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As for Civil distubances, or Civil War, or Race War, yes, i believe something like that, is coming, and i believe it will begin in England first, and it will be bloody, and distructive, but i also believe that we the Englafolc will come out of it free, and for wiser for it..


i believe it will begin in England, and we must be ready for it, for we will be lost completely if we lose it, but i believe we won't lose it, i think it will be more of a race war, since the White Race's will be fighting for their very survival...

As far as the end of the world and all that Hollywood thing, well, the Earth Mother may take a hand, i don't know, you see the Earth has gone through so many changes in her history, this will will only be one of many, but i doubt if it will be the end of the world all together, just the end of the presant set up, therefore the end of the Global New World Order, and back to living with Nature, instead of against her, and back to being Normal Indevidual Folk-nations, independent of each other, and no more Globalist Agenders..

As far as all of us dying, no i doubt it, the Human race hasn't finished his evolution yet, not by a long way, so no, not all of us, although, there will be millions killed, which will bring down the Human numbers.. [thumb-up]

But that is only if it takes place at all that is, we shall only have to wait and see..

But i believe Race War is coming, yes most certainly, and with in the next three years or so, and i believe it will begin in England, why England?

Well since i believe the English, have been pushed into a corner long enough, and we will come out fighting like savages sooner or later, yes i mean like savages, like wild animals, for we must prove ourselves far more terrable and visious than any of those facing us, just like our Forefather's were like, and i still believe we have it in us to be like our ancesors, its not been bread out of us, its still there, we only show it when we are push into a corner and that time is coming..

Harold Godwinsson, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 24 Comments [9/30/2011 3:20:34 AM]
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Quote# 84038

[Morgan Freeman calls Tea Partiers racist.]

Just another black racist. In reality the most racists I have met have been black people, and they’ve always been whining about how oppressed they are.
And how Africa is so wonderful, go live in Africa so we don’t have to support you and don’t have to hear your bloody whining, none of these idiots have been slaves (more than to stupidity, but can’t free them from that)
yet all you hear is “we were slaves” yeah especially thanks to your African brethren who sold you into slavery, you morons.

You’d think these morons would have discovered there are planes going straight to Africa, the African superstate Liberia was created especially for these ex-slaves, go live there, now.

Btw doesn’t he look a bit whiteish? His blacker brethren really should question his blackness, he looks way too light brown to be a true black, maybe they need to bring in the inquisition.

Antisocialist, Moonbattery 22 Comments [9/29/2011 5:34:51 AM]
Fundie Index: 31
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 83881

Karl Marx the founder of Marxism was a Jew and Jews in general have a natural tendancy to gravitate towards Marxism as many Jews see the breakdown of Aryankind as the only ticket to gain their own grip on world power and control. However there are just as many Chinese who are Marxists if not more, along with a good percentage of Negroes and self hating Aryan liberals. Surely the majority of the non-Aryan races would like nothing better than to see all Aryans extinct from the planet or mongrolized geneticly into a non race yet had it not been for the creative intelligence and raw knowhow of the Aryans most of the third world nations would have died off of hunger, disease and starvation long ago and or continued to exist in primative squalor.

Ron McVan, Vinland Folk Resistance 41 Comments [9/19/2011 3:03:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 44

Quote# 83714

The reason why liberals are called "liberals" is because they want to liberalize everything (when it suits the liberals). Everybody should be free to do anything; everything should be free to everybody (when it suits the liberals; when it doesn't, that is quite a different story). For example:

a) Women die during illegal abortions; abortion should be legalized to ensure proper surgical techniques;

b) Junkies poison themselves with drugs; drugs should be legalized to ensure a clean supply;

c) Prostitutes spread disease and are exploited by pimps; prostitution should be legalized and regulated;

d) Illegal gambling is dishonest because the casinos have to bribe the police; gambling should be legalized to collect tax revenues and to ensure fair play.

Personally, I have a great fondness for this sort of reasoning. For example:

a) Revisionist, racist, and "hate literature" should be legalized in all countries to ensure scrupulous accuracy of content;

b) Racial separation should be legalized and regulated to avoid violent reprisals by dispossessed whites;

c) Burning refugee centres should be legalized and regulated to ensure proper ignition of the various flammable liquids involved and to avoid endangering adjacent properties housing innocent people;

d) The sale of white children for adoption should be legalized and regulated to prevent white people who love children, but can’t have any, from importing coloured scum from the Indian sub-continent. Most people who have abortions are egotistical and materialistic. If they could sell their offspring for $25,000 each -- probably the average market value for a healthy white child -- they would produce one a year. Poo on morals, let's get the white birth rate up! (Of course, this means that the killing of sex perverts who might want to adopt them must also be legalized and regulated.)

e) The lynching of race-mixers, and pervert "rights" activists should be regulated to avoid accidental infection of innocent bystanders with AIDS;

f) The assassination of Federal agents, abortionists, "Fair Housing" spies, etc. should be legalized to avoid shooting next door neighbours by mistake, etc. etc.

Do I advocate murder? Of course not. Murder is illegal. Look at Waco, Texas . If you did that, it would be murder, but the Feds did it, so it’s not.

Carlos Whitlock Porter, The Website of Carlos Whitlock Porter 40 Comments [9/10/2011 3:30:01 PM]
Fundie Index: 63

Quote# 83629

A warning to any GOP elitist establishment rat who might be reading this: If you treasonous rats try to foist another globalist-open borders-neocon-war-mongering-RINO candidate on the White European American base who’s support you cannot win an election for dog catcher without - your party will not only lose in 2012, but your entire GOP will be dismantled, root and branch, because you’ve shown that you are the mortal enemies of White European people and refuse to represent our legitimate ethnic and cultural interests.

Luke, The National Policy Institute 20 Comments [9/6/2011 3:22:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 30
Submitted By: Cercis
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