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the episode of svu where the trans teacher tries to kill the trans kid’s father is probably the only one that even comes close to being honest about the state of trans culture nowadays and it’s the least obnoxious preachy one

not saying all trans ppl r murderers lol just like, the young trans kid getting involved in crime, the trans people saying that a parent not letting you start hormones is abuse/basically murder, etc

Mother Dyke, Tumblr 54 Comments [12/18/2016 3:39:20 AM]
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"Mother Dyke"

Gays can be transphobic too, eh?

12/18/2016 3:42:19 AM



Yep. Ever heard of the "Drop The T" campaign?

12/18/2016 3:46:56 AM



And sadly how so... Every conceivable human group carries their own assholes and bigots.

12/18/2016 3:58:46 AM

Anonymous asshole

How hard is it to understand that a parent denying HRT to a trans person especially before puberty is often literally the worst thing that can happen to them in their entire life?

Seriously, forcing someone to have a body and hormones that they already know they don't want when you could easily and cheaply NOT do that is deplorable.

I wonder what 'Mother Dyke' would say if someone strolled up to her, and said 'you don't deserve to be a 'woman', knocked her unconscious, and when she woke up her breasts were gone and she was now growing a beard, forced to deal with bouts of rage and everyone calling her a man, and every time she insisted she was a woman, there was some smug asshole saying that just meant she was mentally deranged.

Well, mother nature does exactly this to trans people who are denied HRT at a young age. It is like living in a hell where your future and your gender is stolen from you one day at a time.

12/18/2016 4:05:18 AM


The big thing of that episode was that the father learned to accept his daughter and no longer thought of her as his son just because she was born male. Funny you didn't get that message.

12/18/2016 4:38:20 AM


@Anonymous asshole

So instead, you should just let popular culture (which says it's cool and normal to be trans) decide for you, right? Suddenly, you find you're not just a guy with girly interests, you're actually a girl who was born in the wrong body!

The trans-enabling is playing off of the mentally ill. There was always the gender dysphoric people, but now trans-enabling plays off of other mentally ill to convince them to drug themselves.

Most parents wouldn't agree to chop off their kid's legs because they hate that part of their body and believe they should've been born legless. And that disease is the same as transgender.

You shouldn't buy the trans propaganda, people. It's cultural manipulation of the highest order.


Trans people have nothing to with LGB people since it's a mental illness. Might as well re-add pedophilia/pedosexuality/whatever those sick fucks are calling it now and make it LGBTP.

12/18/2016 4:50:11 AM



Disgusting, how fucking dare you? The fact you might not like what the medicine says about your own species genetic makeup and variations is your own failing, dipshit, you will not drag the rest of us down with you just because the facts make you uncomfortable, nor do you get to co-opt one medical case into completely diffrent one just on the similarities in the naming. You use every debunked canard, every delusion your kind hangs on to in vain hope that the bald faced lie repeated a milionth time... IS STILL A BALD FACED LIE. There will be no escape for you from the realities of human genetic and medical makeup and it`s effects, not into traditions, not into what you`ll call "common" sense. Even if this truth conflicts with everything you built your world on, you will either fucking accept it or shut the fuck up because bigoted shits like you hurt people to avoid being made uncomfortable at all costs.

Most parents sadly make very poor teachers and guardians for their children, never considering them as people apart from themselves and their own petty interests. That is why we have more objective forces to watch over the entire raising process and to take away the kids of those who would abuse them, whether be it from ingorance, delusions or simply lack of any empathy on their part.

12/18/2016 5:05:35 AM

Jamaican Castle

Can I just take a moment to rant about a semi-related topic? If you're going to use an example for your point from, let's say, news or popular culture, don't assume your audience know what you're talking about. Summarize. Otherwise you're prone to having a lot of very confused people trying to sort out what you're talking about.

Also, all episodes of SVU are obnoxiously preachy, except the ones that are irresponsible panic-mongering. Those are the two sole reasons for its existence as against any other L&O.

Rant over.

@Anonymous asshole, TimeToTurn:

I am of two minds about this.

On the one hand, if people really truly feel the need to change around their sex then fine. No business of mine.

On the other hand, children are generally speaking not responsible for making these kinds of decisions. Their parents are. Sometimes their healthcare professionals are. Kids aren't ready to make life-changing decisions, especially preteens. (I'm sure we could all name some adults who aren't either, but I digress.)

On the gripping hand, how can you know that your original sex isn't for you before your hormones actually start kicking in? (Such as they do.)

I suppose what it comes down to is, I don't trust a prepubescent child to make a life-changing decision - about anything, really, but especially about something they don't have much tangible experience with. TimeToTurn may be an insensitive dolt but he's(?) right about one thing, children are very easily led around by the nose, especially by the media, especially by friends. I know I certainly was.

If they get to the end of that time and look back with a (hopefully) clearer head and say "you know, I was right this whole time", then by all means. But maybe they won't. My self-conception was very different when I was in junior high and when I entered college, and again when I left. To a greater or lesser extent I think most people's is.

TL;DR: Kids make bad decisions sometimes, that's why parents exist, this issue isn't any different for being the controversy of the day.

12/18/2016 5:27:18 AM


@Jamaican Castle

Here`s part of the problem, because it`s terribly hard to empathicaly understand this condition without one person going into another`s head we have to just ask people who have no innate concept of it take it on medical and empirical data, which is very clear in these cases.

Then there is of course the matter of the decision itself, which you bought from the bigot before, in that it is somehow made by a child who doesn`t know any better on the basis of what can be ascribed to feelings. It`s anything but and such cases would(and at least never should) receive the medical go ahead from the dedicated medical proffesionals who actually are the part of these cases, at every step of the way. What the bigot called cultural manipulation are in fact sometimes up to hundred of hours of neurological, genetic and psychiatric tests. In itself a good explanation for why destructive idiots like him are just so damaging.


Why believe when there`s medical data freely aviable and consistently pointing to the genetic end of the table, namely a very specific case of hermaphroditic mutation(talking specificaly about the T here) with the autopsy results to match? You wouldn`t deny the existence of these mutations nor their possible extent, treat almost all transpeople as simply a very specific subset of the larger condition.

12/18/2016 5:44:51 AM



As someone who believes himself that the LGBT spectrum consists of mental disorders, go fuck yourself with a rusty pitchfork. As a fellow autistic person, you of all goddamn people should know mental illness in and of itself is not grounds to ostracise and bully people. Yes, the mentally ill should be contained if their condition makes them dangerous, but if you can help them instead of attacking them, that's what you should do. No exceptions. Someone believing they'd be happier in the body of the other gender isn't inherently harmful in any way, so why kick up a stink?

12/18/2016 5:45:27 AM

Psycho Tits

'not sayin all trans ppl r murdererers r nything LAWL.'

Fucking people. Fucking Tumblr.

I never saw that episode. (I'm afraid I don't watch much TV.)

Without even seeing it, and based solely on the OP's limited description, I can say one thing for damn sure: The OP missed the point.

I suspect the trans student's dad was bullying his son, (I've seen SVU a few times. There's usually a moral in it somewhere.)

ETA: So now I've read this thread.

Ohhh TTT. Even if trans people are suffering from an illness - they're ill in the sense they're atypical and unhappy with their current state - why would continuing to live as the sex they identify with be a bad thing?

I met a few trans people at a get-together. Once everyone was pleasantly drunk, we were all a bit more honest and daring than normal, so I asked them...are those who have transitioned truly happy? Do they feel whole now?

They do. The difference between pre and post is staggering. If transsexuality is indeed an illness, the most effective cure for these people was not antidepressants (even if such medication did keep some of them whole enough not to hurt or kill themselves).

The most effective therapy for this distressing anomaly is gender reassignment. And no, docs don't just lop parts off of anyone who asks: Candidates where I live must go through two years of living as the other sex while they undergo therapy.

And ALL of them agreed they'd felt "wrong" since they were old enough to start considering such things.

Homosexuals who hate trans people are no different than straight people who hate gays: They're bigots, and stupid for all that since they're calling fire down on themselves with hateful rhetoric that could just as easily be aimed at them.

12/18/2016 5:53:14 AM


I'd say A LOT more trans people are getting murdered than trans people doing the murdering.

What utterly detached and unfeeling person can say "lol" while talking about people being murdered?

12/18/2016 6:04:09 AM


I'd agree with some people here that a sex-reassignment process should not be done on a small child (unless there are obvious physical abnormalities in sex organs.) But at puberty, that's the time that parents should really listen and observe their children. At puberty, that's the time that all of us are recognizing that there's a sexual side to our natures, and it's a vitally important side at that.

Pre-puberty, I wanted to be a boy, but that had a lot more to do with wanting to do what were considered "boy" things. I really, really wanted a train and a chemistry set. I once turned over a wrapped present, heard it say "ma-ma", and didn't even want Christmas to come that year. Back in the fifties, gender roles in life were far more rigidly observed. But I grew up pretty much at the right time, when I could study chemistry in college and still be a woman with a husband and kids. That was a very unusual mixture in those days, but it was still open to me. So I'm a sexually-still-female person who is free to exercise my "not very feminine" interests in life.

I guess what I'm saying is: if a kid wants to change sex, go slow, and do your best to find out WHY he/she feels that. Perhaps letting the child act in ways that are more usual in the opposite sex would be sufficient for the time being. Let puberty get a chance to work its magic before making such a decision.

12/18/2016 7:44:24 AM

Shephard Solus

Yeah. There's a real wave of people wanting to drastically alter their body and get the shit kicked out of them both physically and legally for the sake of brownie points on tumblr. I think it's TimeToTurn your computer off and crawl back under that rock of yours now.

@Jamaican Castle:
True to an extent but we're not talking about choosing a career or buying a house. We're talkng about identity. Telling them that they don't know how they feel about themselves is little different from telling them that they don't know who they're attracted to (something else that they're often told they're too young to know if they make the "wrong" "choice"). While it is certainly important to talk with the kid to make sure they're not taking drastic action for the wrong reasons (Kanna's example for... well, example), if its still how they feel come puberty then the deadline has arrived and there's really no justification for needlessly forcing someone to further develop away from their desired end just in case they maybe change their mind someday.

12/18/2016 8:13:10 AM

Insult to Rocks

I see TimeToTurn has sunk even lower now. As someone who's close friends with a trans-man, let me say this to TTT and the OP: you can, in some instances, legitimately disagree with the reasoning behind a transition. I did. But once that person is able to make decisions for themselves, it becomes none of your fucking buisness. Having people change their gender is utterly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If they want to do it, it's their right, and your righteous indignation makes not one bit of difference in the long run.

12/18/2016 9:26:45 AM

Kid Cthulhu

Another thing to remember is that no one transitions overnight. From what I've read, there's a lot of therapy and even a year of hormone blockers for a year for the child to "try out" the role to decide if they really want to go through with it. It's not, "You're trans? Hold still kiddo, here's the needle".

Also, a very good friend of mine who's bi has said more than once, "In LGBT, the B and T are silent."

12/18/2016 9:37:08 AM


That SVU episode actually did a good job going into what gender transition requires. Also like I said at the end of the episode the father has a new founnd respect for his daughter and no longer thought of her as male. Funny that the quoted didn't notice that.

12/18/2016 10:03:14 AM



Where in the fuck is it saying in pop culture that it's cool to be trans? We're just trying to push the idea that it's acceptable and people are freaking the fuck out. And considering how long, arduous, and painful the process can be, I really don't think anyone's doing it on a whim. Lastly, very nice of you to use the old 'what's next? Pedophilia?' argument, proving, conclusively, that you don't have a single original thought in your head.

12/18/2016 10:16:06 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

And TimeToTurn descends further into villainous madness. I especially like this part.

You shouldn't buy the trans propaganda, people. It's cultural manipulation of the highest order.

So the acceptance of transsexuality is not merely tolerance gone so too far, it is an evil plot to... er...erm.... something.

Also, as an Eugenicist, should you not approve of mentally ill people losing their reproductive organs?

Just die in a fire already.

12/18/2016 10:40:20 AM



Life would be much happier were it not for the judgmental douchebags who feel the need to pillory those who don't conform to whatever narrow vision the douchebags hold dear.

PS: SVU lays preachy personal opinions on with a shovel. There is no reality to be found there.

PPS: I thought these shows were all preaching the horrible dangers of Uber this month.

12/18/2016 11:34:21 AM


Well yeah SVU has always been overly preachy and does exaggerate things a hundred fold but its gotten worse as goes on. In the earlier seasons it wasnt nearly as bad.

12/18/2016 12:25:41 PM

Dizzy Dream

Reading shit like this makes me want to re-watch BBC's 'Just a Girl'.

12/18/2016 1:02:55 PM


12/18/2016 1:23:22 PM



If your genetic material fails (as trannies's genetic material does), then suck it up and deal with it. Don't try and present yourself as normal. Normalisation of mental illness is sick. Mental illness is illness. Imagine if people said cancer was acceptable and should be promoted as good ("I need my radon bath, I want cancer too, all the cool kids have cancer!"). It's acceptable in that it's a defect of society that needs to be cured. Not forced onto impressionable children and teenagers. I find the TERF position very reasonable--you cannot be a guy that likes girly things, or the opposite, nowadays without people saying "oh you must trans, time for the hormones!" It's a great way to reinforce the gender binary.

But individual feelings are better than facts. We are ruled by the feelings of individuals now. Your kind is so collectivist, but they sure do love their radical and misplaced individualism.

Cultural manipulation is bullshit, huh? I bet you think that everyone who chose to smoke and drink chose it on their own free will. Guess what, your free will isn't as free as you think. You and me are products of society. If society is promoting mental illness as normal and cool, then people are gonna identify with it more, for better or worse. And I'd say that it's for the worse.

You can keep blaming your kind killing themselves on transphobes (I'm proud to be one, BTW), but in the end, trannies are mentally ill and will forever fail at being a real woman or a real man. Definitely on the short end of the genetic lottery, being trans.


I agree somewhat. If you're actually convinced, you're an adult of sane enough mind, sure. You do enough surgery, then sure, I'll treat you as what you claim to be, and the law should treat you as that. In fact, that's the only way to cure it, although like all mentally ill, I'd love if transgender fetuses could be aborted (even though it's pretty far down the line of mental illnesses that we should be targetting, probably retards first, then psychopaths/serial killer types, then pedophiles, then...you get the picture) But most trannies don't want that. They want to keep their dicks and call themselves a woman, and be treated as one. And oh do they scream if you contradict them. I think that's what I hate about trannies the most--their shrill, irritating advocacy for their ultimately ill beliefs. And they recruit people to their cause, as in, not just "allies", but actual new trannies. People with other mental illnesses beside gender dysphoria, since being trans is cool nowadays (amongst certain circles), plus wins you points in the oppression olympics (the best way to win in the victimhood society the West is becoming), and gets you lots of attention and random praise about how "brave" you are.

Mainstreaming mental illness is wrong. Mental illness should never be normal--it's something to be cured. That's a sign of a sick society. It's really good that bullies are there to help the mentally ill, from autists and spergs like me to trannies.

@Psycho Tits

I agree, that's their only cure so far. So far. But when society is telling little boys they're trans because they like what's stereotypically a girls toy, that's sick. But gotta love the gender binary which the trannies reinforce.

@Shephard Solus

Yeah, and these transtrenders are still fucking themselves over because of what certain groups are promoting is acceptable and "natural". That's pretty bad to me, since most all transtrenders are already mentally ill and are digging themselves a deeper hole thanks to enablers. Society should protect people from themselves.

@Insult to Rocks

My opinion sure doesn't matter anything. Even Trump and Pence's opinions don't matter. But what I can say is that society has every right to villify trannies for the freaks they generally are. You and these trannies are not an island. You are in a society full of other people. If everyone broke society's rules, we'd be dead (actually, if we broke them from the start, we'd have no society to begin with and be a bunch of hunter-gatherers killing each other and should, ready to be wiped out by some asteroid/comet/gamma ray burst sooner or later).

Oh, that's funny that supporting murder and authoritarianism is less bad than opposing trannies.


It's very acceptable, in the same way that being born with no legs is acceptable, or childhood cancer is acceptable. I despise the normalisation of mental illness which this is. It shouldn't be so hard to just pose as a woman, take your good ol' 'mones and try as hard as you can to pass as one. Or the opposite if you're a transman (but we all know "tranny" mostly means transwoman, thanks to the fact that transmen seem infinitely better than transwomen from what I've seen). But they want more. They don't want to be "the gender I was born as", but to be the "trans" version of it. "Oh, why can't I sleep with a man like a normal woman without him freaking out over my awful male genitalia!" -- Tranny logic. And in the end, that sort of oppression (mostly but I insist, not entirely, well justified) gets you stuff. Points on the internet, obviously. And points in society--victimhood culture, that's what Western society is becoming now. And the media eats this shit up, from Jenner onward. I knew trannies were fucked up before then, but with Jenner, that's when they started to mainstream things to make it more than just acceptable.

I don't oppose pedophiles, the ones who don't molest children or look at child porn. I support their treatment, even pedos can be saved (not child molestors or child pornographers, of course--a fucker like Ian Watkins or Jerry Sandusky or those sick British youth football coaches recently exposed deserve death, random pedos). Likewise, I don't oppose trannies, the ones who aren't freaks (gotta love how Chris-chan ticks the boxes for both autistic freak AND tranny freak, BTW) and don't push their freakery on children. In theory, it shouldn't harm anyone, the same way some guy having gay sex doesn't harm anyone. And I'll use the pedophilia argument's close friends, the bestiality and incest arguments, and say I fully support the right of adults to partake in that (with the caveat of monitering inbred fetuses, but all pro-incest campaigners supports that anyway).

But it's a verified fact that pedos were once part of the gay rights movement, and by the argument the pro-trans crowd makes, they had every right to be there. The "LGB" is about being attracted to the same gender (even the "B", yes, to it's own degree). The "T" is about...being mentally ill and hating the body you were born with. The "P" in the historic "LGBTP" is of course about being mentally ill and wanting to fuck kids. Or homosexuality is a mental illness too--I think it meets that definition, I just think it's a harmless one with minimal (if any) societal consequences. I would hope one day trans shit can join it. Too bad the trannies and their enablers are headed down the opposite path.

@Pharaoh Bastethotep

I like it too, because it's true. Manipulating culture isn't hard, the cigarette industry found that out in the 1920s to help their death-causing products take off. You don't think any group is doing it now? Of course you wouldn't, you live in Progressive World where the rules...work differently.

It's all part of the global road to serfdom under the global ruling class. Distract us with trans freakery. Promote societal decay. Promote mental illness. That's why it's there. To make us weak, and to suppress the human spirit.

That is a good point about the fact that trans people self-sterilise. But eugenics isn't just about sterilisation. I mean, many serial killers were homosexual and thus never spawned (or heterosexual and never spawned for other reasons), doesn't make them some ideal eugenics thing when there's always abortion to consider.

12/18/2016 1:31:57 PM


Shit, boredom and on-and-off typing all morning makes nice walls of text.

12/18/2016 1:38:12 PM

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