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prove there was no flood. Prove creation is false. Don't just state it, use your science to prove it BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT.

aaronofborg, Space.com Uplink 8 Comments [10/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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They call me V

How does that old song go again? Oh, something like... "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. (Proovinng this is your job)" Play it again sam.

3/1/2008 12:01:24 PM


The proof that a Biblical flood isn't possible and didn't happen has been in for a long time. It's proof that the Bible has ANYTHING in it that's not a fable we aren't seeing.

3/1/2008 12:31:06 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Prove Thor doesn't exist.

Go ahead.

3/1/2008 12:39:02 PM


Um we have.

3/1/2008 1:01:39 PM

Adolf Hitler

Ho hum, done it.

Next . . .

3/1/2008 1:55:36 PM


It has been proved over and over again that there was no global flood and that the world was not created in a week 6000 years ago. But in any case, the burden of proof is on the one making the claim, not on the one who disbelieves it.

3/1/2008 2:33:55 PM


There isn't enough water.


3/1/2008 3:17:49 PM


Oh yeah?! Prove THIS! (Grabs crotch, grunts, thrust menacingly)

3/2/2008 5:02:25 AM

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