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[Thread title "The Earth Reacts to Sexual Perversion"]

<p>I have always believed it to be so, yet so many times when the thought was brought up of violent storms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and etc it has been dismissed as things continuing as they always have. However I came across a passage of scripture that I believe shows that God actually programmed or created the earth with a built in mechanism to destroy the inhabitants of a region if they continued in vile sexual perversion.

BHiles, Rapture Ready 7 Comments [6/17/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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I hate to sound like one of those liberal tree-huggers, but I think that civilization's irresponsible industrialization has more to do with the earth's weather systems kicking us in the ass than it does with porno and gay pride marches.

6/22/2005 5:31:41 AM


No, no, no. I agree with BHiles completely! Take a look at which parts of the US get hit by nearly all the hurricanes and tornados. Eh? eehh?

7/17/2005 5:21:54 AM


Well that's an interesting variation on the rain dance phenomenon...

If you dance for long enough, it will rain.

If you have hot sex for long enough, some kind of natural disaster will occur.

Who wants to test this theory?

9/18/2006 4:59:14 AM



/control, alt, kill

12/3/2009 11:42:29 AM


Hi, Europe here. Just letting you know we're plodding along fine.

7/11/2011 6:07:00 AM


You are insane.

7/11/2011 6:09:38 AM


Remind me, please -- where can I find Tornado Alley?

Maybe that's where all the cousin-fucking goes on.

7/11/2011 9:36:52 AM

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