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(Regarding the birth certificate of Obama)

And he handed over another fake to boot.

One does not PDF scan a real document and get a layered PDF product.

Someone altered things...a lot of things....to include the fact that the hospital birth center didn’t get the name that’s on that new fake until years after the Obamaloon lied about being born there.

I’m sooo glad liberals are tech-zombies. It makes it that much easier to expose their many layers of stupidity.

Da Coyote, Free Republic 13 Comments [4/30/2011 3:38:21 PM]
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Quote# 80995

Greetings fellow humans,

After much of the excitement for everyone regarding Barry's birth certificate that he spent over 5 million dollars in lawyer fees to hide from the prying eye of the public. I stumbled upon someones investigation into how the newly released birth cert is in fact fake, and you can even do this yourself if you have the software to see for yourself. You see they left things in PDF format which can be imported into Adobe Illustrator. This is where things got interesting, see for yourself. This in itself shows that the birth Certificate given to the public wasn't scanned, it was pieced together digitally. Sorry, but you've been had! If you don't understand how Clipping Masks work I suggest you Google it to find out.

Bonified Ween, Above Top Secret 11 Comments [4/30/2011 3:35:44 PM]
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Quote# 80944

[Obama releases his official birth certificate.]

Democrats are hailing this as a huge defeat for the Republicans. It isn’t, but they are very good at messaging.

However, there is a very serious question to be asked. Since there are no bombshells here, except the possibility that Obama’s mother might have been a few days underage at the time of the conception, the question remains, why did Obama spend millions of dollars to keep this document secret?

Donald Trump, being the savvy guy that he is, is already moving to his next target. Obama’s college records. Obama has never released his college records, including those at Occidental College. Many believe Obama went to college there on a scholarship reserved for foreign students.

Obama should release his college records, as well as his attorney disciplinary records. Whether he will or not is anyone’s guess, though once Obama broke and released this document, he will have a much harder time not releasing other documents.

For the conservative movement, this is a two edged sword. Getting to see some of these documents is great. The question is what will it do to the Obama candidacy? Obama could be mortally wounded if some of the other records reveal embarrassing things, such as attending school on a scholarship reserved for foreign students. The Democrats may actually want this to happen. As gas prices rise and so does inflation, the chances of an Obama second term diminish. If something happened and the Democrats could replace Obama with someone else (Hillary Clinton?), that candidate could run against the Obama record as well as the Republicans, giving them a shot at keeping at least the White House in Democratic hands.

Tea Party Nation, Right Wing Watch 25 Comments [4/29/2011 3:16:04 AM]
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Quote# 80942

Well, this is all very sweet, and very handy, but it does not answer the question everyone is asking; Why now?

Last tally I heard said that Barack II had spent 1.6 million dollars preventing Phil Berg’s challenges from reaching open court. Why would he spend this sort of money when all he had to do was release this document. If B.H.O. II wanted to put this issue to rest the way he says, in order to deal with more important matters, the time to do it has long since passed him by.

Add to this the talk that Wayne Madsen is leaving the country because he has been targeted for death by the White House, Wayne’s upcoming release of his new book which is supposed to reveal B.H.O. I and II’s involvement as CIA operatives, and the fact that neither Indonesia nor the U.S. allows dual citizenship therefore B.H.O. II’s travel in the past on an Indonesian passport must mean that he at one point or another denounced his U.S. citizenship.

Now it is possible that his Indonesian passport was something he received as cover for a CIA operation in his past, or this B.C. could be one that the CIA made up for him very recently.

Waving a B.C. at us would have answered all the questions a long time ago, but too much has been revealed about this man through his refusal to do so up till now for this to satisfy us now.

This is stage-craft pure and simple, with Donald Trump looking like a willing participant. We have been “handled” once again!

Timmy G.


Timboy, Infowars 13 Comments [4/29/2011 3:14:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Space Helicopter

Quote# 80825

(Astronomers are Illuminati pawns)

That means, somewhere down the line, the astronomers who publish all this astronomical data know quite well, the Seleucid Period astronomical texts as represented in Ptolemy's canon are fake. Even so, they are playing the game of representing those fake lunar times as reasonable and scientiic, which distracts from the revisions for this period. Thus it would seem the "Illuminati" has a vested interest in suppressing any credible scientific evidence of these revisions and have influenced the academic world to the point of publishing correct solar eclipse times, but fake lunar eclipse times.

At least that is the "conspiracy theory" as it stands now.

So in practice, in case you didn't follow, when I find an astronomical text that references a lunar eclipse, I adjust it to the true time, based on 16:14 distortion for the SK400 in 541 BCE. That's for every single lunar ecilpse. I subtrct 16 hours and 14 minutes, adding or substracting a few minutes based on the delta-T variance from 541 BCE. But when it comes to solar eclipses, I don't make any adjustments at all!

So there must be a conspiracy to project the lunar times adjusted to the revised records of the revised chronology, while maintaining the accurately projected locations and times of solar eclipses.

Now that is an extremely desperate focus to prevent accidental discovery of the Persian Period revisions.

But too bad we've already discovered it.

Maybe, at this time of "freedom of information" it still is too big of an embarrassment to astronomers who sold out under the pressure of the Illuminati or whomever to misrepresent lunar times in their canons. Thus correcting the timeline to what it originally was opens up too big of a can of worms, so scholars can't respond to the new evidence. They have to protect old lies.

Oh well.

At least we know the level of desperation and infiltration into academic disciplines the Illuminati has sunk. Redating the 1st of Cyrus to 455 BCE, apparently is not an option for them. They've dug themselves in way too deep at this point. The international community would be outraged to find out this level of deception. It's best to just keep on lying, apparently.

Lynn47, CARM 20 Comments [4/25/2011 3:43:02 AM]
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Quote# 80769

Under Affirmative Action in 2012 50% of all CEOs will manditorily have to be women, no merit is required, only gender. These men will be fired. I have felt first hand the quota system when applying for employment as a maintenance manager. The fellow doing the interview leaned in close like it was a conspiracy and said, "you're perfect for the job but I NEED a woman to fill the position." I have NO rights to equal opportunity employment. I didn't fill the quota.

NWOslave, ManBoobz 18 Comments [4/23/2011 3:56:12 AM]
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Quote# 80652

I admit a couple of years ago, I started watching Beck.
I also admit to learning a few things from his rants....like the evilness of progressivism....and how old radicals never go away, they just go mainstream, and become truly dangerous.
But, when he did the FEMA camp story, and spouted the MSM BS and how he totally believes the government 9/11 story, well.......

....I did my homework, and I came up with white man speaks with forked tongue....no I won't miss him.

DontTreadOnMe, Above Top Secret 17 Comments [4/17/2011 4:06:36 AM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 80608

The entire Mediterranean is on fire. More than that, it's not just the surrounding countries of the Mediterranean. It also spreads up here. You have U.K. and Ireland already with riot in the street. You have Russia with a bombing.

Well, now, let's see -- let's play this through. What do you think happens? These two collide. They quite honestly, they could make us collapse financially.

Just these two colliding. Let alone, if this is on fire as well, our forces there? What do we do?

This is colliding. We're pouring all of our money into here and here and trying to keep things stable. China pushes this direction. Here's China pushes this direction, just says knock it off, guys. These guys are pushing this direction. This is all pushing up into the middle, into the Mediterranean, into Spain.

This becomes a caliphate. This becomes China dominant. This becomes Muslim caliphate.

If they think Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, possibly Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, are now some sort of a Muslim caliphate. If anyone begins to think that is a chance, what happens to the overwhelming radical population of the U.K., of radical Islamists? What happens? Do they just sit around on their hand or do they see an opportunity?

When you take the Marxist and you combine them with the radical from Islam, when you combine those forces, which is exactly -- we'll show you this week -- what is happening here, the whole world starts to implode. Does Russia push across this way? And what do we do?

This is not just happenstance. This is not just poor people mad at rich people. This is coordinated. Tunisia was the beginning.

I think there is a chance that Tunisia is our Archduke Ferdinand moment that I've been telling you about, warning that it would start in some place that wouldn't look like anything, and most of us wouldn't understand it.

He was the guy assassinated in Sarajevo, June 1914. A month later, Austria and Hungary declared war against Serbia and the rest is called World War I. I believe a snowball is being formed, and it is starting to roll.

Glenn Beck, Media Matters 42 Comments [4/14/2011 3:35:25 AM]
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Quote# 80423

It's a bad bill. And then when you find out that the prior Congress not only passed that 2,800 page bill with all kinds of things in it, including a new president's commissioned officer corps and non-commissioned officer corps. Do we really need that? I wondered when I read that in the bill. But then when you find out we're being sent to Libya to use our treasure and American lives there, maybe there's intention to so deplete the military that we're going to need that presidential reserve officer commissioned corps and non-commissioned corps that the president can call up on a moment's notice involuntarily, according to the Obamacare bill.

Louie Gohmert, TPM 22 Comments [4/3/2011 6:20:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Stormwarden
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