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Quote# 62814

I stopped by the public library today, to donate a box of old books. I saw a sign listing the “Ten Best Sellers” list from the NY Times. In #1 spot, it listed a book by Sister Souljah, a rabid anti-white racist mediocrity from the Clinton years. I found this somewhat unbelievable, since blacks are the least literate 12% of the population.
When I got home, I checked the NY Times website and there was a completely different list of “Best Sellers”. Since the library is in a neighborhood turning black, I wondered if the NY Times had a separate list for ethnic zipcodes. I also wondered who would lie to promote virulent anti-white writings in black neighborhoods. Well, not really….we all know who runs the NY Times. At the Review of Books section, I was curious to see just how many Jewish names there were among the staff. It only listed one name, that of the chief editor, and that sounded Jewish, although the name escapes me right now.
They never miss an opportunity to sew the seeds of hatred and conflict.

gncarlo, INCOG MAN 17 Comments [5/31/2009 5:48:34 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 62794

Europeans presented an angle of 80°, the Negro an angle of 70° and the orangutan of 58°. Another oft-noted difference between Negroes and Europeans is the girth and length of their erect penises. Negroes are found to possess penises an average 130% the length and 155% the girth of the average European, as well as showing a stunning value of 160% the "veininess." These differences are believed to be derived from the decreased intelligence and increased animal sex drive of the Negroid, with larger penises allowing for more efficient and brutal rape of children.

Metapedia, Metapedia 53 Comments [5/30/2009 5:57:07 AM]
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Submitted By: doktor

Quote# 62759

America is MY county. It was founded on CHRISTIAN values; not jewish values.

You jewish people are guests in MY country. Christians have given you jewish people freedom, liberty, and economic opportunity. Do not disrespect us by changing our Christian ways.

If you jewish people do not like America then return to your own land, where you belong.

Chritian Crusader, Haaretz 21 Comments [5/30/2009 1:58:08 AM]
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Quote# 62690

[In a thread titled "DC Council: Ban Single Slice Pizza To Stop Crime".]

It's always tough to come up with a reason for nigger crime, since everybody knows nigger crime isn't due to niggers.

I've hear poverty blamed. I've heard lack of education blamed. I've heard institutional racism blamed. I've heard lack of jobs blamed.

And now I've heard large slices of pizza blamed.

I doubt I'll ever hear niggers being blamed for their innate criminality.

Oy Ze Hate, Yanguard News Network Forum 28 Comments [5/28/2009 9:00:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: ausador

Quote# 62674

[Proof that Jesus was Hebrew, not Jewish]

Jesus kept the Holy days, as did all Hebrews, but never Purim.

Jesus was from Nazareth, a Galilean, a people who were disliked by the Jews, they lived a completely separate life from them.

The first time Jews were mentioned in the Bible was when they were at war with Israel. 2 Kings 16:6

They had come from Babylon, to replace the Hebrews who had been taken captive and dispersed.

The fact is that Jesus and the disciples ”lived in fear of the Jews” and he said they sought to kill him.

1 Thessalonians 2:15 says ”. . .they please not God and are contrary to all men”, whereas God says of Jesus, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” Matthew 3:17 and Matthew 17 :5

Jesus said to the Pharisees “You are of your father the devil” John 8:44. and also said that “My Father is in heaven” Matthew 16:17

Hebrews are not Jews, never were. Jews appeared after the return from Babylon and first mentioned in 2 Kings 16:6.

Nvrgvup, Y! answers 14 Comments [5/26/2009 10:05:19 AM]
Fundie Index: 17

Quote# 62612

Who agrees moving Gimo detainees to U.S. based prisons would replenish islamic teacher roles in our prisons?

It seems to me that our black American brethen put away in our American prisons, like the four arrested in New York with plans to blow up Jewish synagogues and take down military aircraft, need something they can believe in.

I use to think that most blacks were spiritual and believed in Jesus Christ but now I see that our prisons are a breeding ground for the "black wind" that is beginning to sweep across America. Where does this wind come from, why was it mentioned in a captured Al Qaeda tape, mentioned briefly and then no more about it?

Does the headwind emanate from the oval office?

swordofthespirit2, Y! answers 12 Comments [5/25/2009 7:35:14 AM]
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Quote# 62610

Turks are huns from the literal asshole of the world who now occupy Holy Christian ground. I think we should kill these sons of filthy dogs and apes or move them back to their fucking ass in the middle of nowhere.(turkmenistan)
Turkey doesn't have the right to exist, it should be splitted between Grecce and Armenia and all the Huns should be sent to hell or MOVE OUT OF OUR LAND! The same applies to the smelly pigs in "azerbajian" who occupy eastern Armenia. Armenia was the first Christian nation on earth. Don't leave it at the hands of these smelly muslim subhumans!
Also "Bosnia" is Croatian and Serbian and "Albania" Is Greek and Serbian. These "countries" are the Hunnic states of Europe. They must all die!

Crusader Lord, Turkey Forum 21 Comments [5/25/2009 7:35:05 AM]
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Quote# 62559

My latest song, Shoot the Coons is up and nobody's bothered to review and give it nothing but bullshit low ratings. What the fuck is wrong with all you idiots? You have no taste and constantly post your own shitty recordings and score huge poins while my works of genius are ignored.

You'll be glad someday when someone heeds my warning and the coon rebellion starts, at least they'll know what to do (shoot) unlike you other wankers. Go rub your giant tits and listen to shitty music instead of my brilliant work. You all suck and should be shot along with the coons.

MillsApparatus, Newgrounds 35 Comments [5/25/2009 7:32:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 25
Submitted By: Esjeur

Quote# 62553

(Hey Steve, why don't you make a film about... )
'Ruthless Russian Jew and Stalin's right-hand man and Brother-in-law,who helped set up the mass murder of 7 Million Ukranian peasents in 1932,and millions of others before,during and after WW2.In fact Russian Jews were so numerous in the founding of Communism in Russia and under the blood-soaked regimes of both Lenin and Stalin,that they have no right to point fingers at the Germans.'

Spielberg is so preoccupied with always making his people the ones in dire straits/cast in a favourable light and always blaming the Nazi stormtroopers. How about a doco/film on the Jewish organised Ukrainian Famine...how about it Stevie?

Its a fact that Jew communists killed more people in the 20th Century than the Nazis. Isn't that ironic...but true!

zone1480, IMDB 22 Comments [5/24/2009 12:23:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Kevin Klaw

Quote# 62537

Like Christ, ALL founders of world religions on ALL continents were BLACK and "woolly" haired, including the earliest gods . Buddha was Black, that's why his woolly hair is always shown in small tight curls, pepper corn style or corn rows. Early sculptures of him clearly reveal
his African features ...wide nose and full lips. So was Zaha of Japan,
Fu-Hsi of China, Tyr of Scandinavia, Quetzalcoatl of Mexico, Sommonacom of Siam and Isis of Egypt and Rome.

Black Soul Science, Black Soul Science Blog 24 Comments [5/23/2009 7:35:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 20

Quote# 62543

[In a thread titled "Don't Want Kids? Sorry, It's Your Duty"]

Mexicans NEVER stop to think about whether financially they can have kids. They just DO. Same with nigs. This is one area where I think our "responsible" nature as whites is killing us. We need to act like Mexicans when it comes to breeding. Mexicans pop out kids when the only thing left to eat is a taco shell. Really, I think this one's a matter of mind over matter. There are white families with TONS of kids, and dad's a truck driver and mom's a hair salon worker.

I will try to coin a new term: The Willfully Childless White Couple. Or WCWC. WCWC's have lots of excuses, but few are very good (I am excluding couples who can't, biologically, have children).

I would tax these couples in my white nationalist government. The two of you, as a unit, would have to pay double the tax rate everyone else pays. That tax would be set aside or put into a general fund for state-sponsored, all-white daycare, or whatever else supported white families.
Life to Whites

Hugh Lincoln, Vanguard News Network Forum 29 Comments [5/22/2009 1:01:55 PM]
Fundie Index: 22
Submitted By: ausador

Quote# 62488

Hi all,

I'm at a loss as to what is the greater threat. Obviously, there must be a plan to resettle America's jews, perhaps to Alaska or Israel.

Do we fight the darkies first or concentrate on the jew?

thomasdixonjr , Vanguard News Network Forum 18 Comments [5/22/2009 12:57:22 PM]
Fundie Index: 16
Submitted By: ausador

Quote# 62443

This born here, naturalised,British citizen stuff does not wash with me, l will never accept that these people are British in any way or the terms the multi-culti nuts use, these are terms of covenient categorisation that our pro immgration and destroy our island race traitor parties use in their attempts to beat down any dissent, third world immigrants are not and never can be of european bloodstock and for that reason alone are not British by any means.

Vernon_SE_BNP, BNP 21 Comments [5/20/2009 2:58:06 PM]
Fundie Index: 14

Quote# 62447

all muslims are not terrorist but all terrorist are muslims, therefore we should stop all muslims from coming here to live and all those muslims holding two passports should be deported. All bodies/groups acting for muslim only,shia courts,shia banks,muslim council of Great Britain and so on should be abandoned.No muslim should be allowed to hold any office including that of MP,Councillor,Mayor and so on, all mosqes should be closed (proven to be a breeding ground for extremist).Muslims should not be able to vote unless that they have lived and paid in to our system for twenty years and not allowed to obtain benefits of any kind until living here in an integrated fashion for twenty years.

Nostradamus, BNP 19 Comments [5/20/2009 9:48:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 16

Quote# 62460


Woodsy, Stormfront 21 Comments [5/19/2009 2:47:09 PM]
Fundie Index: 22
Submitted By: J Arcenas

Quote# 62444

Wales is going to become a full terrorist immigration no go area for whites, if people dont start realising what is really going on.

A friend called me earlier and told me that he just left a pub in Pontypridd and there were 42 Nigerians in there, he told me he actually counted them.

None of them were drinking , just hovering about staring at young girls.

He left and went to another Pub a few hundred yards away and it was the same there .

We need donations and activists fast.

Dont say we didnt tell you whats coming, when its to late.

extant, BNP 29 Comments [5/19/2009 9:26:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 15

Quote# 62439

[On Obama's at Notre Dame]

He had this really snooty arrogant look on his face while he was sitting waiting to speak.
his nose was stuck straight up in the air with his chin jutted out.
Its like we have a punk black kid for a president.
I keep waiting for him to start Rapping and speaking in ebonics at one of these press conferences.

He looks so out of place and is so unpresidential.
He would look much more at home in a MCcdonalds uniform.

turtle, rapture ready 28 Comments [5/19/2009 5:03:23 AM]
Fundie Index: 29

Quote# 62376

Could someone please enlighten me as to when King Edward the 1st “Edict of Expulsion 1297?expelling all Jews from the Kingdom of England was revoked?

come ,come now some bright spark must be able to tell me?




indigenous native, ukcolumn.org 32 Comments [5/16/2009 3:26:01 PM]
Fundie Index: 22
Submitted By: xplicit_UK

Quote# 62335

Some kike must have "Accidentally" sent this B.S. to me!!! If they only knew! Anyway, the point is go down to the bottom of the webpage & see those ANTI-CHRIST CLERGY WHO ENDORSE SATANS KIDS THE JEWS!!! WHEN THE FINAL SHOE DROPS, BESIDES ALL JEWS, HUNT THESE "TWICE THE CHILD OF HELL AS THE JEWS" DOWN & KILL THEM WITH NO MERCY!!!

MBJ, The Christian Party: Florida Supreme Court Justices are Traitors 16 Comments [5/16/2009 4:29:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 16

Quote# 62347

[Anti-race mixing ad]

The National Alliance believes that the human beings that are most closely linked -- that is, the races -- should remain separate and distinct and unique. Those opposing us believe quite the opposite: that all of the races should be mixed -- that husbands and wives should be of different races, for example -- so that the end result is an averaging of the races in terms of, most visibly, skin color. But far more important than skin color -- far more different than skin color -- are the many unique traits that each race possesses: not just physical traits, such as skin color and eye color and hair color, but also mental and psychological traits such as creativity, the ability to abstract, qualities of temperament, and so on. Suppose someone suggested that we must do everything possible to make sure that all of the varieties of beer -- stouts, ales, lagers, and so on -- are mixed so as to create a single type of mongrelized beer. It could have the brand name "Mongrel." The ad campaigns would have interesting slogans: "After a long day, kick back with your mutt and a Mongrel." Anyone can see this would ruin beer, why can't people see it also ruins the human race?

Unknown, National Alliance  25 Comments [5/15/2009 5:24:42 PM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: ausador

Quote# 62348

Don't Forget to Boycott McDonalds!!!

I know health wise it is not a hard thing to do..

But now McDonald’s (nigger/jew/wigger/kwan/fag chow restaurant) corporate office has publicly stated they want to promote faggotism. & since the majority of faggots are also pedophiles (sick piece of shit sexual predators of little children), McDonald’s supports pedophiles to. An anti-fag boycott was launch against Ford Motor co. awhile back for their support of faggots/pedophiles and now there company stock/shares are worth around $4.00 dollars each, haha.

1st Edu, Vanguard News Network Forum 15 Comments [5/15/2009 4:43:36 PM]
Fundie Index: 25
Submitted By: ausador

Quote# 62323

The Negro should simply admit they look funny to us.

Our kids learn to love blacks by playing with golliwogs.

Blacks have black faces thats why they are call blacks.

Cant they just accept they are not white and stop moaning about their ugly faces.

They should be thanking whites that we are even talking to them.

They would moan if we ignored them.

They are just so fussy. WHy dont they tell their Pickanninies you are gollies, just accept it.

They spoil all our fun. Enid Blyton wrote the Three Golliwogs, she named them NIGGER, WOGGIE and GOLLY.


Why do we have to change to suit these people. They also cannot laugh at themselves like white people can.

Anonymous, Gripes & Graplings 18 Comments [5/15/2009 9:18:12 AM]
Fundie Index: 21

Quote# 62220

Good news!!!!

I got my stimulus package in the Mail today
It contained Watermelon seeds, cornbread mix, & 10 coupons to KFC.

Obama SUCKS, Topix 31 Comments [5/11/2009 12:21:15 PM]
Fundie Index: 22

Quote# 62088

The truth= Racism? Then I'm racist. I just hate jigs. I have no problems with jews, or anyone else who works for a living.

Michelle's Deformed Eye, Topix 25 Comments [5/7/2009 10:10:03 AM]
Fundie Index: 18

Quote# 62006

[From a "Church Guidelines and What We Believe" page]

4. The good news of the gospel is that Christianity pertains exclusively to the White race and that the White race is the true Israel of scriptures and therefore God's chosen people. Today's jews are descendants of Esau and are the enemies of God.

5. We will obey the command and principle of racial separation (II Cor. 6:17). A bastard (non white) shall not enter the congregation (Deut. 23:2). Miscegenation will be cause for excommunication. Each member of the church shall be responsible for developing a racial consciousness. A multicultural/universalist philosophy shall be considered sin in the camp and will be removed.

Kinsman Redeemer Ministries, Kinsman Redeemer Ministries 31 Comments [5/5/2009 8:21:16 AM]
Fundie Index: 24
Submitted By: M.M.
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