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Unfortunately the average American is kept dumbed-down focused on non-issues like abortion and two men engaged in grotesque relations as marriage and terrorized and perplexed by never ending laws and ever more oppression by their own security state which has enslaved them. So with that in mind it is logical and natural that the US should support the illegitimate government in Ukraine which has shut down the media, freedom of expression and is ruling by brute force and fear. Yes dear reader, if you are hearing this for the first time the US/NATO/EU funded, trained and employed violent neo-Nazi criminal thugs, killers, insurrectionists and terrorists to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine so they can expand their territory and take what they want. That is the truth.

John Robles, www.voiceofrussia.com 8 Comments [7/28/2014 3:26:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Andrey

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Bobo Bolinsky

Voice of Russia has been and continues to be under another name a bought and paid propaganda tool of the Putin regime, and accepting anything they have to say on the Ukrainian mess is rather like accepting the Voice of America's opinion on the Vietnam War.

7/28/2014 5:47:27 AM

Goomy pls

You're right about one thing--abortion legalisation should be a non-issue.

7/28/2014 6:48:02 AM

Doubting Thomas

OK, so let's decide to keep abortion and gay marriage legal everywhere in the country so we can focus on important issues like the war in the Ukraine.

7/28/2014 6:49:26 AM


So, you are supporting an authoritarian state. Does not speak in favour of your patriotism and respect for freedom-loving America.

7/28/2014 7:26:49 AM


I agree that abortion and gay marriage are non-issues. They should be legal and we should all just move on.

7/28/2014 7:29:42 AM


If it's a non-issue, why are you fighting them so much?

7/28/2014 11:14:29 AM

Hasan Prishtina

There was an election. Poroshenko won. Ukraine has a legitimate government. But now you're here, perhaps you'd like to retell the story about the poisoned Lvivske beer sent by the Ukraine government to undermine the brave Russian patriots of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts?

7/29/2014 3:13:11 AM

Unfortunately the average American is kept dumbed-down focused on religion.

7/29/2014 8:34:50 AM

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