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For that matter, Jesus didn't 'claim' anything. He flat out said that He was the Way/Truth/Life.

Rom831, Rapture Ready 14 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Yeah, like I don't \"claim\" you're incredibly dense and made out of 100% pure Fucktardinium... I just flat out SAY IT!

11/20/2006 11:36:25 AM

David D.G.

Uh, you might want to get a refund on your dictionary -- assuming you ever used it. That IS a claim. It's a fairly meaningless and unproven one, but it IS a claim.

~David D.G.

11/20/2006 3:53:15 PM

A Rodent Says.

A couple of people claim that exact thing on the street corners in the bad part of downtown every year. They usually wind up in institutions... are we doping up our Lord in a padded room?

2/18/2007 4:32:16 AM


You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

(Someone had to say it.)

2/18/2007 4:54:36 AM


11/17/2008 7:17:54 AM


Yeah, Jesus did supposedly SAY that. He also CLAIMED it. To claim something, you have to state it.

12/8/2008 3:33:51 AM

a mind far far away

He was also flat out lying.

12/8/2008 3:39:11 AM


Instead of arguing the meaning of words can they not check first? Do some of these groups think dictionaries are evil?

12/8/2008 2:04:37 PM


You have tape of this?

12/8/2008 2:15:42 PM


And he was lying or misquoted...

12/8/2008 2:34:28 PM


*Throws a dictionary at the Rapture ready person*

12/8/2008 2:41:36 PM

Philbert McAdamia

@ Canadiest
Do some of these groups think dictionaries are evil?

As a matter of fact, yes. Along with phone books. Both contain such words as 'occult, 'witchcraft', 'Halloween'...
Oh the evillllll, how it abounds!

12/8/2008 4:12:18 PM


Yeah, and I don't "claim" to have a twelve inch cock...I'm flat out saying I have one!

12/8/2008 4:45:52 PM


And Mohammad Ali said, "I am the greatest!"

Your point?

12/8/2008 4:50:14 PM

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