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AMEN!!!! Evolution is the most retarded scientific idea ever created. DNA.....the genetic code for all humans do not have one single item related to any species of monkies, gorillas, chimps, etc. Wake up....the theory is wrong.

Misguided Angel, POD Warrior Forum 11 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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You know, except for the 98.5% of our DNA that we share with chimps.

11/22/2006 7:49:51 PM

David D.G.

Let's see your experiments and observations and other evidence that counter those of numerous scientists that say otherwise.

Oh, what's that? You don't have any? You don't even know how to do that sort of thing?

Well, then, you're just an idiot who's determined to spew his ignorance around like a fungus spreading spores. Does anyone around here have some fungicide?

~David D.G.

11/22/2006 8:44:52 PM


Yeah. You're \"Misguided\" all right....

11/23/2006 6:15:02 AM


Forget the 98.5% that's identical to chimps, we share 50% with bananas. WAKE UP.

P.S.- why can't fundies ever spell \"monkeys\" right??

2/3/2007 3:32:11 AM


We also share a bunch of DNA with... was it gnats? Some kind of tiny bug.

We share 60% of our DNA with fruit flies.

Here's the BBC News article.

2/3/2007 3:49:50 AM


Still not as wrong as your creationost theory.

2/3/2007 4:30:33 AM

Return of Rob

No, it isn't.

4/12/2008 6:29:32 PM


Sigh... Except for the innumerable sequences of thousands of codons where it appears God cut from chimp and pasted into human, the nonfunctional DNA code (for Vitamin C) damaged in exactly the same manner between apes and humans, our Chromosome 2, which is essentially two primate chromosomes stuck together at one end... the list goes on and on.

Face it, Fundies. The reason why you're so dead set against the theory of evolution is not because we descend from primates, it's because we don't descend anymore from Adam and Eve. Evolution is just a red herring. You see, by doing away with these two and the serpent, Original Sin is no more, and the whole edifice of Evangelical Christianity crumbles as there's no more need to be saved by Jesus.

Your objection to the theory of evolution has nothing to do with science and everything to do with religion. Stop hiding behind misleading arguments.

4/12/2008 9:45:43 PM

Brian X

You know what else is wrong? Arguing a trivially falsified counterfactual.

(feels tap on shoulder, hears whisper)

Oh, sorry. Let me rephrase that.

You know what else is wrong? Making shit up.

4/13/2008 2:04:55 AM


Correction = Yes they do have items related to one another.

I think its 99% from what I heard

4/17/2008 11:46:26 AM

Reverend Jeremiah

Strange, not only does our DNA damn near 99% resembles that of the chimpanzee..but we also share ALL junk DNA with them as well. Junk DNA is rungs of code on the double Helix that essentially are worthless. If Junk DNA exists, then isnt this a compelling argument AGAINST Intelligent Design, seeing that Humans could have come about WITHOUT that junk DNA? And why do we share the exact same junk DNA with the chimps IN THE EXACT SAME PLACES?

Your Bible looks like an infantile fairy tale compared to REAL science. Now go out and get an education or stop making yourself look stupid if you dont!

9/5/2008 6:37:07 PM

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