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Do I believe in a Flat Earth? I don’t know. The evidence suggesting that’s the case is nevertheless quite convincing. Even more convincing is that Nuremberg was merely a continuation of war propaganda, and that neither an order to exterminate the Jews nor homicidal gas chambers ever existed: all easily verified fact.


Broadcasters of mainstream ideas are the same people who create fictional entertainment. Think about it: our fake monetary system; endless wars which create debt in our so-called secular liberal western democracies; aeroplanes which disappear from radar in the southern hemisphere; ever taller sky-scrapers with no floors posed as radio masts? Can governments be trusted to tell us the truth about anything?

Alison Chabloz, Alison Chabloz 7 Comments [2/12/2016 4:08:01 PM]
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The Mimic Octopus

Yes, a conspiracy that has been going for over two thousand years, maintained among rivals who would rather see the world destroyed than their enemies victorious, and expanded upon until more people would have to be co-conspirators than not, for no reason at all, is certainly the most plausible explanations for mountains of evidence and correct predictions for the Earth being approximately spherical...

And Holocaust deniers... were it not for the fact that I am much too decent to truly wish that on even the worst of complete monsters and deeply abhor revenge and the death penalty, I would suggest for them to be sent back in time to the KZs. Not to the gas chambers, since those were the lucky ones, but to be simply exploited to death.

PS: I am authorised by the secret heir of Hitler to contact you. He is currently planning to fulfill his ancestor's vision and in particularly anticipates cooperation with future US president Trump. Unfortunately, the tyrannic fake puppet government of Germany has frozen his accounts, so he needs your help. Just send 1488$ to an account that I sadly cannot give here in public, and he will reward you richly. There are even rumours that he is very attractive by whatever criteria humans use, and that he is looking for a wife...
While there are certainly many sites claiming that this is a common fraud tactic, you, of cause, know better than that: Those warnings are nothing but Government propaganda,fabricated to keep righteous rulers dethroned by the Jew to regain their power.

2/12/2016 4:52:29 PM


Children! Children! Gather round. Now at this exhibit, we see a fine example of what is termed "crank magnetism".

Now, don't push. Don't push. You'll all have a chance to look.

2/12/2016 5:04:17 PM


Do I believe your head's flat? Yes. Yes I do. The evidence is overwhelming.

2/12/2016 5:23:03 PM


(1) WHAT evidence for a flat earth? Any explanation of how you can get to China by flying east, but you can also get there by flying west, and most probably your plane will get there by flying north? No tricks, bring your own compass.

(2) Gas chambers are pretty well documented, you know. Just how do you plan to do that impossible trick of proving a negative?

(3) Disappearing planes - do you have no concept of how vast the ocean is? Dumb question, I know, of course you don't understand that. And to which sky-scrapers do you refer in that convoluted and incomprehensible sentence? Once again, I want to see evidence.

2/12/2016 9:29:54 PM


Huh? What do the Jews have to do with the idea the world is round?

I've never understood why conspiracy theorists link everything together. Is it an attempt to drown out any potential logical flaws by padding it with more 'evidence'?

2/12/2016 9:29:58 PM

Doubting Thomas

Flat earther and holocaust denier? I know it's not unusual for conspiracy theories to intersect but seems to be an unusual combination.

Interesting he should bring up radar. Any idea as to why radar stations have a limited range? Because of a round earth.

Anything below the horizon will not be detected. If the earth were flat, the radar would have a virtually unlimited range. This also explains why you can't hear VHF radio stations any further than about 30-50 miles or so. There's such a thing called the radio horizon which works in much the same way. If you get too far away from the station, the round earth gets between you and the station, and you don't hear it. If the earth were flat we'd regularly hear VHF signals from stations hundreds or thousands of miles away.

2/13/2016 7:50:23 AM


"sky-scrapers with no floors posed as radio masts"
Ok, if the pointiest bits on the Willis Tower and the Burj Dubai aren't communications towers, what are they?

2/13/2016 10:31:29 AM

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