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Corporate America has signed on to the idea that minorities and third world immigrants should get special, privileged status. Some examples are Exxon, Texaco, Merrill Lynch, Boeing, Paine Weber, Starbucks and many more.

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What about taco bell?

5/5/2006 8:24:02 AM


Yes, because Starbucks is clearly catering mostly to the immigrant and minority crowds with their $5 shit coffees and not-macchiatos. Starbucks makes me sick.

And Boeing? WTF? If he's talking about consumers, that's ridiculous. Boeing has no say in who specifically uses their products. They just sell to airlines and to governments. If he's talking about employment practices, I'm certain Boeing will hire anyone who can do the job right. They're in a risky and highly competitive industry. They can't afford to discriminate.

5/5/2006 8:36:30 AM

Napoleon the Clown

This is why I have overwhelming faith in humanity.[/sarcasm]

5/5/2006 8:38:34 AM

The Last Conformist

It's sometimes said that reality has a liberal bias. I think it's more of a sane bias.

5/5/2006 10:32:17 AM


Last Conformist, that's optimistic.

5/5/2006 12:18:00 PM

David D.G.

Merrill Lynch and Paine Weber? Yeah, right, minorities and third-world immigrants are well known for their hefty stock portfolios.

(*rolls eyes*)

~David D.G.

5/5/2006 2:05:44 PM


Examples? S/He names some companies, but I see no evidence or even a fanciful tale being presented about the supposed evil behavior of these companies.

5/5/2006 2:12:25 PM


Yeah, those friggin' corporations, always catering to the poor and oppressed! If I have to hear one more story about how Big Business favors minorities and third world immigrants over good White Christian men I'll throw up!

I say we nationalize everything!

5/5/2006 2:24:55 PM

mad dog

Actually, I've heard companies that hire immigrants tend to treat them like shit, especially if they happen to be illegals. The companies take advantage of the fact that most immigrants don't know their american rights, and they also tend not to give them benefits or healthcare.

5/5/2006 2:47:58 PM


Illegal immigrants work for less. They don't care about who's working for them as long as they're as cheap as possible. They're not \"special\" or \"privileged\" because they get hired because they work dirt cheap; and if you want to 'level the playing field' in terms of the job market, then grant immigrants citizenship and force companies to pay them at least minimum wage. Everyone wins, except companies, kinda.

5/5/2006 3:44:07 PM


Hey! My husband works for Boeing and they've been great to us. He's not even an immigrant or anything.

But, yeah, companies who hire illegals don't tend to do so because they're such bleeding hearts. Hasn't WalMart been in that kind of trouble before?

5/5/2006 5:18:29 PM


Look ., (WHat kind of a screen name is that anyway?) just because that autistic south american beat you out for that jizz-mopper position is no reason to take it out on everybody else.

Personally though, if the choice were mine, I would've hired the autistic brazilian, bastard had credentials coming out the wazoo (And he mopped them up afterwards too)

5/5/2006 10:23:16 PM


Just gives me the warm and fuzzies that Corporate America cares so much about the third world. What a crock...

5/5/2006 11:42:25 PM


I can't beleive there are psychopathic assholes out there that are more right wing than corporations!

and as far as assholes go, I'm sure .'s is more of a O

5/6/2006 2:14:02 AM


Actually, big corporations are hiring the third-world natives who didn't immigrate. Ever see a \"Made in China\" sticker?

5/6/2006 7:20:57 AM


China is part of the third world now?

5/6/2006 2:52:10 PM


Oh well. Nonetheless, the principle holds even if my example may not.

5/6/2006 8:15:22 PM


Oh wait, you were serious.

BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (passes out)

1/12/2010 4:24:18 PM

Ironically, Corporate America has TONS of racism.

1/25/2011 7:41:19 PM

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