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Quote# 84973

[Rush Limbaugh and a caller discuss a video of black students beating up a white student on a schoolbus.]

RUSH: Worse than the obvious verbal taunts, we all know the racism that was in the kid's mind. I mean Newsweek magazine says he was born a racist. So you know the white kid is sitting there thinking N-word and all kinds of things being surrounded by these black students. They knew that. They knew that and so they just descended on the kid and beat him up. We've seen the videotape. What did the police chief investigate?

CALLER: He did not comment on anything other than he said more investigations shows that it was not racially motivated.

RUSH: I think the guy is wrong I think not only was it racism, it's justifiable racism.


RUSH: I mean, that's the lesson that we're being taught here today. Kid shouldn't have been on the bus anyway.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We need segregated buses. It was invading of space and so forth. This is Obama's America.

Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show 31 Comments [11/27/2011 9:53:01 AM]
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Quote# 84970

Most Blacks have been on the dimoKKKRAT plantation for so long they have lost all their intellectual thought process. They will do what ever the “straw hat” bosses on the plantation such as Sharpton and Jackson tell them what to do. Those that have escaped the plantation and are now enjoying independent thought such as Herman Cain will have to endure the wrath of the left. What a pity.

Parley Baer, Free Republic 12 Comments [11/27/2011 5:45:53 AM]
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Quote# 84890

Black people know the effects of mixing and happened during slavery
Interracial relationships with europeans, arabs or any other race that results in the birth of a child is suicidal.

Why is this?

We can see the effects of the fruits of interacial relationships between blacks and other races. It helps and enables other races to dominate us. With the change in color and physical features there is also a change in mindset.
This change in mindset is detrimental to Black Africans in many ways and for the most part it divides Africans all around the world people
Once a person is mixed or has some blood from another race, many become what I would call confused and influenced into following eurocentric or other ideals, discarding their African roots, through brainwashing and other factors. This is evident currently in many countries were there are Africans particularly Dominica and Sudan as I have observed.

Through mixing and the liberal merging with europeans and other races has allowed stealing African interlect, the same minds that built the Great civilization of Egypt. Our great talents are being extracted from us and other races are claiming our talent. 
Knowing that Africans are also intelligent, even though many go to great lengths deny this, Our music, creativity, talents, resources and most importantly our souls are being stolen and sold to other races.

Awise, Africa Speaks 33 Comments [11/22/2011 6:34:53 AM]
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Quote# 84758

A significant number of blacks won't be satisfied until they own plantations with white slaves. They think that they are "owed". Of course, once they get the "plantation", they burn it down...see Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Detroit.

Wonder Warthog, Free Republic 45 Comments [11/11/2011 9:19:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 35
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 84709

[Re. restrictions on care packages to U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.]

So no healthy print or video porn... No liquor... And no bacon... And they expect our boys and girls to live under these conditions? I think a healthy nation-wide class action lawsuit is needed for this...

Sheesh no wonder those muzzies are constantly declaring jihad against everyone - If I lived under their cultural insanity, I'd be pissed off at the world too... Hell, they've been convinced that looking at the beautiful shape of a woman is bad and that looking at a nekkid goat is good...

And what's the deal with the Horror Comics? What's next, Mad Magazine... Our government has become a cesspool of international political correctness...

Our efforts over there are officially a total waste of time - This is one policy where I agree 100% with Obama - Since we have a nutless Kenyan Monkey in the Whitehouse instead of an Ameircan Leader, its time to pull ALL of our troops out of this Circus... Not one more dime or drop of American blood is worth spending one more day in this political farce....

Lazarus, Where Liberty Dwells 32 Comments [11/9/2011 4:16:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 25
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 84691

[Re. Keith Ellison, a Muslim Congressman]

If the camel jockey is so distraught, maybe he should return with the goat herders to his "Fatherland".

Gimme a break; these fools stick dynamite up their asses, and we're supposed to NOT confront that mentality due to "racial profiling".

It ain't the Rogue Amish that burn down cities, rob anyone white, or live off others' earnings......

traditional1, Free Republic 25 Comments [11/8/2011 4:31:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 28
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 84644

Why exactly are MSNBC and the rest of the state-controlled media liplocked on Obastard's ass cheeks if not because of his race? Why was he elected if not because of his race? Why is criticism of him utterly prohibited if not because of his race? Why do you shucking fitheads of the SCM accuse of racism anyone who isn't groveling at the feet of the Magic Lawn Jockey?

DoctorDoom, Where Liberty Dwells 36 Comments [11/4/2011 2:59:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 84594

Just wondering if anyone else does it? I do it in passing, such as at the minimum trying to shoot a nasty look to the white person involved. I've come to notice lately, though, that especially with white male/3rd world female couples I can actually get out an insult right into the white man's face as I pass by. I've just gotten so sick of seeing this behavior that I've taken to doing something about it, it feels refreshing and vindicating doing so.

With white females, its more difficult as they're usually with members of races that tend toward violence. With white men, however, I've successfully lobbed into a number of faces the insult, "Not man enough for a white woman?" Yesterday morning was the last time I did it, and I enjoyed thoroughly at how quickly the smile fell off that man's face. In his case, when I was already past him, I added a quite loud, "Must be a bitch being you."

Especially coming from a white woman like myself, I think it's a good way to send a message that they are engaging in unmanly, unbecoming, and frankly degenerate, behavior. Thus far I've not gotten a single response from any of the white men (except one that said, "Whhaaa-haaaat?"), they seem to be dumbstruck into dead silence. One Chicana holding a white guy's hand that I took aim at, though, blew her little barrio cork and howled something about "your ****" as I was walking away. I only halfway heard her. The guy was dead silent probably standing in a state of shock.

I started doing it out of disgust and being tired of being expected to keep my mouth shut and fearing retribution. To hell with that, if nothing else, I'm going to entertain myself at their expense. It really IS entertaining.

Thus far, most of my victims have been on the college campus I am attending. Lots of youthful ignoramouses there that need a talking to.

Deutschland Verteidiger, Stormfront 81 Comments [11/1/2011 3:09:46 AM]
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