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The Gilgamesh tablet and other flood stories from around the world got their start because of Noah's flood. When God confused the languages at Babel the people split up into language groups and migrated all over the world. They took the story of Noah and the Flood with them. As they departed more and more from God they embelished the story with their own ideas. The Flood account in the Bible is the only one that has stayed accurate.

LisaAnn, Rapture Ready 9 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Darwin's Lil' Girl

Gilgamesh was way before Christianity, idiot.

Mesopotamians lived near the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, on levies, and so were prone to flooding. Why SHOULDN'T their literature depict floods? It was as sure to happen as the sunrise.

1/8/2008 3:53:07 AM


Maybe it was the other way around? Hmmmm?

8/11/2011 11:58:08 AM

Dr. Jimes Tooper

If by accurate you mean completely fucked up, then yes, it's accurate.

8/31/2011 7:25:38 AM


8/31/2011 8:58:51 AM


Yep, a lot of different cultures on the world have a big flood and a hero who survives the flood in a boat in their mythologies.

(sarcasm = on) This is a total mystery, because people usually don't settle near rivers. The mystery becomes even bigger because a river overflowing and flooding its surroundings is a very rare event, and usually has no serious consequences. And that some hero survives the deadly flood by using some kind of boat or ship ... the only explanation for this extraordinary coincidence (because using a boat to escape a flood is a most unusual idea) is that the Bible and the story of Noah and the Flood must be LITERALLY true! And all other cultures in the world derive their mythologies from the biblical account! Hallelujah!

(I rather stop before my sarcasm meter explodes)

8/31/2011 9:28:34 AM


I donated my sarcasm meter to Sheldon. He refused it as it's a crutch.

9/1/2011 3:25:26 PM

Lisa Ann the pornstar posts on rapture ready?

9/1/2011 3:36:48 PM

Quantum Mechanic

It's why you're a liar.

4/13/2012 10:06:52 AM


Except that the timeline establishes that you lot are the ones who stole the flood story. Yeah, that's right. You can't even make up your own bullshit or, for that matter, even make up your own religious holidays.

And I thought plagiarism was an offence?

4/14/2012 1:54:24 AM