part of a coconut shell which JFK allegedly wrote an S.O.S. message when stranded during World War 2.
Part of the shell has been turned into a paperweight for JFK's desk, but the paperweight has been fashioned into a Reptilian Eye.

Gorilla199, YouTube 16 Comments [1/26/2009 6:21:37 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 57288

could this flub be a coincidence that the fact that there is still question as to Obamas ineligiblity? Since Obama supposedly spent nearly a million dollars with 3law firms to avoid a $12 vault copy birth cerificate. The MSM blew this whole ineligiblity thing off, like Obamas past questionable associations. Could this be an intentional glitch to get SCOTUS off the hook ---as they would have been guilty of knowingly swearing in an ineligible POTUS??

FreeWater, RR 8 Comments [1/26/2009 6:14:35 AM]
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Quote# 57126

The story about Mark Chapman is a cover-up. Bold print government cryptographic codes that include the killer’s face and true identity, the killer’s alleged name and letter to the editor printed before the murder and Richard Nixon’s book, The Real War, in back issues of Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report magazines printed before, during, and after the night of December 8, 1980 prove that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan arranged for the author Stephen King, then barley famous, to assassinate John Lennon. That King’s writings draw, dramatically, from the crime and that he taunts us all in his interviews and comments only makes this the story of a lifetime. My 24-page booklet contains everything you've seen here and much more. Please order your copy. I guarantee it is the absolute truth about what really happened to John Lennon. Happy Code Cracking!

Steve Lightfoot, The Truth about John Lennon's Murder 14 Comments [1/26/2009 3:15:54 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: ozznova

Quote# 57017

Medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies are not interested in preventing diseases. That is why they have joined forces to form the “American Council on Science and Health” (www.acsh.org) to promote fast food burgers, trans-fat fries, cupcakes, double-layer cheese pizza, and sodas as being JUST AS HEALTHY as fresh fruits and vegetables and to promote chewing tobacco use as a HEALTHIER alternative to smoking tobacco. Note that Steven Barrett, M.D. from quackwatch.com is a scientific advisor to this “American Council on Science and Health.”

Joe Shmoe, Skeptoid 7 Comments [1/25/2009 5:41:37 PM]
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Quote# 57074

It's sad that our world has become so obsessed with money that our government would hide the cure for cancer just to make money.

Toasterxwaffles, YouTube 14 Comments [1/25/2009 5:47:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

Quote# 56905

People might think I'm crazy and that's okay but I strongly believe that I am a hybrid (go ahead and laugh it's okay). There are just things in my life that seem different... I look like a normal human being nothing different on the outside but if you were to view me from my inside perspective (no I'm not talking anatomy) but the person I truly am on the inside, it's completely different, I don't know how to explain it really as I am still trying to figure things out. Hybrids tend to be more emotional than humans (so I've been told) and if you'd see the real me then you'd see that I am extremely emotional. But I am not blonde for my human side is that of a Hispanic.

Roswell1947, Alien UFOs 18 Comments [1/25/2009 12:05:31 AM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 56664

there is old saying one bad apple dont spoil the whole bunch...

I heard about his "theme" park...interesting, but we villify a researcher [Erich von Daniken] who asks a lot of questions, posits lots of unorthodox theories, and somehow makes a living from it, yet when walt disney makes his world of tommorow he is praised?

Do you really hate the man for his accomplishment or because he can make a living doing what we ALL wish we could, but dont have the nutsack to do?

Ben would you have the courage to risk your "reputation" and come out in a really public way, and become the poster child of UFOLOGY?

Whether you like him or not, daniken has done more to open the minds of millions of people to other possibilities, real possibilities concerning the origins, and mysteries of our world.

100 years from now, historians will look back at the book, chariots of the gods and mark its publishing, as the constitution, the declaration of indepnedance from all that came before.

By positing the idea, that if we replaced the "gods" of old, upon which all religions were started, with visitations from more advanced civilizations, he single handedly shattered millenia of dogma and prisetly bullshit, used to control the masses by the "elite".

That very simple, yet earthshattering idea, in my opinion, has led to us being able to speak about these things on the internet, spawned countless other researchers and showed most importantly, that people would buy books based on the subject matter, and with a market for these ideas, came publicity and well the rest is history.

Justice League, Alien-UFO 15 Comments [1/23/2009 1:45:30 AM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 57031

ok we have 6 days until my Presidential Assasination.

Yes, I have decided I will assasinate Barack Obama. It's really nothing personal about the man. He speaks well, has a loving although controlling wife and two cute daughters. But I know it's for the country's own good that I do this. And I'm not racist either, my family is a little, but isn't all Italian and european families? I mean how many times have you heard the word nigger in the comforts of your home? I have a lot, and it really bothered me and I would confront them about it. No, it's not because I'm racist that I will kill Barack, it's because I can no longer allow the Jewish parasites to bully their way into making the American people submit to their evil ways. How many of you Obama supporters are now disappointed after some of his arm-twisted Jewish appointee decisions??? Make's you think he's not really in charge(which he isn't). No it's the same old, same old filthy muther-fucking kikes who are poisoning America, who have murdered thousands of innocent lives on 9-11-01, and are thinking that they are going to get away with it again.

Barack, I view more as a sacrificial lamb, but the sacrifice MUST take place. He had good intentions, but like the Steve Taylor song goes, "a politician next door, swore, he'd set the Washington arena on fire, thinks he'll gladiate them, but they're gonna make him a liar."

So, I'm stuck here in Mississippi, and I'll need bus fare or some way of getting to Washington. I don't own a gun, so maybe someone can give me one. And I'll need a leak in the secret service to get a close up shot, somewhere close to the podium, since I've never fired a gun, so I need to get an easy shot off. Wattdysay fellas? Any help?

You all know we can't live with the jewscum anylonger, dont cha? You got a better solution? I'm all ears.


(Note: This man was reported by an admin and arrested by the secret service)

SHR, Alien-Earth 40 Comments [1/22/2009 3:22:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Space Helicopter

Quote# 56924

The alien wars are expanding and the aliens are becoming bolder in their approaches. Many of the battles are fought in the air under the guise of severe thunder and lightning storms, which are becoming more commonplace. People around the globe have reported hearing loud explosions that sound like booms that are muffled by surrounding thunder. Many people now suspect that these are unnatural storms despite the cover stories the ruling elite are feeding the media and meteorologists.

Amitakh Stanford, Xee-A Twelve 14 Comments [1/22/2009 12:48:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Nerdanel

Quote# 56718

Krugman has become a bit annoying with his opinions, but i must agree with him and the many other economists; this stimulus bill is simply dressed up with a bow tie, rather than a jeans and t-shirt like all the others, it will do squat to help our ailing economy and the millions of our citizens that are being submerged by debt and everyday bills, including the sky rocketing price of food. You guys wanted change, you got it, in a pathetic taxcut and useless pandering. I am beginning to see clearer that Obama is bought and paid for; of course his plan doesn't go far enough, he's just lip servicing you guys. I can't help but to think of a conspiracy theory i read of these guys wanting the U.S. to fall flat and bankrupt to usher in a new monetary system and the alleged "NWO" , Obama seems to be following lock step with the elite and what these conspiracy theorists have predicted, even before the man was elected president. Some things will make you say, hmmm...

Space_Walker, huffingtonpost 7 Comments [1/21/2009 4:49:19 AM]
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Quote# 56520

1 century ago the British Empire was still in full swing and actually preparing to initiate World War 1, after Teddy Roosevelt open handely cooperated with them and their insane free trade and pro fascist policies. In recent decades they have stayed out of the news and used their puppets for dirty work.

It is quite obvious that British bankers and their U.S. fascist collaborators funded hitler with the specific intent of a Fascist Police State being established and Eugenics operations to be carried out and experimented. The other goal was the creation of a Zionest state by the hands of the Rothschilds out of Britain, of Isreal, in which they created, funded, armed and shipped Jews in that had lost their homes and families.

The Anglo Dutch / British have controlled the U.S. since 1913, more or less depending on the president via leverage over our currency, as openly stated in a quote by Nathan Rothschild that he only needed the ability to issue currency and he could care less who "ran" the Government. Our Monatery system is based on the Anglo Dutch sytem, and to poof the same people who funded hitler are now printing the Euro, go look at a 1935ish Nazi 50PP coin Eagle and compare it with the 1 Euro Dollar Eagle, because they are identical from the positioning and number of talons to the head.

Revolt426, PrisonPlanet 19 Comments [1/21/2009 4:33:34 AM]
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Submitted By: ozznova
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