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Maybe you should also let the scientists sort out the shenanigans... any theory they spout is exactly that... a theory... not truth, so sit back and wait 20 years til it's official.

little tree, POD Warrior Forum 11 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Why wait 20 years?


11/20/2006 11:42:50 AM

David D.G.

Learn what THEORY means in scientific parlance. A theory uses and explains facts already evident, and it's generally considered as close to \"truth\" as it is possible to get.

Theories have enabled us to put humans on the moon, send tourist probes throughout the solar system, eradicate or limit many diseases, and create the Internet and the computer with which you are using it. Don't knock theory; it's the most useful \"truth\" there is.

~David D.G.

11/20/2006 3:51:08 PM


They're on to us!

10/3/2010 4:00:48 AM


150 years and counting. It's official you nit.

10/3/2010 4:06:56 AM


You don't spout a theory, stupid, you spout a hypothesis.

Why did the song line "I have a theory; it could be bunnies" pop into my mind right now?

10/3/2010 7:11:47 AM

Blaidd Drwg

@Swede - I've had the same song run through my mind a few times when talking to/at creofundies. And I wasn't even a fan of Buffy!

10/3/2010 8:34:49 AM


Only another 12 years to go until....what, exactly?

And anyway, won't the rupture have happened before then?

10/4/2010 3:04:02 AM


"Maybe you should also let the scientists sort out the shenanigans... any theory they spout is exactly that... a theory... not truth, so sit back and wait 20 years til it's official."

And maybe you & your ilk should crack open "The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution" by Richard Dawkins, or any other recent book on biology.

Especially since the discovery of Darwinius massilae and Ardipithecus last year, that ToE is no longer the 'Theory', but more like the FoE: the Facts of Evolution. Which effectively destroys Genesis in the Bible biologically. The Common Cold and MRSA prove Evolution is a fact.

Not taking into account Sputnik 1 in 1957 and Yuri Gagarin in 1961 proving Genesis in the Bible wrong, re. the Earth being flat, with four corners, and a solid dome above it, that was the 'Firmament', it won't be long now before the Large Hadron Collider does what it was built to do, and thus completely destroy Genesis cosmologically.

Certainly not 20 years, never mind your quoted post being eight years ago.

Not many gaps left now eh, fundies? Science. Destroying religious shenanigans since 1609.

10/4/2010 9:44:51 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Computers are based on the theory of quantum mechanics.

Stop using computers.


1/12/2014 7:38:54 AM

Where does it say "Wait 20 years before theories are official"?

I've heard some of the very latest gravitational theories aren't official yet, why don't you go jump off a cliff?

1/12/2014 9:22:03 AM


Of course many theories have been proven to be the truth of things for well over 20 years ANNNND you still won't accept them. So no, we're not going to ignore the evidences to placate the few like you who will NEVER accept them, the world will leave you behind crying over your completely unsubstainable beliefs.

1/13/2014 8:23:35 AM

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