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(Describing his feelings about the movie "The Descent")

By looking at the previews I can honestly say that this movie will be nothing more than a handful of crusty bitches (women) in a cave. Mistake number 1, they didnt bring a man. Everyone knows that women can't do anything logical and or productive outside of the household and her family.

Besides this very valid point. This movie looks lame as hell. A bunch of airheaded, fem-nazi women, stumble into a cavern and get eaten by monsters.... OHHHHH BOY!

And of course the geek woman, or the least popular woman in this ragtag group of whores will survive and live man-free forever.

This is going to be a lame-ass movie and this will of course flop in the box office. Please Hollywood - stop with the pro women independence/whoring propaganda.

I am not a 'sexist' I'm a realist. I love most woman, since they are here to give man company - and assistance with the family. I respect all woman who love and take care of their familys. Its the whores that run around with their legs open and think that they dont need men. (like this movie).

If you post negatively against my comment, you are WRONG - flat out. Also, your opinion means nothing to me and your arguments supporting your whorish activities mean jack crap. Have a nice day, and enjoy you very short life - along with your long stay in Hell.

iron_mercenary, Yahoo! Movies Message Board 52 Comments [7/31/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Since this actually isn't from loveshy.com, I'm also going to go with the "troll" hypothesis.

That said, I went and saw The Descent when it came out. I thought it was a pretty good movie and I had a lot of fun watching it (rowdy saturday night showing, ftw XD). I have to say, OP, that your assessment of the movie is way, way off.

Spelunking is a hobby for the women in the movie - it has nothing to do with feminism or female sexuality. The woman who leads the others into the "death cave" ends up getting hers in the end, which is really cool for reasons you would know if you'd seen the movie.

6/13/2010 12:02:37 PM


"...run around with their legs open and think that they dont need men..."

There's something basically wrong with the idea of manless women running around "with their legs open".

8/15/2017 7:43:20 PM

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