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I know that much of the destruction from the Tsunami occured where sexual perversion with children was/is rampant. Selling children for sex and making pornography with children was huge there.

<p>I always wonder when Las Vegas will be swallowed up in an earthquake

Devoted Servant, Rapture Ready 2 Comments [6/18/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Please go and look at a map of tectonic plates. It was called a natural disaster because it was *dun dun duhhh* NATURAL!!!

3/18/2007 11:52:46 PM


Except that in India, near where I live, the worst destruction was in Nagapattinam. Which, incidentally, houses on its outskirts the Vailankanni Basilica, one of the most famous Christian structures in the subcontinent, and a huge crowd-puller for Christmas. Over 6000 devotees - devout Christians, yes, it's true! - died there because the church is built right on the beach, along with the hostels. Fuck your theory, man. Good people died there. Families - Christian, Muslim, Hindu - were shattered and in some cases, vanished entirely. You don't get to open your fucking mouth about this until you see the kind of devastation that occurred in the wake of the tsunami as more than "brown heathens dead, lol".

So the fishing villages along coastal Tamil Nadu were child porn centres? The tribal cultures scattered through the Andaman and Nicobar Islands were all about fucking children - and you were vouchsafed this information about their sexual mores, how?

Please die in a fire immediately.

1/24/2010 10:24:29 AM

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