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Think of it like this (stupid analogy coming up :D): if you are allowed to live in a room full of candy and eat anything you want (:P), as long as you don't eat any Reses in the meantime. If you do, you and all your friends will be banned from the candy room. Simple as that. But the rest of the room is all great! I mean, free candy, man. That's probably the best deal you can ever get. The only restriction is Reses.

Well you live there happily with your friend for a few days, when one day, your friend (hey, it would've been you eventually, I bet. If not, kudos to you. :P) eats a single Reses cup, because one of the maintenance guys gone bad had told him that they tasted good. He tells you to try one, because it tastes great.

So you eat one (okay, maybe today you wouldn't, knowing what would happen, but these were Adam and Eve here :P) and then you are banned from the candy room. Simple as that.

Now of course, there's candy in the outside world, but you have screwed up on the unlimited supply.

People just keep eating Reses over the years. Eventually, it is just genetically implemented into our system! Every single living [wo]man is born having eaten Reses. It's built-in to mankind.

Mankind has become so poisoned with Reses over the years that we have killed the man who gave us the candy room to begin with! Now he is dead...

But three days later, he is back! He was dead, but now he is alive, because he's the candy man, man! [it goes on like this]

ironmagma, Uru Obsession 76 Comments [7/31/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
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N. De Plume

Originally posted by ironmagma

stupid analogy coming up

By Darwin! You are correct! That was totally stupid!

8/11/2011 12:16:03 PM
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