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They are doing it through vaccines. Contaminated Small Pox vaccines in Africa led to Aids (1st woman in box), contaminated Tentanus vaccines affected reproduction in South America (2nd woman in box), and now we've got the swine flu vaccinations that could become mandatory. Canada and the UK are already warning the public that it will be mandatory.

Hisdaughterjen, Christian Forums 5 Comments [7/31/2009 3:24:37 PM]
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Submitted By: LightHorseman

Quote# 64357

I Lawrence Harmen have just gotten over this 3 day Swine flu here in Edmonton after being sprayed twice in the face by a man who just happens to always be where I am working on my computer. Within one hour I nearly hit the ground and that was Wednesday of last week. This flu is being spread by the Hell's Angels globally and is being set to explode across the globe very very soon by design to destroy yours and my immune systems. Do not willingly take these vaccines as Baxter released HIV to hundreds of thousands world wide and recently they nearly successfully released the bird flu mixed in with this new Swine flu vaccine....

Lawrence Harmen, Abba's Watchman 8 Comments [7/31/2009 3:22:04 PM]
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Submitted By: Grigori Yefimovich

Quote# 64228

My understanding has always been this: according to Ruckman, the current Pope (whoever it is) will not necessarily become the Antichrist; more likely, the Antichrist will come to power, and the Papacy will be given to him (or he'll take it) as an "honorary" thing. In other words, Pope Benedict probably won't become the ruler of the world .... but when the Antichrist shows up, Benedict could say "Here, the title is yours, you deserve it!"

That's important because, in becoming Pope (although Pope might just be one of his jobs or titles), the Antichrist will unite all three of the world's "great montheistic religions." He'll be of Syrian extraction, and Syria is Muslim; he'll be a Jew; and, by assuming the Papacy, he'll represent (yes, I know) "Christianity."

There's also the possibility that the False Prophet could be Pope. That would make sense; he'd be in a perfect position to point to the Antichrist and say "There he is!" That's the position the Left Behind authors take: but, bless their ignorant little hearts, they also say that the "real" Pope goes up in the Rapture!

A likely story.....

Vendetta Ride, Baptist 1611 5 Comments [7/31/2009 3:13:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Trike

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I forgot to mention y'all should investigate the meaning of gold fringe on the flags now. It represents "Admiralty Law" over Constitutional laws.

Admiralty law is basically the law on the seas, whereas the captain is the law, and decides who gets what rights, if any. It is in effect without most people even being aware the Bill of Rights is merely optional now.

Admiralty law, I think was brought in via Executive Order of president Eisenhauer or Truman, actually. It is another layer of guarranteed unaccountability for gov unconstitutionality.

Think twice before you say it's a free country again. A gold fringe flag in court is a court rigged in the name of national security.

James J Dierbeck, Above Top Secret 11 Comments [7/30/2009 10:17:31 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

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well, have you heard about the fema camps? googe them, theyre pretty crazy. i have this theory that the illuminati is calling conspiracy theorists phones so they can track them...which is why i was woundering if anyone else who recieved that call is a conspiracy theorist.

Jacqui, whocallsme.com 12 Comments [7/30/2009 12:51:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Russell

Quote# 64413

Primates have 48 chromosomes, humans have 46. The second and third chromosomes are fused together. Humans were genetically CLONED, from a much more advanced civilization! we were cloned with a Primates Genome, think how similar we are to them, yet so different. Please open your eyes! Search up on google, Planet X or Nibiru, also the ancient civilization Anunnaki.

Kejfrh, Yahoo Answers 13 Comments [7/30/2009 12:50:02 AM]
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Submitted By: Bowen

Quote# 64386

[from the comments. Posted by: Neil | 07/20/09 | 1:45 pm ]

It was a beautiful hoax.
Very impressive even today.
Polls say 75% of Americans still think we went to the moon.
Although it was criminal, you can’t help respecting the Zionists that orchestrated it.
They needed money for the Israeli nuclear program. 100 nukes are expensive.
Submarines, ships, tanks, state-of-the-art fighter jets, cruise missiles are expensive.
Israel can’t afford them with only 7.4million people and a paltry $200Billion GDP.
$3Billion in annual foreign aid doesn’t come close to what they need.
They’ve got very generous social welfare programs that need to be funded also.
They had to steal.
From the United States.
They do it by siphoning $trillions allocated for the United States space program in exchange for well-crafted convincing fake photos, video and narrative that only cost $millions.
Israel has a hostile Eastern flank that needs defending but they can’t afford it so they manipulate Americans with false-flag terrorist attacks to get American slaves to send their sons and daughters to their early deaths in illegal, preemptive, bankrupting quagmire wars for Israel.
ISS, Hubble, and Mars missions are hoaxes also.
The money gets sent to Israel.
Americans are slaves.

Neil, Wired.com 22 Comments [7/30/2009 12:47:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Freethinker

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The Denver airport will be used as a transfer center for Christians and those who oppose the New World Order in the time of the end. It has a huge underground prison for detainees on their way to internment camps located through out America.

kotel, Christian Forums 25 Comments [7/24/2009 9:56:23 AM]
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Submitted By: LightHorseman

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Libraries are a nice "end." I think libraries are great. But ends cannot be divorced from means. And the means of any public library is tax dollars -- dollars that were extorted under the principle of "Your money or your life." Pay your tax or go to jail. Nothing about them is free. Understand that while the driving force of the private sector is the creation of value, the driving force of libraries is the destruction of value. People are forced, if not at the point of a gun, then at the threat of the point of the gun, to pay for libraries whether or not they want to. And the difference between what they wanted to buy with their money and the library that they are forcibly stuck with is a destruction of value. Not only that, but the difference between the excellent private libraries that would probably exist if the market weren't flooded by inferior government libraries is a further loss of value.

Public libraries, as institutions that destroy value, destroy in some small way our ability to live our lives to the fullest. They represent houses of death and should be spat upon and cursed in the most creative language possible.

Public libraries are a scourge because they masquerade as a benevolent government program, a program that seemingly only the most extreme radical could oppose. Educate the public. Provide "free" books, movies, CDs, and Internet connections to anyone who wants or needs them. Provide reference material and disseminate knowledge to the public. Combat illiteracy. In short, public libraries supposedly better society and make the world a nicer place for everyone. And if public libraries are so great, then why not a public "this" or public "that," by extension?

Public libraries are at the heart of statism and the destruction of individual rights. They embody the premise that government can create value. But force cannot create. Wealth cannot be legislated. The truth is that aside from protecting individual rights, government can do nothing but destroy value at the point of the gun.

Jeff Landauer, Rebirth of Reason 77 Comments [7/20/2009 6:20:43 AM]
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Quote# 64079

[Referring to an article about an NSA study that the US government did not now in advance of the Pearl harbor attack]

One of the world’s most enduring mysteries is; why would anyone believe the NSA?
Pearl was known in advance, much like on 9/11 there was an active effort to stand down and allow the attack to go ahead. It served the purpose then of dragging the US into WW2 and 9/11 as most know served its purpose of creating the boondoggle of “The War on Terror”.

Graham, Prison Planet 16 Comments [7/19/2009 12:31:55 PM]
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Submitted By: BigD1987

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People really are quite stupid. It (Facebook) is merely a tool / database for the government to collect as much information about people as possible. It allows them to see who you are linked to etc. Just another form of big brother. No I am not paranoid, just a realist. Wake up you morons, and live your life !

William, Times Online 35 Comments [7/16/2009 7:36:46 PM]
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"No 9/11 truther has ever been able to answer this for me:
If the Bush administration had planned 911, why would they have filled the planes with Saudis, - Bushco's buddies - and not so much have a single Iraqi aboard. Only to spend the next two years desperately trying to connect 9/11 with Iraq. Anyone?"

No idea. But all you need to know is this. All the government reports and the toothy truthers agree the towers collapsed at damned near free fall as you can get.

So, a tower is just about to collapse. Lets take the N Tower. Suddenly appearing nearby is an extremely large crane. From the crane hangs a piece of office block exactly the same size and weight as that above impact in the N. Tower. It is also being held up at the same height. It has nothing beneath it.

The starters whistle blows and both tops begin to fall.

The crane top falls through the empty air achieving free fall rate as one would expect of something falling freely under gravity alone. As a consequence it arrives at the ground also in the shortest and only time it could have taken; that being free fall time.

But funny enough as it lands so does the top of the N. Tower. But that top did not fall freely but fell through the line of most resistance. Strangely enough it still achieved free fall rate even though it was smashing to smithereens approximately 8 floors a second as it did so. Nonetheless it still arrived at the ground at the free fall time as the fictional top that really did fall freely through empty air. Both tops did entirely different amounts of work coming down. One did nothing the other did as much as to beggar belief. Yet according to NIST gravity was the only force involved.

Now if that doesn't sound true to you, it should still sound untrue whether Elvis, James Dean, Marilyn Munro or Donald fucking Duck was on the plane.

LondonLad, Salon.com 24 Comments [7/16/2009 11:20:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Russell

Quote# 64033

I seem to have been misunderstood.. I don't doubt at all that NASA has built rockets capable of space flights. We've all seen the footage, the Satellites, the space station that's all real and obvious. I don't doubt that NASA has sent vehicles to Mars and the Moon and gathered minerals/photos etc.. What I do doubt is that NASA has sent man to the moon. I'm not going to present evidence because even if it's true you'll debunk it with your scientific jargon, it's what you do with any credible evidence for ID. I've been on this forum long enough to be cautious of this and what I'm really trying to do is get those who have never questioned authority before to check it out for themselves and make up their minds on the matter.. de-brainwash their heavily brainwashed minds so to speak if they want to.

Oliver, Richard Dawkins Forum 23 Comments [7/16/2009 10:55:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Headache

Quote# 63992


Will the vaccine be given to the children first or to the adults? I will ask it another way: Who is the intended target of this round of LIFEKILL adults? Or children?

Is it better to keep the children alive and kill off their parents and raise a new generation of government addicet welfare orphans? Is the indocturnation of the new peacfull new world order EASIER to implement in orphaniazed children VS adults?

Or, do the resources children require (ie they need food, shelter, and most of all cannot WORK) translate into an EXTRA BURDEN on the living Earth and its precious resources?

Is it better to save adults? At least they can be made to WORK and require less resources than children do (ie adults can survive in a crapmed house/hive unit).

So who is the TRUE intended target here and why? And please explain your logic behind your conclusions....


Djhives, Djhives.blogspot.com 24 Comments [7/14/2009 5:06:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Cthuluman

Quote# 63966

"Is it really that much of a stretch to believe that Bush and Cheney were/are incompetent and overconfident boobs who were caught with their pants down on 9/11? Really?"
You bet it is. Getting everyone to think that they were incompetent was one of the master strokes of the operation. Dick Cheney incompetent? Only when he wants YOU to think he is.

The prior warnings were all cooked up false back story. They served a few purposes. Because of their existence studio talking heads could say with authority that Osama did it even as early as when the towers were still standing. You always have to tell the punters what the product is that is right in front of their eyes as soon as possible. Don't leave them time to have thoughts of their own.

Secondly it let the top brass off being considered as involved. No they just stupidly didn't act on the warnings. But the biggest benefit was that these so called warnings were used as providing proof of Osamas involvement BEFOREthe event, removing any necessity for a proper police investigation AFTER the event.

So they could jump in calling it an act of war which is what they were going to do all along whilst scuttling any need in the public's mind for a through criminal investigation that they sure as hell didn't want.

Got to hand it to them. Those "incompetents" sure were slick.

LondonLad, Salon.com 16 Comments [7/13/2009 6:08:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Russell

Quote# 63924


MARK OF THE BEAST, Prison Planet 47 Comments [7/12/2009 8:21:37 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 63894

So my wife loves this show, and unfortunately I am sometimes in the same room when this rubbish is on. I've never payed much attention until today when I sat down and started watching a bit with her, and all I can say is WTF! The episode she was watching is called "Extreme Makeover: World Edition". The original airdate was January 23, 2005. Let me first give you the episode synopsis as written on the dvd insert:
"With the impending doom of the Avatars' Utopian transformation of the world where all humans must be put to sleep, The Charmed Ones become victims of a paranoia spell that attracts and kills an Avatar."

Within the time span of just about 10 mins I caught more NWO, masses asleep/brainwashed innuendo than you could shake your fist at. They even threw in a random scene where some guy picks up a snowglobe of the WTC twin towers and just looks at it. I thought I must have missed the context so I asked my wife why he was looking at this snow globe of the WTCs and she had absolutely no idea. It HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORYLINE! The next several minutes following that scene were FULL of references to the masses literally being asleep(due to some spell), paranoia(the charmed ones were awake but paranoid due to the spell), conspiracy, transformation, Utopian society, good vs evil, etc. There was also a desire expressed by the Avatars(some mystic group aparantly with an agenda to create a utopian society) to move quickly before people could catch on. I only caught the last 10 minutes so some of the context was lost on me, but I was absolutey blown away by all of the NWO innuendo and undertones.

Does anyone watch this show? Is this episode indiciative of what the show is like?

davidnay, PrisonPlanet 13 Comments [7/12/2009 6:18:50 AM]
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Submitted By: ozznova

Quote# 63983

(Regarding a possible solar storm in the making)

ITS NOT A LENS FLARE LOOSER I HAVE SEVERAL PICTURES OF IT.FROM MANY DIFFERENT DAYS.LENS FLARES ARE COLORED .SEE THE CHEMTRAILERS GETTING READY TO COVER IT UP.look jack dont say shit unless you have been filming them as long as I have.ten years. I cant wait til it smashes into venus at her next transit and I cant wait to see your face as the sun explodes and burns you with fire.
serpentine fire as old as OLD its comming back.

souracameraexpert?, Prison Planet 15 Comments [7/11/2009 11:21:12 PM]
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Quote# 63916

Michael Jackson is Alive !!!! The man who died June 25 looked like him, spoke like him and in fact doubled for him many times when Michael did not want to be seen. But it was not Michael. Michael is alive and well and happier than ever. The plot was 10 years in the making but it had to be done. Michael could not go on hampered with past debt , law suits , contracts etc. The Buisness Entity known as Michael Jackson had to die. to free Michael the artist to go on living..
We know he is alive because we have seen pictures. Yes pictures that we will soon post. Clear pictures taken June 26, 2009 of Michael Jackson lounging poolside with friends . This site is dedicated to bringing the truth to his fans and ultimately to provide a forum for Michael to communicate with them. We feel he was forced to fake his death the same way companies are forced into Bankruptcy.
Those close to Michael have known about the plot for years , It was a very expensive and intricate venture . The man who died had a terminal illness and his death was long overdue. He was given facial surgery to resemble Michael exactly . Even the fingerprints will match. No doubt his family will be taken care of.
Soon we think Michael's new music will be out . Under a different name and with a drastically altered face, Which sounds better than ever , even though a harmonizer has been used to disguise his voice.
Relax and rest assured that Michael may still be with uss, And now he is happier than ever , free to walk the streets, go to stores and parks and yes he will even visit his children, THe new Michael has surgically altered his face , but if you look closely you can definately tell that it is in fact him.
Michael will walk among us. That's why we encourage all fans to be prepared to take pictures. This sight is dedicated to Michael Jackson sightings. We will post any and all pictures you send us. Michael wants to connect with his fans , he only wants to run from those who would seek to control him.

Michael Jackson Sightings, Website 30 Comments [7/9/2009 8:52:10 AM]
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Quote# 63825

The crackup I thought I was seeing in the Obama campaign didn’t happen. I underestimated the ability of the mainstream media to cover for Obama’s weaknesses. We may all have underestimated the effectiveness of ACORN’s vote-fraud machine.

I’m glad we’ve elected a black man president; I’m sorry it’s one who looks quite so much like a sort of latter-day Manchurian Candidate programmed by his hard-left associates to hate his own country.

I hope we don’t all come to regret this day horribly. We can only hope that Obama is a better man than his influences.

Eric Raymond, Armed and Dangerous 11 Comments [7/9/2009 12:32:27 AM]
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Submitted By: The WHHAAAMMMM Burglar

Quote# 63877

Personally I think Obama will do much more damage to our country and way of life than Osama did. Has anyone else noticed there seems to be a strong family resemblance between the 2. After all BHO has never come up with a legal birth certificate and who knows if there was a switch during the years he lived in Indonesia.

Sandy1950, RR 19 Comments [7/8/2009 5:35:53 PM]
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Quote# 63773

What kind of a fool would go to the extent to disable an alarm then go underneath a low riding car to rip the gas lines and yank off the gas pump to vandalize it? See mechanic bill in here. Then to force the driver door open to gain access and open the hood and vandalize the Battery??? If they really wanted to vandalize a car they would have gone for the tires and windows. Disabled the alarm, butchered the gas lines and gas pump, forced door open, nicely open the hood, smashed the battery and leave the rest of the car intact? That doesn't make much sense uh? Never heard of that kind of vandalism before. Uhmmm.... Who would do such a thing? And for what purpose??...
Tadda! I got a witness! When I left my car in the street the alarm went off. The home owner of the house next to my car came out and found few cars parked next to mine and a bunch of innocent looking, church-going, Bush-Loving, Wal-Mart Shopping, Selfrighteous, sinless, pure and spiritual "Community Watch" law abiding citizens (Typical Gang-Stalkers) and asked them what was they were doing to the car. Everyone run to their cars and left in a hurry!... so the homeowner went back into his house. When the Gang of Stalkers returned to do what they were trying to do, they cut off the cables of the alarm. THE REASON THE GAS LINES WERE RIPPED APART WAS THAT THEIR UNLAWFUL HIGH TECH SURVEILLANCE-GPS-MICS AND OTHER DEVICES WERE ATTACHED TO THE GAS LINES. They vandalized the battery because they had to yank off the cables of their power supply. They were in a hurry to remove them because the home owner could come out again and they knew that I HAD NOTICED the car was bugged and first thing that I was going to do in the morning was to sweep the car for High Tech Devices.

Who would leave so much evidence behind? They had to choose the lesser of two problems. They were in a hurry to remove their unauthorized devices, they had to do it in the dark and they had to forcibly remove it. They took whatever the device was attached to (gas Lines and gas pump) with it. If I had captured their High Tech devices. OH BOY, their not-so-secret-society would have suffered a big blow and they knew that! After the incident above, I went to the Police Station twice and I was treated like crap. However, the Distric Attorneys Investigators were very nice and professional.

This is going to be the controvertial and touchy part: The police has a duty to serve and protect EVERYONE equally or at least I would like to think so. I have seen on TV that many people accused of really bad things are being protected with bulletproof vests when they come in and out of the courthouses. What about when the "Todays Heroes/Vigilantes" (Community Watch Organizations) attack other people and break, enter and vandalizes property? Are "Todays Heroes" allowed to act with impunity? If this is the case I would like to join them and turn myself into a "today hero" as well so I can enjoy the same benefits!

watchdog, Gang Stalking World 17 Comments [7/7/2009 5:25:24 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 63852

How long will it be until immunizations are mandatory? Such legislation is already pending on a Federal level. People who are still able to discern and have the ability to think know that the H1N1, so-called pandemic, is bogus. It is a crafty plot to intimidate and control people. The so-called “swine flu”, or H1N1 virus, was manufactured from human and animal viruses from four different continents of the world. They were recombined and designed to spread from human to human during a non-flu season. These and other amazing facts were published by Charles Drace, a researcher from Christchurch, New Zealand. He also reported the following pertinent information: During the 1976 swine flu scare, no one died from it. The United States mass-vaccinated people anyway, and twenty-five people died from the vaccine. Hundreds more people who were vaccinated developed the crippling Guillian-Barre syndrome immediately after their injections. Even healthy 20-year-olds became paraplegics from the vaccine! Even the infamous Tamiflu vaccine is not designed to protect against the flu, but rather to shorten the length of flu from 12 days to 11 days. Side effects from Tamiflu are many and include suicidal tendencies, which is why Japan banned its use among children. In the past six years, there have been 257 deaths from the “bird flu pandemic.” George Bush predicted it would kill two million people. Three thousand people die of malaria every day, but that is not a pandemic because no one can make a vaccine against malaria! What will it take for people to come fully awake? Apathy has dug many graves!

David J. Meyer, Last Trumpet Ministries 17 Comments [7/7/2009 9:38:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Grigori Yefimovich

Quote# 63665

Here is the evidence of MJ faking his death as I have been able to find so far. First of all why. Well there is the obvious reasons.....being Isolated because of fame, and also of course because of debt which has been reported to be as much as 400 million or more. He was basically broke, and his only way out was a huge new tour that would have been a hurculean task for the frail 50 year old, especialy when you take into account his dancing and enormous stage show. But on to some more concrete evidence. One thing a lot of people do not know is that he has as much as 100 songs that he has specifically held back until after he dies. This seems an odd thing for any artist to do.....but it would certainly give him an income well into his "death" years...Here is a link about that

Is there any evidence that he has faked his death.....Well apparently a sharp eyed veiwer noticed something VERY odd in a video of Micheal Jackson's corpse being flown to the morge for an autopsy.....namely the copse SITS STRAIGHT UP as the helicopter lands! Here is the link to the original post

And here is the post to the actual video. www.cnn.com...#/video/showbiz/2009/06/25/von.jackson.body.transport.kabc?iref=videosearch

One thing that should be noticed and studied. Watch the press report he gave about his new tour. I dont have a link, but its easy to find. Watch it with a critical eye. He stands if front of a podium that says "THIS IS IT" He goes on to let everyone know that this is indeed it. Meaning of course this will be his last tour.....or was their a deeper message. He then tells the people gathered how much he loved them..going on in an almost awkward way about insisting just how much he 'realy' loves them from 'the bottom of my heart'. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was the last official performance of Nirvana. Their accoustic set on MTV The stage was decorated with flowers and candles....and oddly...would quite literally remind one of a funeral. We all know what was going through Kurt Cobains mind at the time....shortly afterward he killed himself. What meaning can we gather from MJ's last 'official' appearance. Did he know what was coming. Was it all planned from even then?
Did he fake his own death? Did he learn some "tips" from the most famous alleged "death faker" of all time-Elvis Presley? No link here...just a bit of speculation, as he obviously had a very direct tie to the family.
One more thing I should say. Again I do not have specific links on hand, however this may be researched and proven rather easily to anyone who wishes, is that he had more than a couple very secluded "vacation" type gettaway homes. Just in the type of places where, a person if they wanted to, could disapear permantly. All it would take is money. But with all the debt....how could he have enough money to pull this off, he would have had to pay off doctors, lawyers, possibly even police....Well America has more debt than just about any other country combined and so far its doing ok. There seems to be an economic anomaly when dealing with people who have generated as much money as him......Even when their funds are consideringly in the negative....they some how find a way to get enormous amount of money flow.....With the debt he had, however he could not keep that virtual inflow of money going forever. Debt catches up to you...unless you somehow cheat it.

bhornbuckle75, Above Top Secret 18 Comments [7/6/2009 4:31:39 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 63837

The same political problems that plague the USA today previously troubled Italy in the 1920s and Germany in the 1930s. Both of those countries found political solutions. However, time has shown that the solutions were not quite as good as they seemed. Albert Einstein and Neils Bohrs left Germany before it was too late, but six million did not. Do you think the six million sat around saying things like, "That could never happen here!", or "The government would never go THAT far!", or "Thank God we got rid of those Conservatives!". When Obama knocks on YOUR door, where will you be?

vududr, Politics Daily 27 Comments [7/6/2009 9:57:50 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain
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