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(commenting on story "Trump: Roy Moore will 'step aside' if sexual misconduct allegations are true"

If the allegations are true, that's a darn shame. But in all honesty, this comes across as a witch hunt by those on the lat-left to scandalize and harass a conservative. They have long targeted and harassed Judge Moore. My prayers are with him and his family AND if there are any victims, with them as well.

*Any harassment will by the alt-left will NOT be played out here.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 11 Comments [11/10/2017 11:17:44 AM]
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It's OK, Toots, we will tell him, since you don't have the moral fiber to distinguish "just being friendly" from sexual exploitation. Come on, he is one of your religion and talks christianity and pushes christianity at every opportunity. His hypocrisy is given a free pass by many Christians, who apparently neither know nor care that he makes all the rest of you look pretty bad.

11/10/2017 11:41:11 AM

Jocasta McFucken

"*Any harassment will by the alt-left will NOT be played out here."

Oh yes it will.

11/10/2017 11:56:29 AM

Jocasta McFucken

Here's an update, some now-banned person there spoke up, and this is how it played out:

I know she is not lying. There were other cases. A 14 year old girl, is a child.

Lady Checkmate:
Everyone please observe the alt-left's attempt to pivot out of answering a direct question with their typical response of deflection, manipulation, lying about what they "know" even though they weren't there, etc.
*Note, he wasn't there (it could take weeks to get a direct answer from him), so I won't wait nor play a troll's game. If he'd been there he could testify to it.
P.S. Karen: 1. Who said 14 isn't a child? You? I didn't. 2. Reread my first and last sentences. 3. Enjoy your day hon. Please move on as I have no interest in anything you have to say.
Read our community guidelines if you have any questions.

(comment now deleted by Lady Checkmate)

Lady Checkmate:
Karen, "move on...I'm not interested in anything you have to say" means move on, I'm not interested in anything you have to say, don't send anymore comments to the individual that asked you to move and told you they're not interested in anything you have to say. Not sure how or why you thought that meant send another comment that was deleted without being read. So to be direct, since you're struggling to understand and feel you can insult and attack me (deleted commmets): don't comment to me anymore, I do not respect your opinion, I consider you a troll and will not be harassed nor attacked. You've been warned.
Enjoy your day.

11/10/2017 12:04:01 PM



Is that a thing? (In Norwegian, 'lat' means 'lazy'.)

11/10/2017 12:04:26 PM

Jocasta McFucken

I love the leeway she gives Moore if it's true, that it's a "darn shame". No, dropping your ice cream on the ground is a darn shame. What Roy Moore is accused of is fucking vile subhuman scum behavior.

11/10/2017 12:48:07 PM


Even if he's guilty you will think it was some alt-left conspiracy to frame a holy man.

11/10/2017 12:53:15 PM


The lat-left? Is that like the latte-sipping left?

And your prayers are with the victims as well. FK OFF!!!

11/10/2017 3:23:01 PM


*Any harassment will by the alt-left will NOT be played out here.

Translation: Anyone who disagrees with me will be BANNED.

11/10/2017 6:57:57 PM

My prayers are with him and his family AND if there are any victims, with them as well.

Fuck off disingenuous cunt. Fucking twatwaffle. Harrased Moore? How? Have him actually fucking do his job correctly?

11/11/2017 6:43:32 AM


Trump should step aside, too.

Lady Checkmate should eat a Ghost Pepper-sauce covered cactus without chewing.

11/11/2017 7:21:42 AM


if sexual misconduct allegations are true

As the Spartans would say - in their Laconically Witty way - 'If.'

Checkmate, Lady.

11/11/2017 7:37:08 AM

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