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[After being asked whether she meant her comment regarding Bill Clinton's supposed homosexuality]

Everyone has always known wildly promiscuous heterosexual men have a whiff of the bathhouse about them. It's not only not a joke, it's not even surprising. If feminists were not so in love with Bill Clinton - this is like standard - for any feminist with the benefit of something beyond a community college education, this is standard feminist doctrine that wild promiscuity shows a fear/hostility with women.

Ann Coulter, Hardball 51 Comments [8/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Or, he could really like to fuck and get his rocks off!

8/1/2006 2:43:41 AM


\"Everyone has always known\"

Whenever someone starts out a sentence with a huge generalization in support of his/her assertion, it's most likely that what follows is a huge lie or a huge misunderstanding.

I bet some \"wildly promiscuous heterosexual men\" are latent homosexuals. So what? It doesn't mean all or even most \"wildly promiscuous heterosexual men\" are latent homosexuals.

Some of the best professors I've met, worked in the community college system. Once again, you're air of superiority is unwarrented and unbecoming.

\"[S]tandard feminist doctrine?\" I must have missed that. Can you send me a copy?

8/1/2006 2:48:16 AM

Star Cluster

Makes a wild statement based on nonsense, hedges on statement when asked about it, and completely evades question with unrelated answer when pressed about it. Got me convinced.

8/1/2006 3:09:32 AM


So, you're admitting that you're a feminist? I thought they were the DE-VIL!

8/1/2006 3:09:40 AM


What is wrong with this woman's brain?

8/1/2006 3:10:14 AM

Jacob Syne

Your education don't look too nice either kid.

8/1/2006 3:20:47 AM


Ann, go home it's past 10.

8/1/2006 3:21:03 AM


So is the converse true? Do guys going to gay orgies secretly love women?

8/1/2006 3:37:15 AM

Alex W.

Why does she get so much press?

8/1/2006 4:05:42 AM


<<< Everyone has always known >>>

... that anyone whose defense of their position begins with the phrase \"Everyone knows\" or a variation thereof is pulling their arguments from their ass.

8/1/2006 4:12:14 AM

Napoleon the Clown

What the hell are you blathering about?

8/1/2006 4:57:55 AM


A \"whiff\" of a bathhouse? Is that some new perfume? Awesome.

...god I hate Ann Coulter

8/1/2006 5:16:23 AM

Grey Area

Looks like someone's not getting any......

8/1/2006 6:51:41 AM


It seems like every time I read this quote, it makes less and less sense.

8/1/2006 7:14:18 AM

b. beau brinker

Agreed with Grey Area - Ann obviously ain't getting any. After seeing her, that's understandable.

8/1/2006 7:31:17 AM


A lot of straight men look more femine the Coulter, so what does that say about her partners?

8/1/2006 8:24:24 AM


Why am I thinking the boils in this woman's cunt would rip the teeth off a chainsaw?

8/1/2006 8:31:24 AM


Yeah, ok, but men who are fearful/hostile toward women are still focused on women, they're just neurotic about it. This doesn't mean that wild promiscuity equals teh gay. I suppose neurotic gay men would be fearful/hostile toward other men, since that's what they're focused on.

And I never thought I'd see the day that Man Coulter would use standard feminist doctrine to support her argument. Is the sky falling?

8/1/2006 11:44:36 AM



8/1/2006 12:43:23 PM

David D.G.

In a related comment, Ms. Coulter reportedly says that people who collect stamps really aren't interested in them and that championship athletes are naturally lazy.

~David D.G.

8/1/2006 2:05:42 PM


One frequently hears this bit of cod psychology. What one does not hear is any evidence to back it up. Where I come from, they reckon that women in their forties who've never married are lesbians. Doesn't make it true, just like Ann Coulter's assertions are not true.

As her imaginary friend Al Franken said, she's a nutcase.

8/1/2006 2:26:46 PM

Wolf O'Donnell (SWHQ)

Is it just me or does her last sentence make no grammatical sense?

8/1/2006 2:42:09 PM


People who continually bash gays and lesbians quite often have a fear of being one themselves. There's simply no other reason to feel fear towards them.

8/1/2006 3:36:22 PM

Mister Spak

\"Everyone has always known . . .\" that Ann Colter is a man.

8/1/2006 4:31:06 PM


Julian - Disgusting, but terribly funny.

8/1/2006 5:12:46 PM

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