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It [stem-cell research] is the culture of death. The secular humanist left is only interested in maintaining the right to murder babies. Anything that seems to help their cause is acceptable to them because there is no fear of God before their eyes.

The Deacon, Evolution Fairytale Forum 8 Comments [6/17/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Hmm..You'd think someone would have posted on this guy. Well, here I go.

So, um, the \"babies\" are going to be destroyed anyway, whether you like it or not, so, you just want them to go in the dumpsters vainly?

2/4/2007 3:36:54 PM

Molly Malone

Is that poached egg that you had for breakfast a chicken? No, it only has the potential--given the right conditions, and possibly not even then--to become a chicken. If blastocytes were babies, instead of undifferentiated cells, wouldn't folks like THe Deacon here be off picketing fertility clinics for allowing "babies" to die a slow death in Petrie dishes? C'mon, Deacon--think! I'm sure you can do it. Then again...

11/28/2008 8:07:43 PM


"culture of death" - the fundies are very good at coming out with fanciful turns of phrase that sound like the titles of heavy metal albums, aren't they? Anyway, I think with their frankly unhealthy obsession with babies (and by extension zygotes, embryos and fetuses) and children someone should introduce them to the good folk of cf_hardcore. That would be a flame war for the ages.

(And not for the first time, you can't by definition have the right to murder because murder is unlawful killing, so if it's unlawful you don't have the right to do it.)

11/28/2008 8:15:40 PM


Yes, bring me babies. I haven't murdered one for several weeks now, and unless you've actually tried it for yourself you'll never understand how strong the need is.

11/29/2008 4:21:46 PM

Crimson Lizard

You folks will gleefully kill just about everything else - for the moral failures you perceive in them, for offending you by being persistently different, or just for the fun of it - yet we're the ones with a "culture of death". Once it passes through the evil vagina it's fair game, is that it?

12/17/2012 5:40:51 PM


A bunch of cells..are...not...babies...end of story.

7/3/2014 7:26:19 PM

"culture of death", "murder babies". That's absolutely what YOU did, following your god's "moral" commands.

Consider your old testament ordering you to massacre everything including infants and sucklings, which you did willingly did without questioning, because "your sky-pixie told you to do it". And that made it "moral"?

"Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass."

"Culture of death", indeed. "Murdering babies", absolutely. And you WORSHIP the sky-pixie that tells you to do these things? And you willingly give this "book of morals" to your CHILDREN?

7/3/2014 8:30:37 PM

Insult to Rocks

I've always wondered why fundies think we want to murder babies. I mean, why would we? What's our motive? Do we all have a pathological hatred of toddlers?

7/3/2014 9:01:53 PM

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