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[About the cold war.]

BB, I know the 'official' version of the 'cold war' history, and, that as usual, it's a crock of BS. The cold war was only a mental war. At no time, was there any danger of it morphing into a real war. It was a conspiracy between the American leaders and Stalin to 'pretend' to almost be about to go to war so they could keep the wartime taxes and military expenditures high. Both militaries like to play 'war games' but not for real. KennyB

KennyB, Unexplained-Mysteries 28 Comments [1/27/2010 10:23:21 AM]
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Quote# 69872

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Propaganda Minister, is credited with this saying, "If you tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and often enough the people will eventually believe it". And 0bama's own Minister of Propaganda, Rahm Emanuel, sure knows a thing or two about telling lies - loudly and often. He was also the one who came up with not letting a good crisis go to waste. Btw, is anyone surprised by the fact that 0bama's propaganda department is taking its cues from the Nazis?

SummerSailing81, RR 27 Comments [1/26/2010 12:00:34 PM]
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Quote# 69857

[Audiences experience Avatar blues, are depressed because Pandora isn't real.]

This tells me with absolute certainty that the movie AVATAR was created as a propaganda piece. Not only propaganda, but mind altering propaganda. I had heard that the movie was pro-pagan, anti-human, pro-communistic in nature. Now it seems by this article that it's purpose was indeed to make people hate people, and the world we live in. Perfect for the eugenics / depopulation agenda. It seems that James Cameron is a master craftsman in the line of hypnotic mind control. Perhaps the reasoning behind the 3-D glasses?

Crowned One, Revelation Now Forum 31 Comments [1/25/2010 9:39:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Grigori Yefimovich

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What if the last remaining Neanderthals were the pharaohs of Egypt. What if they were smarter and were the designers of the pyramids. If you look at some of the pharaoh xrays they had very elongated back of the heads. So do the Neanderthals. Why did they were turbans? Why did the Egyption Pharaoh's royal line interbreed so much? Maybe they were trying to maintain the last of the Neanderthal blood line. Could Helen of Troy be the last of the Neanderthals? The Greeks took her from Egypt then the Turks from Greece. Why so much blood for one person? This is a wild theory but every time a see a skull of a Neanderthal and an Egyption Pharaoh they look identical. So maybe they are. If you read the bible story of the great flood one of the reasons for the flood was to eliminate a different race of people. The bible version is angels with people. What if it was just Neanderthal and people.

Al , Comments on msnbc.com 28 Comments [1/25/2010 9:33:52 AM]
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I personally believe the US (the Colonies, and later the "Founding" of the US Government in the late 1700's) was founded (the foundation was laid) by Francis Bacon and friends, on behalf of the English occultists, and was founded on the occult; that is, the illuminist, sophist, utopian, new age, gnostic, enlightened universalist pagan philosophy of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons.... that is, I believe this country was founded by German Rosicrucianism and English Freemasonry.... basically, the OCCULT. How's that for a politically incorrect answer? lol I believe the founders were into this, as were/ are most of the presidents either/ all parties (the D/R paradigm is fake). btw, these aforementioned groups are not just non-Christian, they are specifically ANTI-Christian. Psalm 2 ! God is in control. Praise Jesus to Whom all must eventually bow.

SeeHimSoon, RR 31 Comments [1/21/2010 6:29:30 AM]
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Quote# 69684

Yep, Skype is a webcam software which means it can be used in our tv's so Big Bro can have a look at us too...probably whether we like it or not. The wave of the future...and it's a tsunami!

bowandarrowsparkles, Watchman's Cry 31 Comments [1/19/2010 6:22:43 PM]
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Submitted By: gaijinlaw

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isnt it al gore pushing this global carbon tax . i cant believe anyone with a 9th grade education would believe such bullshit , co2 is NOT poison all plant life need it , all animals exhale it , and to think that we humans can affect the ozone layer and only occupy 21% of the planet is pretty far afetched , this guy is a scam artist waiting to get rich ,.. and now all his scientists are busted , for falsifing all their data search climate gate

Todd Hart, facebook poll 36 Comments [1/19/2010 2:33:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Rorschach

Quote# 69595

You might be a fascist if you . . .

. . . think that taxes are the price we pay for civilization.

. . . smile when the rich have to pay an even greater proportion of taxes than they do now.

. . . kid yourself that Social Security and Medicare taxes are investments or premiums rather than a way to pay for more welfare for old people.

. . . maintain that you have a right to health care, housing, retirement income, food stamps, or government-guaranteed student loans.

Russell Madden, Rebirth of Reason 66 Comments [1/16/2010 12:57:15 PM]
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Has anyone even thought about the arrival of Nibiru, AKA Planet X, noting that even Norway has decided to try to save its population by building a large underground base…completion date 2011.

Extreme: perhaps. The bottom line we do not know. We don’t know what kind of impact this planet is going to have.

I am looking for the truth. Apparently…the governments think we are not going to be able to handle this truth…and in the end, what will and can be done??? Planet X no longer can be hidden…and even though it passes us once every 3600 years, we simply do not know…what kind of impact this planet will have.

Yes, there feels like there will be a harvest…of some sort.

We have to stop destroying ourselves…yes, these are strange and wonderful times. It matters.

Marilyn, Discover Magazine 24 Comments [1/16/2010 12:31:01 AM]
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Quote# 69520

(The site author claims that Earth's axis of rotation has slipped by another 26 degrees, to yield an axial tilt of 49 degrees, and that the truth is being covered up by the scientific community. Lulz.)

What caused the slippage?

The melting of the polar regions has thrown off the balance of the earth. As the glaciers have nearly melted, the weight at the north pole has decreased. This has allowed the heavier, wider portion of the earth at the equator to start slipping downward, thus increasing the tilt significantly.

Why has no one noticed?

It did not slip all at once. It has been a slow change over the past 20 years, but two of the most significant axial shifts occurred between Dec 4 and 6, 2006.

Despite common misperception, an event like this can happen silently rather than a catastrophic sudden change. A 2000 mile shift would not be felt any more than you can feel the rotation of the earth. The earth rotates nearly 25,000 miles every day. About 1038 miles every hour. You cannot feel a 2000 mile change in the axis any more than you can feel the earth rotate or orbit the sun.

The star layout would only be a miniscule change which the average person would not notice. In the night sky, it would only be inches difference in the stars between the Dakotas and Mexico latitudes. See the "Star Chart" section on the main menu to see the comparison.

Even though this moved our latitude to the south by apx 2000 miles, there is only a 10-20 degree Fahrenheit temperature difference between central American and the Dakotas during the summer. So temperatures normally in the 80's would now be in the 90's to 100's degree Fahrenheit range. Thus it would be reported as a heat wave. The mid US now has a tropical climate.

In the winter months, we will experience cold waves and ice storms because our increased tilt will have us tilted farther away from the sun in the winter months.

The astronomers, astrophysicists, meteorologists have all been silenced by the government to avoid panic, but the United Kingdom has been giving out information pamphlets to their citizens on how to cope with the permanent changes to the weather.

N/A, How & Why: The Changing of the Axial Tilt 29 Comments [1/15/2010 11:30:15 PM]
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Quote# 69479

I cant say I dont feel a slight tinge of justification towards those who have called me just the @crazy consiracy theorist who knows nothing about so called real science, hopefully this will wake many people up to the dogmatic pathetically politically oriented priesthood science has become.

This has now been confirmed as real and many of those involved are being pressured to step down from their positions, and all this in light of the upcoming Copenhagen treaty, which effectively seals our fate and lays the groundwork for the systematic destruction of first world economies and and massive transfer of wealth from 1st to 3rd world countries, though the likes of carbon taxes etc, carbon taxes effectively meaning we are taxing breathing, and the new President of Europe stated recently, this will be the first year of global governance, and copenhagen is the reason why.

Dont let this story fade, spread it far and wide, it is one of the most important stories of the century and unless addressed in the context of copenhagen, will be a travesty.

This is just confirmation of what many already knew, that Anthropogenic Global warming is one of the worst scams in history.

Just look at the man behind it and what he is brought to, the snakeoil soon to be green billionaire was recently caught photoshopping the image of his book and saying it was nasa data, making the effects of global warming seem worse, and then of course theres his famous hockey stick graph scam, and this scumbag won a Nobel Prize?

Sometimes I just dont know, then again if you know who owns the Nobel Prize System, it becomes pretty obvious.


Outlawstar, Anime UK News 12 Comments [1/15/2010 7:57:13 AM]
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[Re. Obama's vacation in Hawaii.]

You can always tell what someone is trying to hide, by the way they try to hide it.

This trip to Hawaii has doubled as an advertising campaign...well, perhaps "propaganda" campaign would be more descriptive.

Following the communist rule, "if you tell the same lie enough times, people will start to believe it", every story from the pineapple state has tried to reiterate that obama was "born" there...but you know what...liberally biased, human interest stories from a liberally biased news media does not constitute facts.

In addition to the millions he has already spent to hide his past, he is now using this extended bullsh*t photo opp to try and drive the nail home that he was born in Hawaii...no other proof, mind you, just the Associated Press...that's like beleiving Joe Isuzu.

Here's the bottom line...after eleven days on Oahu, if he really wanted to prove he was born there, why not used the powers of his office to locate his "birth doctor", and have a beer summit with him? Or even go back to the hospital where he was supposedly born to meet and greet the staff?

Better still, how about a big class reunion with ALL the folks he went to grade school and high school with...that'd be a treat for the public, wouldn't it?

But he did none of that, instead he played golf.

FrankR, Free Republic 27 Comments [1/15/2010 1:37:15 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 69499

This is in connection with Washington DC imposing a five cent tax on plastic shopping bags, supposedly to encourage recycling. Of course, the Rapturites know it's another sign the Apocalypse is at hand.

This is insanity...The Green Loons spread into every locale and none of us will escape Mother Earth worship. Taxes will rise and government will officiate all Mother Earth agendas including water rationing, electricity monitoring, national ID, Muslim call to prayer, a global tax, population control, GPS monitoring on autombiles, a chip on each person, cellphone monitoring with chip inclusion, cameras on every street corner, and health centers in every county to ensure pregnancy rates are within mandate, and private radio or TV stations are prohibited.

"Remember, true patriotism serves the state."

antitox, RR 20 Comments [1/14/2010 10:38:51 PM]
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Submitted By: solomongrundy

Quote# 69488

Kevin Trudeau, the author of this new book is single handedly blowing the lid off the web of lies and deception of the drug industry, food industry, and government. If you've seen his infomercials you know what i'm talking about.

The book is titled Natural Cures They don't want you to know about. it's already one of the best selling non-fiction books of all time and more and more people are finding out about the conspiracy to keep everyone sick.

This thread serves to pay homage to Kevin Trudeau for being such a brave guy for standing up to the drug companies and the government and being such a successful guy at it! I've read the book and it was great. I already know that the only way to be healthy is to eat organic and detox. That's the basis for everything.

If you've seen ANYTHING in the media or on any websites that are trying to discredit Kevin Trudeau. You need to know that they are people who are working for the drug companies, FDA, or FTC. It's obvious that these people want to destroy him, but Kevin continues to expose the lies of the "SICK CARE" industry.

Please i'd like to hear your comments about Kevin, the book, and the whole sick care industry conspiracy!!!

Solidus Snake, Above Top Secret 24 Comments [1/13/2010 3:25:48 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 69500

I am asking the question no one will, and asking it in all seriousness, if Rush Limbaugh was deliberately attacked with a frequency weapon while on Hawaiian vacation?

Consider the facts in Rush Limbaugh is frequently under physician observation, because people who are in his position have contracts worth millions of dollars and corporate sponsors and legal representatives of insurance companies require these very expensive celebrities to undergo yearly physicals to prove the investment is worth it.

For the reality, the US military has brought online numbers of new frequency weapons to induce headaches to passiveness in crowd control measures. A low setting producing neurological stunning of the body, high settings kill.
This is all in the public domain now in riot control measures....

I do not like making a great deal of my life public as I do not care to have anyone believe me or not, as the debate takes up time I do not have to spare to convince people, I could care less about convincing.
I have though since the Obama benefactors started cementing power in mid 2008, had numerous computer attacks, surveillance on my personal phone conversations in conjunction with certain military bases being use to grab the signals from the air, which is quite illegal, and in the autumn of 2008 by accident in passive sensors, I noted a wiping out of digital broadcast signals for two months in my location. In layman's terms, something was interfering with the television broadcast signals I monitor, and for two months I was personally not feeling very well.

As of one Sunday, this interference stopped and the broadcast signals from 5 stations returned to normal, and, I was quite feeling well again within a day.

This all started within weeks of the census bureau mapping my location with a GPS tag

Lame Cherry, Lame Cherry blog 26 Comments [1/13/2010 10:10:25 AM]
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Quote# 69417

Modern public health and the antitobacco movement have symbols eerily reminiscent of those of the iconic
20th century dictatorships. In the US, there's a Surgeon General who wears a dark military uniform, while his
bureaucratic brother-in-arms leading the Drug War is called the Drug Czar. 3 The omnipresent no-smoking
symbol is red, white and black – the colours of the German swastika.

FORCES International, Denying the Undeniable 40 Comments [1/8/2010 6:44:01 AM]
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Quote# 69401

The usurpers in the Senate passed the Marxist health care bill as a "Christmas" present to the American people. While few really know what is in the entire 2,000-page-plus bill, we do know enough to know that it is unconstitutional. But it was not only the bill's content that is unconstitutional. It was the way that it was developed, debated and passed that is also unconstitutional. Senators voted on a bill they did not read. Bribes were paid from your tax money to give senators in certain states special treatment for their votes. This entire bill is a Trojan horse to a socialist takeover of the United States as every Democratic leader says it is just the framework for complete government run health care in the future.

Bill Wilson, Word of Life Ministry 26 Comments [1/6/2010 8:31:27 AM]
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Submitted By: denizen

Quote# 69350

(about Obama)

When he is no longer a dictator, if we last that long, there will be many who will be more than happy to make him pay for his crimes.....his henchmen too, I'm sure...........survival is, however, another thing, at least for the country....our survival is assured as well as his punishment if he does not change his ways.

God Bless and Protect You All

WaitingPatiently, RR 30 Comments [1/5/2010 11:47:51 PM]
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Quote# 69328

Well I for one do not need proof. I know what happened to me at the hands of grey aliens and others. Some experiences are very similar to yours.

They perform operations and do things to people that aren't nice. Some abductees have wonderful relationships with them and talk to them telepathically all the time. For all they have put me through, the relationship is strained at best.

I am not impressed by them and feel they have their own agenda which involves harming and using mankind for their own ends. I have seen no evidence to date which shows me any altruistic motives by any alien group.

You will need to make up your own mind on who they are to you.

spaceweaver, Above Top Secret 20 Comments [1/5/2010 11:44:37 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 69360

it's not "stolen" if this was all orchestrated before hand. who's to say each president is'nt picked by the nsa or cia years in advance? perhaps they are chosen since childhood to serve an agenda, and are briefed periodically as to what to accomplish and what to move towards. if that theory is correct, it's not that he stole it, it's that he is the one who the REAL people in control wanted as their puppet.

chrisd250, Above Top Secret 17 Comments [1/4/2010 10:59:10 AM]
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Quote# 69319

This stealth war on heterosexuals (disguised as woman's and gay rights) is
designed to destabilize society in advance of the New World Order. The
destruction of the nuclear family has long been the Illuminati Communist
goal. They wish to make arrested development (homosexuality) the new norm.
Lesbianism is the hidden agenda of feminism. Marriage and family are
essential to our natural development. But, despite the deceitful propaganda,
most male homosexuals don't want marriage or children. They want sex.

Henry Makow, Google Groups 25 Comments [1/4/2010 9:57:43 AM]
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Quote# 69258

I've been seeing snippets of info both on tv and in magazines about lockheed martin's development of stealth blimps. It's been thought that these same types of crafts are behind the surge in black triangle sightings in recent years.

We all know that black helicopters were clearly used in the past for surveillance and possibly other fiendish type activities.

Nowadays, black helicopters have become more of a punchline than a topic. But I've been wondering if these stealth airships are up to the same behavior as their whirlybird cousins? In case you aren't aware of what a stealth airship is, here's a link: Stealthy Airship

chemtrailsmakemesneeze, Above Top Secret 22 Comments [1/4/2010 9:28:22 AM]
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Quote# 69310

Isn’t it funny what the people that want to believe the official story will do to keep their bubble of safety in their mind intact. As many have pointed out and besides the myriad of things that the author did not approach honestly and the other myriads of things he didn’t even approach, there are some of us that know beyond a doubt it was an inside job. Besides all of the beyond reasonable doubt proofs that already exist.

I will give you one undeniable reason. That very morning a friend was to go to work in the towers but was called by his uncle at about 7am and told not to show up today because something was going down.. Pretty amazing huh.. how prophetic. Something was going down allright… The buildings.. There have been many people with this same story threatened if they publish these facts in an accountable way. I wonder why..

Sit in your bubble while the insider rulers rip your country out from underneath your comfy office seat.. And you will deserve that seat being yanked from out beneath you. That old saying is well at work, the bigger the lie the easier it is believed.

Barry Lee, Skeptic Magazine 18 Comments [1/3/2010 12:43:19 AM]
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Submitted By: Space Helicopter
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