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This is an uneducated statement because I've heard nothing but contradictions of evolution from evolutionists and creationists. The fact that there is still apes is one of millions.

inverter, POD Warrior Forum 10 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Stawman user of the week! Not to mention the irony of saying WE have contradictions

12/6/2006 11:11:43 AM

I'm sure evolution does seem confusing if you have absolutely no idea what the theory says.

3/1/2008 7:51:23 AM


My friend I have a large package of "evolution doesn't f****ing work that way" here for you.

3/1/2008 11:51:12 AM

Quantum Mechanic

"there is still apes"

And, sadly, there are still illiterates.

3/1/2008 11:58:18 AM


One of a million bullshit creationist lies, fabrications and misrepresentations.

The fact there are still apes has never been an evolution problem. Contradictions are the playtoys of faith

3/1/2008 12:40:09 PM


3/3/2008 8:53:22 PM


There are dogs and wolves! OH NO! EVOLUTION IS DISPROVEN!

3/3/2008 9:27:56 PM


This is an uneducated statement, because I've heard nothing nothing but contradictions of British-settlement from settlementists and creationists. The fact that there are still people living in Britain is one of millions.

There still being animals that are members of the great ape family is not a problem of evolution. It works in a tree; not a ladder.

12/8/2008 3:31:00 AM

a mind far far away

Please use to learn the English language. It will help you go far in debating people and trying to prove your point. At the moment, you look like a complete fucktard.

12/8/2008 3:35:27 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Humans are apes, Archimedes.

3/7/2013 5:44:01 PM

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