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[Replying to 'at what point would it become "fully not a rabbit"?']When it becomes something else. For petesake how can you not get it??? I don't know what you are going to evolve it into. A dog? A bear? I cannot answer your question with a specific animal other than to say "anything other than a rabbit"!!! If I say an animal, you will say "that's not how science works". If I don't say a specific one, you say my challenge is meaningless. This all stems from you knowing you cannot do it and are hoping for some sort of loophole. I'm not going to give you one.

Rom831, Rapture Ready 5 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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If it's so simple and obvious to you, here's a test that should be a piece of cake.

Please mark the exact pixels on this diagram where blue becomes fully not blue:

11/25/2006 10:29:08 PM

Grey areas

When it can no longer breed with rabits?

9/17/2010 8:46:35 AM


I don't think he has to hope for a loophole at all!

9/17/2010 9:52:23 AM


Ferocious wolves to cuddly little house dogs in a very short time. It's been done.

12/25/2016 11:43:32 PM


Well, if you're looking for a 'loophole', the classic-era Mayan king Uaxaclajuun Ub'aah K'awiil became a Rabbit...!

...or is that example too meaningless for you?

If you want others to consider your 'beliefs' to be credible, then this planet is part of the 'World Tree', and you lot at Ruptured Retards should be worshipping Itzamn. [/Teach the Controversy]

You're using something - a digital computer - based on a Mayan invention: '0' or Zero, thus Binary.

12/26/2016 5:27:02 AM

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