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Suppose you were stuck in a difficult situation with only the choices of killing one cat or killing five cats. You would obviously choose to kill only the one. Making such a choice does not mean that you are okay with killing cats.

In choosing a cat's diet, feeding the cat non-vegan food is killing multiple animals, while the worst case scenario for feeding your cat vegan food is killing only the one.

lnfinity, r/vegan 13 Comments [9/25/2017 10:09:22 AM]
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Yes, it's possible. Sounds like a PITA, especially since feeding cats a vegan diet is going to indirectly involve killing animals by having their habitat replaced with rice fields and stuff (actually evaluating the consequences of your actions is freaking hard).

9/25/2017 10:18:22 AM


"the worst case scenario for feeding your cat vegan food is killing only the one"

Suppose the cat starts hunting, like, mice and birds? Or/and get someone else to feed it non-vegan food?

9/25/2017 10:21:12 AM


Then don't keep a carnivore for a pet.

9/25/2017 10:22:49 AM


If you don't want meat in the house, don't get a pet which has to eat meat or it'll die. Get a nice rabbit or something.

9/25/2017 12:06:16 PM

Cats are obligate carnivores, millions of years of evolution does not give a crap about what you think.

9/25/2017 12:42:27 PM

Shepard Solus

The thing is that I like cats. Thus I value their lives more than other animals (much like how I value human lives more than cat lives and the lives of my family more than the lives of strangers). So I'll kill fifty prey animals to see to its needs. And if it's MY cat, I'll kill 50 other cats for its sake.

That said, I despise snakes but if I chose to take care of one then I would still feed it the diet it NEEDS. The animal for which I've chosen to take responsibility MUST take precedence over the ones I haven't. When you adopt a pet, you're CHOOSING to take over, from it or its prior owner, as the provider for its needs. If you can't or won't do so, DON'T ADOPT IT! It's better off on its own than with a caretaker that refuses to properly care for it. At least in the wild it has a chance, however small.

9/25/2017 4:59:18 PM


Cats are pretty sentient, they can be fed utterly non-sentient prey animals, there is no eqivalence.

9/25/2017 5:34:03 PM


On behalf of my beloved feline companion...fuck you.

If you adopt a furbaby, you are responsible to said furbaby - even if it is a carnivore. What part of obligate carnivore has eluded your headspace? Cats need Taurine. Taurine is only found in meat. If they don't get it, they will become malnourished and die.

Stop being a fucking idiot and causing your cat to suffer for your beliefs.

9/26/2017 2:31:21 AM


If you don't like feeding your pet non-vegan food, don't get a carnivore. Get a guinea-pig or a hamster, a sheep or a horse.

9/26/2017 3:30:25 AM


Animals that would have died anyway. Or did you miss that part? That's how agriculture works where meat is concerned. Just because you don't feed your cat what it needs doesn't mean that somehow, miraculously, the animal that would already die to feed humans and have the rest used for things like cat food will suddenly be spared.

You're willing to give your pet a slow, painful death to "save" animals that are going to die anyway, and usually in a swift and relatively painless manner. You are an asshole at best, and can take your ideology and shove it up said orifice.

9/26/2017 8:38:10 AM


Not exactly. Your reasoning falls apart the moment one animal is used to give food to multiple cats.

9/26/2017 12:21:52 PM


Peh. That's not even worthy of BBC Radio 4's "The Moral Maze".

Just ask those survivors of Flight 571: and how they stayed Alive.

What would you do, o OP...?! [/mega-paradox]

9/26/2017 3:05:32 PM


You never studied biology have you?

9/29/2017 8:21:21 AM

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