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There is simply no if ands or buts about it, she [Mary] should NOT be prayed to, and if you pray to her, you HAVE BEEN led astray. What is hard about this to understand? If this isnt clear to you, I would say you HAVE NOT read the bible enough, and most likely you HAVE BEEN spoon fed by some wacko priest that likely humms some odious tune to the melody of mans tradition and not Gods WORD.

Stowen, Rapture Ready 14 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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I believe I can pray to whoever the fuck I want.

5/19/2008 9:34:49 PM

Sir P

The real point of demonizing Mary is that fundies wouldn't pray to a woman if their life depended on it.

3/21/2010 3:26:28 AM


"you HAVE NOT read the bible enough, and most likely you HAVE BEEN spoon fed by some wacko priest"

Definition of a Rapture Fundie

3/21/2010 6:57:58 AM


What Sir P. said. Women mean nothing to people like Stowen, and the women who take the same view are just as scary.

3/21/2010 9:28:48 AM


If angels have no problem saying to Mary "full of grace are thee", I don't see why humans can't be respectful.

Again, the diference between veneration and worship escapes fundies.

3/21/2010 9:39:11 AM


Catholics see Mary as the mother of God, worthy of veneration.

Baptists see Mary as a uterus God hijacked, and not worthy of more than the name on the birth certificate, so to speak.

Yeah, the Catholics are the evil ones...

3/21/2010 10:55:36 AM

caustic gnostic

I invite these raptards to pray to Philomena, the saint of mental illness, dysfunctional families, and abused children.

3/21/2010 1:40:21 PM


Yes, it is you and you alone that has correctly interpreted the ancient manuscripts.

3/21/2010 3:49:32 PM

Meridian the Imaginary

From what I understand, Catholics pray to God *through* Mary because they believe it strengthens their prayers, as apparently suggested by Luke 1:46 "And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord..." But this is a moot point since Stowen so clearly knows the absolute correct interpretation of the Bible.

2/15/2011 1:06:46 PM

The Brazilian

One of the few real good things about Catholicism is praying Mary. I mean, she is a mother, who don´t love his own mother ? Why not pray the mother of God ?

9/1/2014 4:30:17 AM


To my knowledge, Catholics ask Mary to intervene on their behalf.
Veneration and worship are close, but not the same thing, dearie.

What that wacko priest "humms" is probably texts from the Bible, in original Latin.
You're the one with man's sinful native-language tradition, and not God's WORD in Latin as it should be. Or something...

9/1/2014 6:02:17 AM

rubber chicken

If you want to get on the good side of some Jewish guy, make friends with his mum. Just sayin'

9/1/2014 8:04:45 AM


"You're doing it wrong. Wrong, I tell you, wrong wrong WRONG!!!!"

<* stamps his foot petulantly *>

12/25/2016 11:39:03 PM


So why couldn't your 'God' just think, and 'Poof!': instant Jesus?

...oh yeah, I forgot: Could just think into being an entire universe, world & animal life on such, but not 'Omnipotent' enough to do the same with the first man.

A 'God' who limits his omnipotence is no God.

Also, Mithras. Strange how that earlier story is the same as what your entire doctrine is based on, eh...?!

Would you disrespect your mother? Because if your answer is the only one possible, then the Catholics got that part right, at least. But then, when it comes to abortion & contraception, you're trying to out-Catholicise the Catholics, so you Protestants might as well go full left-footer and include veneration of Mary.

Pope Francis is the 'If and But', frankly: he's more Christian than all you fundie Christains.

12/26/2016 5:42:50 AM

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