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You got it backwards.

Creationism is based upon science, reason and tons of evidence.

Evolution is based on the blind acceptance of superstitions and fairy tales.

CRASH, Theology Online 248 Comments [7/18/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 17
Submitted By: quantumspirit

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CRASH is correct. BTW, quantumspirit is a complete moron.

7/19/2006 6:00:14 PM


Post of the Month. That should be the consolation prize because the Bizzaro award has already been given.

7/19/2006 6:12:59 PM

David D.G.

Jeremy, either that or a Reversed Polarity Award. It just doesn't get any more backward than this.

~David D.G.

7/19/2006 6:26:42 PM

Dante's Virgil

You know, I went back and read the whole thread. I think it's hysterical that they're calling quantumspirit and skeptic idiots when they're the ones citing all the evidence. I now understand why they believe in Hovind.

7/19/2006 6:59:45 PM

Grey Area

Please tell me that this person isn't allowed to own a gun or to operate heavy machinery......

7/19/2006 7:13:19 PM



After reading Dante's Virgil's post, I decided to read the thread myself. They're turning Kent Hovind into a martyr! KENT HOVIND!

7/19/2006 8:54:46 PM

Star Cluster

Dread Helm said \"Evolution is a load of crap.\"

Quite right there, evolution is a load of crap with a ton of shit to back it up. Now the creation story; that there is just plain ol' truth as plain as can be with that bastion of fact and reliablility known as the Bible to back it up. You have me convinced.[/sarcasm]

7/19/2006 9:27:13 PM


Evolution is a man made fairytale.

7/20/2006 1:54:54 AM


The homos should get the death penalty.

7/20/2006 1:56:10 AM


Bush is a liberal baby killer.

7/20/2006 1:56:27 AM


Sometimes the best way to love someone is to hate them.

7/20/2006 1:57:00 AM


Crash, I assume the three words you were looking for were educated, cosmopolitan and balanced.

7/20/2006 1:57:08 AM


Execution should be public.

7/20/2006 1:57:27 AM


All other gods are false idols except for the one true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who sent His son Jesus who died for our sins. If you reject Him you will go to hell.

7/20/2006 1:57:45 AM


There is no such thing as global warming.

7/20/2006 1:58:11 AM


This whole leaving a comment thing is way too much fun.

7/20/2006 1:59:17 AM

Dante's Virgil

Shalom wrote:
This whole leaving a comment thing is way too much fun.

For those who are easily amused, apparently so.

7/20/2006 3:34:32 AM


Yeah it is, Shalom, but like many silly people, you don't know when to quit and went too far there. By posting so many of them you solidly labeled yourself a troll and no one actually believes you mean any of those comments, so no one will really give you the outraged attention you are aparently seeking.

Next time just drop one, MAYBE two into a board and maybe people will bite at your trolling bait.

Good luck!

7/20/2006 3:55:53 AM


It's kooky how the Hovind fan boys on that thread keep saying that he is only accused of tax evasion. As far as any information I can find states, he is not contesting the facts of the case against him, he is taking the position that the government has no right to levy the tax in the first place.

You can't just pick and choose what laws you want to apply to you and what ones you would like to ignore. He will be convicted, not because he is a \"threat\" to the evolutionists, but because he got greedy and tried to work the system and got caught.

7/20/2006 4:01:01 AM


>>Way to go, CRASH! When the \"goon squad\" mentions you and quotes you, you've done something right. <<

We're not the Goon Squad, the Goon Squad takes residence over at Something Awful

Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that all o the individuals who have posted their celebration of CRASH onto the board are actually just sockpuppets.

7/20/2006 4:22:15 AM


Also, the sky is sort of an orangeish color, grass is red, and you're a genius.

7/20/2006 5:02:44 AM


This whole leaving a comment thing is way too much fun.

The finer points of which still appear to be way beyond you...

7/20/2006 5:05:30 AM


This whole leaving a comment thing is way too much fun.

As we say over here:

Een kinderhand is snel gevuld.
(The hand of a child is filled easily)
The meaning of the proverb:

It is easy to please a child (or \"simple \" people).

7/20/2006 10:20:24 AM

Mister Spak

Except that fundys like to accuse science
of depending too much on reason and evidence.
It takes no notice of thumper voodoo and therefore
isn't true.

7/25/2006 2:11:20 AM


<<< There are only 3 words that can describe this website full of people that evolved from slime.....Public School! >>>

Learn to count, dipshit.

And that's the least of your problems.

<<< Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that all o the individuals who have posted their celebration of CRASH onto the board are actually just sockpuppets. >>>

Hard to say. The content makes it seem likely, but they're posted just far enough apart that the troll must have had an absurd amount of time on its hands. If they were only a minute or two apart, it would have been obvious, but 10-15 minutes, it's a bit tougher to be sure. Could just be someone posted a link to this and several people decided to invade at approximately the same time.

7/30/2006 6:43:13 PM

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