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[On Crossing Over with John Edward, a TV show where the guy allegedly talks with dead people using cold reading]

i think that is that most stupid show ever - the guys just communicating with demonic spirits who tell him stuff about the family

Gerrard Pedersen, POD Warrior Forum 6 Comments [10/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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No, he's communicating with his plants in the audience who tell him stuff, or people who tell his \"spies\" (probably overstating it to call them that, but it's the best word I can think of for it) all about who they were hoping to hear from.

9/22/2005 4:41:02 AM


And of course their is the question forums that the audience fills out before the taping starts. Add in the fact that for each 1/2 hour shown on TV there was about 2 hours of material actually filmed and the conman theroy is a lot stronger then the demon theroy.

Penn and Teller did an entire episode of \"Bullshit\" showing how a skilled person can pull off this act. So did \"South Park\".

9/22/2005 6:55:00 PM

Darth Wang

Right conclusion, wrong premise.

9/22/2005 8:00:08 PM

Allegory for Jesus

Failure. If that was actually true, it would be the most AWESOME show ever.

7/27/2010 10:29:58 AM

here he is, the greatest douche, in the universe...

7/27/2010 2:35:15 PM


I agree it was a really stupid show, but not for the reasons you think. He was not talking to demonic spirits he was a con man with no abilities to speak of what so ever.

1/5/2015 7:57:20 AM

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