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Most old line Mexican American families resent this invasion on several grounds such as they should look to their own Mexican government for answers in Mexico. They know that illegal immigration is unfair to those trying legally to enter the U. S. with visas and work permits. They know this invasion of U.S. territory will damage U.S. and Mexican relations and could diminish their own accepted status as Hispanics in the U.S. They know that the Mexican government is encouraging the invasion, thus Mexico is an aggressor nation coming in a Trojan Horse as a trading partner and friend of the U.S. in order to invade with over 12, 000,000 of their citizens and even with occasional incursions by armed Mexican Troops.

Another complication in this invasion is the support for such invasion by radical priests within the Catholic Church on both sides of the border as well as some misguided protestant ministers. These radicals try to preach that the immigrants are all God’s children simply trying to earn money to feed their families. The answer to that false argument is that being God’s children does not give them the right to steal or to violate the laws of others of God’s children and violates the Ten Commandments as well as the admonition that those who do not provide for their own are worse than infidels. It is the job of the Mexican government, their people and their churches to provide for their own and not to encourage their own citizens to invade a neighboring Country to violate their laws and plunder and steal their jobs, money and to take over their government. Such action is the age old historic reason for most wars.

Encourage your local Sheriff to do his legal duty for those who elected him. Offer men to be deputised by the Sheriff to assist him in this task and insist that the County Commissioners provide the funds needed for the apprehension, arrest, detainment and eventually the expulsion of these invaders. We the people within our counties can pass our own county ordinances if need be regardless of the failure of the Federal government to control the immigration problem. Our Sheriffs can enforce these ordinances.

southernpartysw, http://southernpartysw.tripod.com/id113.html 21 Comments [6/26/2011 3:42:17 AM]
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Quote# 81936

Barack Hussein Obama II has made it obvious that he identifies more with Kenya, his ancestral homeland, than with America. Britain's attempts to introduce civilization to Kenya did not always go smoothly. The savage Mau Mau rebellion could not be repressed without harsh measures. Now the Manchurian Moonbat is taking his revenge on behalf of his forefathers.

Van Helsing, Moonbattery 27 Comments [6/20/2011 3:14:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Honky McCracker

Quote# 81905

I don't have any Black or Asian friends, the only friends i have are Englisc, White, and Nationalist's and we all want our country back!!

And most of us no longer see a Political or Peaceful end to this Libral/Left instigated Multicultie shit-hole Called Britain!!

I'm supprised your still in Londonistan, i though all the Native Englisc had buggered off and left that Multicultie hell hole years before, or been Ethnically Cleansed by the incoming Darkies, how have you managed to put up with that Shyte Hole that was once the Englisc Capital?

Harold Godwinsson, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 72 Comments [6/15/2011 3:15:18 AM]
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INTRODUCTORY NOTE: Let us preface this by saying that we are not “anti-Semitic” and we desire the conversion and eternal happiness of all Jews. We condemn all forms of racism, etc. As Catholics, we also hold firmly that no Jew (or any other non-Catholic) can be saved without baptism and the Catholic faith; and we work to expose Jewish domination and evil Jewish enterprises in the world, which (one must say) constitute the main power of the secular conspiracy. That being made clear, there are some interesting facts about the Holocaust which we’d like to share with our readers. This is relevant to how a Catholic should consider many events in the world today and in recent history.

This file will contain three things:1) quick discussions of facts which contradict the official “Holocaust story” (as well as interesting video and audio links); 2) news links which show how the Holocaust hoax has become the super-dogma of the nations; 3) comments and discussion from readers about this issue. Combined with the control and influence of the Jews, the Holocaust hoax has effectively created a world-wide ambience in which even supposed Catholics and Christians are terrified at the thought of offending Jews or questioning their beliefs.

It’s illegal in at least 14 countries to deny the official “Holocaust” story. Holocaust denial is illegal in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland. Think about that for a moment, and then ask yourself who is really in power. It’s illegal to question the official story of the “Holocaust,” even though it’s perfectly legal in those countries to deny the Divinity and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. That means that those countries are truly Jewish states, for their laws uphold and imprison those who deny beliefs dear to Jews, but not to people of other religions.

Most Holy Family Monistary, The Holocaust Hoax and Propaganda  49 Comments [6/12/2011 3:34:47 AM]
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Quote# 81867

SPIRITUAL CALCIFICATION associated with chronic melanin deficiency. This diagnosis is the explanation for the misery and strife that all the earths' children have been subjected to by the non-melanated for centuries. That these folk still haven't gotten their act together for so long is not because they don't want to, but simply because they don't know how; Divine Guidance to this end is severely lacking. How can an individual alter his/her ways if deeply rooted in their sub-conscious there exists a spiritual void that makes them oblivious to the TRUE suffering they cause (i.e. lack of empathy to the hueman condition)? Ofcourse, this is not to say that all euro-decendents suffer from this disease or that there is no cure for this physio-spiritual ailment. Albeit a slow process, erradication of this disease has only been sucessfully achieved through 'mixing' whether this be on a social or genetic level. Something to think about...

melaninmagic, Africa Speaks 29 Comments [6/12/2011 3:32:54 AM]
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Quote# 81778

The Jews are far from Squeeky Clean, they are Human, and as Guilty of Atrossities as any other Human Group!!

Look at it this way, who's been making Billions out of War, for generations, while enjoying the spectical of every other Race on earth Butchering one another?

So as bad as it was, the handful of Nazies committed, we must not forget, that the Jews are and have been just as bad, at times perhaps worse!!

Stalin, the Big Red, was doing just the same in Russia, but of course being a Marxist, he's Whiter than White!!

Harold Godwinsson, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 33 Comments [6/8/2011 3:16:12 AM]
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Quote# 81769

[On James Rosemond running from the authorities]

Is it common practice for the authorities to just let criminals promise to do the right thing or is that just reserved for 'certain' people, lately? Rosemond is no fool as far as not turning himself in. He's probably hoping that Obama's justice dept. will influence the DEA to leave him alone. I'll wager that he's already written Obama a letter, asking for leniency since he's black and 'down with the struggle'.

TruthBearer, The Smoking Gun 7 Comments [6/7/2011 3:25:42 AM]
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Quote# 81682

It's widely known that Obama's wife shaped his character. She was bitter with her Princeton black classmates because they were too comfortable interacting with whites. She anguished over taking on what she viewed as conservative values, i.e., "[going to] a prestigious graduate school and getting a high-paying corporate job." Maybe that's why she acts less like a first lady and more like a kennel employee.

Michelle Obama is a bitter harridan – by her own admission contemptuous of whites because she felt like a pariah at Princeton. She found fertile ground to cultivate her hatred at Sidley Austin. And there she discovered Obama, who had the genetic predisposition to embrace Leninism.

Mychal Massie, World Net Daily 27 Comments [6/4/2011 8:39:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random

Quote# 81663

Harsh as it sounds, this Moslem tendency to close blood relationships is one of Britain's best lines of defence against the Moslem invasion, especially insofar as Brits don't have to take any direct action.

Naturally the Moslem knee-jerk mouthpiece instantly went into denial mode.

However, what's happening is really a form of God's mercy to this nation, like the way the common cold devastated the aliens in the screen version of War of the Worlds.

Back in the late 1960s, it was found that American blacks produced per capita 6 times as many feeble-minded adults as whites. In-breeding is a feature of black 'culture' too and race-mixing tends to sterility.

The main thing is to stop immigration. Then, even without enforced repatriation, the invaders will eventually inbreed themselves to extinction, or to such a state of enfeeblement that they will not be able to mount any effective resistance to the indigenous Caucasian population.

alanorei, 21st Century British Nationalism 38 Comments [6/3/2011 3:43:02 AM]
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