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Because good without God doesn't exist. In other words, every act is always selfish. If God comes into your life, this changes and acts and people become less selfish. Now, does that mean there are no good acts? No. People DO do good things. But most people do good deeds to make themselves feel better about themselves or they don't know why they do good deeds. It just feels good and right to them. But that's God working in them.

bluetrinity, Christian Forums 7 Comments [10/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Tom S. Fox

"People DO do good things."


8/24/2008 7:24:50 PM

Grey Seer

Interesting philosophy there. Granted, when I do good works (giving to charity, helping folks out, that sort of thing) a big part of the motivation is that I feel good about the whole situation afterwards.

Is that selfish? According to you it is, and if its not it's because god wants me to do good things.

Personally, I feel sorry for you that you cannot believe people are capable of 'good' without a divine being up there directing things. Sometimes people are fundamentally nice, and it cheapens that to say that they are only nice because of god.

11/28/2010 5:02:23 AM


Because we remember the kindnesses that we recieved growing up we're likely to want to try and be like those people. It's still social interaction that drives many of our traits. So what if you earn a little award of respect, admiration or just a little pride of knowing you cheered up someones day.

It seems many Christians are determined to make any human kindness a shameful act if they can't take credit for it.

11/28/2010 6:29:10 AM

Dr. Shrinker

"People DO do good things."

We have to. Historically speaking, relying on your god for guidance has resulting in dark ages, crusades and inquisitions.

11/28/2010 7:49:57 AM


Christ, you have a rather dark view of human nature.

And how would you account for people who don't believe in your God doing good things even when it doesn't benefit them? Tell me, how are those individuals behaving selfishly?

11/28/2010 11:08:20 AM


I've wondered how many alternate realities out there exist where people are good without god. . . and compared to what this shitwaffle wants, I think that's the sort of world I'd prefer.

11/28/2010 6:55:07 PM

Crimson Lizard

How selfish is it to only do good things because you want your Heavenly reward? Very!

7/26/2015 2:11:14 PM

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