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This life is a single drop in the ocean of eternity. The children that God supposedly killed would have grown up evil. Perhaps He was saving them from choosing Hell later in life, by allowing them to grow up in heaven. A moments pain in this life is nothing compared to eternity.

This would of course mess up their freewill, but perhaps God choose to take mercy on them.

s0uljah, Christian Forums 5 Comments [10/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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If God chose to save them from making the "choice" of going to hell then free will in itself, would be nonexistent. And if you could make the choice for the person who would go to Hell, then why not just change the choices they made to get themselves sent to Hell. Just like the Jews, Homosexuals, and other people that you find guilty of sin for things that you yourselves do. God could ultimately kill them off at birth and stop the children from becoming these types of sinners from coming into existence. That way only the non-sinning Christians will be let to live and would be doing the same thing as Hitler.

7/8/2008 10:23:23 PM


At times like this I wish there really was a hell, so that assholes like s0uljah could wind up in it.

7/9/2008 12:54:54 AM


Philosophy dropout?

7/9/2008 1:11:12 AM

Rapax Pringer

And you guys are against abortion why?

8/22/2010 12:13:35 PM


Doesn't it worry you a little bit when you have to make all these excuses for your imaginary friend? Doesn't that stir a few little doubts in your mind?

I hate apologists.

12/16/2016 6:53:52 PM

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